Low Mileage 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit L – REVISIT

We featured this 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit L at the end of last year, but it’s worth another look as you don’t see nice non-GTi Mk1s in such good nick. Offered at no reserve, this Rabbit has been well-cared for by a noted Volkswagen enthusiast and GCFSB follower. If you’ve been looking for a unique Mk1, time to get your bid in on this one.

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The below post originally appeared on our site December 13, 2014:

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Survivor Status: 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit L

To round out my trifecta of A1s over the past two days, I thought we’d look at one that ironically brought the biggest smile to my face. It’s not because it’s the high performance model, nor is it because it’s in the best condition. What appeals to me about this Rabbit is the simplicity and the originality of it; a preserved time capsule from less complicated times. As I read about the recall of every car with an airbag ever made, I couldn’t help but ponder how complicated building and engineering cars has become. Not only do automakers need to provide a means of transportation, they need to calculate nearly risk factors, buy and install sub-contracted components that hopefully are made to specification and deliver a car to market that performs flawlessly, reliably, and economically. They need to dress these cars with the most modern conveniences; cars today read your mail, open your doors, tell you how much traffic is directly around you, how to avoid potential traffic in the future and can even tell when you’re getting sleepy. If you think about it, it’s pretty insane. Then, you see something like this Rabbit L. It’s small, not particularly safe in a crash, not particularly luxurious, you have to do almost everything while driving it, and it will probably break. But it has a lot of character, and character is something I love:

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1970 Opel Kadett L Wagon

Do you ever see a car and think “Boy, there must be some interesting stories behind those miles”? I do, be they poorly modded 1980s Mercedes-Benz models, tired old Porsche race cars, rusty BMWs posing with canoes on the roof (yes, there’s one on eBay right now) or pretty much any Audi ever. But today, I stumbled across something that you just don’t see often. I’d say ever, but of course that would preclude today, and I try not to be overly prone to hyperbole – so let’s just say that were you to buy and drive this Opel Kadett L Wagon, you would be extremely unlikely to ever stumble across another in your commute. And it certainly must have some stories; the dent on the hood, the woodgrain paneling (that was factory, believe it or else!), the minilites, the….DVD player?

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1983 Volkswagen Rabbit L Diesel

Survivors are a mixed bag; for whatever reason, it seems that most often it’s not the most desirable cars that pop up as survivors but the more odd, off color base models that appear. A few weeks ago I looked at a 1989 Volkswagen Golf GL; clean, original, and rare to see these days, it’s unfortunately not the car most are looking for. Back up a generation to the Rabbits, though, and more people seem interested in them. Perhaps it’s because few remain in clean, original shape – or perhaps it’s because they have more character than the second generation Golf. Either way, there’s no denying the charm of seeing a now 32 year old Rabbit looking like it just rolled out of a dealer service area in 1987:

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Wagon Week: 1980 Volkswagen Passat L Variant


As we round off another Wagon Week here at GCFSB, we’ll take a look at something a little bit different. The original Volkswagen Passat, otherwise known as the Dasher in the US market, would replace the Type 3 in the lineup, ushering in a new era of larger, front-engined, water-cooled vehicles. Successive generations of the Passat would see the car grow further in size, with four-wheel drive as an option on some models. The fifth generation would go on to be quite a success and help drive Volkswagen’s comeback in the US. This early Passat L Variant for sale in Hamburg, Germany isn’t fast, luxurious or flashy, but in Manila Green, is rather eye catching. Rarely do you see them this nicely preserved.

Click for details: 1980 Volkswagen Passat L Variant on Mobile.de

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1978 Volkswagen Rabbit L Diesel

Modified A1 Volkswagens not your thing? Not worried about getting there particularly quickly? Looking for Ice-Age acceleration and 50 miles per a gallon? There’s only one solution – a Rabbit diesel. Many of these Rabbits lived a hard life, but today’s example looks absolutely brilliant in Ocean Blue; aside from some minor details and refreshing, it’s one of the best we’ve seen lately. Take a look:

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1982 Volkswagen Rabbit L Diesel

By the end of the 1960s, the writing was on the wall for the original Volkswagen Beetle. It was slowly being outpaced by its rivals but still had its group of ardent fans. VW toyed with many ideas to replace the Bug and in the end, one design stuck: the Golf. With crisp lines by Giorgetto Giugiaro and a water-cooled four cylinder engine up front mounted transversely, it was the antithesis of the Beetle. The Golf would be known as the Rabbit upon arrival in the US, a name which would be resurrected for the fifth generation Golf in this market. This clean 1982 Rabbit Diesel comes from our reader John, who featured his 1983 Porsche 911SC Targa with us a few months ago.

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1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel L Wolfsburg

A few weeks ago I wrote up a great looking Rabbit Diesel that was well modified to look like an updated model. While I loved that particular model’s restoration, I have to say that I like the clean lines of the original slightly more, and today I found a great GTi alternative for those not in a hurry. Check out this great condition 1984 Rabbit Diesel L Wolfsburg Edition:

Year: 1984
Model: Rabbit Diesel L Wolfsburg
Engine: 1.6 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 121,575 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel L Wolfsburg on eBay

Hello and welcome to my auction, today you are bidding on a restored rare 1984 VW RABBIT WOLFSBURG edition original southern California car with ZERO rust and a real barn find . To begin with I tore the interior apart and had both the front and rear seats reupholstered to match the original as close as possible, the head liner had to be redone as it was non existant, next the motor was totally torn apart and rebuilt with every thing new including a brand new TOP LINE head, new pistons, new piston rings, rebuilt connecting rods, new main bearings, new rod bearings, all new seals and gaskets, new oil pump, new windage tray,new water pump, all new belts and hoses, new radiator, new clutch , new brakes front and rear, new front strut and upper strut bearings, new battery, new tires ,rebuilt transmission, rebuilt front drive shafts, new motor mounts,new wiper blades, new rear hatch strut, new front seat nylon slider bushings, new glow plugs, new glow plug relay(fast glo), new fuel filter, etc etc, too much to list

The car starts right up even on the coldest day,and the injection pump does not leak, shifts and drives smoothly thru all 5 gears and has plenty of power, the interior is perfect as is the dash which is in very good condition.Every thing works on the car as it should including the speedo/odometer, the car has factory AC but will need a recharge, the car also has a dealer installed pop up sun roof, the car has less than 200 miles since the rebuilt and will need to be broken in gently , the car has a clear California title which I have in hand, I have spent a lot of time and money to bring back this bunny to its original glory, if taken care off it should last a couple of hundred thousand miles easily, if you have further questions I would be more than happy to answer them .I have set a very reasonable reserve much much less than what I have in the car, I would not hesitate to jump in it and drive it any where, THE CAR DOES NOT COME WITH THE FRONT VW PLATE. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!!!!!!!!!!

From the photos, the seller’s claim of a lot of money invested looks quite believable. From the condition of the interior and exterior to the spotless suspension and engine bay, this looks about as good as any Rabbit diesel I’ve ever seen. On top of that, buying a car that’s been previously sorted is almost always a much more cost-effective way to get to a nice car than to try to go through the restoration yourself. I like the addition of the early GTi chin spoiler but the retention of the Westmoreland hubcaps – I had the same set on my 1985 Golf when I bought it, and they bring back memories. I might go for a slight OEM+ upgrade to 15″ Corrado “Steelies” for a stealthy but improved look, and maybe down the road some period Recaros for a more comfortable drive. This is an impressive car and I’d expect the reserve is set reasonably high, but considering the amount of work I’d estimate the value of this car easily in the $5,000 – $7,000 range for the right person. At that price, you couldn’t replicate this car and it would be sure to be an entertaining show/weekend driver for a Volkswagen Diesel fan.


1968 Opel Kadett L

There has been a long partnership between the Buick and Opel subsidiaries of GM over the years. Currently, the Opel Insignia is sold here in the US as the Buick Regal and there are plans to bring the Opel Astra over as a Buick, now that the Saturn division is defunct. But it was a little over forty years ago that Opels began to show up at Buick dealers, without being rebadged. This Kadett B, or second generation Kadett, is one of the cars that launched the small car assault on US dealers. This particular Opel also saw production reach 2.6 million, making it one of the most popular Opels of all time. This particular car for sale on Staten Island is more than likely one of the few Kadetts left on these shores, regardless of condition.

1968 Opel Kadett L on eBay

Now when was the last time we have seen one of these cars? WOW, talk about memories! This is a really neat 1968 Opel Kadett L. These cool little cars were made in Germany, and sold here in the States by the Buick Dealers across the country. This Opel is in AMAZING SHAPE for the year, and was GARAGED KEPT since day one! It was sold here by a Buick Dealership right here in Staten Island, New York by Robins Reef Buick, which is long gone today. The name tag is still on the rear deck lid to this day as seen in the photo! This Opel shows only 43,000 miles on it, and the way this car is so well preserved, I believe that this is the true mileage!

Now remember, these cars were NOTORIOUS to rust, and they really did start to rust so bad even when they were only two years old. NOT THIS ONE! This is TRULY a WELL PRESERVED, and UNMOLESTED 1968 Opel. It still looks like its wearing its ORIGINAL PAINT which really is a pretty color. The interior is incredible. I just can’t believe how this car really held up so well! Interested buyers are more than welcome to come and look at it and take it for a ride! It does have some small rust on one of the floorboards, and some by the bottom of the passenger rocker, but nothing bad at all. And still keep in mind, these cars use to rust so bad since day one. It runs and drives GREAT, and is really a crowd stopper. It has the original four cylinder engine, mated to the original four speed manual transmission. It comes with an optional factory clock, rear side vent windows, seat belts, and it is a radio delete car. Now just think, HOW MANY of THESE CARS ARE LEFT IN THE WORLD TODAY???? I see here on e- bay today that there are only three listed here, and not even one of them is a KADETT. Don’t MISS OUT on this one, for who knows when the next time you will ever see another one?

I’m not sure if one could consider this car “well preserved” as rust is rampant. However, the car is 44 years old and the fact that it is still hanging on should be commended, especially in the rough environment around New York City.