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Tag: M System II

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1995 BMW 850CSi

People don’t really give BMW enough credit as a risk-taking company, in my opinion. First came the M1, a mid-engined supercar from a company that was producing primarily economy sport sedans. Audi has been applauded for bringing the brilliant R8 to the market, but BMW did it nearly 30 years prior. Then they introduced that same M88 motor into their mid-range sedan and big coupe, changing the definition of sports sedans and bringing GT cars to a higher level. The M3 helped too, and forced Audi and Mercedes-Benz’s hands to make higher performance small sedans that enthusiasts have enjoyed for a few generations now. More recently, the i8 has gone from concept to reality, and stands as one of the most game-changing designs in history. But one that was often overlooked was the i8’s spiritual predecessor, the E31 8 series. A soft, big and angular departure from BMW’s styling in the 1980s, the E31 received a tremendous amount of development and accolades when it was released, but enthusiasts remained skeptical – partially because it seemed the 8’s performance didn’t live up to the promise of the design cues from the M1. Enthusiasts hoped for a high-performance “M8” that magazines taunted but never came. Instead, we received the heavily M-division-modified 850CSi:

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Double Take: High Mile Handbuilts – 1991 BMW M5

Notably absent in last week’s M5 Double Take was the middle model E34. Often overlooked unjustly, the E34 is a great looking car that retains the title “last of the handbuilt M cars” – something that appears in nearly every advertisement. But if it’s cliche, it’s also a testament to the solid nature of the E34. Couple that slightly more luxurious and isolating cabin to the incredible S38 powerplant, and it’s a natural winner. Prices on this middle run super sedans have begun to creep up, but many have remained quite attainable – especially if you’re willing to accept an example with higher miles. Today we have two seemingly clean higher mile examples; which would be your pick?



Double Take: 1991 BMW M5 – Time to Buy?

We’ve been on an M5 kick lately, and for good reason – the M5 is truly one of the best cars that can do virtually anything an enthusiast asks; it can be a luxury car, a sports car, carry 4 comfortably or 5 in a pinch, and has enough menacing look to make you proud of your carefully purchased pride and joy. But while the E34 has remained a performance bargain over the past few years, like most of the M-crowd from the late 1980s these cars are quickly appreciating; Hagerty calculates the average value of E34 M5s have increased 30 to 40 percent over the past few months. That’s a huge jump, and could be the start of a trend amongst these third generation super-sedans from BMW; so, is now the time to buy the last of the good, affordable examples? We have two to contemplate today, the first of which isn’t a stranger to these pages – I wrote this car up back in April:


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1991 BMW M5

A few weeks ago, Paul took a look at a beautiful 1991 M5, a car often lost in the shuffle. It’s not that it wasn’t an impressive car; it’s just that the cars that bookend it have been lumped into “Legendary” status and the E34 model has not. The E28, long also ignored, has finally gotten the recognition it deserves as a fantastic and great looking sports sedan; similarly, the 400 horsepower E39 – the car that redefined the market – is already being considered by most the car to have. That leaves the smart buyer to look at the quite stylish, silly fast E34 model, most notable for being the last of the “handbuilt” M cars. Today, there’s a nice example on Craigslist:



1995 BMW 540i M-Sport

About a month ago, I wrote up a 540i M-Sport; black over black with the requisite 6-speed and popular M-Parallels, it was an instant hit for our fans. The price was even pretty reasonable; it was certainly in good shape, for sure. I had only two real issues with it; one is that I probably wouldn’t buy a black car again and that I honestly preferred the M-System “Throwing Stars” to the M-Parallels on this car. As if to answer my concerns – and replete with half the mileage of the last example – comes this stunning white 1995 example:

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