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1985 Audi Quattro

For U.S. Quattro fans, ’85 models are a bit special as they held numerous upgrades over the prior models. Like the rest of the Type 85/B2 lineup, those included revisions to the exterior, most notably the slanted grill and color matched spoiler, but also inside a new dashboard and revised seat fabric patterns. Like the ’84s, wheels were 8″ Ronals, but hidden was a new and more reliable fuse box location to run the whole car.

A few unique colors were offered on the ’85 up models, but since importation ended after one ’86 made it here, these colors are also a bit unique. Unique too was the headlight treatment, which had chrome aero bezels to match the grill. A total of only 73 of these upgraded 85s (plus the one 86) made it to the U.S., and they’ve pretty much always been the most sought of the scant 664 original Quattros sold here. This particular ’85 comes to market looking minty fresh in Amazon Blue Metallic over Quartz leather:

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Year: 1985
Model: Quattro
VIN: WAUDC0856FA900412
Engine: 2.1 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 82,700 mi
Price: $55,000 Buy It Now

BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DRIVE A BORING CAR!! The Classic Car Gallery 2316 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605 203-446-3477 1985 AUDI Ur Quattro. “Low miles, very original, complete documentation, The best we have seen!!” VIN WAUDC0856FA900412 The car on offer here is a stunning 1985 Audi Ur-Quattro with 82,700 original miles. The car has been enthusiast owned and maintained from new and is in wonderful cosmetic and mechanical condition. Originally purchased on March 11, 1985 from Precision Imports, Tulsa, Oklahoma; the car has had 3 owners. Finished in AMAZON BLUE over QUARTZ leather, the paint looks amazing and belies the age and mileage of the car. The car has its original original turbocharged 2.1-liter WX inline-five cylinder. Power is sent to all four wheels through its original 5-speed manual transmission. The timing belt, tensioner, and water pump were replaced in October 2018, and all fluids were done at that time, along with a valve adjustment. The car starts easily when cold and has good power and torque. All systems work well and the recently serviced A/C blows cold. The custom exhaust sounds amazing and the car is a joy to drive. The wheels are original correct and shod with new tires. It has a clean Carfax, original manuals, service booklet, and brochure.

The quality of this 1985 Audi Ur-Quattro cannot be overstated. We own/collect these cars and this is clearly one of the best we have seen. The car has complete service records from new and for the entirety of its mileage. The car has been icollector owned and maintained since the mid 1990’s and has service records dating back to the original owner as verified in its maintenance booklet. The car has no issues, runs and drives as it should and is up to date on all services. The Ur Quattro was a tour de force when it first came out, with its turbocharged engine, all wheel drive, it set the tone for all generations of cars to come. All one needs to do is look at modern day all wheel drive performance cars to realize the influence this car has had in automotive design. Only 73 US market cars were imported in 1985, and at $35,000, they were more expensive than its contemporary, Porsche’s 911. The 1985 is the last, best, and most collectable of these cars, with upgraded interior, console display, body colored trunk spoiler, updated badging, and restyled wheels. Bid with confidence, as this car has a clean Carfax, is fully documented and needs nothing
except an enthusiastic new owner/ collector. Feel free to call 203-446-3477 or email if we can answer any of your questions.

900412 was built in March of 1985, and the B2 Resource page confirms the L6 build code for LY5Y Amazon Blue Metallic paint with TC Quartz Leather. Options were limited to leather interior and steel sunroof. Condition is impressively original – right down to the fiberboard radiator covers, this one looks to be in great shape throughout. It does seem to have an aftermarket exhaust which is probably stainless steel and looks to be perhaps a Stebro unit.

Pricing? Well, bids of original Quattros have been flying these days. This seller also had the upgraded ’85 20V that disappeared from bidding after $35,000 had been pledged. It has since been back on the market and bid to $40,000, though it didn’t change hands. Another modded Titian Red Metallic ’85 bid to $31,000 recently, also not selling. The last ’85 that we actually can see a final number for is the Tornado Red one Bring A Trailer listed last summer. A Canadian example with more miles, it was nonetheless impressive and sold for $43,000. Before that, it was the super impressive Alpine White ’85 that hammered at over $81,000. This car falls between at $55,000, which does seem like a lot at first but probably isn’t hugely out of line with the market. It’ll just take the right person with deep pockets who appreciates just how special, and rare, these late U.S. spec Quattros are.



  1. Christian
    Christian April 9, 2019

    Someone correct me here, but I think some of the 1984 models came with the upgraded interior. The CGTs only got the new interior in 1985 (I owned an 84 and 85 in high school), and it was a big improvement in quality and style.

  2. Christian
    Christian April 9, 2019

    If you are going to buy this car for $55K (and I would if I had the extra cash) the first thing would be to replace the darn sunroof seals (notorious for fading fast as if they were made of paper), and to install proper Euro lights. Once you are familiar with the beauty of the UrQ design in its proper Euro trim, you will want to retrofit the car right away (especially in this price league). And then Euro bumpers, but that is not as important if you just trim them down as this car did for the front but not the rear.

  3. Dan
    Dan April 10, 2019

    Great write up Carter… I have a 35k mile 100% original and correct 85 as well, Stone Grey but with the same Platinum interior. Right down to the same lower carpet trim pulling away from the pocket molds on the lower interior door cards.
    As for the dash, the 1982 and 1983 (all sold as MY 1983 in the US) have the same dash. The 84 got a new dash and then the 85 was very slightly changed, as in nearly the same. While similar, technically the 84 was a one year only unit. Some people (read 1984 owners) will point out they are different and that the 85 UR had the same dash as the 85 4000. It does, but I don’t mind as I like it the best and it was a 4000CSQ that got me into Audis when I was 10!
    And regarding Christian’s comment about the lights and bumpers I’d have to respectfully disagree. The cars were sold in the US with the 4 quad lights. And when launched, even the Euro cars had the 4 lights until 1983. It was only the US cars that never got them. IMO the US cars should retain the quad set up. As for tucking the bumpers… again, I go with how they were sold here. Do the tucked bumpers look better? Yes. But that’s true on a 308 too. Maybe I’m TOO purist but even the shortcomings should be kept true to the original way they were built. But that’s what makes this hobby interesting – different opinions! As for the $55k ask… I think its a good number. Although I could be considered biased! Ha. Beautiful car, hope it goes to a good home!

  4. Dan
    Dan April 10, 2019

    I meant to type Quartz leather! Not sure where I got Platinum

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