1988 BMW M6

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve got a thing for red cars. I promise, I don’t really, but for some reason I have seemed to review quite a few since coming on board. In keeping with my perceived affinity for all things red, here’s another to add to the list – a Cinnibar Red 1988 BMW M6. I know you’re saying “I think he already reviewed this car!” and you’d be pretty close to correct; I reviewed another Cinnibar Red 1988 M6 only about a week ago with almost the same mileage. This car, however, is on the west coast, so all of you sunbathers in California get a chance to experience your own “shark week” without worrying about a cross country journey:


Year: 1988
Model: M6
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 61,839 mi
Price: Reserve auction


I have here for sale our enthusiast owned BMW M6.It is the rarest BMW ever made.It is a rare find especially the one in such shape. This car has 61k miles on it. This is unbelievable.This great car was my mom’s wedding anniversary gift from my dad. She cherished this vehicle as if it were her last child. However due to a crushing knee surgery she had six years ago she garaged it. It was her weekend only car, once in a while she would drive it to a car show. This car is in excellent condition. The interior is in pristine condition. The leather seats are almost brand new. There are no cracks or tears anywhere not even on the dash.It has the original rims and paints. The tune ups and oil changes are religiously done when due. This baby has a brand new battery that has 72 months warranty that can be transferred to the new owner. For general information about the car you can Google the year and model.

As depicted on the pictures, this car is untouched. It is 100% stock. My mom forbids after market products on this car. She would not paint it because of that reason. Please feel free to email me if you want to test drive it. This baby runs like a sewing machine. There are no dents. Straight body. Never been in an accident. The VIN no is WBAEE1415J2561359 if you need to get information from DMV or Carfax report. The title is free and clear. It passed smog on first trial on 07/10/2013. I have the paper work. Tags are current. This may be your last chance of owning an 1988 M6.


Although they’re usually good for a chuckle, I often wonder what goes through the minds of people that randomly insert fictitious statements in for sale advertisements. While certainly not the most common BMW ever made, the E24 M6 is not even close to the rarest. It also won’t be your last opportunity to own an M6, despite what I’m sure they’d like you to believe. I find the “no aftermarket products” statement odd as well, although it apparently explains the lack of wax or polish applications to the exterior. It will likely take a serious amount of time and care to restore that original paint, if it can be done. I wonder, too, if it’s still rolling around on the original TRX tires or if it’s on its second set. Either way, as with the last M6 I reviewed, plan on changing those wheels out for some newer stock with better tire choices.

At an opening bid of $19,500 with the reserve not met, it looks like they’re asking all the money for this car. I’m guessing this is in part due to the relatively low miles and their apparent belief that this is the only one of its kind left. While the interior does look nice, I’m just not sure that the condition of the car justifies the price. Perhaps if the paint was in better condition and a more detailed service history was available the car would pull some stronger numbers, but the Boston M6 has yet to sell with shiny paint and basically the same mileage and interior condition at $23,800. The Boston car certainly presents better, so I would guess that the value of that car is slightly lower and this car should be priced below that.


1988 BMW M6

When someone is asked to name some of the great models in BMW history, historically the same names populate the list – 328, 2002, 3.0 CSL, M1, E30 M3 and the E28 M5. Newer converts to the BMW brand will extol the virtues of the E36 and E46 M3, E39 M5 and the monstrous howling V10 E60 M5. They would be right, for sure, but notably absent from the front of most enthusiast’s minds is the spectacular E24 M6. Available initially in Europe in 1983 with the M88 motored M635CSi, North America later received a special S38 (catalyst equipped) version of the magical 24 valve inline six motor churning out enough power to scare most supercars. Though designed in the 1970s, the E24 seemed to really come into its own in the 1980s and defined “the look” – low, sleek and aggressive, these were highway predators that could hold their own on any back road. In terms of grand touring coupes, the M6 was simply in a class of its own with its unique combination of luxury, style and sport. Today’s 1988 M6 is an example of how perfect that combination was:


Year: 1988
Model: M6
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 63,700 miles
Price: $23,800 Buy it Now


1988 BMW M6 coupe, Cinnibar Red with natural, 63,700 miles, 256hp in-line 6 cylinder normally aspirated M6 engine, 5 speed manual transmission, power seats, factory power sunroof, factory alloy wheels with correct Michelin TRX tires, fresh servicing, owner’s manuals, tools and jack, clean CarFax title history, USA example. Nationwide and international delivery arranged from our suburban Boston showroom. We reserve the right to end the auction early if the reserve has not been met. For more information about Copley Motorcars, please refer to the “About Me” button in this listing. Telephone: 781.444.4646


M6s come to the market in generally two fashions – near perfect examples, or examples with serious needs. This example seems very much to be the former as a lower-mileage survivor. The advertisement states fresh servicing, which is a plus, though it would be nice to know if that was just an oil change or a full valve adjustment service. At this point in their lives, the S38 motored BMWs aren’t a cheap car to keep running in top condition, so finding one that is in good shape like this is a great starting point. Being that the car is in Massachusetts, it would be prudent to check the bottom of the car for rust starting though it appears to be well cared for. Other than some small chipping on the chin spoiler, the new owner would most likely want to get a replacement set of wheels and tires immediately – at nearly $2,500 for a new set TRX tires, you’d be better off sourcing some Style 5 17” BBS RC wheels from a 528i sport to maintain the look and have affordable (and much better) tire options.

I really think the M6 market is undervalued right now. Values on the M3 continue to soar and are pulling other BMW models up with them. The price seems in line with the high end of the market, but represents only about 50% of the price of a similar mileage and condition E30 M3 right now. While having the 4 doors of the M5 is certainly a plus, the M6 was available –thankfully – in colors other than black, such as this pretty and eye-catching Cinnibar Red. The 88 and 89 models also have slightly revised and much more slick looking bumper covers and ellipsoid headlights. They are supreme highway cruisers, more comfortable for two than the M5 and with enough luggage space for a long weekend trip. As $24,000 is buying you less and less 25 year old BMW these days, this M6 offers you a lot of car for your investment, with the promise to appreciate as the years and the smiles grow.


1991 BMW M5

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.11.56 PM

I went to my first NASCAR race this weekend. There were plenty of amazing notables, some expected (88 shaved into chest hair), some unexpected (a massive above-ground pool outside an RV). But what surprised me most was the pleasant conversation I had with our camping neighbors, them of the custom-made “PLEASE NO MORE HOPE AND CHANGE” sticker on the Dodge Intrepid variety. He liked my M5 and we had a nice chat about M5 history. Well, I guess if a BMW guy can like NASCAR, I should leave the door open for NASCAR guys to like BMWs!

Today’s E34 emulates the E28 and goes the Vader route, black on black with the lovely Throwing Star hubcaps. Apparently it was stored for six years until it came out of hibernation two years ago. Those two years have apparently brought a nice honing period as the seller removed the SLS and replaced it with performance suspension, chip, and exhaust. That left him with a clean M5 with less than 120k miles. While the E34 is heavier than the E28 and not as brawny as the E39, it’s a slick hand-built businessfighter, especially in this sub-radar color scheme.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.11.47 PM

Year: 1991
Model: M5
Engine: S38B36 3.6l inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,000
Price: Reserve on at $5,100

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 BMW M5 for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.11.36 PM

Here it is – one of the last hand made m5’s with low miles black on black and in absolute gorgeous condition. Except for a few tasteful modification as discussed below, the m5 is all original. The original black paint still has its original glossy shine. There is no rust on this car. Everything mechanically works perfectly, (including the a/c and the front seat electric head rests). The car runs perfectly, and is amazingly fast and responsive as it should be. The M5 engine roars and the transmission shifts smooth and perfectly in every gear. The clutch is strong. I purchased the car in 2004 and it was in perfect condition then. I have always garaged it. I stored it for 6 years soon after I purchased it and then put it on the road 2 years ago. Since that time I have put only a few thousand miles on it. In the last thousand miles I have done the following:

·Replace crankshaft and oil pan gasket
·Complete tune-p
·Replace all stabilizer links and bushings
·Install Jim Conforti performance chip
·Replaced the original catalytic converters with custom track pipes
·Replaced the SRS suspension with HRS sport springs and Koni adjustable shocks all around. The SRS hoses are still in tact if anyone wanted to convert back. The Koni/HRS turned out to be a great modification as it replicates the original ride while removing the harshness. I keep the Koni’s on the softest setting.

Everything else on this car is original to the car. The car is in perfect running and mechanical condition. The car leaks nothing. The only flaw on this car is that a section of the driver’s interior door panel trim is separating and needs to be re-glued. See photo. All performance tires are in great shape with lots of tread. The throwing star wheels are in great shape. You will not be disappointed with this car. It is a blast to drive. Incredibly fast, incredibly tight, with a great sound. I have to downsize the collection. Your gain. Included in the sale are the original BMW turbine wheels. I will also include 2 additional shifter knobs see photo. I have set a low reserve bid. Good luck.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.11.04 PM

With a proper PPI, this could be a great performance deal. As long as the seller really has used the 2 years to make this well-sorted and is just ready to move on (there’s an E60 M5 in the background of the pictures), anything under $12k is fair for this E34.


Wagon Week: 1993 BMW M5 Touring

Whatever the case may be, I always come across some of the most interesting cars in the Netherlands. Case in point this BMW M5 Touring. Only 891 examples of this fast five-door were ever produced, making it the second rarest M car behind the M1. Appearing on the scene in 1992, this was the first wagon that was given the M treatment by BMW Motorsport. Under the hood was a 3.8 liter version of the S38B38 inline six, which was the largest capacity six cylinder of the modern era.

Even though I lust after an E39 M5, I have to admit that the E34 has been grabbing my attention for some time, mainly because of what it doesn’t do: shout about its performance. It takes a trained eye to differentiate a normal E34 from the M version. The biggest clue is the wheels, whether the car be fitted with the earlier M System wheels that gave the appearance of white wall tires, or the M System II that we see here, with the “throwing star” covers. Like many enthusiasts, I prefer the later style, and thankfully, this Daytona Violet M5 Touring is fitted with those.

Year: 1993
Model: M5 Touring
Engine: 3.8 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 175,500 km (~ 109,051 miles)
Price: €11,950 (~ $15,514 USD)

1993 BMW M5 Touring on Mobile.de

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 7.09.27 PM

Original BMW M5 E34 340hp
Vehicle Information: VIN WBSHJ91070BL01008, type code HJ91 type M5 (EUR) E series E34 (2) Type 5 Type TOUR

Engine S38 Displacement 3.80 Power 255 Drive, Daytona Violet Metallic (283), Upholstery silver grey/silver grey light bicolor.


The description is rather cryptic, with a bunch of option codes thrown out with abbreviations. For such a neat car, I would have hoped for a bit more color in terms of the owner history and significant maintenance/repair items addressed. At $15,500, this M5 Touring isn’t priced a lot higher than some of the better E34 M5 sedans we’ve seen for sale here in the US as of late. Granted, someone who wanted to import this fast five-door into the US would undoubtedly push the purchase cost close to $20,000, if not more considering shipping, customs and federalization costs. I’ve seen a few of these stateside already, so I have hope that it is possible to make these cars legal, as there’s still about a four year wait for the first examples to become exempt under the 25 year rule. Considering this car has just over 100,000 miles, it looks quite tidy for its age. The stamped service booklet and service records will certainly add piece of mind, as well.


1988 BMW M6

Today we have a very clean M6 without too many miles. 136k is midlife for the fantastic S38 powering this sharknosed GT. The interior appears to have been reupholstered in something close to Natur, though the M-stripes are missing from the seats and the classic 3-spoked M steering wheel has been surprisingly switched for a much less desirable later airbag wheel. My biggest gripes are that the ground effects remove some of the litheness that makes the E24 so sexy, and the wheels are incongruously cheap-looking. With some proper upsized OEM+ wheels, the bodykit would probably stick out less and this would be a great-looking M6 with plenty of life left.

Year: 1988
Model: M6
Engine: S38B35 3.5L Inline-6 w/ 256hp
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Mileage: 136,371
Price: $13,995

1988 BMW M6

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.24.24 AM

An amazing powerful machine that will never go out of style and even better yet it is extremely affordable, the 1988 BMW M6 in great physical and mechanical conditions. This vehicle as you could see from the pictures is in great shape. The interior is equipped with tan leather upholstery, power windows, power locks, power side view mirrors, sport bucket seats, 5 speed manual transmission with a Nardi Torino leather wrapped shift knob, air conditioned climate control, front and rear window defroster, in dash vehicle information panel, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, rear climate controls, rear storage compartment, rear bucket seats, SONY detachable head unit, AM/FM/CD player, Sony Xplode 6 disc CD changer, power sunroof, Racing Dynamics upper front stress bar, Racing Dynamic aluminum pedals, drilled rotors, painted calipers, 5 double spoke alloy wheels and so much more. Call today and speak to any of our many sale associates who will gladly assist you in anything you may need to begin feeling your adrenaline rush every time you press on that gas pedal.

I don’t normally include the dealer’s final “call us!” line, but this one is a little more creative than normal, especially when referencing an S38. I like this car, and while I might put an M6 together slightly differently, it does appear to have been loved and cared for. It also inspired a random new project idea: take the rear bucket seats/console from an E24 and install in an E28. Maybe not right for the M5, but it could be awesome in a 535. We’ve seen M6s go for less but considering the market and condition of this car, the $13,995 asking price seems close to reasonable.


1988 BMW M5

It’s a little weird to write posts on E28 M5s after completing my own long search. I feel like each clicked link comes with a slight anxiety that the ensuing car is nicer or a missed opportunity. Luckily, I definitely bought the right car for myself at the time and I rarely see M5s that are a better value. Today’s comes close though, as it’s just across the bay, priced well, and looks clean. Bidding has been fast and furious from a low starting point for this clean and debadged M5.

Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: S38B35 3.5L inline-6
Transmission: Getrag 280 5-speed manual
Mileage: 192,700
Price: $12,500

1988 BMW M5 for sale on eBay in Oakland

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 1.44.23 PM

I am selling my 1988 BMW M5. The car has done 192,000 miles, it has spent its entire life in California and is completely rust free.

My M5 has a Comforti chip and the self-leveling suspension has been replaced by a previous owner – it has Bilstein shocks all round with Dinan springs in the front and stock BMW e28 springs in the rear. The car has BMW 17″ BBS (from E39) alloys (no, I will not sell these separately). Otherwise the car is unmodified.

It has a brand new set of Continental tires and has just been Smogged. The car is in great shape both mechanically and aesthetically. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere. All electrics work except the occasional ‘sticking’ of the drivers electric wing mirror (I have a spare). The car has all manuals and complete trunk tool kit.

Negative points (see photos): The car has 3 cracks in the dash (however, I do have a custom made ‘cover’ dash which fits over the top of the old one – this will come with the car). There is a bit of cracking of the seat leather, but no tears. There are a few stone chips, otherwise the paintwork is excellent. I have removed the external badges, but I still have them and they can easily be replaced.

I am the fourth owner and I have pampered this M5 as the previous owners have done. I have a folder full of receipts detailing recent and past maintenance work done. All maintenance has been addressed. Sadly I am selling this car because I am moving back to Europe. I would love to see the car go to someone who really appreciates these rare classics. There are always little imperfections that could be improved upon, but overall the car is in great condition.

You are welcome to come and view the car before bidding. It is kept at my studio in Oakland. Email me to arrange a viewing. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will happily provide more photos. Please, no time wasters, serious bidders and good drivers only. Folks with less than 5 feedback will be removed unless you convince me of your interest before bidding. Happy bidding and M5 owning. Kate

The vast majority of our sellers are men, so I’m pretty stoked to see a woman with an M5. Too bad she’s selling it, but good for the buyer. It looks clean inside and out and what I can see of the seats and dash are not bad for almost 200k miles. My main questions are why standard E28 springs are on the rear and how long the engine will last before a rebuild is necessary? Other than that, this appears to be a very clean and loved M5 that will hopefully continue on to another enthusiast.


1990 BMW E30 M3 w/ S38 Swap

I think it’s clear at this point that I look at the removal of the E30 M3’s S14 motor like removing the harmonies from early Beatles music; most of the popular pieces are still there, sure, but it’s missing the soul that made it special. This is especially true when it comes to the overdone S50/52 swaps from E36 M3s. I see those in normal E30s and think “damn, fun!” I see them in M3s and thank “damn, shame.” Today’s swap, while tending towards the overdone side that most swap projects lean, takes a different tack by eschewing the second M3’s inline 6 for one that’s bigger, badder, and more rare. An evolution of the near-and-dear-to-me S38B35, the E34 M5 got the B36 and B38 models, pushing out 315 and 340hp respectively while making that heavenly sound. So while it’s still an overwrought E30 M3 project with a swap, I appreciate the more obscure engine choice setting this one apart.

1990 E30 M3 w/ S38 swap for sale on eBay

From the seller:

up for sale is one of a kind very rare in beyond excelent condition 1990 bmw m3 with a clean clean Texas car title never accident and all factory vin # sticker remain on every panel including bumpers and side skirts never had accident & 100% rust free. This m3 was taken for a car show project event, project was done at one of the 5 star shop specialist in Houston TX. www.royalcollision.com,

Job started late Nov 2010 started on the engine swap we have dropped in 1992 BMW ///M5 S38 3.6l engine. *not e36 m3 * We striped this motor all the way down the block and converted to 3.8l stroker, ported the block for stroker build high compression all new parts pistons, lifters, valves and cams by vac motorsports and a used polished crank 3.8l from germany and much more, the head exhaust outlet is ported and intake inlet is also ported and polished so engine is like brand new. Also hand build custom air intake box with custom vilsty stac in side of the box and finished with spowder coat in textured ferrari red. 40 pound fuel injectors and a custom fuel rail and with high pressure stainless steel hoses AN fitting with fuel regulator and also a new getrag 280 transmission 5peed with stage 3 clutch and a custom build differential 3.46 at 50 lock with custom polished lsd, custom build headers, mid pipes and super sprint race exhaust, custom radiator, cooling system with high pressor hose end AN fittings, car dose not have a/c.

Ground control coilovers suspension with custom sway bars on the back.

Interior has recaro front seats custom build dashboard trims with brushed smoked aluminum and Kenwood navigation system NDX9990HD with Focal speakers and kenwood amp, headliner is done in black suede, and also the door panels in charcoal suede with red stitching to match all interior seats back and front seats also in charcoal suede with red stitching, new carpet quick release sparco with black suede steering wheel and a sparco shifter & E brake with suede boot.

EVO III tail light from germany and smoked Xenon headlights

Carbon fiber evo side mirrors, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber front eyebrows, carbon fiber EVO III rear spoiler 3 way adjustable, carbon fiber rear license place tray and ofcourse a beautiful front carbon fiber front lower lip.

18in staggered 2 peices BBS style 5 with yokohama tires 255/35/18 back & yokohama 225/35/18 front

Car is very beautiful there is alot to list car drive and handle very nice great suspension knowing its lower that are no tire rubbing great engine soft sound perfectly build barely a 1000 mile on this engine have one of the most beautiful exhaust sound over $70,000 was invested in this car all recites invoices are avaliable have a 4in thick file of invoices. as you see in the photos, how its rebuilded inside outside under the body so unique cleaner than my e92 m3
And i have seen clean stock E30 m3 4il that sold on ebay for $35, $45, and $50, i am very sure i’ll get what i am looking for $$$ for this car there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH IT Its ready for home to a collector person and to enjoy it…….

So it’s not really an B38 but a stroked B36… so it goes. If you can get past some of the typical overkill – louvered hood, Nurburgring sticker, removable steering wheel – what lies beneath is a gorgeous M3 Evo with a unique engine swap. I’ll take my classics original, but I appreciate the use of the S38 and big Style 5s on this extreme M3.

Despite being the tuner type of perfect from bumper to bumper, the seller is going to have a tough time getting even his starting bid of $40k, and the Buy-It-Now of $50k isn’t happening. He’s going to have to accept that a *cough* reasonable price is somewhere in the $30s.


Beautiful BMW M6 for sale

I love my M5 for many reasons, one being the sleeper quality of a black four-door. Some of the other reasons, like the S38 engine and its sound, the 80s styling, and inherent BMW-ness are also present on the sharkiest of all cars, the E24 M6. If my tastes were just a few degrees different, there’s a strong chance my search would have been for something like this. In beautiful condition after 191k miles, the red attracts the eye like blood to a… well, a shark. The BMW CCA grill emblem, interior and exterior condition, and description all attest to the quality of the seller and this M6. It’s truly beautiful, and he’s right: it is far prettier than his Ferrari Mondiale Cabriolet in the background.

1988 BMW M6 for sale on eBay

A polite and in-depth description from the seller:

Hello, my name is Andy and thank you for visiting my auction.

Up for Auction is my beloved 1988 BMW M6 in Fantastic condition.

I am the third owner, this is my 3rd M6 and my 8th BMW. I bought this car in October of 2010 from an older gentleman investment banker who cared for the car very very well, the car was originally owned by an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado before going to Georgia. I purchased this car because it was the cleanest and the prettiest and the most well kept M6 that I had ever seen. I am selling the car because I simply have too many and need to lighten my collection.

Since I have owned the car, I have replaced the following within the last six months:

1. Alternator.
2. Water pump.
3. Belts.
4. Clutch and rear main seal.
5. Transmission seals.
6. Oil pan gasket.
7. Valve cover gasket and valve adjustment.
8. Spark plugs.
9. New Bilstein HD’s shocks with springs from Bavarian Auto sport. The car rides like new.
10. Thrust arm bushings and lower control arms.
11. Rear dog bones.
12. Sway bar links.
13. Front brake calipers and rotors from a 750il with Pagid pads. I still have the originals that will go with the car.
14. Drive shaft center bearing.
15. Brake fluid flush.
16. Coolant flush.
17. Steering box!
18. New center track link for steering.
19. New tie rod assemblies.
20. Alignment.
21. New Alpine stereo head unit with ipod cable.
22. Both fuel pumps, the one in the tank and the main one too.
23. Fuel filter.

As you can see by the list above, I have put a lot of time and resources into the car to make it the perfect road trip car. Most of these items were replaced as preventative maintenance and for piece of mind during a road trip.

I have all of records for the car since approx 90k miles.

Due to the amount of service records that I have for the car in a binder from the previous owner, I will list the most major of services that were performed before I purchased the car.

1. New factory transmission installed at the dealer at approx 90k miles.
2. power steering pump and hoses.
3. oil changes every 3-4k miles.
4. New BBS style 5 wheels purchased from the dealer.
5. New radiator.
6. New coolant hoses and thermostat.
7. There are so many more services performed but it would take me for ever to list everything here.

The engine was rebuilt at some point by the first owner. It does not leak or burn any oil what so ever. I changed the oil approximately 900 miles ago with Mobil one 15w-50, the oil is still clear on the dipstick and that is amazing! This engine is very tight and it pulls like a dam freight train, this is honestly the fastest M6 that I have every driven short of being turbo charged or stroked. When I first drove the car in Georgia, I thought it had a Dinan Stroker motor. I do know it has a Dinan chip and a exhaust cam gear but that’s all I can confirm.

The interior I would rate on a scale from 1-10, a solid 8 or 8.5. There was a small tear on the drivers bolster that has been repaired and airbrushed.
The exterior I would rate as a 9. The is no rust on the car, I am very familiar with the 6 series and all of they’re rusting points especially in the front wheel wells, there is NO rust what so ever in these areas, that was the first thing I checked before I bought this car. The only accident damage that this car has seen is to the right front grille area and headlight bucket with the first owner.

All of the body panels ( fenders, doors, hood, and trunk ,etc) are original and have the original Vin # tags on them.

The car has been repainted by the first owner approx 12-14 years ago I’m estimating, it was obviously done right and at great expense as the exterior shows very very well.

The Air conditioning works as it should and has been converted to R134a freon, the ice box between the rear seats also works too.

The tires are Dunlop sport 235 45 R17 on all four corners with approx 70-80 tread left on them.

Mechanically, the car needs nothing, I’ve already done everything that I could think of.

The only thing that I can see that the car needs is the chrome trim rings for the rear tail lights ( I have an extra one in nice condition that I will include with the car).

I have always babied this car and protected it in way that some would say obsessive, for example, I have 3 Ferrari’s, 1 Porsche 911, and another BMW but this M6 is the only car that I am always worrying about (where to park it?, checking the weather before I drive it to avoid rain, avoiding traffic, avoiding certain niehborhoods, etc). It is by far the prettiest and most beautiful car I own. Out of all the cars I have driven, this is the one that receives the most attention, it is truly a beautiful machine. I will certainly Miss it very much. I hope that it goes to a very good home and never ever gets driven in the winter.

That’s about as close to a perfect description as I can imagine. And, other than the overall miles and unknown amount on the rebuild, this is pretty close to a perfect M6. Bidding is hot with 6 days left on the auction, though still at a reserve-not-met $6,600. Anything under $10k is pretty reasonable in my eyes for an E24 as pretty as this.


Canadian BMW E28 M5 for sale

I can’t fully explain my recent E28 fascination. Maybe it’s maturing, maybe it’s just an evolution, but my E30 lust is firmly in 2nd place. The M3 too far gone, the 325is too banal, the E28 strikes me as simultaneously under-the-radar yet special. Taking the specialness factor up one notch today is the much-desired black-on-black Canadian E28 M5. I’ve heard E28 enthusiasts lament the Natur leather that came as the only option in the US. While I certainly appreciate the double-Vaderness here, I don’t mind the Natur either. It’s Canadian, but hopefully that is less of a roadblock because it was also offered here, unlike other Canadian models like the E30 wagon. With a nice 130k miles on it, this M5 has few blemishes and would be a great way to up the E28 ante.

1988 BMW E28 M5 for sale on eBay


Brevity from the seller:



The $13,500 Buy-It-Now seems high but not out of the question, and the $5,000 starting bid encourages a little more optimism. If it could go smack dab in the middle, that’s a pretty clean deal.