Shark Attack: BMW 635CSi Roundup

In my recent write up of two pretty overpriced 318ti M-Sports, I suggested that a vintage 635CSi would probably be a better option if you were looking for a collectable BMW for around the same ask of those two models. To put my theoretical money where my unfortunately quite real mouth is, here’s a lineup of the venerable E24 grand tourers. For a modest price you get a tremendous amount of style, sport, near bulletproof engine and drive train and a potential investment. I have five examples to look at; interestingly, four of them are the last of the run, rare to see mid-88 and up refresh models. Also interesting though less surprising is that none of them sits on their original wheels. That, and their birthplace may be the only thing that links them though, as they’re all quite different. Which would be the one you’d choose? Let’s take a look at the oldest:

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1988 BMW 635 CSi

One of the most popular theme weeks we’ve head here at was “Shark Week”, where we reviewed one of each iteration of the E24 chassis. People love the classic styling, the understated performance, and ability to gobble up miles on the highway, and the relatively low entry price. They’re all the makings for an enjoyable classic that is affordable, too! With prices of the M models and every E30 made on the rise, these E24s are still good value. While most enthusiasts lust after the M6 and the legendary S38 powerplant, the reality is that for most of us, the less complicated and less expensive to maintain M30 found in the 635 CSi among others is a smarter option. Production ended in 1989 and these cars were lightly updated mid-88 with revised headlights and bumper covers, such as we see on this sharp white 1988 model:


Year: 1988
Model: 635 CSi
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 113,455 mi
Price: Reserve Auction, current bid $5,600

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW 635 CSi on eBay

The classic “shark” or “sharknose” body style, chassis code E24, which is often heralded as the most beautiful of all vintage BMWs, had a very long production run from 1976 until 1989. Unfortunately, the 6-series cars for the United States market were crippled with significantly reduced power in addition to ugly and bulky padded bumpers up until the 1988 model which featured revised aerodynamic “world” bumpers and an engine upgrade that boosted power up to match the European specification car. These revised and very desireable post 1988 cars were then discontinued the very next year in 1989 and virtually all the cars imported to the US were optioned with the Automatic Transmission. This car has the best and rarest possible combination, the final body style, final upgraded engine, Manual Transmission, nearly all factory options, a full service history including original manuals and window sticker, we believe this car to be in original condition and completely unmolested. The only non-original parts on the car are 16″ authentic BBS wheels, replacing the stock TRX wheels which are no longer viable (the TRX specification tires are no longer in production).

Originally purchased in Hollywood California by a BMW collector who used it as his driver before passing it on to another BMW collector in New Mexico, this car has been in the best of hands its whole life from new. Of the 47 Alpine White 635csi’s with the Lotus White leather interior, only 11 of these cars had manual transmissions. This may be the only surviving one, and it is in pristine condition, with only minor flaws which I will note in detail. Being a Southwestern car, it has absolutely no body rust of any kind, the underbody coating is completely intact.

1988 BMW 635CSi, Alpine White over Lotus White
– Full leather interior, all seats, center console, headliner, door cards and handles, dash underside, rear speaker shelf leather wrapped
– Power seats with 3 position memory, power sunroof, power windows, cruise control
– Cold air conditioning (I do not know whether it is R12 or R134, but it works!)
– M30B35 3.5L Straight 6-cylinder engine with Motronic Fuel Injection, 221HP and 225LB-FT Torque
– Getrag 260 5-speed Manual Transmission
– Original BMW stereo, speakers, power antenna fully functioning, even BMW tape deck cleaner
– All features, lights, buttons, inside and out are fully functioning properly
– Heavy duty floormats
– BBS chrome 16″ wheels with nice 225/55/16 tires
– Rear air conditioning and drink cooler works great
– Suspension has been updated with Bilstein shock absorbers

This car runs and drives like you would expect it to as new in 1988, it runs nice and smooth, the engine purrs and pulls hard to redline, the suspension soaks up road imperfections as it should in a world-class touring car.

Noted Imperfections:
– Very small clearcoat loss (about quarter sized) driver’s side fender near base of windshield
– Shift knob is loose
– Scuffed paint on driver’s side front fender top edge
– Trunk can get stuck if opened too far
– Driver’s side interior door handle shows slight wear and is pulling away from door card slightly
– Center console leather has two small imperfections
– There are a two slight depressions in the roof, and one in the hood, very hard to see unless you look, easy to correct
– The exhaust has a broken hangar and the muffler is somewhat rusty, it does not leak
– A metal bracket attached to the front driver’s side frame rail, that appears to be an attachment point for an engine undertray is bent
– Rubber seals around outer door handles need replacement
– I cannot discern whether the memory function on the power seats work, all power functions work great however
– Slight scuff on driver’s side rear bumper

My name is Ian, and I am here to help you with your purchase. Do you have any questions about the vehicle? Call my direct line at (505) 449-1316 or email me at

This sales account is brand new, and as such we realize that we have yet to build up a large background of positive reviews on eBay. Our sales team is well versed in eBay auctions however, and we will treat all bidders with the same care and respect we treat all our customers at Power Ford. Please feel free to contact us, we are here to address your concerns and provide you with customer service that is second to none!

I have a complete album with 100 pictures including underbody and all detail shots of imperfections in this web album: Photo Album. Listed below are some pictures of the car as it is right now. Some minor defects in the white paint were too difficult for the camera to pick up and are hard to detect even by human eye and shots are not included.


For a dealer, this car seems to be very honestly presented, which if you follow auctions is fairly remarkable. The seller notes the small details that are imperfections on the car, and seems to actually know what it is, too – a bit of a rarity. As the seller notes, the later cars are hard to find with a manual transmission. This car has the extended leather option like the M cars, and it looks to be in fantastic condition. Also rare for an Ebay dealer are all of the records which come with the car, making this the one to look at seriously. Downside? Well, the 528i spec wheels in chrome fit the Hollywood origins, but not the car. That said, wheels are a pretty easy fix and generally an individual item anyway, and while I’m not a fan of those wheels on this car it certainly wouldn’t stop the sale for me.

Values of these 6s have been all over the map as of late – some M6s pushing $20,000 plus for nice examples, but some 635s failing to sell well under $10,000. As the last of the breed and equipped with a manual condition, with all records and in good condition, this is the most valuable of the non-M models currently, and I would expect it to be priced between $10,000 – $12,000 depending on interest. I do hope that this dealer receives positive feedback for their ad print as I really think they advertised the car the way we all like to see it. It’s hard to believe, but in most states around me, this car could be registered as an antique and enjoyed on the weekends and at shows – rather than purchase an older car that has more needs, this might be a smart way to have a great looking and reliable weekender!


Shark Week – 1980 BMW 635 CSi FIA Group 2

Edit 2017: Updated advertisements of this car indicate it is a recreation of the original, and still for sale for 190,000 Euros

I spent a solid chunk of my childhood dreaming of cars like this. In fact, I bet if I went through some old notebooks from high school and college, a poorly drawn likeness of just this car would be scrolled in the side margin. As Clarkson would say, this car is pure “strong pornography”. I still feel that all cars should have wide tires, big chin spoilers, wide flares, a roll cage, side exit exhaust, and stripes and sponsor graphics all over them. There are few things to me that look more “right” than the fat-flared race cars that the FIA helped to create. BMW is known for quite a few of them, but the FIA rules created some memorable models from every German marque. Heck, even Opel got in on the action. Touring car racing in the 1970s and 1980s was more stock-based than today’s carbon fiber tube frame bespoke race cars; imagine that there used to be a time when the cars that were racing were actually based on cars that you could buy! Amazing concept, I know.

In the early 1980s, the FIA changed the grouping rules for all race cars, including touring cars, in order to keep them closer to the specification of their market counterparts. Previously the rules had allowed companies to take advantage of loopholes. Slantnose Porsches? That’s because the FIA rules didn’t specify that the headlights had to remain in the stock location. The same went for fender flares and spoilers, and the late 70s saw some impressive displays of aerodynamic tweaks. Before they all went to pasture, though, BMW decided it should go racing with the new E24 chassis to replace the 3.0 CSLs that had raced and won in the European Touring Car Championship. The new 635 CSi Group 2 was born, and while it didn’t appear to be quite as much of a wild child as the “Batmobiles” had been, it wasn’t a slouch by any means. With a reported 300 horsepower, 1100 kg weight, wheels so wide they required additional fender flares to tuck them under the body, the new 635 CSi was a potent contender in the ETCC. However, rules changed in 1982, and more strict regulations of the renamed Group A cars meant the wild flares went away. As with any obsolete race car class, the remaining examples were sold off, to be raced and modified by their privateer owners. Finding an original car outside of the factory is therefore pretty rare and finding a fully restored original spec car is just about impossible, but we stumbled across just one such example in Luxembourg – today’s 1980 Group 2 635 CSi:


Year: 1980
Model: 635 CSi FIA Group 2
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: TBA miles
Price: TBA

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BMW 635 Group 2

Price : Please call

For more details, contact us directly on +352 661 700 777
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I know, the amount of information provided by the seller is overwhelming. Despite this, I did a little digging and this car appears to be a car that was run in 1980 and 1981 by a driver named Dieter Schmid. It seems it was originally run by BMW Italia, then purchased by Mr. Schmid and run independently in the colors it is now presented at the 1981 ETCC Grand Prix of Brno where it finished 6th. Schmid finished 3rd at the ETCC Pergusa race, what appears to be its last official race and also its best result. I was able to find one photo of the car from Brno in 1981, courtesy of It’s not clear at this time what happened to the car after 1981, but perhaps that information is forthcoming. As it is presented now, the car appears to be completely restored to original or better than original condition.

Now, the value. This is the tricky part. Few of the original Group 2 BMW 635s survive, and most that do were modified at some point. The last one that came up to auction was the much more famous Jim Richards JPS ATCC car, itself modified from the original spec. It was estimated to sell between $180,000 and $200,000, but by all accounts that estimate was high given the condition of the car. With a good restoration and in good running condition, but without serious race provenance, I would guess the value of this car in the $150,000 to $180,000 range, but my guess is the ask price will exceed that. Because they weren’t as successful, the Group 2 635 CSis don’t command the prices of the 3.0 CSL race cars. These cars are now eligible for all sorts of vintage racing series and are loved wherever they show up. Running the original motor won’t be cheap, but then the car itself isn’t particularly cheap, so $50,000 engine and transmission rebuilds probably won’t scare the potential owner away. Although this car appears to be in show condition, I sincerely hope the new owner has the fortitude to drive the car on the track, or at very least do some Goodwood Festival of Speed appearances. We’ll keep an eye on this one and when more information on this Megashark becomes available, we’ll update everyone.


Shark Week: 1984 BMW 628CSi

Never available in North America the 628 CSI was the entry level 6 series, featuring the fuel injected 2.8 borrowed from the 5 series.  With a touch less power than the 630 that it replaced the 628 was certainly no M6, but as far a german touring coupes go, these were right near the top of the mark for the buyer that didn’t necessarily want all of the flash and drama of the M6 (yes those people exist).

This barely used example for sale in Germany is a flash back to what it was like to be cruising in style in 1984.

Year: 1984
Model: 628CSi
Engine: 2.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 75,800 km (~ 47,099 mi)
Price: €15,990 (~ $21,199 USD)


One owner, 70,800km, automatic transmission, air conditioning, electric sunroof. Electric driver’s seat, electric rear windows, on-board computer, electric mirrors, chrome trim, cloth seats, leather sports steering wheel, alloy wheels, power steering, central locking, electric windows – front, ABS

As far as tidy classic german cars go, this is right on point.  For a car that is just a shade under 30 years old to have beautiful shining paint, a rip/crack free interior, and all working electrics, is a true testament to not only the way it was cared for, but the way it was built.  All that said, I just don’t see the $21,199 in this car.  Are there E24s fetching this kind of money, absolutely, but those cars are the top of the range cars, not the entry level models.  That is because as time passes, it’s the top range cars like the M6, and 635CSI that will appreciate the most as collector models.  Bottom line, this car is cool, and very clean, but a $12,000 – $13,000 car at best.


Shark Week: 1983 BMW 633CSi

Here we have an example of one of the early sharks, the 633CSi. For 1983, the sun was setting on this model in favor of the more powerful 635CSi, which progressively gave buyers more luxury features over the years until this coupe would be discontinued. This 633CSi for sale in Washington state has been a West Coast car all its life and looks sharp in metallic gray with the contrasting black center BBS rims.

Year: 1983
Model: 633CSi
Engine: 3.3 liter inline-6
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 191,793 mi
Price: $7,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 BMW 633CSi on eBay

This is the last year of the classic BMW 6-series dubbed “Long Nose.” I am a BMW enthusiast. Previously I owned a 1980 320 is and a 1981 733 csi. This is the 3rd BMW I have owned. I purchased this car in 1990, when it was 7 years old from another BMW enthusiast in San Diego whose children had outgrown the back seat – he moved into a new BMW 745. The car is CLEAN; no snow, no rust, no accidents.

What is damaged? (left turn signal return tab, small [3/16”] tear in headliner at edge of sunroof, small rock chip [paint fill] in front of hood, and a very small [hard to find] door ding [no chipped paint])

Everything on this car works – except as noted on this page. The car was 1st sold in Southern California ($42,000) and has accumulated most of its 191,793 miles during many trips between San Diego and Washington State. When I bought the car it was 7 years old with 90,000 miles on it. Over the next 5 years the car was driven often between San Diego and LA’s San Gabriel Valley via Interstate 15. After 95 it made several trips between Southern California and Spokane Washington. I bring this up to point out the high mileage is mostly from Interstate driving. I have always used Lucas Oil Treatment and the car uses less than 1 quart of oil between its consistent 3,500 mile oil changes.

I enjoy the front hinged hood designs of the early BMW’s – safety was the main reason, but access to the engine compartment is really a plus. The Hella fog / driving lights work perfectly and include the optional lens guard brackets which work well to protect them from parking stops and curb damage. The wheels are the rare 3-piece BBS design – 5 are included with the car. The wheel center BMW logos were replaced a couple of years ago – hard to find.

The engine compartment is clean – all filters and service maintained – the engine runs GREAT! Included is the engine reset tool; allowing you to reset the computer and monitor lights with each oil change. The big red wire on the firewall provides 12 volt to the trunk – previously for a trunk mounted cell phone – now for a CD Changer.

Plug wires, plugs, O2 sensor, hoses and belts have been changed within the last 5,000 miles. The radiator, heater core and hot water regulator have also been changed during the past few years. The battery is on conditioned power and pulled for winter storage. I have most maintenance records and receipts for parts used to maintain the car since 1990. Even the rear of the 633 has classic lines. All lights and markers on the car work. Exhaust tips are new (3rd pair I’ve replaced). The exhaust system was replaced with a new factory system in ’98; about 20,000 miles ago.

You got to love the BMW trunk space – LARGE. In the photo the wooden box carries the repair manuals and provides for secure mounting of a Panasonic 6 CD changer which integrates with the OEM Blaupunkt stereo radio. The BMW tool kit is truly remarkable – one can fix most anything on the car with the tools in this simple kit. All items are described in the Owner Manual. You will also find extra lamp bulbs and fuses along with the wheel lock in this compartment.

Included are; Original Owners Manual, BMW Blaupunkt Radio Manual, BMW Factory Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Bentley and Clifton Service Manuals, along with an assortment of additional (good) parts (starter) and new gaskets (as I figured they will eventually become unavailable I have a new sunroof seal [the existing is fine – just in case] and other weather seals).

The doors are in first rate condition. All windows are electric, no cracked or chipped glass. Electric mirrors on both doors. Doors lock and unlock remotely with Ungo electronics. Polished aluminum door thresholds and striker panels. The interior is like stepping back into time. As this BMW was a 1st Generation ‘computer car’, there are many interesting instructional functions the main computer will perform as you drive, including: distance to destination, average speed, outside temperature, average speed, over speed limit chimes, stop watch, and ‘on demand’ miles per gallon.

The computer panel to the left of the steering wheel provides constant checks for fluid levels, failed bulbs, brake system and washer fluid. The automatic 3 speed transmission is 1 to 1 in 3rd gear; no sluggish 80% overdrive here! The brakes would stop a Mac Truck – careful! A panic stop WILL lock up ALL 4 wheels NOW. The left turn signal return is missing 1 tooth and so for short radius turns you have to lift the turn signal up and back to center. For full turns the lever returns by itself. The part for this is readily available from any BMW dealer.

The OEM Charcoal floor mats are in very good condition (front and rear) and I purchased the heavy sheep skin seat covers back in 1991 – and they were quite expensive back then (over $900). However, good quality lasts and these seat covers are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and soft just like they were new.

By the way – the leather seats are also in great condition. In 1991 I had the front seat stuffing replaced with new horse hair padding – the leather is in GREAT condition. NOTE – No cracks in the dash! Interior view from the passenger side. The glove box includes the optional ‘flashlight’ which was a unique item to early BMW’s.

The Blaupunkt Radio is unique – the feature ‘metal’ tape used in conjunction with the FM stereo really cranks full range. the radio was rebuilt by ‘Radioman’ in San Diego in 2007 – replaced all interior lamps and rubber belts. So, this is a fully working Cassette Tape player along with AM and FM Stereo Radio.

Also in 2007 I replaced the OEM speakers with Boston Acoustics (see photo of real speaker retrofit). Also at that time I added the Panasonic CD player which hand controller back-light matches the OEM orange night lightening – very cool! I recently picked up a Blue Tooth adapter in the form of a tape cassette for another car I own – works flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. So, the possibility of keeping a 30 year old classic ‘original’ with the technical features of 2013 are here!

The visors are not cracked; the mirror visor vinyl did shrink back so I colored the visor black to match – the car has been garaged since new. The AC functions as new and is fully charged. Wipers and controls all work, Sunroof works too. The back seat of the 633 set many standards for future sports coups – no sliding around here! Note the condition of the leather. Also note the polished door jambs. Close up of BBS 3-piece wheel. Toyo tires have about 3,000 miles on them.

I am hoping to find someone that really wants the best of the classic BMW’s. While there are many BMW’s of this vintage for $2,500; as I’m sure you have already seen most were driven hard and put away wet. With a just a little work this car would be a true showroom condition car and over time will be worth much more. Thanks for your time – and happy BMW hunting!

Want a shark of your own but not prepared to pay the price of what a late model 635CSi or M6 may run you? A 633CSi may be just the ticket, then. For its age and mileage, the condition of this car is impressive. Given the extensive list of things the owner has taken care of or done to the vehicle, it isn’t surprising. I’ve never been a fan of the square fog lamps with their protective housing on BMWs from this era, as they look a tad clunky to me. But they do serve their purpose, especially in the region in which it is for sale. Some may be turned off by the automatic transmission, but a lot of people in the market for a long distance cruiser would want this option. At $7,000, this is a reasonable price for a lot of big coupe goodness.


Shark Week: 1987 BMW M6

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.07.23 PM

Sticking the hook in Shark Week, we have a very pretty M6 in the ever-appropriate Cinnabar Red. It’s the right E24 in the right color on some right wheels, and it’s clear that the (several) owners have put in some time and effort to make it look this good. It appears very clean inside and out, but a few flaws make me question the asking price. Despite my own enthusiasm for the E28, I haven’t fully understood the recent uptick in original M5 attention while the M6 watches on. Obviously the slight edge in rarity and consistent presence of the M5 brand play a part, but damn: the S38 in a beautiful grand tourer? Yes please.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.07.39 PM

Year: 1987
Model: M6
Engine: S38B35 3.5L inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 142,500
Price: $19,990 Buy It Now

Click for more details: 1987 BMW M6 for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.08.10 PM

Fantastic Cinnibar Red BMW M6 nearly fully restored to its original beauty! Gorgeous white interior. I’ve spent the last 4 yrs fixing nearly everything on this car and it now runs great. The previous owner rebuilt most of it as well. Overall, about 35K invested in restoration over the past 2 owners (I am the 5th). Originally this land shark was priced at $67,000! 142K miles – Odometer was replaced at 141K (see photo). Nearly all of the little gadgetry works! This car is absolutely amazing and was truly over-engineered in ’87. However, I’ve enjoyed it long enough and need to pass it on to a new loving home. Previously, was a Texas car then a California car (where I purchased it from).

Engine is fantastic and clean. Interior has normal wear but otherwise very good condition (Upholstry on dash needs some love still but rear seats were both replaced). Need to see it to believe how nice this car really is – Come take a test drive. All major systems have been overhauled or upgraded/replaced: clutch, brakes, heating/AC, electrical, suspension. Pictured wheels are M3 18 inch but I do have the original set of wheels as well. Everything (except the removable Panasonic radio and Hela xenon lights ) is OEM. 3.5 L I6 cylinder

Very rare and very few in the area, especially in this amazing condition – Trust me, I’ve looked. It was a dream of mine to own one, so now that I have it nearly fully restored, it’s time for someone else to play with. Own a limited edition classic coupe (only 1800 imported!) from the legendary M division of BMW.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.07.51 PM

These red M6s emphasize the exotic nature of the fastest Shark, and much effort has been putting into keeping this one looking special. More pictures and details would help. Specifically more of the interior to judge the restoration and some more details on which part of the “little gadgetry” don’t work. From my experience with the “little gadgetry” in my E28, it could take a while to make it all better and the refurbished bits like A/C and general “electrical” would definitely take some effort and money. But with a few questions left unanswered, I don’t think 140k-mile M6s are quiet worth $20k yet. For the effort put in, the owner can probably expect about $5k less, and the buyer can expect a very pretty M6 that they could help get a little closer to perfect.


Shark Week: 1986 BMW 635CSi

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.10.31 PM

As we go through Shark Week seeing the many iterations of BMW’s amazing real 6-series (no whales masquerading with Shark nametags this week), the mere scope of models and years demonstrates the importance of the E24. The base 628 and the howling M635 represent the poles of performance, but when I think 6-series, the first number that comes to mind is the non-M 635. Produced for all but 2 of the E24’s 14 years, its (actually 3.4L) M30 put out a healthy 218hp to back up the business-shark aesthetic. Today’s example has covered just 119k miles and regrettably comes with an automatic, but it epitomizes the quiet aggression of the Shark in its sharp silver. A few small flaws are overshadowed by the nice interior and mechanicals that come with lower mileage.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.09.51 PM

Year: 1986
Model: 635CSi
Engine: M30B34 3.4L inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,877 mi
Price: Reserve auction

Click for more details: 1986 BMW 635CSi for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.10.58 PM

This is a 1986 BMW 635csi with 118,877 miles on the odometer. The car has been painted a very nice silver metallic and except for one flaw on the hood, is in excellent condition. The exterior is complemented by a light tan leather interior that is also in very good condition.

This 1986 BMW 635csi has been looked after over the years. It does not look its age and in fact is one of the most attractive and enduring designs ever offered by BMW. In addition, the car has been well maintained mechanically; the last owner had receipts for $7,000 plus dollars invested in the last year or so which included a complete rebuild of the transmission. All work was done by certified dealer professionals.

This car has a sunroof, PS, PB, Power Seats, AC, PW, and was fully equipped for a car of its time. If you love this car as much as we do, this will make an excellent investment. Don’t let the chance to own it pass you by.

Carpet in very good condition
Floormats in very good condition
Interior in very good condition
Seats in good condition
Detailed Ext and Int
Excellent Trim
Excellent Windshield
Exterior in very good condition
Glossy Paint
No Known Accidents
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Gasoline Fuel
Factory brand stereo
Dual Power Seats
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Steering
Power Windows
Quad Bucket Seats
Dealer Maintained
No Known Problems
Original Manuals
Service Records
P225/ 50 r16 Kumho tires with 100% tread remaining
16 inch alloy wheels in excellent condition

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.11.31 PM

The automatic and few flaws (a couple of paint imperfections, common cracked dash) could help this E24 stay very affordable. All told, if three pedals are too many and you’re looking to land a Shark, you could do a lot worse. It should stay well within 5-figures and have plenty of classy, comfortable and quick miles left.


Shark Week: 1987 BMW M6

The M6 was perhaps the ultimate expression of the E24 coupe. Sold for two years here in the US, 1987 and 1988, it made a large impact on the BMW lineup and has collectors clamoring to get their hands on one today. The E30 M3 might be surrounded by a bit more celebrity currently, but the E24 M6 is an M car worth watching, as the graceful lines accentuated by Motorsports brawn is sure to enhance collectability as the years continue to pass. This M6 for sale in California is a two owner car and comes armed with a stack of service receipts.

Year: 1987
Model: M6
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 113,128 mi
Price: $18,900 Buy It Now


Royal Blue Metallic over White/Blue 2 owners, complete history file with 20 years of records, BBS metric wheels, Alpine stereo, new Dinan chip included.

Along with a 1980s 911 and an E39 M5, the E24 M6 is one of my top five cars I want to own at some point in my lifetime. And if that point were right now, this car certainly has my attention. It’s mileage doesn’t denote garage queen, yet its condition is stellar. This was obviously a well looked after shark. With good M6s fetching over $20,000, I’d say the asking price here is realistic in light of the current market. The mileage may be just a tad high to drive some folks to bargain, but anywhere between $16,000 to $20,000 is in the ball park for a car like this.


Shark Week: 1977 BMW 630CS

The BMW E9 chassis was a tough act to follow; gorgeous simplicity, solid performance in street trim and a world contender and winner in the European Touring Car Championship. The E9 was also the basis for the first two BMW “Art Cars”, bringing the maker to a new medium and market. Clearly, Paul Bracq had his work cut out for him designing a replacement, but if he hadn’t already, he would prove himself more than worthy. The E24 launched in 1976, and like the Porsche 928, the design would prove to be advanced for the time.

Initially available in Europe as the carbureted 3.0 630CS, over its production run the E24 gained horsepower, luxury, sprouted spoilers and larger wheels, and became a serious performance machine in M6 guise. Few U.S. enthusiasts even remember the 633CSi, never mind the fuel injected version of the 3.0 that introduced the U.S. to the E24 in 630CSi form. Perhaps that’s because the emissions equipment that was fitted robbed the car of performance, but to me, the prettiest of the E24s are the early, simple cars without the all the spoilers. Thanks to the grey market, a few of the carbureted 3.0 CSs made it to the U.S.. Even fewer survive today thanks mostly to rust and depreciation, but occasionally one of the original sharks surface, like today’s very rare 630CS:


Year: 1977
Model: 630CS
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 42,000 mi
Price: $9,900


BMW 630 CS Coupe, Black, for sale in Griffin, Georgia, for $15,900. Exterior paint finished in Schwarz Black complemented by a Saddle leather interior. It is truly in mint, pristene condition, both mechanically & cosmetically with just 42,000 miles. Features 4-speed manual transmission, factory a/c, chrome alloy wheels, power antenna, rear power windows, Clarion am-fm cassette radio, coco mats. We just performed a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure ultimate performance & driver satisfaction. If your a BMW enthusiast in the market for a 630CS Coupe, you need to come see this car. You will have to look a long time to find a better one than what we are offering. Just reduced price $5,000 to move. Buy it today for only $9,900. Don’t miss this fabulous car.


In keeping with our “shark week” theme of E24s, it seems only fitting to find one of the original run. Sure, the 630CS doesn’t have the performance factor of the M6, but in proper tune the carb fed 3.0 put out a respectable 182 horsepower. But if you’re seriously looking at this car, you’re probably not looking for the “ultimate driving machine” as much as what I think is the best expression of the E24. In European market spec, this car just looks like such a fresh and clean design, it’s easy to understand why it was still hanging around dealer lots in 1990. The tight bumpers, the tucked corner lamps, and no spoilers; it’s simply a beautiful car. The leather looks to be in great shape, and the paint shines well, though there is no mention if it’s been resprayed. As with the E9, early cars are noted for being rust prone, so I’d check carefully. The current wheels, sourced from either an E34 or E32, would be best replaced with some nice 15″ or at most 16″ Alpina wheels. If you go too big you’ll ruin the aesthetics – don’t forget they originally came with 14″ wheels on them!

At an ask of $9,900, this car’s price would get you into a later 635CSi with better performance and creature comforts, and indeed they may be better driving cars if you’re looking for a spirited weekend cruiser. However, if you’d really like to appreciate the car’s original design, this is the car to buy. Bring it to a show, and no one there would guess it was a 1977 model. Better yet, you’d be baffling even most die-hard BMW enthusiasts, who would swear you lost the “i” off of your badge. Considering the prices on E9s have climbed so much in recent years, this car appears to be a hidden gem, and while Hagerty may claim the value of one is hovering in the $5,000 – $6,000 range, I think this car would be well bought at $8,000 – $9,000, provided an inspection doesn’t uncover any rust or serious neglect. At about half the price of a nice M6, you’d have a piece of automotive art the way Mr. Bracq intended, and I’m just not sure it gets much better than that.


Shark Week: 1985 BMW M635CSi

It seems that sharks are everywhere these days!  We’ve shown a couple M6s in recent weeks, this one differing slightly from the others in that it’s a little older, it’s not red, and it’s the European model. A friend of mine in Atlanta owned one of these in black. It was a stunning car and perhaps that’s what immediately drew me to this particular listing. This 635CSi, located in Pittsburgh, remains almost completely original, and while it isn’t a low mileage example, it should still be capable of providing plenty of motoring enjoyment. As this is a relisting, anyone who might have missed out on this car during its first auction now has another shot.

Year: 1985
Model: M635CSi
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 134,300 mi
Price: Auction


Car is being re listed due to non-payment by winner of first auction. Please do not bid on the car if you do not plan on buying it, thanks.

For sale by owner, very rare 1985 BMW M635csi. European Model car. 130,000 mi. Black on black. Very good condition. Has been in storage for several months. Completely original car except for upgraded stereo. I still have original BMW radio. Original black paint and black original leather interior. Manual transmission. Brakes (rotars) need to be replaced can be driven short distance to check mechanicals. No rust , previously a Southern car garaged all winters while here in Pittsburgh, has never seen snow. Car has no dents or dings. Original paint is almost perfect. Under carriage is clean and rust free. I am the third owner, and have had the car almost nine years. The second owner had it for just a few months.
Here is a quick video walk-around of the car I did last week:

For a car with more than 130,000 miles on the clock, the interior and exterior look to be in very good condition and to have been maintained quite well. If the mechanicals have received care that is equally meticulous then this car should have plenty of life left in it.  Given the seller’s note that the car is in need of some brake work, I’d think a price a little below $15,000 would be pretty agreeable and present an opportunity to own a fantastic car!