1997 Mercedes-Benz CL600


With the fear of dwindling energy supplies and the race to make our vehicles cleaner, there are some things that are seemingly disappearing from the automotive landscape. There are still a few holdouts in the market, but the manual transmission has been disappearing even in exotic sports cars such as Lamborghini and Porsche as faster, more economical automated manuals and automatic gearboxes have emerged. Engines with more than eight cylinders seem to be a dying breed and small vehicles seem to be rather popular, even in a country like the US where bigger is often better. What then, to make of this Mercedes-Benz CL600 in an era of rightsizing? Even though it isn’t terribly vintage, this large coupe powered by six liters and twelve cylinders seems an anachronism in today’s motoring world.

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Eighties Flagships: Two clean 1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SELs

No matter how many successive generations of S classes pass us by, I always look back to the W126 as the gold standard of executive transport. The W116 of the 1970s was a thoroughly capable car if a bit unloved. The W140 that succeeded the W126 was a technological tour de force but was a bit brutish in terms of its size and complexity. The W220 that came after that was derided as a bit unreliable during the dark days of Mercedes-Benz products in the early part of the 21st century. The last and current generations of S classes have moved the luxury sedan game very much forward, but the technology is a bit over the top for me, which has me going back to the W126 for simpler, albeit capable performance and motoring pleasure.

The two following 560SELs represent the flagship of the lineup for the period between 1986 and 1991. The first one we will look at is a very low mileage example for sale in Arizona in a classic combination of black over parchment leather.

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1994 Mercedes-Benz E320 with 70k Miles

The W124 had a bit of a battle on its hands at the end of the production cycle, as the onslaught of upscale vehicles from Japan began to eat into its hold in the mid-sized luxury car market. Still, the E class soldiered on until 1995, when a fresh new look with quad headlamps appeared. In hindsight, it’s quite apparent how great the W124 was, even late in life. I prefer the facelift that graced this car the last two years, and this low mileage 1994 E320 for sale in Minnesota is a very tempting proposition indeed.

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1985 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

As cars grow more complex each year, old iron like this late model Mercedes-Benz 300CD grow more and more appealing. This example for sale in California has lived on the west coast its whole life and its looks are deceptive, as it has 183,000 miles on its odometer. A testament, then, to how timeless and durable these diesel Benzes really are.

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1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Cabriolet

For those of us in the Northeast US who don’t enjoy warm weather year round, the question begins to be thrown about as we approach the Memorial Day holiday: “where do you summer?” Well, for me, it would be less of a question of where rather than what do I do it in. If I had my way, it would be in one of these classics, the Mercedes-Benz 280SE Cabriolet. These grand touring machines have skyrocketed in value over the past few years, and it’s no surprise, as they are some of the last truly hand-built Mercedes-Benzes, from a bygone era. This 1970 example for sale in New York is convenient for those about to hit the Hamptons this coming weekend.

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1997 Mercedes-Benz G300 CDI Convertible


I’ve alluded to my annoyance at the ubiquity of the AMG Geländewagens around Silicon Valley, as growing up there was a mystique to insane breathed-on monster SUVs. The German marques have seemed to erase all mystique in their performance brands by expanding them to every model and selling as many as possible. Today’s G-Wagen would turn some heads and probably elicit some envy from G55 owners, intrigued by this short wheelbase convertible that will seem to the rich but ignorant to be a very expensive and unique car when it was in fact a more base version in other parts of the world. Living in Canada but with a US title, this would be an extremely capable off-roader with diesel efficiency and Jeep-like convertibility. The importation and rarity doesn’t make it cheap though, with an asking price that could easily get you a very nice, newer G55.

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1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

We featured a 1969 300SEL 6.3 back in March, and here comes another mint example for sale in California for the discerning enthusiast. This car has covered just over 50,000 miles from new and has been treated to a recent service. These were luxury saloons ahead of their time in terms of performance and set the tone for generations of performance Mercedes-Benzes to come. This, then, is an Mercedes icon of epic proportions.

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1984 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

At the other end of the gray market scale from the 500SL we featured a few days ago sits this car, the 280SL. For most of its lifespan, European customers were able to specify a six cylinder variant of the popular R107 roadster, the first examples having the engine we see here, the twin cam M110 inline-6. This example for sale in Wisconsin has remarkably low mileage and features a few nice options like alloy wheels, heated seats and the rear “kinder” seat.

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1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

Beginning in the 1970s, the split between US and Euro market vehicles of foreign manufacturers became more pronounced, leading some US customers to import more and more non-US market vehicles. Oftentimes these imports would be more powerful, have features unavailable on US models or, in an era of changing safety rules, have slimmer, lighter bumpers. Such was the case with the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL. Before the 560SL arrived on the scene for the 1986 model year, the holy grail of forbidden SL fruit was the 500SL, with the 240 horsepower V8. This was considerably more than the 155 horsepower offered from the 3.8 liter V8 in the 380SL sold in the US at the time. This 500SL for sale in New York offers the SL enthusiast a chance at an R107 in one of its ultimate forms.

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