BMW E30 1988 Widebody Turbo Custom 325is

Another one of those love it or hate it E30 BMWs.

Take one BMW with a salvage title and 258,000 miles add some cash and elbow grease and the result is a car with a whole new life.

This vehicle features a custom molded widebody kit, rebuilt 2.5 liter engine with a Garrett T3/T04E turbo and headers bolted on.

Lots of extra exterior and interior goodies finish off the look and it comes with a great looking black on the top silver on the bottom two tone paint job. Those of you who know my previous vehicle ownership  know I’m partial to this particular paint scheme.

For $16,000 you’ll have a car that has been featured in Performance BMW magazine and will turn some heads.


1984 Alpina B7 Turbo e28 For Sale

You don’t see these come up for sale very often, especially in the U.S. Check out this with 4 days to go:

1984 Alpina B7 Turbo For Sale BMW e28

quote from seller’s listing:

For sale is one of only 236 Alpina B7 Turbos made in the E28 body style, VIN WAPB7TL014B710051. It is one of only 5 known to be in North America. It is an authentic, original Alpina, very rare in the US especially, and has all of the parts that Alpina installed on these cars when new. The adjustable-boost turbocharged engine puts out 300 horsepower. It has a 5-speed close-ratio (“dog-leg”) transmission. It has a limited-slip differential. It has 16×7″ Alpina open-lug wheels on the front and 16×8″ wheels on the back, with good tires. The paint is fairly new, and is the “Alpina blue” color that Alpina paints many of its cars. It was repainted from graphite, but done professionally so no graphite remains. The wide silver deco set (stripe kit) is new, from Alpina. It has an electric sunroof, a stock cassette deck, power windows and door locks. No A/C, as the turbo takes up the place where the compressor would go. It also has the rare digital extra gauge cluster in the A/C duct on the dash. We have all the documents necessary to register the car here in the US, and will assist the buyer in doing so.

And for those who aren’t familiar with the model, a quote from the Unofficial Alpina Site:

This is the second-generation B7 Turbo, introduced in April 1984. Once again had a car with the name B7 Turbo the title of being the fastest 4-door car in the world. The production ended in July 1987 and a total of 236 cars were built.


The engine is based on BMW´s 3,5 litre unit, which in standard version produces 218 bhp. Alpina have made many changes to the engine such as a reprogrammed Motronic system, a modified cylinder-head, lighter mahle-pistons, a new camshaft, a special exhaust manifold and of course a KKK K27 turbocharger. The engine has higher compression than the old B7 Turbo so Alpina have decreased the turbo boost to 0,7 bar, because they didn´t want the B7 to have more than 300 bhp. That´s exacly what it has, 300 bhp and a torque of 501 Nm. The catalyst-version had 320 bhp and a torque of 509 Nm. The gearbox is a five-speeder from Getrag.

I absolutely adore Alpina’s of this era (I know, who doesn’t?!) and this is a great chance for a collector to get a car that normally would involve a spendy importation. Being a 1984 model, this should be pretty easy to register.


2004 Audi Allroad just in time

I’m back near Seattle, Washington for Thanksgiving with my family and landed just as a snow storm blanketed the Pacific Northwest. While the front-wheel drivers are still making it around, it’s looking like they’ll be rendered inadequate very soon. With this in mind, my thoughts turned to all-wheel drive, namely Quattro and what I would love as a serious winter machine, the Audi Allroad. Their faults are known, but with great styling and impressive versatility, I’m willing to overlook them.

As I mentioned before, these cars are not without their flaws. A friend’s had the air suspension go totally haywire, as well as the various electrical afflictions this generation of Audis can have. What made this one stick out to me was the lack of miles and the fact that the air suspension has already been addressed. It’s apparent (and stated) that this car has been well taken care of and is ready to go for the new owner. Maintenance down the road will obviously be Audi-rific, but I think this is about as good a place to start as any when it comes to the Allroad. Apparently listed at $16,950 at the dealership, it’s on eBay at $9k now with a Buy-it-Now of $13,900. 4-wheel drive luxury pulling up to Depreciation Station, wish I had a ticket!

As the flurries intensify, so do my dreams of dominating the snowy roads in an Allroad, empty except for a few Subarus, Audis, and a couple overzealous SUVs stuck in the ditch.


1976 Porsche 911 3.0 Carrera Euro spec

Somewhat unique Porsche here, a Euro 911 3.0 liter Carrera. The average car fan won’t distinguish this from other similar era 911 vehichles, but the Porscheophile will take note of the Euro bumpers and the Carrera 3.0 badge on the trunk. Car comes with Bosch CIS fuel injection and a limited slip diff for better drivability.

101,000 miles show this car was enjoyed. The previous owner was a Porsche mechanic. The seller lists a ton of replaced and rebuilt parts and judging from the fact the photos are taken in a Porsche junkyard I bet I know where many of those parts came from.

This is a nice looking ride with the polished Fuchs alloys setting off the red paint. The $35,000 ask price is probably playing up the rarity of this car a bit much, but hopefully there is some wiggle room in there from the seller.


1984 Volkswagen GTI: Featured in Performance VW

The kind of Mk1 Volkswagen GTIs available these days usually fall into three camps: well worn out examples, clean originals and those that are heavily modified. The vehicle listed here has been a labor of love for a friend of mine in the Boston area who has been active on the Volkswagen scene for years. For me, this car has just the right mix of modifications and originality that I would be looking for.

1984 Volkswagen GTI on VW Vortex

The seller states:

84 GTI cashmere white with blue interior. Featured in Performance VW, February 2009.

2.0 ABA (recent swap 5/10)
Head ported, and valves done (5/10)
T360 trim turbo (new 7/10)
ViPEC v44 standalone, installed and tuned at Diebold Autosport
many new parts done at time of swap (radiator, gas tank, starter, braille battery etc…)

020 CHE with peloquin diff
empi axels

Wheels & Suspension:
5 x 15″x7″ mirror polished Zender Turbos with Toyo Proxes 195/45/15
H&R Coilovers (installed 9/10)
H&R Swaybar/Scorocco K-bar

Clean original paint (some marks, and such, but it’s original)
Happich pop-outs
All seals & stripes replaced
Powdercoated bumpers

Custom upholstered recaros (stock seats included)
Rare Zender/momo steering wheel

This car was essentially rebuilt this summer, and is finally where it should be.

$14,000 obo

Two of my favorite things about this car are the amazing custom upholstered Recaros and that Zender steering wheel. Knowing the owner of this vehicle, I can affirm that this car has been maintained to the same high standard as my vehicles have been, which means obsessive, regular cleanings and an impeccable maintenance record. The other good thing about this car is that unlike low mileage Mk1 GTIs that haven’t been exercised regularly or that you would be afraid to drive around the block, this example has been driven (albeit not on a daily driver basis). The neighborhood of $14,000 might seem high for a Mk1, but if I was going to drop that kind of money on one of these, it would have to be the best. And this one, in all honesty, is.


Affordable (?) 2006 VW GTI RSS for sale

It doesn’t please me to say that the MkV GTI never did it for me, though I know I’m not alone in this feeling thanks to styling that was simultaneously overly bold (the front end) and completely unimaginative (the rear). The MkVI has proven that the V was a sort of ugly-duckling phase, maturing into a handsome and sharp package. That said, the MkV is remarkable for its reintroduction of energetic fun to the GTI, and mechanically is not far behind the newest generation. This platform is ripe for modification and today we have an example on eBay that has some of the most popular mods you’ll see in your European Car or local Dubfest, including a VF Engineering/GIAC turbo kit and Stasis chassis upgrades. All of this with a Buy-it-Now of under $15k, and I’m thinking this is a lot of bang for your buck.

Work from VF Engineering outlined by the seller:


2006 Volkswagen 2.0 TFSI Golf GTI 6-speed.

Engine and Transmission:
Stock engine and transmission. No internal modifications.
VF/GIAC RSS Turbo system
GIAC Flashloader for switchable ECU program modes for different fuel qualities
Garrett GT28RS Ball bearing turbo
High flow OEM replacement “rail” pump
High flow OEM replacement FSI fuel injectors
AWE full turbo-back exhaust

VF-Engineering 3-piece replacement engine mount set
STaSIS Engineering Touring Suspension

Performance as measured (at the wheels) on a Dynojet 224XLC
Multiply figures by 1.15 to convert to flywheel values

336 whp, 283 wtq on 100 octane at 17 psi “Race fuel mode” (Red on dyno plot)
300 whp, 281 wtq on 91 octane at 17 psi “Pump Gas mode” (Blue on dyno plot)
(torque limited for reliability of stock engine internals)

If anyone has some info on buying modified cars and would like to share in the comments, that would be great.

My personal take is that even with 75k miles on a tuned car, I think the new VW/Audi platforms are supposed to be pretty robust and getting 300 whp on pump gas for $15k is a recipe for fun. Complaints are few from this peanut gallery and center on the exterior; it might be my perfect MkV with a quieter take on the slick white/black exterior and a TDI Cup front bumper. Plaid interior and a good old-fashioned stick shift emphasize that this is a no-nonsense car, ready for some affordable back-roads fun (not counting tickets).


1995 BMW 850CSi

We’ve featured a few BMW 8 series here on German Cars For Sale Blog, but most have been the garden variety V8 and V12 versions. The CSi was the M8 that never was, which included a 6 speed manual, uprated suspension and a higher performance 375 horsepower, 5.6 liter V12. Only 225 CSi models were produced for the US and Canada and clean examples are few and far between. Here is a clean, 34,000 mile original for sale.

The seller states:

This 1995 BMW 850 CSi is the real deal. No gimmicks. If you’re looking for an 850 CSi that is probably one of the best in the country if not the world, here it is for your viewing pleasure. This car is in excellent condition with only 34,000 original miles on it. I purchased the car from the owner of a large luxury car dealership. It was part of his vast collection of personal collector cars.

The car is cosmetically beautiful and mechanically excellent. The paint is flawless. The car has no dents and is arrow straight. Always garaged and owned by non-smoker, it looks like it was just driven out of the showroom. The tires and wheels are brand new as well. The 18″ 5 spoke M wheels were offered as an option only in Europe. I ordered them directly from BMW in Germany. For those unfamiliar with the car, BMW only produced a total of 225 of them for the U.S. in the years from 1993 to 1995, and only 80 or so were sent over in 1995. There is probably only about a dozen left in the U.S. with the original paint and quality of the example shown here. This was to be the M version of the 8 series. The M emblem is stamped on the beautiful 12 cylinder engine and door sills. There are also M cues e.g. stitching on the steering wheel and gear shift knob. The 12 cylinder motor came from the factory and was to be a “Ferrari killer” with 380 HP. The 850 CSi is extremely stable but at the same time sneaky fast. This car has timeless beauty and design and is only for the discerning buyer.

The buy it now price of $52,000 may seem high at first. After doing a little research, NADA pegged this car at around $28,000, Kelley Blue Book was more optimistic at just over $52,000. However, when you are dealing with something this unique, pricing guides usually aren’t the best tool. Auctions usually give a better gauge, but if I had to take a guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if this car sold for $40 to $45,000. At that price it could prove to be a wise investment that would appreciate over time.


1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Several Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16s have been featured here on our site before, so the qualities of this pre AMG sport sedan from Stuttgart need not be poured over. Low mileage examples are getting harder to find these days, however, this clean and well documented example grabbed my attention late last week on eBay.

The seller states:

The 2.3-16 was sold in the US market for model years 1985-86 and a total of only 2,229 were produced for this market. The car presented here is the 229th “16 valve” brought into the US and was produced in October of 1985. The car was shipped to the US and on January 2nd, 1986 the car was sold to its first owner, a doctor in Yuma, Arizona. This owner kept the car for 10 years and covered 53,307 miles before selling it. The second owner, a geologist from San Jose, CA, drove the car for an additional 10 years and in July of 2006 I bought the car with 153,660 miles on it. Currently the car shows 171,469 miles. Below is all the factory information on this car including the option codes. This information was taken directly from the data card and all of the equipment, as well as the numbers on the car match.

VIN: WDBDA34D7GF160993
Chassis #: 201.034-1F-160993
Motor #: 102.983-10-008984
Model Year: 1986
Paint: DB 702- Smoke Silver Metallic
Interior: Code 271- Black Leather

222- right front seat, electrically adjustable
240- outside temperature indicator
241- left front seat electrically adjustable with memory feature
410- electric sliding roof
444- tempo-mat cruise control and airbag
467- central locking system and instruments with english lettering
494- California version
506- outside rearview mirror, left and right (electrically adjusted on the right)
519- Becker radio Grand Prix electronic cassette- USA
531- automatic antenna
543- sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right
551- anti-theft warning system
586- Behr air conditioning system and electric window lifters (front and rear doors)
593- heat insulating glass all around, heated rear window pane (single sheet safety glass), band filter
639- elimination of first aid kit and warning triangle
876- rear door contacts and lamp above rear

As you can see from this option code list this car was fully loaded directly from the factory. Only two other options were available for the 2.3-16 and that was heated front seats and rear head restraints. A third option of an automatic transmission was available …. but why would you want that! All told this car was approx. $39,000 new in 1986 making it a very expensive model.

Current condition:

This car has been very well maintained over the last 24 years. I am a Mercedes-Benz service technician by day and have done all of the work on this car myself, to factory specifications, using only genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts. Here is a list of the work that has been done since I purchased the car.

All four wheels and tires (correct size wheels are unique to the 2.3-16) Tires are Bridgestone Potenza’s
Entire grill assembly
New european headlamps
Water pump
Radiator cap
Poly V-belt
Oxygen sensor
Fuel injectors
Both rear nitrogen cells (yes the hydro-pneumatic suspension works)
All four brake rotors and pads
All four brake hoses
Front wheel bearings
Front lower ball joints
Valve cover gasket
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Cap and rotor
Clutch slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder
Hood pad/ insulation
LCD lap timer/ stop watch
Power steering filter and fluid
Air filter
Oil changes every 5,000 miles
Wiper blades

Prior to me buying the car the previous owner did the following:

Rear wheel bearings
Motor mounts
Fan switch and relay
Timing chain
Timing chain tensioner
Steering dampner
Both tie rods
Center steering link
Rear muffler
Transmission mount
AC Compressor
AC Expansion valve
AC Switches

Overall the condition of the car is quite good with the interior being a 9 out of 10 while the exterior is an 8 out of 10. This car has been in daily use for the last three years and has some small dings and dents on the exterior as well as some minor paint issues and blemishes. These include a mark on the left and right side doors and fender above the belt moulding where the previous owner put a moulding strip onto the side. When this was removed a indication of paint work to the upper door sections could be seen. In addition to this there is a small crack in the rear wing. Some panels have been repainted over the years prior to me owning it however the color match is very good. As stated above the wheels are brand new correct MB wheels in the extra 1/2 inch wide size that the 2.3-16 used.

The leather is in excellent condition with no rips or tears, rather only some slight loss of color in the high wear areas of the left drivers seat. Carpets are clean, dash isn’t cracked, door panels are excellent. Under the hood is clean with no oil leaks and unmodified. The underside of the car is very nice with no rust issues of any kind and no signs of corrosion or salt. Remember that this car has been in the dry west coast area its entire life.

While 170k miles may seem high for a high performance Benz, I wouldn’t be deterred by that factor. My family has owned a good number of Mercedes and I can say that buying on condition, not mileage, is quite important for most models, including this one. For instance, I have a good friend that just purchased a 1988 560SL with 177,000 miles. The car was a two owner vehicle that was well cared for and it shows. The SL shifts smoothly, runs strong and is cosmetically mint. Like fine watches, if you keep them in tune and adhere to regular maintenance, these older Mercedes models will treat you well.


Clean 2000 BMW M5 for sale

It’s coming, folks: the days of affordable E39 M5s are nearing. Yes, the maintenance costs will keep you forking out the dough, but with prices of what many consider to be the high water mark of modern BMWs reaching into the low-to-mid teens, I’m already salivating at the thought of adolescent dreams coming true.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the M6 wheels, probably attributable to a lack of enthusiasm about the M6 in general and thinking that it looks too modern when put on older Bimmers, but I must admit that they look pretty sleek here. The sky blue is so pastel it’s gotta be cool, so this clean package ends up putting some pieces together I wouldn’t have come to myself and ends up looking great. At 128k miles, it’s not one of the cream puffs we post, but it is remarkably clean all things considered, and the price is right at a $15k buy-it-now. We are entering a golden age, friends, and the supercars that seemed so recent are getting old enough to be attainable.


1980 Mercedes-Benz 300SD

Every morning on my way to work I am confronted by the ubiquitous Toyota Prius screwing around in the left lane and holding up traffic. Now, I’m all for more efficient vehicles, but driving a penalty box like this on a daily basis might lead me to mental instability. While this vintage S class isn’t faster than a Prius, it will certainly get you there in style and last a whole lot longer.

The seller states:

This is an exceptionally clean, well cared for, smoke-free Mercedes. Accordingly here is a list of the good and also things needing attention: All the glass is in great shape. The car idles, runs and drives out as I feel it should – strong oil pressure, strong battery and charging system, no overheating, no brake pull or alignment issues! The factory original color gold metallic paint is in great overall condition and still holds quite a shine. I find NO rust spots on the body or door panels. Absolutely superior chrome and exterior trim all around, too! The front fenders, doors, rear quarters and floor pans are all solid; in fact the entire undercarriage is in great condition for a 30 year-old car! The factory wheels are straight and true. They’re wrapped with 205/70R14 radials with at least 80% life remaining.

The upholstery is all-original with the pictures giving a very accurate view of its clean, solid, superb condition. Often, you’ll find worn springs and disintegrating cushion material on these cars. This is NOT the case here. Hop in and feel comfortable sitting on these firm seats for hours. About the only flaw is a worn spot on the driver’s backrest that doesn’t warrant much attention for now, you’ll see it in the pics. The heater and A/C system work, but could use a refrigerant recharge. There’s no evidence of any water leakage on the perfect headliner. All the gauges and exterior lights are bright and true. The former owner switched out the original factory AM-FM Becker stereo for a nice Blaupunkt many years ago. It works great and the low-key appearance keeps the classic vibe in place. The jack, spare and tools are in the trunk.

The W116 S class has never been the most desirable Mercedes out there. This final year W116 with its impeccable condition should bring top value to the right buyer, whether they are a Mercedes-Benz fan or they are looking to avoid the stigma that comes with driving a green vehicle. One thing is certain: whereas the Prius needs a new battery every so often, this S class will surpass the hybrid’s durability and cachet, while the owner can take heart in knowing he’s helping the environment by keeping an old car running, thus saving energy that is exerted during the manufacturing process. You also have to love the fact that the front bumper on this Mercedes probably weighs as much as a Prius!