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1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

The next couple of days I have two 911s that we might best classify as potentially market setting. While the market for non-turbocharged air-cooled 911s has gradually been increasing over the past year or so, some of the asking prices I am seeing recently signal a precipitous rise. Yet, I cannot recall actually seeing any recent huge sales to suggest that these prices are in line with the market. Perhaps these cars are well ahead of the market, or perhaps they are a harbinger of things to come, but I hope to keep my eye on them and get a sense of where we are. The first of the two is this very low mileage Platinum Metallic 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa with Light Tan interior located in New York. As this is a reserve auction it should at least give us a shot to see where bidding will take this price and at its current bid of $56,999 (though this is a single bid) it is already commanding pretty strong value for an ’84 Carrera Targa. How much higher might it go?

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1984 Audi 80 Polizeiwagen

Living around Washington, DC, I’m always doing a double take in my rear view for the ubiquitous Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala or Caprice or the odd Dodge Charger. Without livery, it’s always hard to tell whether the heat is bearing down on me or if it’s a part of a government agency fleet. Since it is Halloween today, I was on the lookout for a car in costume, and what better way to get my revenge against those narcs around here than an Audi 80 with huge “Polizei” decals on it.

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1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

Maybe green is becoming more popular than I realize because suddenly there appear to be quite a few green 911s coming up for sale from a wide variety of models. A few weeks back we had a run of interesting blue cars and now we’ve moved on to green. Who knows what color will be next! So, to this car: here we have a Moss Green Metallic 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in Atlanta, with tan interior and 48,655 miles on it. Note that this is a European model so the model designation listed on eBay is slightly off. It is not a 1980 911. As with many green cars, and as the name of this shade makes quite clear, this 911 possesses a strong sense of nature and earthiness that fits well in many environments. It makes for an interesting color, but one that doesn’t necessarily stand out. It blends well. As the first year of the 3.2 Carrera an ’84 model tends to make for a good option as you get the basic engine upgrades that many desire over the 911SC, but without the premium associated with the later G50-equipped models. The example here has low enough mileage that it won’t come across as a value buy, but it should please collectors and it’s not such low mileage that it can’t be driven at all. As a weekend cruiser with some upside it sits in a pretty solid place (even if I do think it’s being priced too high).

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Honorable Mention Roundup

The “Honorable Mention” post from last week seemed to be a popular choice, so I’m back this week with another selection of cars we didn’t get a chance to get to. We’ve got one from each major manufacturer this time around which makes for an interesting and diverse group. Which is the one that deserved a better look this time around?

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1984 Porsche DP935

Typically a car like this one we would reserve for a Tuner Tuesday post. The parameters of this auction don’t really allow for that so this will serve as a bonus Tuner Tuesday (on Friday)! The DP935 takes all of the styling excesses of which we are familiar on the Porsche 930 and turns them up a notch. That is especially the case with an example like this one with the full front end treatment, rather than retaining the standard, and already somewhat wild, 930 Slantnose design. DP Motorsports had partnered with Kremer racing for a number of years providing lightweight bodywork for Kremer’s race cars, which all sort of came to a head with their collaboration on Kremer’s 935 K3. The DP935 is a road-going iteration of that car, though without the cachet that comes with the Kremer name being associated with it. Painted in iconic Gulf Blue and Orange this DP935 brings us about as close as we can get to having a road-going racer modeled off of Porsche’s legendary 935. While these began life as a Porsche 930, and retain the basic shape of those cars, the final product easily distances itself from the 930 in nearly every department, from power to design aesthetic. For those with fond memories of Porsche racing from the ’70s and ’80s a DP935 brings with it the opportunity to own a fantastic piece of that history and one of the ultimate attention-grabbing cars.

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