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1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Estate

Mercedes-Benz is one of those companies that has been consistent in offering estate vehicles, or the station wagon as it is known to those of us in the US. Sometimes the variety of their offerings is less rather than more, but right now, it’s pretty neat that you can order a high horsepower V8 beast under the hood of a W123 E class estate, which has been the staple 5-door offering from Mercedes. We did get the C-class estate in the form of the W203 for a few years, but Mercedes has never dabbled with an estate variant of their big boy, the S-class. Nor, frankly, have any of their competitors. A few determined coachbuilders have set out to make an S-Class estate, such as Crayford back in the 1970s with the W116 S-class. This 560SEL estate for sale in Germany is one of the best executed, most OEM looking of all the coachbuilt estates, but it comes with a hefty asking price.

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1990 Porsche 928GT

Since joining forces with the guys over at flüssig magazine, I’ve learned so much about the Porsche 928 and hopefully you, the reader, have as well. They are a fantastic resource for all things related to the front-engined, water-cooled sports cars from Stuttgart. One 928 which continues to intrigue me is this car we see here for sale in Texas: the 928GT. The GT was offered for only three years, from 1989 to 1991. This was essentially the more sporting of the 928 range, available only with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a bit more horsepower out of the 5.0 liter V8. If the GTS is getting a bit rich for your blood, it might be time to check out a 928 of this variety.

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1990 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Bel Air

While we only saw a few special edition Volkswagens in the 1980s – mostly Wolfsburg Editions – the amount of special edition VWs available in the European market was staggering. Whether it was a fashion designer or a tribute to a particular sport, it seemed there was a trim package for just about every taste. This particular one, a Cabriolet Bel Air, is one that I haven’t seen before. These Bel Airs were available in three colors, Diamond Silver, Ruby Red or the Blue Pearl we see here, all with color matched Avus wheels and color matched trim. This low mileage example is for sale by the same dealer in Germany that had the BMW L7 we featured last month.

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#FailFriday – 1990 BMW M3

Last week, Nate wrote up a 1991 Volkswagen Corrado G60 that we summarily picked apart. It was horrible. But what was great was Nate’s critique and the universal comments that agreed. One of our readers, Ry, suggested that we make it a habit – and so enter a new segment we’re going to call #FailFriday. My nomination to open this segment is one of the darlings of the car world right now, a 1990 BMW E30. This car looks pretty good from afar, but get closer and in my opinion it’s far from good. Calling all backseat drivers, keyboard warriors and internet vultures – let’s pick this one apart:


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Week in Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1981 BMW 320i did not sell, failing to meet its reserve at $2,175: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Car

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