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1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SE

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One of the rarest W126 Mercedes-Benz S-Classes ever produced was one we never saw here on US shores: the 560SE. A mere 1,251 were ever manufactured between 1988 and 1991. This was a short-wheelbase version of the flagship 560SEL sedan, which at first would seem to be a bit of an odd combination. Most who were in the market for this well optioned car would want the extra rear legroom, hence the low production numbers. Before the days of the W124 based 500E/E500, however, there were perhaps some that were hungry for the largest engine in the range in something just a bit smaller.

With much of the W126 production eligible for import to the US, this 1990 560SE will soon be legal to bring over to these shores in 2015. With so few produced, a car like this for sale in Hamburg, Germany is a way to stand out from the rest of the W126 crowd.

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1990 BMW 325is


While it’s still possible to find E30s for reasonable prices, they typically have a lot of miles or serious issues. Prices for clean examples have drifted northwards, following their golden-child M3 brethren. Every once in a while we get a good look at what an “ideal” example costs, which in my mind is a clean, unmodified car with 50k-100k miles. Today’s 325is fits most of the bill, looking impressively stock and well maintained inside and out after just 59k miles. The glaring mark against it is the automatic transmission; it’s like buying a classic piano but installing a self-playing mechanism. While the mileage and condition would put it in the top echelon of E30s, I have to imagine those really interested in the nicest of these cars would spend their time and money finding an ideal, manual-equipped car.

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1990 Volkswagen Passat GL

If the twin B4 Passat GLX VR6 Variants from the other day are a dwindling supply, the odds of running across a serviceable B3 Passat GL today are just about slim to none. While they were fairly expensive at the time, the 2.0 16V motored GL was seemingly a throw-away mid-level luxury car. It was quickly replaced at the top of Volkswagen’s food chain by the short-lived B3 GLX VR6 model – and in general, enthusiasts prefer those. That makes sense since they’re quicker than the early cars – but it also means that the odds of running across one of Volkswagen’s grill-less sedans or wagons is a rare occasion. It’s still neat to see them, though – even though they weren’t the fastest, best looking or best equipped Volkswagen, there were neat and innovative design elements that were incorporated into the B3. It was a huge leap forward from the outgoing Audi-shared B2 platform, a slick design which looked sportier, more angular and aerodynamic, and leagues more modern than the Quantum:

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1990 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro Avant

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The guys over at BlythBros have been busy, mixing it up a bit with their collection of German and Italian vehicles with the addition of a 1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro Avant. This 5-door, or Ur-Avant, is a cult classic amongst the Audi faithful, but still well within reach of your enthusiast of modest means. The C3 chassis was getting on in years, but with a shot in the arm by way of the famous 2.2 liter, 20 valve inline-5 cylinder turbo engine, it went out with a bang. This example in Cyclamen Pearl is for sale in Freyung, Germany, in close proximity to the borders with Austria and the Czech Republic and sits on some fairly aggressive rolling stock with a bit of MTM tuning.

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1990 BMW M3

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I have a confession to make. Speaking as a former owner of a BMW E30, I’ve fallen out of love with them. Blasphemy, right? Hear me out. I feel as if this car has become a bit of a hipster in the world of modern classics. It’s a fantastic car, with plenty of engine options and body styles to choose from, not to mention good roadholding abilities. But somehow the myriad of aftermarket modifications coupled with the M3 pricing craze that has trickled down to the rest of the range leaves me a bit unmoved. After piloting GCFSB co-manager Carter’s race prepped Audi Coupe GT this summer, it made me realize there are plenty of other interesting, more exclusive machines out there that can be had for much less money. Subsequently, my attention has shifted to some nineties rarities like the Audi S6 Avant and Porsche 968.

This E30 M3 for sale in California isn’t a clapped out high mileage example, but it has been used and is described as reliable. Perfect, then, for the person who might want to use one of these early ///M machines daily.

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