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1995 BMW M3 with 63k miles

There’s something about Alpine White on a BMW that looks just right. Just ask fellow GCFSBer, Jeff. He owns two Bimmers in this hue…if you could call white a color. This M3 Coupe for sale in California sent to us from a reader of ours, Jeff, is super clean and has covered just over 63,000 miles. Short of the ultra-rare lightweight, this one is close to E36 M3 perfection.


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1999 BMW M3 with 28,000 Miles

When we featured last week’s super low mileage E36 M3 convertible, most of you agreed that the automatic was a huge strike against an otherwise remarkably original car. Although this 1999 M3 coupe brings several desirable qualities to the table, such as a hardtop and manual transmission mated to the S52 – and has similarly impressive low-mileage – there are again, questions. The hood insulation was ripped apart by critters while in storage; first gear is “notchy” with no explanation offered; and the beautiful Fiske wheels are mounted to tires that need to be replaced. Then there’s all the random damage and paint work, which seems extreme for a car that has mostly been in storage as of late and seen low-use. Could just be bad luck, but hopefully the maintenance on this one has been strong to make up for all of its run-ins. Hats off to the seller for being upfront.


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Tuner Tuesday M-Tech Edition: Tuner Accessories Roundup

There are some days that I really wish I had a BMW rather than an Audi, and a large part of that comes down to some of the cool items that you can easily get. Granted, I don’t like having what everyone else does – but that’s what’s nice about the mix and match OEM M-Tech pieces; you can customize your vehicle easily and without breaking the bank. Here’s a selection of M-Tech pieces I found this week on EBay:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: E30 M-Tech Doorsills on eBay

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1998 BMW M3 Sedan

$_57 (1)

Tuner cars can be a scary proposition, with trails of work of unknown quality hiding in places you may not be able to see. At the same time, the lack of originality often drives the price down, meaning you could pick up a lot of fun for reasonable money. I’ve always loved the E36 sedan, and today’s example corrects the E36 M3′s most common complaint of lack of power. Someone put some serious miles on this car, and that leaves even more question marks. More investigation is need, as in “what’s a 90s interior look like after that mileage?” and “what does the E36 suspension look like after 100k miles of burnouts?” But maybe you don’t care, and seeing a 300+whp M3 sedan for the price of average E36 M3s is an open door for the next owner to continue exploring the badass sedan life.

Click for details: 1998 BMW M3 Sedan on eBay

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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The Feature Listing 2007 BMW 328xi sold for $18,500, purchased by a reader who saw the listing first here on GCFSB: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Car

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