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Tuner Tuesday Double Take: Two Supercharged Audi A4s

The Audi B5 was really the first Audi chassis that gained mass appeal for modifications. Sure, the Quattro, 5000, 200, S4 and S6 all had crowds that followed them and modified them, but it was really the B5 that took the Audi tuning theme to the masses. Most of those masses focused on two models; if you were new to the brand you bought and modified the plentiful and relatively cheap 1.8T, and if you could swing the hefty payments you bought the twin-turbocharged S4. Both accepted increased levels of boost easily, making them a no brainer for the tuning crowd. But quickly forgotten in the mix was the silky-smooth 2.8 V6. Initially available in 12 valve form, in 1998 Audi upgraded to the 30V heads. For the first time, the Audi V6 produced power levels near its competition, and the smooth and responsive V6 was a nice match for the slick look of the A4. But easy to tune it wasn’t; you weren’t left with many options outside of exhaust and intake if you wanted to turn the wick up on your 2.8. Unless, of course, you turned to unnatural forms of aspiration – happily supplied by PES in the form of a supercharger:

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Tuner Tuesday: 2008 Audi R8 4.2 Stasis Supercharged


The Audi R8 4.2 isn’t exactly what you would consider an underpowered machine. As competent as it is, the car has drawn its critics. Too buttoned up and not enough verve to be considered as a serious supercar, some have said. The V10 engine addressed some of the cries from the peanut gallery, but if you have an R8 with a 4.2, what to do? Why not supercharge it? StaSis Engineering is well known for their myriad of tuning products for Audis and they’ve come up with some go fast bits for the flagship R8. The supercharger is good for around another 120 horsepower over the standard 420 horsepower output of the 4.2 liter V8. This R8 4.2 with StaSis supercharger is for sale in Washington state, the supercharger itself having a good bit of warranty left on it.

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Kompressed: 2002 Audi S6 Avant Supercharged

The C5 Audi S6 was a little soft, you say? Not this one. While enthusiasts may have been disappointed that the C5 Audi S6 was available in tiptronic automatic only in the U.S., it was also only available in Avant form here, something that fans could at least celebrate. Mated to the excellent 4.2 V8, it was a solid choice for fast, comfortable performance for a family. But for some folks that just wasn’t enough, and we thank them for that. From the few that have undergone the manual swap, there are some row-your-own S6s floating around for sale from time to time. While this particular car doesn’t have that option, what it does carry is a PES supercharger pushing a few pounds of boost into that awesome V8. The result is near RS6 levels of performance in a sleeper package:

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2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG

It’s been two decades since Mercedes-Benz absorbed AMG as their in-house tuning firm. Each year, more and more fast Benzes have appeared with the infamous badge on their posteriors, tipping off that extra juice under the skin to the casual observer. One AMG model that I feel went a bit unloved was the C32 AMG. Sandwiched between two V8 AMG C class models in the US market (the W202 C43 and W203 C55), the C32 offered more punch via the way of a Kompressor, or supercharger, as was the case with a number of AMG and non-AMG models in the Mercedes lineup at the time. A lot of early W203 C classes, including the C32, have been run hard and put up wet, but this C32 for sale in New Jersey appears to have led a fairly pampered life by the looks of it.

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1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK230

While the SLK isn’t at the top of my list of cars to own, it’s an inoffensive package for folks looking to try their hand at open-roof motoring – with the ease of all-weather comfort should the road turn cold or rainy. I feel like the SLK is often characterized as a secretary and/or hairdresser’s car, and given the car’s soft, rounded edges, I get it. And what a departure from the chiseled soft-top Mercs of the 1980s, which were handsome and regal instead of cute and bubbly. However, the 1999 model featured here is blessed with the optional AMG wheels (as part of the factory sport package) and a rare 5-speed manual transmission. Combined with the super low-mileage, this baby Benz may not be such a bad choice for those of you hankering for modern comfort and a steel roof that rises and sets like the sun above.

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