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1978 Porsche 911SC Targa

Earlier in the week I posted a somewhat unusual 911SC Cabriolet. It was unusual because it was a first-year 911SC, when a 911 Cabriolet did not exist. That car obviously would not be for everyone regardless of how unique it might be. But let’s keep our attention on that first year of 911SC production and look at how such a Cabriolet would have begun its life.

This is a Light Blue Metallic 1978 Porsche 911SC Targa, located in New York, with Blue leather interior and 73,071 miles on it. The exterior color is one that brings with it a good deal of refinement and beauty; the interior is a pretty rare color for the time period. Together they make for a somewhat monotone combination, but one that is pretty unique in its own right.

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Year: 1978
Model: 911SC Tagra
Engine: 3.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 73,071 mi
Price: $42,911 Buy It Now

1978 Porsche 911SC Targa
Only 73,071 miles!
5-Speed Manual transmission shifts nicely through all gears
Finished in Light Blue Metallic with Blue leather interior

This is a great example of the classic Air-Cooled 911 that is a pleasure to drive. It accelerates quickly through all gears, has great handling and amazing sound.
This Porsche shows well for its with some typical cosmetic blemishes for its age that can be found on close inspection including rock chips, minor dings and some minor paint fading on the hood.
The interior is very nice & clean with no tears, cracks or odors.
A Porsche Turbo rear spoiler was added to the car by the previous owner. It can be easily removed & converted back to the original style grill if preferred.

The Targa top fits & folds away properly.
It does have a few wear marks that can be seen in the photos.

Accompanied with the car will be its owners manual, original tool kit, spare tire & an extra set of floor mats.

We will be happy to accommodate a Pre-Purchase Inspection at our location or at a local shop.

Please contact Steven Sasson (212) 804-8070 or

We will be happy to help arrange transport anywhere in the US
Inspections are welcome at our location 2785 Coney Island avenue Brooklyn, NY 11235

My first question about this 911 would be originality. We are not told much about its history, nor provided with supporting documentation, and I would want to confirm that these are this 911’s original colors. That primarily applies to the interior simply because I can’t recall seeing blue on a ’78. I should grant: this SC’s particular condition – more driver quality than pristine – and reasonable miles already accumulated would probably indicate that it’s not really the sort that anyone would have an eye on with concerns over long-term value. That even applies to the 911SC in general. As such, whether the colors actually are original may be of lesser concern to some buyers so long as everything is in good shape. The color combination is an attractive one and I imagine for some will be quite desirable and that may hold more weight than their originality. If they are original, then all the better. Ultimately, most of that will dictate the price.

Regarding price, I can’t help but think this SC is priced a good bit too high. Something much closer to $35K would seem more reasonable, especially given the flaws we can easily see. While both interior and exterior look good, both also show some blemishes, wear, dings, etc. There’s nothing too out of line with what we might expect from a driver quality ’78 though I would want to have a closer look at the driver’s seat since the wear there is more pronounced than elsewhere. There’s also the matter of the Turbo spoiler that has been added. I’m not sure it works well with the Targa shape and I’d want to remove it.

Overall, it’s an attractive first-year 911SC Targa in a rare color combination and looks to be in pretty good shape. If it also is in good running condition, then it should make for a good chance at getting into a classic 911. Assuming, of course, that the price can come down.


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