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1978 Porsche 930

I’ve been seeing a number of Petrol Blue Metallic 911s over the past few months. All have been the 911SC in both Coupe and Targa form so this 1978 Porsche 930 represents a slight departure from what has been the norm for this very attractive shade of blue. Petrol Blue wasn’t available very long, only for a couple years at the end of the ’70s, and it isn’t one that I can recall seeing as a paint-to-sample selection. In that regard, it sort of came and went so if you are a fan of this slightly darker version of metallic blue then there aren’t a lot of options for you outside of this period.

On the lines of the 930 the mix of darkness and metallic shine work well together and suit the curves and accent pieces better than on the standard 911. This one looks in pretty good shape and the sellers have provided a good bit of detail in the ad to help us understand its overall condition. This one isn’t being positioned as a concours car so perhaps it’s one that you could spend some enjoyable time with behind the wheel.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1978 Porsche 930 at Fantasy Junction

Year: 1978
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 71,767 mi
Price: $89,500 Buy It Now

1978 Porsche 930 Turbo
Petrol Blue Metallic with Black Leather Interior
s/n 9309800151 Engine no. *6860104*

Although the Porsche Turbo is now an iconic example of Porsche’s high-performance ethos in the minds of nearly everyone, regardless of whether they are a car enthusiast, it was genuinely earth-shattering when it emerged in the mid 1970s. After massive success pioneering the use of turbochargers during the first half of the 1970s in the 917 Can Am and 911-based sports cars, Porsche had the knowhow (and the boldness) to bring a reliable and capable turbocharged road car to market. Where Porsche’s previous high-performance 911, the Carrera RS, was a raw and elemental homologated race car adapted for the road, the 930 was designed to be a proper flagship: a luxurious and refined car in which to cover great distance at high speed.

It’s hard to describe just how significant a paradigm shift the 930 represented when it was new. Contemporary press gushed about its effortless ability to gain speed with deceptive composure, an attribute that seemed positively alien in a period when few drivers had experienced turbocharged cars. Aesthetically, it was also incredibly impactful. The fender flares and massive rear spoiler were straight off the race cars, and gave the car an aggressive and extraverted look that contributed as much to its status as a n icon as its performance. This, coupled with car’s massive performance qualified it as a proper supercar in period, placing Porsche in a different category than it had previously occupied in the eyes of performance car junkies.

The 930 arrived in the United States for the 1976 model year in 3.0 liter form, which was superseded by the intercooled 3.3 liter model for 1978. This particular car is an early intercooled car, finished in its beautiful original color of petrol blue.

This example is finished in its stunning original color of Petrol Blue metallic. Currently showing 72,000 miles, service records indicate the car has been in California since at least 1991, when it was serviced with 49,675 indicated miles. At that time, the engine and transmission were removed and disassembled by European Auto Service in San Francisco, CA. Any seals and other components needing replacement were renewed before the powertrain was reinstalled with a new clutch. The current owner purchased the car in March of 2004 with 63,063 miles, and has covered 9,000 miles since. About six months later, a ladder fell on the front of the car while it was parked in the garage, scratching the front fenders. The owner decided to take the opportunity to have the whole car painted so the car was stripped to bare metal and completely refinished, a process which is documented with photos. In April 2018, the electrical system was serviced and a new battery installed totaling $1,100.

Cosmetically, the car presents nicely today in attractive solid driver condition, with commendable finishes given the miles. The car was repainted to good standards and the paint is in very nice condition, with only minor chips and a few light scratches. The paint has good gloss overall and the gaskets appear to have been replaced when the car was painted. The body is straight and solid with good panel fit and operation in most areas. The trim and badges are in very nice shape, as are the lights and glass, including the H4 headlamps. The headlight washers have been removed and bumper plugs added over the mounting holes. The rubber trim is generally in good shape aside from some minor dryness showing in a few areas and typical fit inconsistencies. The Fuchs wheels are in excellent shape, with centers painted body color blue, and very nice polished alloy rims.

The interior is in nice basically unrestored condition, and is mercifully free of the modifications often fitted to 930s. The seats are from a later 911 and are in very good condition, while the remainder of the interior appears original. The leather dashboard is in very good condition, with typical minor shrinkage around the center AC vents. The carpets are in nice original condition as are the floor mats. The correct steering wheel shows some wear to the leather rim but is otherwise in good shape, including the stitching. There is a modern Pioneer radio nicely installed in the dash. The gauges are clear and highly contrasting with nice black trim rings and of course the iconic boost gauge at the bottom of the tachometer. The switches and other controls are correct and in good shape overall with no notable issues. The rear wiper is currently inoperable.

The engine compartment appears unmodified and has not been cosmetically restored, so it shows some aging to the original components. The air conditioning unit has been disconnected since before the current owner bought the car in 2004, although the compressor and other components appear to still be installed. Overall the engine and engine compartment remain largely undisturbed and not significantly modified, as is often the case on 930s. Close inspection of the exhaust system reveals that SSI heat exchangers have been installed upstream of the turbocharger, which appears to be a nice and properly installed and cleverly executed performance upgrade. The trunk remains largely original with correct perlon carpet in nice condition. The components under the carpets are original and in good condition with some aging but are very sound. The December 1977 date coded spare and genuine tool roll with some tools are included with the car. The underside of the car is presentable and tidy showing nice original structural components with an occasional dent and scrapes from road use but no significant damage or indication of structural repair work to the floor pan, rocker panels, or trunk floor.

The car runs and drives well, providing a rate of progress that remains impressive today and was absolutely transcendent when the car was new. The accelerative forces once the turbo boost has built, coupled with the resulting speeds and the effortlessness of achieving those speeds is truly extraordinary. The engine runs well and boosts cleanly. The clutch engages easily and positively and the gearbox has good synchromesh and linkage, operating in a manner consistent with how these cars typically behave. The steering is responsive and surprisingly light, offering the magnificent communication for which the 911 is famous. The brake pedal is firm and provides very good braking performance once the driver is calibrated to the pedal effort thanks to the 917 type brakes that were fitted to the 930 starting in 1978. While the turbo lag and widely spaced tall gear ratios can require some adjustment on the part of the driver, the 930 remains a searingly fast way to cover ground on most roads, and is an exceptionally thrilling and gratifying experience once the driving technique it demands gels in the driver.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a very drivable and presentable 930. Finished in its stunning original color, this Turbo is a 3.3 liter intercooled car with 917 brakes, but retains much of the charm of the early 930. It perfectly embodies the iconic 930 experience that graced the bedroom walls of so many children of the 70s and 80s and is a nice balance between an attractive example with relatively low mileage but with enough miles and use to encourage the new owner to drive the car fast and frequently. The car is currently titled and registered in California and is offered with an owner’s manual, tool roll, jack, and a handful of service records dating back to the early 1990s.

Contact Information
Fantasy Junction +1 510 653 7555 Emeryville, California 94608 USA

Reading through the details I think the most important points about this 930 are that while Petrol Blue is its original color this is not its original paint. It sounds like it suffered an unfortunate incident with a ladder so the owner took that as an opportunity to give it a full respray. Generally speaking the paint looks quite good. Also, while the interior mostly appears original the seats are not. I believe they’ve come from a later 3.2 Carrera. There’s no statement about what happened to the original seats, but we can hope they were replaced simply because of excessive wear.

Regarding its history it sounds like the early history is not known as records only go back to 1991. That still should represent a substantial amount of records and hopefully all recent servicing, but clearly it’s not a full history. The A/C is said to be disconnected and the rear wiper does not work. Otherwise, it sounds like this 930 runs and drives pretty well and contains most of its original components. I think the seller has done a good job presenting the car as is and it certainly helps us understand what we’re looking at. Overall, it presents as a very nice driver-quality 930 that could easily be fully restored or simply enjoyed in its present condition without too much additional fuss.

Given all of that the asking price probably isn’t too bad, though a little on the higher side. Petrol Blue certainly is an attractive color and while I’ve seen the 911SC a few times showing it I have not see a lot of 930s. It’s not among Porsche’s iconic blues, but one that I’m sure many do enjoy.



  1. MR K
    MR K July 31, 2018

    Not a bad buy from what I can see here. Definitely one of the cheaper 930s on the market currently.

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