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1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

Frequent commenters and readers of these pages will have a passing familiarity with the car seen here as it comes to us by way of our reader Howard, who has decided to test the waters with his Cassis Red over Burgundy 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa. We have heard about this car and it is nice to finally see it. Cassis Red is a rare color that is absolutely beautiful and I have previously featured a Cassis Red 930 Coupe, remarking in that feature that the color somewhat stood in opposition to the character of the 930 itself. I think here, on a Carrera Targa, the color works perfectly, though I am slightly biased as I love lighter colored Targas in general. I also really like the look with the larger Lindsey Fuchs wheels, but for those who prefer the original appearance the original wheels can be included in the sale. With around 65K miles there’s certainly a ton of life left in it too.

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Year: 1988
Model: 911 Carrera Targa
Engine: 3.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 65,xxx mi
Price: $55,000

1988 Carrera Targa 65,xxx miles….

This car is too nice for me to start chopping it up. I was going to keep it but I don’t have room for so many cars and bikes.

Absolute gem of a car. 1988 Targa in Cassis Red with Maroon interior. Three owner car. I am the third owner with a clear title in my name. I didn’t meet the first owner but there are records from him. The second owner was very meticulous, when I went to go see the car I bought it on the spot no PPI needed since I could see from his collection of cars, all maintenance records that the car was in fantastic shape. After I purchased the car I had the shop who I use go over the entire car. It easily passed with flying colors. The car has a fresh oil change (Brad Penn) and valve adjustment. Everything works just as it should, every single light, the door buzzer, you name it and it’s just as it should be.

When I bought the car it was bone stock with the exception of three items. The original steering wheel was replaced with a Momo Prototipo with color matched leather. I have the original wheel packed away and it comes with the car. The original head unit was swapped for a later model Blaupunkt. I have the original in the box of the newer unit and it comes with the car. There was an Alpine alarm put in by the first owner. This system also has remote lock / unlock, which is nice. The original 16 x 6 & 7 wheels were recently refinished by Wheel Enhancement in satin silver. They are wrapped with ContiSport Contacts W. E. also did the center caps in satin silver with Porsche crests screw riveted to the caps. I have the receipt from W.E. The top was done less than a year ago by Dan at Cars Inc. I don’t believe it’s ever been folded. Full tool roll, spare tire compressor, books and all.

As far as flaws go: There is a small chip in the windshield which was addressed by a professional with epoxy. I am 6’3” and from where I sit in the driver’s seat you cannot see it behind the rear view mirror. There is a small blemish in the paint, I assume it was a door ding which was PDR’d as best as could be. It’s not very noticeable but it’s there. There is a small chip that’s been touched up on the very leading edge of the hood. I don’t believe in using the words “prefect” or “flawless” when describing any car including many that come right from the factory. This car is extremely nice, well documented and a pleasure to drive.

All of that being said I have made some changes to suit my personal tastes. On the car now is a set of Lindsey Fuchs 17 by 8 and 9 with Conti DWS’s nearly new. These are the P23 Lindsey’s with polished petals and rims. Also on the car right now is M & K GT3 1 in exhaust with active baffles. Additionally there is an M & K pre muffler and Steve Wong 93 octane chip. I have all of the original parts and I could easily in a couple of hours make the car bone stock again. I also have a second top which is on the car. This top is also in excellent condition having been redone by Dan at Cars Inc. a couple of years ago (with receipt). I keep the newer top wrapped and in my basement. I have a full file of paperwork for services on the car by myself and previous owner. Please see photos of the COA from Porsche and the Original Window Sticker

I am offering the car as it sits but with everything included meaning:
Stock Wheels done by Wheel Enhancement plus the Lindsey’s
Two tops both in excellent condition, one I don’t believe has ever been folded.
Stock Exhaust plus M&K Exhaust.

I have a number of additional minor parts such as spare hood shocks, a couple of lug sets. Several books on 911 repair and service and I am sure some other periphery items which I am forgetting.

The car is really magnificent, I just cant see hot rodding a car so original with only 65k miles in such a rare and unique color.

The entire package is offered for $55k, or make an offer with or without all the extras. I would consider offers for the car without all of the extras, car in stock form. I don’t need to sell this car to buy the next, if need be I can rent some more garage space and keep it.

PM me with any questions
PPI Welcome there are several good local Shops. You are also welcome to speak to the shop I use, PM me for details.

In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE … I am in the car business. I work for a firm which owns several Audi Dealerships, a Porsche Dealership and a VW Dealership. I run the wholesale program. This sale is in NO way associated with them. I have a clear title in my name. I paid cash for the car when I bought it directly from the previous private owner, who lived several states away from our area of operation and he had never been to any of our dealerships.

I have more pictures and I can take any that you may need.

Since this is a reader car, I’ll leave most of the discussion to the comments. My own thoughts are straightforward: it’s a beautiful car that appears to have been well cared for and it should make for an excellent opportunity, particularly for fans of the Targa. These are the sorts of cars that we really appreciate around here and I hope that it can be passed on to another owner who will enjoy it and care for it in a manner similar to how Howard has. The asking price is definitely on the high end, though that price does include a few extras and it sounds like there is some room for negotiation. That said, if the price of yesterday’s ’84 Carrera Coupe is any indication then cars in rare colors like these may be due for some additional surge in value in the near future.



  1. Cole
    Cole April 9, 2015

    Rare colors help these cars alot. Very nice looking.

  2. Howard S
    Howard S April 9, 2015

    Thanks ! If anyone is interested or has a question let me know. Knocked the price to $50k for the total package OBO.

  3. Vic
    Vic April 10, 2015

    One of the best looking interior colors ever sold from the factory. Unique, hides wear far better than the lighter colors, and complements many exterior colors.

  4. audifan
    audifan April 10, 2015

    I love this car, especially the color combo. It’s gorgeous.
    The steering wheel and the gawdawful polished wheels would have to go immediately.

  5. Howard S
    Howard S April 11, 2015

    If I keep the car, sometime when I have the time I’ll powder coat the centers on the wheels black. I had this set made for a previous 911 where the polished petals looked better with the color.

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