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1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe

1989 was a pretty important year for Porsche. It served as both beginning and end. As the final production year of the 3.2 Carrera (and the 930) it marked the end of the classic 911. With that end came a new beginning with the almost entirely newly designed 964. Its looks still showed a clear relationship with the 911s that preceded it, but it was reportedly 85% new and its rounder lines were a clear evolution of the design. Its underpinnings were decidedly more modern and refined as well. It was an important year.

Porsche had done something a little strange though. When it debuted the 964 it chose to be doubly bold by making the model release an entirely new model altogether: the Carrera 4. So for all intents and purposes 1990 was the year things really got rolling. The Carrera 2, possessing the traditional rear-drive 911 layout, finally made its debut in Coupe, Targa, and Cabriolet form. Unless you really have a desire for all-wheel drive in a 911, or would like to use your Porsche for winter duty, the Carrera 2 probably is the 964 you should be seeking. The Turbo is great as well, though much more expensive.

So here’s a nice example from an early model year: a Forest Green Metallic 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe, located in Miami, with Tan interior and 101,162 miles on it.

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Year: 1990
Model: 911 Carrera 4
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 101,162 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

1990 Porsche 911 Carrera Manual Coupe
1990 Porsche 911/964 Carrera Manual Coupe. Forest Green Metallic Exterior on Tan Interior .Accident Free Carfax. Exterior Shows very Well.Car is Straight. All Plastics are in Good Shape.Paint Shows Good Luster.
Last Four Years Car had : Breaking System Restore(New Calipers,Brake Rotors , Pads),Hydrolic System Flush,New Sensor and Pump.New Bilsteins Sport Shocks with Turbo S Red Springs. Upgraded A/C System.
New Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel. Valves Adjusted,New Gaskets & Covers. Well Maintained 964.
Car Drives and Shifts as It Should.A 964 That Can be Driven and Enjoyed Carefree.
Complete set of Books that Includes original Factory White Option Sticker and maintenance Stamps .2 Spare Keys.
Beautiful Color Combination.
For More Details Call Us @305-776-8111
We Ship Worldwide. Buyer is Responsible for Shipping Cost.

Generally speaking this looks like a nice, honest, pretty standard, 964 C4 Coupe. It’s an attractive color combination, the Cup wheels have been added (always a nice upgrade), and everything looks in nice condition. It’s had quite a few parts replaced in the last few years. I’m not sure if that’s a result of neglect by previous ownership or simply a matter of timing and coincidence, but it shouldn’t be a bad thing for the next owner. The braking system is pretty much new outside of the brake lines, it has new suspension, new clutch and flywheel, “upgraded” A/C, and some basic engine maintenance. Hopefully service records are available and you can get a sense of the engine’s servicing outside of what we’re told here because that’s probably the only area of great concern that hasn’t recently been addressed. A PPI should help sort out those matters as well. Solid looking 911 though and not in a color combination we see too often.

If you’re looking for a 964 to enjoy on back roads over a number of years this one should serve that purpose well. Bidding sits currently at $38,500 with reserve unmet. Dark green doesn’t tend to be a very popular color so bidding should remain somewhat suppressed overall and should mean that this comes in at a pretty good value for its next owner. The C2 Coupe is the most basic, reliable, and easy to live with of the 964’s offerings. For many they also are the most desirable once we factor in their cost. This looks like a nice example.

Edit: As pointed out by Tom in the comments, this is not a Carrera 2, but rather a Carrera 4. I’ve left my post mostly ‘as is’ but do note that I originally missed that.



  1. fstntq
    fstntq August 13, 2018

    Funny you point out the brake system R&R short of hoses. If I went that far, with 1/2 the hose connections already off for the caliper swap, there is NO way I’d not chip in the extra $25 buck a corner for new hoses for a 25 year old car!
    If they skimped on that, I’d then wonder about the weak belts on the dual distributers and the oft failed rear wing motor/gears.

  2. Tom K
    Tom K August 13, 2018

    According to VIN and badging, this is a Carrera 4 not a Carrera 2.

  3. Fstntq
    Fstntq August 13, 2018

    Tom K, the rear badging and more tellingly the tiny front trunk suggest you are right! Big swing and a miss from the seller.

  4. Rob
    Rob August 14, 2018

    How the heck did I miss that?!? But yeah it does appear to be a Carrera 4.

    Well it still looks good, but obviously that does change the overall perception.

  5. Tom K
    Tom K August 14, 2018

    Rob, I think we were both just hoping it was a Carrera 2 :). It’s still a nice car though!

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