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1990 Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet

Like the Volkswagen Cabrio, the 944S2 Cabriolet isn’t a car that gets a lot of press on these pages. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the makings of a classic. Like the Cabrio, it sold in small numbers in the tight times of the early 1990s; Porsche claims it sold only 2,386 in the United States. And it has a potent power plant in the revised 3.0 16V inline-4; pushing 207 horsepower and 208 lb.ft of torque, it was nearly as potent as the first generation Turbo without the inherent lag or accompanying bills. Yet it shared the same perfect weight balance with the rear-mounted transaxle, Turbo brakes and larger roll bars along with the integrated Turbo-look nose and tail. The S2 also received the new “Design 90” wheels that helped to bring it in line with late 928S4 and 964 models.

However, the 944S2 Cabriolet has always been overshadowed. First, for the sporting drivers out there, most will be seeking the clean lines of the S2 Coupe. Then there is always the more popular 911 Cabriolet, but it’s real competition is the later 968 Cabriolet. With more power, revised looks and a 6-speed manual, those late 968s are by most accounts the ones to get. But to me, that means that a clean 944S2 is a better value while offering you most of the experience of the VarioCam. Let’s consider this beautiful LM3U Velvet Red Metallic example:

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Year: 1990
Model: 944 S2 Cabriolet
VIN: WP0CB294XLN480967
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 63,995 mi
Price: $16,950 Buy It Now

You are looking at an exceptionally well kept, great looking luxury Porsche 944 S2 Convertible, one of the finest series. This car says a lot about its owner, and has been renowned in the world as a symbol of prestige and class, as well as having great performance.

The vehicle has been made and assembled entirely in Germany! It’s been very well kept and serviced, in fact it runs like a new car. It’s a great looking maroon color which adds a lot of luxury and sporty appeal to it.

Porsche 944 car was raced around the world and in the British championship called the Porsche Motorsport Championship.

Judging by the miles and the condition of the car, it has been mostly used on the highway and it has also been garage kept!

There are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. A never-smoked-in before beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is one of the most powerful in the segment – runs strong and smooth provides the power you have come to expect from a Porsche. The transmission has the Porsche mark on it as well and shifts like on a new car. The car runs great! All the electrical options appear to be in working order.

As you can judge for yourself from the pictures – the interior is clean

This Porsche is equipped with a climate control system and the AC blows ice-cold.

The power locks, windows (and all the other electrical features all work and are in excellent condition.

As seen in the pictures the rims look good, with fresh looking finish while the tires have plenty of tread left.

Not many of those 944 S2 were made for the US, this is your chance to own a truly unique luxurious convertible in maroon color that stands out. It’s obviously been garage kept, and is in great condition.

The car looks lovely and the paint shines well. The photography generally shows this off, though I always feel like this dealer runs their photos through an aggressive filter to make them look better. Though the ad claims a thorough gallery, unfortunately I can’t see most of the photo links though I’ve tried a few times. But what is shown looks good, correct and original – certainly in keeping with the lower mileage. Then there’s the color combination. Velvet Red Metallic might put some off but I think it looks neat; unfortunately, it’s met with a black interior. I think it would look better with the matchy-matchy maroon leather we saw in the last Velvet Red 944 I looked at or, better yet, Linen. I don’t have production numbers on the color here, but sufficed to say this is a pretty infrequently seen tone on an infrequently seen car.

Pricing is higher for a 944 at nearly $18,000, but then remember this is only half the asking price of Rob’s Riviera Blue 968. It’s also in line with other clean 944S2 Cabriolets, and it’s about as cheap as you can get a classic good condition topless Porsche. While the Boxster S may out perform this chassis, I think this might be a better and more tasteful buy that would help set you apart from the crowd.



  1. E88Guy
    E88Guy August 16, 2018

    This is a really nice example. And it’s probably worth more than my 135i convertible. I wonder what the cowl shake is like. I would guess that chassis stiffening would be a lot better on a more recent car. I also have to add that having an automatic boot/cover over the top when it’s down is a huge benefit of a modern convertible. My NA and NB Miatas – I never bothered to take the time to put the boot on. Thus, the top and mechanicals got dusty. Both my E46 and E88 convertibles automatically stow the top and cover it, and I like it a lot better.

  2. SebastianX1/9
    SebastianX1/9 August 17, 2018

    I’m in the minority who likes this car more than the 968. I have a 1992 968 Coupe with 213,000 that I hope to rebuild and convert to classic endurance racing. Fantastic engine! It will be a great racer.

    But those 80s flares on the 944 Turbo and this are just too cool for words. Also, you can take weight off the cabriolet easily and with modern tweaking you’ll have a fast enough car. I agree this is the over-looked one. Only a Mitsubishi Starion could look more 80s and these are better cars.

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