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1993 Porsche 911 RS America

The Porsche 964 RS America is one of those cars you see from time to time in the marketplace, more often than not having led a pampered life with very few miles accumulated on its odometer. These lightweight 911s are highly collectable nowadays so it’s rare to see one with high mileage, let alone one having covered over 200,000 miles. This RS America for sale in California is the highest mileage example we’ve seen, but appears as if it might have covered only a quarter of the miles. This particular car is one of the first 100 made and has had a rebuilt engine
during its life.

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Year: 1993
Model: 911 RS America
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 215,000 mi
Price: $79,700 Buy It Now


The 1993 RS America was a lightened, limited edition, performance version of the venerable Porsche 911 to commemorated the 20th Anniversary and spirit of the original 1973 Carrera RS. According to Porsche Cars North America, as published in the Porsche fact book for 1993: The RS America is a new derivative of the Carrera 2 for drivers who demand an even higher level of feedback – feedback so detailed, so precise that it usually is found only in racing cars. The designation of RS, German for Renn Sport or Race Sport, is traditionally reserved for the highest performance Porsches. In a Porsche RS model, refinements in the suspension, steering, wheels and tires all work in combination with perfectly coordinated weight reduction to create a dramatically different driving feel. This 1993 Porsche 911 964 RS America is a factory white/black example with following options, Limited Slip and Air Conditioning. This is an early production #96 of the first 100 made. The car is fundamentally stock and looks fantastic with the M030 sport suspension package, which included the factory installed running gear from the 911 C2 Turbo, leading to higher performance limits. The Turbo’s progressively wound coil springs, larger diameter front stabilizer bar, and upgraded shock absorbers were also standard equipment for the RS America, as were 17 diameter C2 Turbo wheels. The RSA rims were 7 wide on the front and 8 wide on the rear (as opposed to the 7 wide front and 9 wide rear wheels of the C2 Turbo).

Having spent all of it life in the San Francisco Bay Area, the condition reflects that of a consistently well cared for example. An additional bonus is that last 4 owners being were PCA members and it was driven an average of just under 10000 miles per year. The last owner and his RS were featured in the attached video at a PCA Golden Gate Region event Under his ownership and as well as previous owners, careful and consistent maintenance has been the rule in in how this car was cared for. Rebuilt Engine; Our service dept shop foreman has been up and done this engine with a fine-tooth-comb and all indications are that the engine was rebuilt by a reputable shop as every nut and washer is as it should be. Though we without receipts we done know when or who did the work. Moreover cylinder leak down variation was no more that 4% from cylinder to cylinder, which is consistent with a rebuilt engine. Cylinder Leak down results are 8%, 4%, 6%, 4%, 4%, 6% Compression test also revealed a variation of no more than 3% from cylinder to cylinder with 160-165 on all cylinders. With the above results, it’s truly unlikely that of all Porsche engines, that a 964 engine could have over 200k miles on it and not been rebuilt. The suspension has been upgraded with shocks, springs, bushings and sway bars. Additional maintenance items have been replace such as windshield, steering rack, wheels refinished, rebuilt brake calipers, serviced axles, new battery. Transmission shifts fine into all gears and clutch feel is great with no slippage or jittering. The paint and body is in excellent condition with no evidence of anything more that maintenance type paint work though front bumper was replaced at some point. We found no sign of any major body repairs or frame damage anywhere on or under the car Interior is in fantastic shape with no sun damage, rips or tears in the upholstery. Steering wheel stitching and finish is in excellent shape and dash is near perfect.


Last September, we saw a 911 RS America with 67,000 miles on the clock sell for $77,500. Time has moved on, and almost a year later, good RS Americas are bringing well over six figures. For a car with over 200,000 miles on its chassis, almost $80,000 is an eye watering number. But then again, this isn’t any ordinary used car. Will it fetch the ask? That remains to be seen. There’s no denying the collectability of this 964, however. It is one of my favorite 911s of all time. A car with an ownership history like this deserves a good home. Average White Band said it best…”let’s go round again.”



  1. Howard S
    Howard S July 21, 2015

    This car was all over the internet a few months ago from the last owner. The only change being the wheels are now silver, they had been painted black. The previous owner (private individual) didn’t say the motor was rebuilt and he didn’t think it was, so that’s a new twist. Same for the history, IIRC the PO posted that he didn’t have a lot if any history on the car.

    The PO had the car offered on just about every website around at $80k. He ran it on eBay several times too…. no takers at that price.

    A bit of a crap shoot and with those miles its well beyond collector car status. Maybe in another 20 years the miles wont mean anything but for now its a driver RSA with 200 plus K on it and fair value is very very subjective.

  2. MDriver
    MDriver July 21, 2015

    so overpriced even for someone who really needs to have an RSA…..
    mind boggling at times

  3. RPM
    RPM July 21, 2015

    All for a Porsche that sold for less than the regular 964 and originally languished on dealer lots.
    Woulda, shoulda, coulda…

  4. Howard S
    Howard S July 24, 2015

    In 1999 I bought one with 36k on it for 36k. I never titled or registered it. I drove it about 6k miles over the next six months and then sold it for $36k. The AC didnt hold a charge, it had a couple of minor oil leaks, but when it rained you couldnt drive it and I could never trace the issue. I am sure it was something simple. Its a better driver than a regular C2. There used to be a long running thread on Rennlist debating the premium RSA’s had over C2’s. Of course thats back when a C2 could be had for 25k and the RSA was in the low $30’s.

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