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1997 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

I promise I have not purposely sought out another white 911. It just so happens that this one possesses a few worthwhile attributes, looks good, and happens to be white. What we’re looking at is a Snow White 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in California, with Tan (Cashmere?) interior and 129,000 miles on it.

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Year: 1997
Model: 911 Carrera
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 129,000 mi
Price: $46,500 Buy It Now

For sale is my dad’s 993, the car is in great shape and recently had the following maintenance done:

-OE Ignition wires/plugs
-Engine belts
-Chain housing gaskets
-Fuel filter

and a few other things to the tune of almost 7,000 as billed by TRE Motorsports.

Trans was recently rebuilt as well, the synchros were starting to go, it shifts great now.

It has new Bilstein dampers at all corners, some worn interior pieces replaced, the front tie rods and balljoints have been replaced and a good alignment done to the Euro ride height.

There are a few niggles left such as intermittent oil pressure gauge that needs to be tapped on to read but all other electronics work well, this car is solid, runs and handles great and needs nothing to be enjoyed. AC blows cold.

I’ve been getting a few questions about service records, hard copy of previous records are few but present, the Carfax shows a steady service history with its more recent services performed at Beverly Hills Porsche.

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So what is it that I find so appealing about this 993? Simple: the price. We don’t see a lot of 993 Coupes priced under $50K. At least not in the sort of condition that we’re interested in around here. The few we do see tend to be Tiptronics. So, in a way, here you’re getting a 6-speed manual for a Tiptronic price.

Granted the mileage here is higher than many of the 993s we see as well. If you don’t mind paying more you can certainly find one with less miles. But what I like about this one is the miles don’t really show. It looks great. I’m not sure the lighting is the best for truly judging the quality of the paint, but it looks in good shape with few apparent issues. The interior presents in equally good condition with little noticeable wear to the seats or carpets. The engine bay even looks pretty clean. We are told that there isn’t much in the way of service records, outside of what is reported by Carfax. So you won’t have the details of what has been done, but at least the seller has been upfront about that so we know what we’re getting into. There may be other 993s out there with this mileage for a similar price, but I certainly haven’t seen many and this one looks in better condition than even some with far fewer miles. I think it’s certainly worth further investigation if you’re looking for an air-cooled 911.