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2002 Mercedes-Benz G500

Thanks the Mercedes-Benz W463 chassis from running 1990 all the way to 2008 on the same platform, you do get some mixing and matching going on in terms of body parts. However, almost every time it is someone sticking late model bumpers and grilles on an early example, but touching nothing in the interior so when you open the door you are mightily confused. I really don’t like that as the early example and anything pre-2002 in the US is a rare bird that should be left alone. However, today’s 2002 G500 is a little different situation. This is not a bolt-on bumpers job – not even close.

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Year: 2002
Model: G500
VIN: WDCYR49E92X133343
Engine: 5.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: ~125,000 mi
Location: Renton, Washington
Price: $59,900 Buy It Now

Vehicle Details
Selling my pride and joy.3 year completed restoration that I never planned to sell, unfortunately needs to be sold.This is a 2002 Mercedes G500 which I restored down to almost every nut and bolt.Photos don’t describe the depth of restorations, customization and upgrade. $15,000 worth of original new 2016 G63 parts and thousands in new OEM parts, nuts, bolts, seals, new glass, custom all leather interior, and much much more….Full 3 year restoration was posted in detail on a forum. If you would like to see details, please visit MBWORLD and look for “2002 G500 build/ restoration/ conversion photo thread”Serious inquiries only please.Asking $75,000 OBOPlease call me or email me with questions.**Lots more photos available at request**

Wow. So the story on this one is the seller bought this 2002 as a half disassembled project truck that was a few steps away from the salvage yard. What happened next was a painstaking process to update it to its current state with all OEM+ parts. Putting updating bodywork on a 2002 is one thing, but opening it up, only very few 2002 parts remain. It may not be for everyone, but hard to say it isn’t well done.

The problem here is that this one carries a salvage title. So a $60,000 ask for a salvage title 2002 with a bunch of custom parts. I know this took a bunch of money and even more time, but this is what happens when you dive into these projects. Thoughts?

– Andrew


  1. Kelly
    Kelly June 17, 2021

    My 2 cents, this is a beautiful truck built specifically to the sellers liking. At this price a real G63 is possible with no stories. I do have a feeling the quality here is higher than your “standard” G63, however it carries stock G500 running gear. I would pass on this but only due to price and general concept, I like cars with resale value.

    Interestingly, if he dumped another $22k in this and added Eurowise Portal Axles he could be asking north of $100k. The market for 4x4squareds is bizarre.

  2. glb
    glb June 17, 2021

    The ultimate poser car…

  3. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston June 18, 2021

    Why not just buy a real G63 and reupholster the interior? I don’t understand what the point of this car is/was. I completely understand wanting to make a car one’s own, but this leaves me confused. I will say it appears to be a quality piece. And I absolutely love that shade of tan they used on the interior. Especially with that grey paint. Why not at least swap in the engine from a G55? I have so many questions!

  4. Blair Wershler
    Blair Wershler June 18, 2021

    Agreed, for the same money, you are in nice g55 or loved g63 territory. I get a nut and bolt restoration on something that can’t be had in nice condition, but given all the Gs for sale, I’m not sure this makes much sense.

  5. Kelly McTeer
    Kelly McTeer June 21, 2021

    Ricky, Blair,

    Check out kobzarhomes’ thread on mbworld. He was building this for himself, the truck and the G63 parts were cheap. This isn’t a fix and flip, just a guy who needs to recoop his investment after coming on hard times.

    I do think the pricing is high, but if someone is in love with the look and interior maybe they can work out a deal!

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