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2007 Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG

Earlier this week I looked at a 2003 G500 and explained that despite it being a relatively mass produced Mercedes, it doesn’t depreciate like you’d expect. Today’s featured car is somewhat like the G, except it’s a lot faster and a whole lot more rare. Enter the R63 AMG – the answer to a question no one asked. This is a vehicle which I still can’t understand why Mercedes would green-light for production.

The short of it is that the normally mundane first-general R-Class was given to AMG to let them do their thing. The result was pulling everything out of the AMG parts bin, bolting various parts up where they count and coming away with an all-wheel drive people hauler than does 60 mph in around 4.4 seconds. Carter recently included it in his insane van article for The Truth About Cars. Seeing as Mercedes isn’t totally insane, the R63 AMG was limited to a production in the mid-200s worldwide with only 30 making it to the U.S. and a mere 5 to Canada. So as these monsters hit the 10 year-old mark, what’s going on with their value?

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Year: 2007
Model: R63 AMG
Engine: 6.2 liter V8
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Mileage: 126,000 mi
Price: Buy It Now $49,500

R63s are rare in any country and this particular example looks to be clean and well-kept . With room for six, 507 horsepower, and all-wheel-drive, this is a versatile vehicle with impressive performance for its size.This 2007 Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG is said to be one of less than 104 examples produced worldwide and 44 in the USA.  The all-wheel-drive R-Class could seat up to six people in comfort, and the AMG 6.2L V8 was powerful enough to propel it to 60 mph in around 4.6 seconds when new.  It has been meticulously maintained by the seller with the most recent service in December 2016 with over 7,000 spent on all new air suspension, shocks, brand new brake pads and rotors, new tires with less than 500 miles on them, full services and alternator replacement. This R63 is located in Orange County California and is being sold with a clean California title in the seller?s name.  The interior on this R63 is a 10, perfect condition that still smells new, exterior paint shows wear of a vehicle this age, but is glossy and still shines. R63s left the factory with an AMG body treatment, quad-pipe exhaust system, a specifically tuned AMG sport suspension, massive 15.4? front and 14.4? rear brake rotors with more powerful calipers, and attractive 20? wheels with 265/40 series tires at all four corners. this R63 is up-to-date on all maintenance with good tires, strong brakes, and a smooth but firm suspension system. Combined with the all-wheel-drive system, these AMGs are known to perform and handle far better than their size suggests. car is bone stock except for a resonator delete, which makes this car sound even better.  i am the 2nd owner i purchased this from a multi-million dollar car collector.  i will answer any and all questions.

As you might of guessed, the R63 didn’t exactly fly off dealer lots. I’d imagine the dealers that were lucky (or unlucky) enough to get these pitched them as the best of both worlds for buyers who needed the room for six but still wanted to drive home like their house was on fire. I’ve heard that the dealers who got them were getting no bites at $88,175, resulting in heavy discounts just to rid themselves of this rare beast – hereto unheard of for AMG cars.

So just to set a comparison first, the sibling ML63 AMG of the same year with about 100,000 miles on it you can snag in the low $20,000 range. The R63? Double it. The latest R63 that I’ve seen sold in an auction format was in November that went for a hair over $50,000. Granted that one was dealer maintained its entire life and needed nothing but it still blows my mind. This black one for sale in California with over 120,000 miles is asking $49,500 which, again, blows my mind. These aren’t great cars to own overall in my opinion. The M156 V8 engine is susceptible to head bolt failure (among other things) that is an extremely expensive repair. The R-Class chassis wasn’t exactly engineered to lap the Nürburgring ring either. I think the R63 is one of those extreme cases where the production numbers are so low that the demand is there because of how absurd it is, no matter how much it doesn’t make sense to own one. Would I bank on these to become extremely valuable in the long-term? Not really. But the short-term looks promising for this hen’s teeth AMG.

– Andrew


  1. Christian
    Christian January 3, 2017

    My friend down here in FL told me a story back in October about someone he knows who bought one of these AMG Mommy Mobiles. Engine blew, dealer quoted something north of $40K to replace the engine, on an AMG R Class that he paid ~$20K for. I think I heard he decided to put a normal V6 drive-train in it and call it done.

    Just because Mercedes was dumb enough to make the R class, and just because AMG was dumb enough to modify it, and just because someone willingly spent $90K on this new…..does not make it an interesting car worth $50K 13 years later.

  2. Will
    Will January 3, 2017

    I did not know these came in AMG version. Still one of the ugliest MB/AMG ever IMO.

  3. Shawn
    Shawn January 3, 2017

    “for buyers who needed the room for six but still wanted to drive home like their house was on fire”
    That line made me laugh out loud at my desk.

    The seats look like they’re from the Chrysler parts bin, and the center console looks cheap on this and any other R Class. Can’t imagine these things were built to the highest standards as it’s a minivan after all.

  4. bojac
    bojac January 3, 2017

    first AMG with all wheel drive

  5. MDriver
    MDriver January 3, 2017

    not sure you can post pictures here…but I was instructing at NJMP quite some time ago (2009?) and one of these showed up…well after all the snickering was done….the lead instructor was allowed to give line-laps in it….nobody was snickering anymore….this thing was deceptively fast in the straight and not too bad in the curves….did it handle like a sedan/coupe` absolutely not…but if more mini-vans had the giddy-up & go of this you might just see more around…not my cup tea…but a newfound respect for sure

  6. Cory
    Cory January 3, 2017

    Holy s**t is that thing ugly.

  7. Oolong Kaloofid
    Oolong Kaloofid January 4, 2017

    MB and Chrysler had a trist
    ee eye ee eye oh
    and from this trist came the “R”
    ee eye ee eye oh

    This is the Chrysler Pacifica with the star in the bonnet. There were a few of these unholy crossings like the Crossfire. Just because it’s rare and sports over 125K on the clock does not warrant nearly $50K. There the soccer-mom bus then this – the soccer-mom express.

    This is an excellent example of trying to be all things to all people.

    Sometimes you’re the bug. Sometimes you’re the windshield.

    Nope… I don’t like it. This from a multi Benz owner.

  8. Poorhouse
    Poorhouse January 4, 2017

    I’ll buck the trend here and say I would love to have one of these to haul the kid around.

    I watched the auction back in November hoping these were under everyone’s radar.
    No such luck. A unique product with very limited production and amazing performance.
    Not surprised.

    PS. Some great comments from owner/drivers in the November auction. Similar to MDriver’s sentiments above.

  9. Brad
    Brad January 4, 2017

    A neighbor has the regular version, R 500. Needed a new windshield. price for the windshield was $2500 from the dealer!

  10. Popeye
    Popeye January 4, 2017

    @Oolong Kaloofid – these share nothing with the Pacifica, other than both made by Daimler-Chrysler. The R-class is a unique platform, W251. It may be still in production, in Indiana, for the export market (primarily China) –

    In general, this is an odd car… I respect those that like it, but don’t understand the love. For the same total money, I’d buy a minivan and an E-series AMG wagon to haul derrier in any day.

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