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As Good As They Get? 1995 Audi S6 Avant

We’ve gone through a kick of Pearlescent White Metallic Audis over the past few days. And while they’ve all been lovely examples that are well built, well maintained and well presented, they’ve all been missing one thing: a turbo.

You could argue that the value of a $5,000 Audi in pristine condition but without a turbo is still relatively good compared to some other contemporaries. But the immediate counterpoint is the turbocharged variant of the C4; the S4/S6. Even if you accept one in worse condition, the possible longevity of the package coupled with the performance potential on tap simply outweighs other considerations. Sure, these Audis have faults – they all do. The inline-5 models have the same problems as the non-turbo models, but they have no real further drawbacks. And since you can get a pretty decent S4/S6 for about the same asking price as some of the other Audis we look at, those cars are effectively viewed immediately as overpriced in the eyes of the market (rightly, or wrongly).

But what about a really nice S4 or S6? It would have to be in good condition, and pretty close to stock. If it was modified, the add-ons would have to be good quality or ideally factory items. Miles would need to be in check, condition would need to be great, and maintenance up to date. If we’re getting picky, an Avant would be preferable, and if really pedantic, the early ’95s that kept the locking rear differential rather than the later EDL.


CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Audi S6 Avant on eBay

Year: 1995
Model: S6 Avant
Engine: 2.2 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 135,476 mi
Price: Reserve Auction


This rare 1995 Audi S6 Avant in Pearl with Ecru interior and only 135k miles is enthusiast owned and meticulously maintained. I am the second owner and purchased the vehicle in 2010. Very clean inside and out. Quattro all-wheel drive and 5 speed manual transmission with no known mechanical issues. The recently added RS2 turbo, RS2 exhaust manifold and RS2 fuel injectors are good for 310hp. The RS2 was the product of a co-development project between Audi and Porsche, powered by a modified version of the 2.2 litre inline five-cylinder 20-valve turbocharged engine. It was Audi’s first “RS” vehicle, and the first of their high-performance Avants (Audi’s name for an estate car or station wagon). These RS2 parts are extremely hard to come by since the model was only produced in 1994-1995. I was able to source all the OEM RS2 parts new-in-box. The turbo came from IROZ Motorsports, the manifold and injectors I picked up from Audi Tradition while on a business trip in Germany. Apikol Audi tuning shop in Boulder installed the RS2 hardware and software about 3000 miles ago.

The bumpers were repainted last year, otherwise original paint in excellent condition. The car is garage stored and hand waxed regularly. The original Speedline wheels were all refinished last year by Woody’s Wheel Works in Denver. Working cruise control, A/C, windows, sunroof, stereo , central locking system etc. Includes 2 remote keys.
Existing glitches: driver side seat heater doesn’t work, driver’s seat belt doesn’t retract all the way, climate control buttons occasionally do not respond but I have always been able to get all functions working. Auction includes a spare climate control head unit.
The timing belt job was done along with the complete 95k service by Audi Manhattan. I confirmed this by calling them with the VIN. The clutch was replaced at 96k by the dealer I purchased the car from.
Truly an amazing vehicle that has never been abused. As solid as they come. Always been reliable and serviced at Apikol in Boulder since I took ownership.

I have receipts/service records for the below items:

In the past year:

OEM new RS2 Turbo, RS2 exhaust manifold, RS2 fuel injectors

OEM new serpentine belt tensioner and new serpentine belt

OEM brake accumulator (aka Bomb), brake system flush

All 4 stock Speedline wheels professionally refinished

SAMCO Sport silicone boost hoses, Interstate battery, oxygen sensor, fuel/air filters, PCV valve, spark plugs, fuel pressure regulator, dash bulbs, front and rear bumpers repainted


Porsche Boxster front calipers, A8 front rotors, Apikol 1.8t coil pack upgrade, Europrice ’92 replica springs, Bilstein HD rear shocks, OEM front struts, rebuilt OEM rear calipers, rear rotors, Forge diverter valve, front wheel bearings, windshield, AUX coolant pump, fuel pump, coolant temperature sensor, ignition switch, crank position sensor

If you have zero or negative feedback contact me before bidding. $500 deposit by PayPal due within 48 hours of auction end. Vehicle must be paid in full by cash or cashier’s check within 7 days of auction end.

The photographs are generally great, as is the description. These very limited Avants have a cult-like following for good reason; they’re the smartest performance you can buy from the period, period. Curbside Classics did a great writeup on what made ownership so special a few years ago and nothing has changed minus a steadily draining pool of good examples. This, frankly, is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

High mile examples in good condition usually trade up to the $10,000 mark. A prime condition one like this? I’d expect it to reach easily into the teens if the right people are in the room. The only potential item holding it back is that a few people hate Pearlescent White Metallic; outside of that, there’s just nothing to complain about here. It will be interesting to see where it ends up!



  1. Jim Klein
    Jim Klein January 15, 2017

    Thanks for the link to the post I wrote about my S6 Avant, Carter! There’s another post at the same site on the ’93 S4 I had before it as well.

    This Avant looks great, I’m excited to see what it ends up going for. The upgrades make perfect sense and Apikol has a good reputation in this area.

    Once summer comes, upgrading the wheels to 17×8’s with some good summer rubber makes this an unstoppable machine year-round with virtually no real vices. If something does go wrong there is plenty of room in the engine bay for even the meatiest of hands. Boxster calipers as on this one are a common upgrade, for even better results a pair of 993TT Big Reds are even better but probably overkill for most. The stock brakes really were the weakest link overall.

    I regret selling mine (both the S4 and the S6), but life goes on. I’m not a fan of the Pearl White, but in any other color I’d perhaps be logging in to bid. BTW, the ECRU interior does clean up very well of you stay on top of it, this one needs some black floormats to make that a lot easier.

  2. Early8q
    Early8q January 15, 2017

    Hey Jim, that sure is a beautiful car! I have done a lot of miles in one just like it, a black on black variation. It is to this day a toss up between it and my 4000CSQ as which is my favorite. I am saying all of this without any experience with the RS2 goodies. Frank?!?! Standby, I am sure we can expect a word from the man himself on the subject of Pearl UrS cars, even if it’s just a great a story. I really wish I were in the market because I can’t imagine it gets any better than this one right now.

  3. AA-Ron
    AA-Ron January 20, 2017

    I have owned two of these cars (an early 95 and a 95.5) both in sedan forms and this does indeed look like a great package. Both were lowered, chiped and upgraded in various ways and looking back now I think the OEM+ nature of this setup is ideal. The 18″ rims I had on the 95.5 looked great but were admittedly to harsh for the C4 chassis. I currently own a 2001 B5 S4 avant in Pearl color and as no surprise I am a big fan of this color, especially with tinted windows and charcoal wheels. Good to see that the bumpers here have been resprayed as it is a tricky color to touch up. After just performing a good bit of service on the B5 chassis S4 I reminisce about the ease of which it was to work on the C4 chassis. As mentioned before, there is plenty of room in and around components in the engine bay and other areas to perform work. These cars are at the perfect point where they had enough electronics for modern safety and convenience with dual airbags, ABS and such however aren’t over-complicated with electronic components of the cars following this chassis. The packaging is much simpler than in the B5 and other later model Audis which makes work and maintenance easier as well. One item to address on these cars also is the cooling hoses as the rubber OEM ones tend to get brittle and it doesn’t appear this car has had this addressed yet. There is a “T” pipe at the back of the head which upon failure can empty all the coolant in less than a minute when driving at speed. This is easily remedied with a full silicon replacement kit for a reasonable cost and would add to the reliability of the car. For ultimate unicorn status this example would have a black interior as they hold up much better than Ecru but low mileage C4 Avants are coming harder to come by. Whoever gets this could add black carpets, 17″ rims and summer tires as mentioned above a tint job and a Stromung exhaust (worth every penny) for the ultimate year round sleeper. If I was in the market for UrS4/6 twin this would be it!

  4. Carter
    Carter January 29, 2017

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