2001.5 Audi S4 Avant

I’ve recently done some comparisons on the sport editions of the B6 and B7 chassis Avants, asking whether packages like the B6 Ultrasport or B7 S-Line Titanium Package justified the premium they commanded over similar non-sport models. There’s another Avant that commands a serious premium in either B5 or B6 form, but in this case it’s not anything to do with being more or less sporty. Mechanically and physically, these specimen are identical to the other models in the run, but it is the color that stops people in their tracks, generates clicks and opens wallets – Nogaro Blue Pearl Effect. The lineage started with the RS2 and its signature shade “RS Blue” which was then continued with the S6 Plus and the B5 S4. It was the color of speed for an entire generation of wagon lovers, so what does that equate to today?

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10K Friday: S Car Go Row Row Row Your Own

Last week’s 10K Friday Colorful Carriers was a bit of a letdown; sure, the colors were great, but the only manual was the B6 V8 S4 Avant, and while it was a cool package there was no denying the trepidation with which I’d approach that particular package. To remedy that issue, this week I’m again focusing on some haulers capable of hauling; we’ve lost the color pallet but all of these Avants are turbocharged and manual, just the way most like it. So, this time around, which is the pick of the litter?

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2001 Audi A4 1.8T quattro Sport

Audi loves to do things outside of the norm, and one of the odd things that they seem to do is to upgrade a car and then immediately discontinue it. Why they do this is beyond my level of comprehension, but it means that if you know what you’re looking for you can get a slightly more special version of the car you’re after. These half year models, known as the “.5″s, aren’t always the same – nor are they always well documented. The first I can think of is the 1987.5 Coupe GT; also dubbed the “Special Build”, it featured some serious upgrades including a larger 2.3 liter inline-5, 4-wheel disc brakes and a few trim differences from other GTs. Arguably, they’re the most highly sought after GTs with only a few hundred still kicking around. The same goes for the 1995.5 S6; minor trim and some mechanical changes, such as the change from a mechanical locking rear differential to the newer electronic system Audi would use in newer cars. But it didn’t end there, as in 2001 Audi upgraded the outgoing B5 A4 to 2001.5 specs. The changes were subtle; the A4 already had a refreshed front and rear lights in 1999, so you had to look underneath to find the reinforced front strut housings and changed ECUs. While the S4 didn’t exhibit any exterior differences, though, the A4 Sport package was different. Launched in 1999, the Sport package A4s initially had Ronal made “Swing” 7 spoke wheels that were replaced in 2001 by Speedline-made 7 spoke wheels that had a more square design and a center lug cover. But the 2001.5 models gained the “Celebration Package” as well, featuring 17″ wheels for the first time on the regular A4. It was, for all intents and purposes, the beginning of what would become the “Ultrasport” package on the B6 A4 in 2002. The “Celebration” wheels, as on the A6 2.7T and S8, mimic the RS4 design and became a signature wheel for the early 2000s Audis:

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Tuner Tuesday: 2001.5 Audi S4 Avant – REVISIT


The 2001.5 Audi S4 Avant I wrote up a few weeks back as part of Tuner Tuesday has now popped up on Ebay. The reserve is on, but we’ve heard from people who have seen this car in person saying this car will not disappoint. This is a fairly rare to see color combination on these S4 Avants and the condition and modifications seem to justify the pricing before; I expect the reserve is set close to the original ask of $17,500.

The below post originally appeared on our site May 27, 2014:

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Tuner Tuesday Self-Service Special : 2001.5 Audi S4 Avant

Okay, I got the memo. You didn’t like earlier’s Tuner S4. And while I think it’s pretty silly to discount the car completely because of some fairly easily changeable interior pieces, I also had issue with the car as honestly I’d prefer an Avant if I was going the S4 route. What’s a guy to do? Well, lucky for us there’s an equally awesome, equally Imola Avant in our Self Service Classifieds:

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Redneck Router: 2001.5 Audi S4 Avant

If you never saw the television show “Are you faster than a Redneck”, allow me to save you the agony of suffering through it. It was horrible. Truly, truly horrible. I could go on a pretty lengthy rant about the atrocity that became Speed, but I’d really rather focus on a bright point. That bright point is one of the stars that was on that show; or rather, the car that won one particular episode. I will admit I did tune into the particular episode featuring a modified B5 Audi S4 Avant because…well, because it was an Avant, and I like looking at them. Full of predictably low-brow commentary, the show’s antagonist “Rednecks” were scripted to be shocked that the grocery getter could beat their ‘Merican muscle, but to fans of the S4 Avant it wasn’t too much of a surprise, especially when you see the spec sheet on this particular Pearlesant White S4 Avant:

Year: 2001.5
Model: S4 Avant
Engine: 2.7 liter twin-turbocharged V6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 126,777 mi
Price: $19,500

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001.5 Audi S4 Avant on Quattroworld.com

2001.5 Audi S4 Avant
Mileage – 126,777
Pearl White/Black
6-speed manual transmission

Cold weather package
Premium package: moonroof/sunshade
Piano black interior trim
Pioneer Avic-D3 touchscreen head unit w/ ipod interface, Sirius radio, and navigation
PODI boost gauge
Rebuilt gauge cluster w/ OEM display
Bose surround sound premium speakers

OEM RS4 Grille
OEM RS4 Mirrors
Ecode conversion headlights
HID foglight conversion
18″ OZ Racing Ultraleggera Wheels
(4) New Kumho Ecsta 4X tires

Porsche Cayenne S Front calipers w/ JH motorsports lightweight rotors
Hawk street ceramic pads
New rear rotors w/pads

Complete front control arm kit w/ Bilstein sport struts @ 120k
Vogtland lowering springs F/R
APR snub mount
AWE tuning subframe brace

OEM RS4 Turbochargers
OEM RS4 Intercoolers
3″ Downpipes
Custom 2.5″ exhaust w/ high-flow cats
Twin 2in-2out highflow mufflers
Aluminum charge air line w/ 034 motorsports hoses
Autospeed performance 85mm MAF housing
OEM RS4 Accordion hose
OEM 225 Audi TT diverter valves
Autospeed performance fueling kit w/ Bosch 044 fuel pump
Autospeed performance tune @ 24psi
Autospeed performance clutch kit
Swepco 201 performance gear oil
034 Motorsports throttle body boot

Full service and top end re-seal @120K:
Gates Racing Timing belt
OEM Water pump
OEM tensioner and damper
OEM rollers
OEM cam tensioner seals
OEM cam plugs
OEM cam seals
OEM valve cover gaskets
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
OEM Cam chain tensioners *BRAND NEW
OEM Coolant reservoir
All fluids have been serviced @120k
Engine oil just serviced w/ Motul 8100x-cess 5W-40 and Mahle Filter

Asking $19,500

Call 828-698-0698 for more information or visit Facebook.com/Eurotechnik

Contact 828-698-0698 for more information.126,777 miles6-speedALL maintenance current.No leaks, no codes, no 2.7 woes$19,500

Posted by Eurotechnik on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Though horsepower figures aren’t supplied, figure this stage 3 avant is in the 400ish range running RS4 gear. That makes this car comfortably fast enough to keep up with just about anything you can toss at it in a straight line, and the Porsche brakes and suspension upgrades help keep that speed in check with things aren’t quite as straight. Further that with a few OEM+ upgrades and this is one sweet looking ride. Were it mine, I’d probably change the color on the wheels to a light graphite, but otherwise this car looks pretty sweet and in great condition. Mileage is average and to want to pay the price you’ll have to want all the modifications that are present; but it’s pretty tastefully done without going overboard and well maintained. Plus, what’s the price of stardom?


2001.5 Audi S4 6-Speed for sale in the Bay Area

I haven’t indulged my S4 infatuation in some time, and today I found one in the Bay Area that’s pushing a lot of good buttons. My appreciation of the B6/7 S4 centered mostly around the name. The new B8 S4, while still large, is much sleeker and seems to continue the understated aggression of the B5 better than the middle children. The 1997-2002 B5 just seems to be a simpler, more elegant machine that reaches its performance and attractiveness with greater ease. The final “2001.5” model year for these brought some mild upgrades which enhanced reliability. Turbo, AWD, and a 6-speed – the only word missing here is Avant.

2001.5 Audi S4 6-speed for sale on Craigslist SF

From the seller:

2001.5 Blue Audi S4 6 spd PREM PKG Heated SEATS B5 82K Clean Title

2nd owner B5 body with clean title (never been in an accident)…NON SMOKER
NO warning lights…Everything works (ie. AC, Heater, Electrical, etc)
Very clean and great condition exterior and interior.
Mileage of 82,xxx miles is super low for a 2001.5 year S4
2001.5 year is a great year for the B5 S4 because of the new enhancements…less Turbo failure and these things:
Different ECU (M vs. H for a manual)
No FHose in the 2001.5
Different Oil Inlet lines for the Turbos in 2001.5
Different Shifter stalk in the 2001.5, and they also have different badges on the 2001.5
California Registration expires till July 2011.

VIN # WAURD68D11A140038 (So you can run your CarFax or Autochecks)

Santorin Blue Pearl exterior
Silver/Grey Leather Interior w/ Wood Trim
2.7L DOHC SMPI 30-valve bi-turbo ENGINE (AMS chipped ECU)
Premium Package (heated seats, power seats for driver and passenger)
6 speed manual (Transmission is in GREAT shape, NO issues at all)
OLD School Stock Audi GPS in center speedometer area
Stock BOSE Stereo system (upgraded front speakers) w/ 6 disc CD Changer
Xenon Lights
Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil every 5K miles oil change
All Wheel Drive Quattro System
Toyo Proxes 4 Tires (225/40/ZR18) All 4 BRAND NEW 1 month ago
Mud Guards

Clear Bra all around (front bumper, hood, side mirrors, side doors and doors handles, trunk bumper area)
VW Audi RS4 Rims – 18″…sorry, no stock rims
AMS chipped ECU (produces roughly 310 HP and 370 lbs of torque)
HKS Turbo Timer for longevity of Turbo life
KONI Stasis Coilovers
Air Intake w/ cone filter (also have factory box)
Tinted all around, however backs are darker
Short Shifter
Kamei Black Grill
Rear Audi Sport License Plate holder

This car exemplifies the “OEM Plus” school of thought, and it’s working very well. Sometimes modern wheels look out of place on older models, but the RS4 wheels look great here. A nicely lowered stance, black grill, and the awesome addition of mudflaps complete the subtle-but-aggressive look. Great modifications on a well-chosen model, ready to go for $10.5k; higher than some B5s out there, but the lower mileage and overall cleanliness make it worth it.