1974 BMW 2002 turbo

Of all the variations of the BMW 2002, perhaps the most elusive is the turbo. This was BMW’s first production turbocharged engine, produced between 1973 and 1975. The engine, based on the 2002tii 2.0 liter motor cranked out 170 horsepower, good for a sub 7 second 0-60 mph run and 130 mph top speed. These were formidable figures for the time. A shade over 1,600 of these models were ever produced and none for US sale. Here is one of these rare beasts for sale down in Florida.

1974 BMW 2002 turbo on eBay

For your considerations, here is another unique and distinguished example from our private collection one of the most sought and desired, one of the only 615 Polaris Silver in existence, this 1974 BMW 2002 turbo. This beauty is the 1,462nd car out of 1,672 total production, manufactured in October 1974. It was exported to JAPAN and, ended it up with Kobayashi family where we took the ownership and ship it to California. This is NOT a FACE-LIFT, RE-PAINTED nor a LOOK-ALIKE car! This is a true and legitimate factory turbo, built in Munich, Germany, painted in Polaris Silver, and, has been kept the
same exact way as it rolled out of the assembly line, as much as possible, ready to go, right now at a real LOW RESERVE!

Here is a list of some of most recent major and minor mechanical updates and/or repairs to this BIMMER, keeping it up to the full running conditions.

11651259477 BOOT
13711259534 BELLOWS



COMPLETE & COMPREHENSIVE Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection OVERHAUL & REBUILT (very expensive)
This unique and awesome car drives flawlessly. All gauges and electrical system work perfectly including the clock! The newly added gauges, oil temp as well as oil pressure keeps you informed constantly with the engine’s overall condition/s. The interior is extremely clean. There are no cuts, cracks anywhere.

The dashboard looks like a brand new one! There are no cracks! The four nearly newly purchased racing tires mounted on the racing wheels have lot of life and treads on them. The 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly with no problems. New high performance clutch and throwout bearing as well as machined and balanced flywheel were the most recent services. There are no fluid leak anywhere! The new AM/FM CD Stereo system sounds awesome.

The last time I saw a turbo up for sale, it was right around the $40,000 mark. That could buy a number of new BMWs, but those in the market for a vintage car like this wouldn’t contemplate such things. With about four days to go and bidding around $35k, I’m guessing we should be closing in on the reserve. Whoever winds up with this BMW in their garage will be the hit at the next club meet or car show. These are truly outstanding machines that will only become more collectible, especially since BMW has now returned to turbocharging as a way of achieving increased horsepower.


2002 Mercedes S430 Maybach paint scheme?

Every now and then we have to put up an oddity that doesn’t really fit with our normal listings. I saw this and couldn’t resist. The car has been lowered and had a body kit added, which is ok. It has had a two tone paint job, which, according to the seller, gives a bit of a Maybach effect, umm ok. What looks really odd is the third color dark paint coming up off the front fenders, those are some weird stripes. Shaving off the trunk hardware also hasn’t added a whole lot in terms of look.

Other mods include a high flow exhaust and more modern headlights and LED taillights.

The car has just under 90,000 miles and the seller seems to have taken care of it in terms of maintenance.

He had it for sale at $18,900, but now the ask is down to $16,500, that is on the high side for an 02 with this kind of mileage.

To each their own.

2002 Mercedes S430 on eBay


1971 BMW 2002ti

Update 9.24.2011: SOLD!

The BMW 2002 is no stranger to German automotive enthusiasts. This is the car that virtually invented the sports sedan category, and the high performance, fuel injected 2002tii was the model that put this range on the map. Other models such as the cabriolets, the Touring hatchback and the legendary Turbo helped solidify this lineup in BMW history.

One 2002 that you don’t hear a lot about is the twin carburetted 2002ti. Introduced in 1968, the 2002ti had twin Solex carburetors, front and rear anti roll bars and was offered with a 5 speed manual gearbox. Larger tires rounded out the package.

BMW 2002ti For Sale

An owner of a 2002ti with the sought after dog leg, 5 speed manual gearbox has brought his car to our attention in the hopes that this honest, two owner example of the car that popularized BMW would find a good, new home.

1971 BMW 2002ti

I own the ti along with one of my brothers. VIN is 1691012. Current mileage is approximately 145,000 miles although the odometer started working intermittently on the last drive. We bought it from the original owner in 2002 (appropriately) – a fellow Canadian who bought the car while overseas and brought it back to Vancouver, Canada. It is completely stock and (nearly) unmodified.

The car has all of the sought after ti features such as a dogleg close ratio 5 speed, wider ti steel wheels, sport steering wheel, crack free two piece dashboard, original small console with AM radio, clock, four blade fan, boxed trailing arms, etc.


The interior is completely stock. The front seats have sheepskin seat covers but are in good condition although the driver’s seat does have a seam split on the seatback. New carpet kit installed this summer. The original owner installed a Webasto-style sunroof (Weatherford) when new – works well and does not leak.


In 1981 the first owner stopped using the car as his daily driver and performed a fairly major ‘restoration’. This resulted in a couple of issues with the car – the front radiator support is a ‘snorkel’ type and the front turn signals are the North American style. Nothing to be done about the snorkel but we do have a couple of sets of Euro turn signals that will come with the car. We were never happy enough with the quality of the used sets we bought to warrant installing them.

In 2008 we spent a pile of cash chasing rust out of the car – mainly the pedal box and driver’s side rockers. I would not say the car is completely rust free as I suspect both rockers are still a bit soft in spots but there are no major issues whatsoever.

Lastly, sadly, one of us who shall remain nameless lowered the car off the floor jack last week without confirming everything was out from underneath – the result is a crease in the front valance. The neighbour’s children also now have a jumpstart on their peers in terms of colourful language.


The car has no major issues of any kind. No smoke on acceleration or deceleration, no major syncho issues once the transmission is warmed up, no weird noises. It is currently equipped with twin Weber 40 DCOEs with the stock air box and carburettor linkage rather than the two Solex 40 PHH carburettors that were original equipment on the car. The original Solexes will come with the car, along with a rebuild kit.

Note that the Getrag Close Ratio 5 speed has first gear below reverse while second gears through fifth gear are in the H pattern. Fifth gear is not an overdrive gear and is a 1 to 1 ratio like the 4th gear in the standard 4 speed transmission.

This is how the gear ratios in the two transmissions compare

4-speed 5-speed
1st 3.835 3.368
2nd 2.053 2.16
3rd 1.345 1.579
4th 1.0 1.241
5th – 1.0

Mechanical work completed and parts replaced during the last 9 years.

-Most of the brake system including; master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses etc
-KYB struts and shocks
-Strut bearings
-Transmission shift tower and bushings
-Rear exhaust system
-Water pump
-4 185/70R 13 tires

The car would drive anywhere with no issue. Photos of the car can be seen using the following link:


Further, we have some records from the original owner dating back to 1981 showing an engine overhaul at 107K miles and the bodywork for $7800 in 1981 dollars. To put the bodywork into perspective, a new BMW 318i was $14,000.

We have decided to sell the car as neither of us use it enough to warrant hanging on to it. We are asking CDN $20,000. Is that fair market value – who knows? There really is no market for this model because they rarely come up for sale. What we do know is that there are reportedly fewer than 50 ti in North America and this is certainly one of the most original examples anywhere.

If interested, please contact the seller here: grbennett@shaw.ca


2002 BMW X5 5 speed manual

I don’t like SUVs. This is nothing new to those who read my posts on GCFSB. But there are a handful of models from this vehicle genre that I don’t mind. It’s a short list though, that includes the following:

1. Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen
2. Series 1 Range Rover
3. Land Rover Defender
4. Lamborghini LM002

I’m not sure I’d count the GMC Typhoon on this list, since it wasn’t made to go off road. But I always admired this vehicle in any case. Another outlier on this list is any first generation BMW X5 3.0 with a 5 or 6 speed manual. Outfitted with thicker sidewall tires and three pedals, it could prove rather useful as a second hand workhorse while throwing in a little bit of that BMW driving panache. Here’s a fairly clean X5 5 speed for sale outside of Philadelphia.

2002 BMW X5 5 speed on eBay

BMW X5 Manual Transmission

Very rare stick shift BMW X5. This SUV is in excellent condition and has a certified clean Carfax. It is loaded with factory navigation, sport package, sunroof, premium leather, premium sound and much more!

I would wager to say that given the asking price and the fact this is not the more popular automatic version, a deal could be had here. Depending on how long this has sat on the dealer’s lot, you might be able to walk away with this X5 in the $13k range. While it is no spring chicken with 97k miles, the 3.0 inline six is the bread and butter BMW engine, known for its reliability, and with a manual transmission, servicing costs are sure to be less over time. The only thing I would do is lose the subwoofer in the back, as it compromises space.

Whenever I see one of these manual transmission X5s pop up, I think, well, if you must have one of these things, why be like everyone else and drive a steaming pile of suck, such as a Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot, when you could snag something with better build quality and driving dynamics and stick out from the crowd? In this shade of green with tan leather, this would fit right in at the country club parking lot.


No reserve 1974 BMW 2002 Karosserie Baur Targa conversion

Like most convertible conversions, this isn’t for everyone. If you are however, a fan of cars with the roof cut off then its best to get a conversion done by a reputable source and not the guy down the street with a sawzall. The company that did this conversion, Baur, has a long history of working with the BMW factory to modify cars. Even so I still worry about how much stiffness/safety you lose with a conversion like this.

The seller states this 2002 is one of 1963 that Baur converted to the targa style. The front has a removable top while the rear has a fold down soft top. The open air is a good thing for the summer as the car’s nice black leather wrapping the Recaro sport seats probably roasts the backs of legs on a hot day. I suspect the roof will rarely be on the car so one can look past the car’s less than stellar looks with the top up.

This is a German delivery car and has retained its Euro spec gauges. The steering wheel with the blue inserts is a bit of a detraction, colored rims are ok with me (my BMW has body color rims), color insert steering wheels are a bit boy racer. The proper Baur emblem resides on the center console.

There are 85,000 miles on the original 2 liter inline 4. Power flows through the stock 4 speed manual. The exterior has been redone and the rich blue color looks great. There is an added front and rear spoiler, which look ok. There appears to be a larger than needed exhaust on the car as well.

This is a no reserve sale so high bidder will take the car home. Currently bidding is up over $7,600. The rarity of the vehicle will bring out BMW collectors. While not my cup of tea, this conversion doesn’t look bad. Its kind of a step up for the former VW cabrio owning teenybopper crowd.


2002 Mercedes C230 Widebody

The Sportcoupe models of Mercedes’ C class fall into that same odd place as the BMW 318ti. Not the most fantastic looks, economy based powerplants and trim. This particular model has had some work done so much so tat it got itself a place in the February 2009 European Car magazine.

The car’s supercharged 2.3 four is pumping out 280 horse power thanks to a Kleeman pulley, Supersprint headers, and Renntech intercooler and sending power through a manual transmission. Elsewhere custom flares are in place to fit massive rims, and big brakes.

Nice interior features include plenty of custom audio work.

The car has 36,282 miles and the seller has a buy it now price of $23,900, bidding sits at a reserve not met $5,000 for now.

Overall the mods make this hatch look good, be advised he seller has zero eBay feedback.


Beautiful 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo for sale

For around $45,000, you could buy a brand-new BMW 335i with it’s fancy twin-turbo inline-6, iDrive, and plenty of plush amenities and Bangleness.  You could also buy a very low-mile 1974 2002 Turbo, with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, some gauges, a steering wheel, and some nasty (in the good way) fender flares  and spoilers.  Which would you go for?  I know my answer.

We can all agree that the 2002 is an amazing car that forever changed what a sedan could be, but the 2002 Turbo is just in a different league.  Reasons it stands alone: 170hp; 5-speed dogleg; limited-slip diff; M Stripes.  I also love the tall greenhouse on the squat body, the center exhaust, and the all-business yet inviting interior.  This beautiful 2002 was originally owned by a Japanese F1 driver and painted black then later brought to the US and redone in the appropriate Polaris Silver with lots of OEM refurbishing.  I’ve seen these in black, and it’s something special, but this original hue is gorgeous.  Though unverified, it looks like it’s covered a scant 17,000 miles.  Much time and money has gone into making this a fantastic example, just one of 1672, of the awesome Turbo.  I don’t know the market for such a time piece and will admit that $45k is a lot, but it’s a lovely, rare BMW, one that laid the groundwork for all of BMW’s souped-up sports sedans to follow.


Modified 1973 BMW 2002

This former racing 2002 has been put back together for street use. The seller provides a lot of great description and clearly knows his 2002s. The car has been pieced together from a variety of parts from different model year 2002s. The nice thing about a car like this is you don’t have to worry about it as much when you take it out to enjoy it. It isn’t going to be a concourse or numbers matching investment grade vehicle, just pure vintage driving fun.
Around 160k on the body and 3k since the restoration. Currently at $2500, reserve not met.
From the seller:


I installed the drivetrain from a restored 73 ‘02 totalled rollover car which I had previously acquired. The motor from this car was a 1975 (e12 head) which was completely rebuilt, bored and balanced,new cam and the previous owner invested over $4000 in the motor alone. The transmission (rebuilt) was solid with no synchro issues, the driveshaft was rebuilt and the ANSA exhaust system was brand new. Also a 2002Tii exhaust manifold was installed. The clutch was new also. The carb is a Weber 32/36 DGV with manual choke and K&N air filter. This motor runs extremely strong, idles smoothly at 500 RPM and can take much more carburetion than in currently on the car. I installed new brakes front and rear with cross drilled rotors and new brake hoses. Two weeks ago I installed factory rebuilt front brake calipers. The only part of the drivetrain that is original is rear differential. It is still working fine however an additional differential is included in the sale. The car comes with two sets of wheels and tires One set are performance Sumitomo 195/60-13 with BBS style OE equipment 320is wheels 13×6. The tread is very sound with some cracking on the tires. The other set of street tires and wheels are 175/70-13 tires with 320i fanjet alloys 5 1/2×13. These tires are virtually new. Both sets are pictured on the car.


The paint is very good with some minor dings. The front grilles are later ’02 model plastic grilles painted silver with the matching kidney grille. Headlights are Hella H-4 element style. The rear bumper is a ’71 ’02 short sided bumper painted silver along with rear trim and tailight rims. I Installed a new front windshield and replaced all the other glass. I also installed pressure sensitive adhesive backed black moulding to replace the waist moulding. All side marker lights and reflectors were removed and holes were filled to simulate the look of the older 2002.


I Installed new black carpeting and all the original black interior panels which are in excellent condition. I also installed original equipment BMW Recaro seats from an 83 320is. They are also in excellent condition and mounted on the 2002 seat tracks. The rear seat (both parts) is in very good condition with the original horsehair padding still instact. Headliner is solid with no rips along with sunvisors. The dash pad is a one piece unit from a 74 ‘02. It has a few cracks but is very serviceable. The original ‘bus’ steering is in excellent condition with a leather cover. All gauges operate. The speedo and odometer are working. The mileage is not correct as this is a replaced gauge. The console is in good condition with an older Pioneer cassette stereo in operation.


Clean 1976 BMW 2002

Found this beautiful little 2002 on eBay today.  It’s extremely clean original with just 116k miles.  The ad seems to suggest that it’s all-original, from engine/tranny to interior and exterior.  If true, the exterior is amazing for its age.  The paint made me think it was a respray at first glance, but the more I look, I think it might just be really well taken care of.  There are some little issues such as a bare trunk and some upholstery work needed, but those details seem minor in how clean the rest of the car is.  With a Buy-It-Now of $7500, It’s on the higher end of 2002 prices, but well under our $10k budget week limit.  In my opinion, worth it for the originality and condition.  Now just find some Euro bumpers…

Clean 1st-Gen Audi S8s for sale on eBay

The first-generation Audi S8 commands a unique respect that, at least for me, has diminished in subsequent generations.  Its show-stealing display of performance in Ronin has helped this, as well as the advanced aluminum body and chassis, all powered by Audi’s now-ubiquitous 4.2L V8 pushing out a healthy 360hp.  It has ultimate sleeper status, but for the educated few it stands out with the Avus 6-spokes and mean stance.  The new, blingy V10 model just can’t match the subtle aggression of the D2.

These 2002/3 examples on eBay are exceptionally clean.  Neither has passed 90k miles and they show it.  The exteriors are clean, but the interiors are even more impressive.  I like 6-spoke wheels more than the 9-spokes, as well as that car’s suede gray interior over the other’s more garish white.  Both are priced pretty high at $18,600 and $20,950, but I guess the sellers expect the cleanliness and low miles to attract some big spenders.  I’d place a bid or make an offer, but the buy-it-nows seem too high, regardless of condition.