1972 BMW 2002tii

Skyrocketing prices of E30 BMW M3s has grabbed the attention of car enthusiasts around the globe and has people wondering what other compact sports sedans are out there in Bimmer land that could be had for more reasonable sums of money. The 2002tii is about as good a place as any to start. Of all the 2002 models, perhaps the one most beloved is the early 2002tii with the round tail lamps, affectionately nicknamed “roundie” by BMW connoisseurs. This 1972 roundie is a California car and has covered an impossibly low 69,000 miles throughout its life.

1972 BMW 2002tii on eBay

1972 BMW 2002 Tii

69,000 documented original miles
3rd owner
Originally inka orange, top-quality repaint in Ferrari blue by 1st owner
Absolutely zero rust (car has lived in L.A. all its life)
Mild suspension updates, handles superbly
Mild engine updates, pulls strong
Mechanically excellent except slight weakness in 3rd gear synchro
Interior perfect except for 3-inch crack in dash and slight stains in headlines (have brand-new one in box)
Lots of service records plus original books
New tires
Freshly serviced
Attention-getter and a blast to drive
Ready for show, weekend drives or investment

I received many questions over the last five days and would like to summarize and expand on them in the interest of full disclosure. First, if you are a prospective buyer, PLEASE contact me with any and all questions and concerns BEFORE the auction closes. 310/455-2081 is my home number. Better yet, come and inspect the car, call the restoration shop where it’s been serviced for the last six years, or use a third party inspection service.

I’ll start with the history of the car:

This Tii was a European delivery car, which, on February 26, 1973, was shipped from Bremerhaven to Los Angeles. I have all the original paperwork in mint condition, including the German Fahrzeugschein and Versicherungspapiere, the bill of lading, correspondence between the BMW factory, Hoffman Motors (the importer), Adolf Brauns (the shipping company) and the owner. According to those documents, the car was painted Inka Orange with the following factory options: power brakes, reclining seats, sunroof, tinted glass, heated rear window, limited slip diff., Michelin XAS tires, torsion bar stabilizers, tachometer, chrome exhaust pipe tip, bumper guards. Among much other documentation, I also have the original owner’s manuals including manuals for the Schiebedach, seat belts, etc., all in mint condition.

In 2000, the engine and suspension were “street-prepped” (Mahle pistons, Kolbenschmidt bearings, all German parts, ported and polished head, TEP 284 degree cam, lightened flywheel, sport clutch, MSD ignition, headers, turbo tube presilencer, lowering springs, negative camber, etc.) by Far West Marine in North Hollywood at the cost of $9,874. While the drive train was out of the car, the entire car was stripped, rechromed and repainted with three coats of Monaco Metallic Blue at the cost of $4,376. In 2001, the first owner had a $1,400 Nakamichi sound system installed. It may not have all the modern bells and whistles like BlueTooth etc., but the sound is stunning. Beethoven’s 9th has never sounded this good!

During my ownership, the following items and more were replaced with rebuilt or OEM parts: water pump, fuel pump, clock, cold start relay, alternator, muffler, timing belt, battery, regulator, motor and transmission mounts, strut mounts, drive shaft coupler, flex disc and a gaggle of gaskets, seals, bushings and other service items to the tune of ~$7,000. There is absolutely nothing mechanical that the car needs other than the previously-mentioned slightly weak 3rd gear synchro.

Now for its few cosmetic flaws: As mentioned earlier, there is a ~3” crack in the dash. Please see the photo below. There are a couple of nicks in the paint. One is about 1/4” diameter spot where the paint flaked off (no damage to the metal). The other is a duo of parking lot dings next to each other, one a vertical dent less than 1” long (no paint damage), the other a 1/4” dent with maybe 1/8” paint missing. The latter were hard to photograph. Please see photos below. While the car looks absolutely beautiful, you will be able to find slight imperfections here and there.

Summary: This is a very original, very unique and well-documented car that had three fastidious owners and is sure to appreciate. It has always been in California and there isn’t a speck of rust on it. I have received countless compliments on it, and it is an absolute joy to drive. I have no doubt that the new owner will be delighted with his/her new acquisition!

I’m not sure if I would have changed the color from Inka Orange to blue, but the quality of the paint job looks good and the car has had a number of mechanical upgrades which make this a car you could use regularly, if the new owner had the nerve. A good tii will set you back solidly in the middle of the $20,000 range these days, with the roundies being valued higher than their later brethren festooned with crash bumpers. The very best examples of the earlier roundies will reach into the $30,000 range. While this isn’t the most original or most perfectly restored example, I’m pretty certain with the bidding activity already seen that this car has a good chance of hitting the $30,000 mark.


Restored ’69 BMW 2002 with an M20 6 Cylinder!

This car really strikes a chord with me. It has a striking period pose with subtle but tasteful upgrades that make me like to think this is exactly what I’d love to have in a BMW 2002.

1969 BMW 2002 for sale with M20 6 cylinder conversion

Many opponents of the M20 conversion state that it upsets the balance of the car, but everyone who has one says it just takes a bit more on the loud pedal to balance the car with oversteer. And with this setup from a 1989 donor car, it should behave amazingly well even as a daily driver.

And I really dig the upgraded interior and audio treatment. The kind of setup I used to read about in car audio mags in high school!

from the seller:

1969 BMW 2002 with a M20 6 cylinder engine out of a 1989 BMW 325i (E30). One of the cleanest, straightest, best performing BMW 2002’s around. Gets thumbs up everywhere the car is driven. Motor is strong, the sound of the engine/exhaust is AMAZING and the car rolls solid and straight.

The ground up restoration was completed in 2008 by a true BMW enthusiast with no corners cut. Since the rebuild, the car has been driven 15,700 miles without a problem. Speaks to the quality/reliability of the build.

Really this car totally does it for me. About the only thing I’d take issue with is the wheels, which look great but seem to modern for what is otherwise a smooth period-correct operator. A set of Minilites, BBS, or even Ti rims would fit a bit better if I was a buyer.

Bidding is currently at $17k+ with reserve not met. With a few days to go, how high will it go?


1974 BMW 2002tii

Perhaps one of the best known BMWs of all time, the 2002 is the car that brought BMW back from the financial brink and carried the company through the 1970s until the first generation 3 series debuted in 1975. This 1974 2002tii marks the year when BMW switched from round to square tail lamps, in addition to the federally mandated crash bumpers arriving on the scene. This 2002tii for sale in California features the higher compression 2.0 liter four cylinder featuring mechanical fuel injection. It has also been repainted at one point during its 78,000 miles.

1974 BMW 2002tii on eBay

Beautiful 1974 BMW 2002Tii Coupe for sale with just 78K Original Miles and in Immaculate condition. Starts; runs and drives with plenty of smooth power, shifts exactly as it should with nice and tight handling. Car has had one respray of it’s original and rare Fjord Metallic Light Blue. This is a really well preserved 2002Tii, an excellent one to enjoy and hang onto while it’s value climbs. Not too many original, preserved cars exist anymore. I have hundreds of photos of this car, many in high resolution (too big for the web) so if you’d like to see anything in particular, let me know. Car is available to be seen in Sonoma California.

Inka Orange and Fjord Blue are my two favorite 2002 colors. Like most people I favor the “roundie” model, this tii is just too spotless not to like. Other than the rare Turbo models, the tii is always the 2002 which brings the most money. At the high end, you can see these cars trade hand for over $30,000. Realistically, we’re probably looking at a $25,000 to $30,000 car here. The earlier non-crash bumper cars tend to command a bit more of a premium. That’s a lot of coin and true, you could buy an almost new 3 series for that kind of money. Then again, most people looking at a 2002 prize them for their relative simplicity and pure driving fun. The new BMWs are certainly good performers, but, as the saying goes, they don’t make ‘em like they used to.


1976 BMW 2002

One of the most iconic BMWs (second only to its successor the 3 series) the BMW 2002 has to be one of my all-time favorite cars. Light and nimble these cars were the inspiration for the hot hatch movement almost a decade after.  Out of the box, the 2002 sported a 1.9l 4 cylinder, with 108bhp, not a muscle car by any stretch, but in a chassis that weighed just a tick over 2200lbs, it was enough to make this car a blast to drive, and a motorsport favorite.

This 1976 2002 in Colorado Springs, CO spent a good part of its life on the track, which is evident by the list of modifications. With the built 2.3l on ITBs and Haltech management, this 2002 is closer to 200bhp, than the 100bhp that the 1.9l put out. To make use of all of the power, the chassis and brakes were upgraded, making this BMW the total package. Whether you’re looking for a car to use on the track, or just a fun driver, this car would be happy to oblige either.


1976 BMW 2002 on pelicanparts.com

I bought this car in June 2007 from the prior owner in New Jersey who used the car primarily for DE and autocross events. At the time, the car was stripped down for lightweight advantages and only contained the bare essential performance upgrades and safety equipment needed for performance at the track.
Though my goals for the car were for more street use, it came in great shape and had most of the go-fast parts already installed. First, I removed the roll cage, replaced the solid suspension components and mounts with urethane, and removed the EPO switch. Then I went overboard with the engine and driveline, upgrading from it’s already potent condition with a hot cam and twin Weber 40 carburetors to a fully rebuilt, stroked and bored (2.0 to 2.3L), beast.
The rest is sort of unfortunate, as I never got it fully sorted out and tuned. Then I moved from FL to CO, where I had even more trouble with the finances to support the re-tuning and sorting out some bugs. I just now finally got it sorted. The major culprit ended up being too much voltage, which was cured by replacing the ignition control module. It now purrs like a kitten, but needs further tuning to unhide the beast within. The timespan between the rebuild and now stretches back about 4 years, and have unfortunately just lost emotional interest and have already moved on to a ‘91 Porsche 964. I can only afford one car, so this one has to move on to someone else’s care.
I’m not selling a perfect car, but a car with lots of goodies and tunability, so I’ve priced it to reflect this. I haven’t added up the receipts yet, but it’s probably nearing $25k in total. It’s a little finicky when starting cold, but once warmed up, it runs great. Depending on your desires, I believe it can be fine-tuned for much better performance. It handles like a dream. I love the suspension and how it feels in the corners. The fully rebuilt motor has approx 3,000 miles.
Details of work and upgrades are listed below:
Motor/Driveline: – TWM individual throttle bodies – TWM intake manifold – TWM throttle body spacers – TWM airbox – TWM fuel rail – TWM air horns – S14 crank – JE pistons (machined by Eric Kerman) – E12 head – Bosch fuel injection pump – Haltech E6X EFI
– IE aluminum radiator w/overflow tank – IE stainless intake/exhaust valves – Schrick valve springs – Schrick 304 cam – Aluminum alternator pulley – Used 320i 5-Speed – Aardvark 5-Speed Conversion Kit
– New clutch (can’t remember type right now)
Brakes: – Dual Tilton custom remote master cylinder (boosterless) – Interior brake bias adjustment valve – Volvo discs/VW calipers
Exhaust: – Stahl header
– Magnaflow exhaust and muffler
Suspension: – Urethane rear subframe mounts – Rear subframe mount inserts – TEP rear strut tower brace
Electrical: – new EFI with nicely sorted engine wiring – Battery relocated behind rear strut brace
Interior: – Esty carpet – E21 cloth rear seat – Rear seat belts – E30 rear view mirror – 5-speed shift pattern stickers
Exterior: – E-code headlights – Plug for former EPO switch hole on c-pillar – Door handle gaskets – Door seals – Recently fixed a few dents, dings, and paint scrapes; freshly painted engine bay
Wheels/Tires: – Superlite GTR 15″ wheels – Sumitomo HTR-Z tires
I am asking $13,000. The title is free and clear. It’s been in one stop light rear bumper bender that I’m aware of, but I had that fixed perfectly. The registration has expired, but there are plenty of nice winding neighborhood roads to take it out for a test drive. Unfortunately the expired registration may cause an issue for getting it to a mechanic for a proper PPI. There’s one close by that I’d risk driving to, but it’s not a European car specialist and I have no history with them.
I can be reached for further information at the email address below. I’m fairly quick with my email replies, so that’s a good way to reach me. Then if needed, we can exchange phone numbers and go from there. The car is located at my residence in north Colorado Springs, Colorado. Personal visits and test drives are welcome.
Michael mrnvgtr@gmail.com
Youtube Vid: 1976 BMW 2002 For Sale.m4v – YouTube


What I like about this car is that the seller is not out in the stratosphere with price.  At just $1,500 over average retail, this car is priced to sell at $13,000.  While not an all original museum piece, this is an exceptional driver with just the right amount of upgrades to make it a blast, but not so many that it’s overly needy.  This is a prime example of a car that was loved by the owners, but as in many relationships, it becomes time to move on.  With good looks and turn-key readiness, this car would be a great addition to any garage, but if it were me, it would spend as little time in the garage as possible, and more time tearing up the back country roads.


Reader Ride: One Owner 2002 E46 BMW 323i For Sale

The BMW 3 Series is the Swiss Army Knife of German autos.  They do a little bit of everything well.  They drive and handle better than most anything in their class.  They are always stylish, well designed, and reasonably reliable.  Over the years they have evolved to include more choices.  These days you can get AWD, two or four doors, or even a diesel motor.  All of this at the most entry level pricing BMW has to offer.

Here we have a 2002 One Owner E46 323i for sale.  While not exotic by any means these E46 are quite capable cars and if kept in the right hands can provide miles of durable satisfaction.

2002 E46 BMW 323i:

From the seller –

“Our family has owned this 3 since new.  It has spent it’s life in sunny rust free southern California, has always been garaged and well maintained.  The paint and interior are in excellent condition.  No accidents, no paint work, no stories.  Clean title in hand.  We purchased a 135i, so it’s time for the 3 to find a new home.”

This is a very straightforward 3 series, no paint, no stories, all original miles.  That does not sound like a big deal in and of itself but that is so very rare these days.  An asking price of $6,500 gets you a very capable driver that looks and feels like it is worth much more.

This car has served its current owner well and will do so for the next occupant.  Best of luck on your sale.


7k Mile 2002 Porsche 996 Turbo With Gads of Upgrades

People with money do silly things.  Things like buying a $130k Porsche 996 turbo, spend even more money upgrading it and then they let it sit.  Only puling out of the garage to wash, wax, and tuck it back into the garage.  I am not sure today’s cars are going to have the collectivity of the autos of yore.  It would be tragic to assume they will only to find that the same sense of sentimentality may not exist in 30 years.  Think of all that time behind the wheel that was lost for the fear of getting a ding, scratch, or heaven forbid racking up some miles on your “precious.”

On the flip side it sure is nice when one of these hits the market.

2002 Porsche 996 Turbo:

From the seller –








The 996 cars are my least favorite of the 911 series.  With that I think the Turbo cars are terribly undervalued.  If you are not into attention seeking maneuvers this may not work for you.  Speed Yellow is a very striking hue and with the wheels, wing, and other styling bits the look verges on being over the top.

But the car itself looks to be as new and the $75k buy it now gets you a great deal of performance for the fraction of a comparable new one.  Bidding currently sits at $42k, the reserve has yet to be met


1970 BMW 1600-2 Baur Convertible

Karossiere Baur has a long history of partnering with BMW. Most noted for their open roofed conversions, they had a hand in crafting some unique cars, ranging from performance icons such as the BMW M1 and Porsche 959 to oddball machines such as the BMW E36 3 series sedan with a folding canvas roof. One of their most sleek designs was based on the Neue Klasse, or New Class series in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This four seat, open top 1600 is one of but a few hundred that still survive worldwide and strikes a clean, elegant pose in comparison to the somewhat cumbersome profile of the Baur cabriolet with an integrated roll hoop.

BMW 1600-2 convertible on eBay

Original 1970 BMW 1600-2 Cabriolet AKA Vollcabriolet/Baur Cabrio with Certificate from BMW. 1 of only 1692 ever built from 1968-1971 (only about 250 left Worldwide). 1.6 Liter/1573 cc Engine, (4 Cylinder, 63KW/85HP SOHC)

This car is part of a Private BMW Collection. Fresh Service and New Tires. The Convertible was restored in Germany many years ago and is still in excellent condition. The Restauration is documented and all documents and paperwork come with the car. Clear Florida Title in hand. I have included over 120 pictures in the following link. All pictures where taken on April 5th, 2012.

The librarian in me loves the fact that this 1600-2 comes with a certificate from the BMW Archives. It is nice to see a rare beast such as this Baur convertible treated to such a nice presentation. The asking price of $45,000 is strong money for most 2002 models, let alone a 1600, but like a well kept 2002 Touring tii or a Turbo, this 1600-2 Baur is no ordinary BMW. This car’s Agave green paintwork is an almost spot on reminder of the hue on my father’s 1967 Volkswagen Beetle he owned when I was growing up. This isn’t the fastest or flashiest BMW out there for sale, but it sure represents a time when engineering and good design ruled the day.


2002 BMW 325iT boy racer version

After some of the amusing comments about the E39 M5 clone wagon I thought I’d fan the flames with this total boy racer E46 Wagon.

The mostly all show mods to this wagon will make it stand out, but unlike some of the other cars we post you are still stuck with a low horsepower wagon with an automatic. I tend to like my wagons the other way, sleepers, with little outside identification, but raging beasts stuffed under the hood, a la AMG wagons.

This 89,000 mile wagon has had a bucketload of cosmetic parts and badges thrown at it. 20″ BMW labeled rims, extra chrome, mesh grille with M badge, M sport paint work, tinted tails, etc. The car has upgraded sound system as well. There isn’t much description, but the seller says there is too much to list, surely not parts from the Dinan or A.C. Schnitzer catalog.

The ask is $9,500, with bids currently up to $6,600.  Honestly not a bad car for your kid who goes to a 2nd tier private boarding school and needs something to haul his gear. It has to be buyer be ware when purchasing a car from someone whose eBay handle contains the phrase “sexyboy”.

2002 BMW 325iT cosmetically “enhanced” on eBay


2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500

There are a few cars on my short list that I’ve promised myself I would own before I die. The Porsche 911. An Alfa Romeo Spider. A Maserati of some sort. And this car, the Mercedes-Benz SL. Having grown up in the 1980s, the R107 was the “it” car for that generation. When the new SL appeared on the scene in 1989 for the 1990 model year, it was a giant leap forward for two seater Mercedes-Benzes. For the first time in years you could have a six cylinder SL with a 5 speed manual transmission in the US, which was a surprise, as the Mercedes-Benz product managers were a lot more stodgy in those days than today. This new R129 roadster would carry the SL moniker into the 21st century and hand off the baton to the R230 SL in 2003 after 200,000 examples of six, eight and twelve cylinder roadsters emerged from the factory. Here is a low mileage final year example of the popular SL500 on offer.

2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 on eBay

2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 roadster with AMG package. This is the last year of production of this beautiful roadster! This is a very well maintained, extra clean vehicle with only 37K original miles. Immaculate vehicle, non-smoker. Maroon exterior is in great condition and the tan leather has been kept extremely clean. All the wood trim is in great shape. Soft top is like new and was barely used. All the convertible mechanism works perfect. The vehicle is loaded with options such as power windows and power locks, power mirrors, power seats with memory, dual heated seats, cruise control, A/C with dual zone climate control, AM/FM radio w/cassette player, 6 disc CD change, Bose sound system, xenon headlights, keyless entry and many options more! All the options function accordingly. The powerful V8 5.0L engine runs great and automatic transmission shifts smoothly into gears.

I’ve always admired later model R129s. With the staggered AMG wheels and subtle styling tweaks, they have a butch look about them. With power from the 5.0 liter V8, it has the muscle to back up the appearance. Running costs will certainly be a bit more than your average midsized sedan, but these final year R129s represent a good investment as a future classic. They represent a period in time at Mercedes-Benz when price was no object when it came to engineering.


2001 BMW M5

Anyone want to buy an Astro Black 2006 MINI Cooper S with just under 39,000 miles on the clock? That was owned by yours truly, the author of this post? Because if I was going to offload my car, this is what I am determined to replace it with. I can hear everyone now, “oh, the maintenance costs are insane, it will eat through tires, gas mileage is terrible, bla bla bla.”

I don’t care. I love the E39 M5. And it will be mine, someday. And when it is, I’d like it to be in a dark color with two tone leather, such as this example. The fact that it is in my backyard in Warrington, Pennsylvania is über tempting….

2001 BMW M5 on eBay

2001 M5 in awesome condition inside and out. This is the one you have been looking for. Garage kept, only used in good weather. Stored each winter, rarely even saw rain. Never smoked in. 67200 original miles, Carbon Black Metallic, Black interior with gray inserts, expanded leather interior, M stereo with sub woofer/amp upgrade, CD changer upgraded to play MP3’s. XM radio installed (subscription not included). Dinan Exhaust and software ($3k), BMW short shifter, light tint side and back windows, suede alcanara headliner, full power & heater font seats, pass-thru rear seat /ski bag, M-Audio w/DSP and changer, built in shades for ALL rear windows and a power shade for the rear window (operated by dash switch).

Runs perfect, all mechanical systems fully functional. New tires, brakes, and chrome M5 wheels. Clutch smooth and no slippage. Original wheels included with sale. Fully maintained, never beat or raced. Awesome V8 sound. No accidents or damage. Clean vehicle history, clear title, and no liens (seller has title). $74k + tax original cost! All books and manuals, two keys. Only bodywork is the front bumper I just had repainted – beautifully done with 3 coats of clear – not a chip on it. You will find very few e39 M5’s in this type of condition.

There’s some bidding action with four days left. Even at the buy it now price, this is attractive for me. It certainly appears that this was a well cared for example of what is BMWs best. Good luck to the owner with the sale and oh how I wish I could be the new caretaker. I feel as if I would be the perfect E39 M5 owner. I take the subway to work so I drive on average twice a week, with highway jaunts between DC and Boston and all parts in between around every other month or so. Just enough to keep the car exercised without wearing it out too quickly.