1979 BMW 635csi Tricolor Euro spec

Great looking 6 series here. The tricolor scheme looks even better, I think, with silver as the base color rather than the more common white.

This shark has seen a lot of care. The car has 70,000 apparently well loved miles. This euro spec car was brought into the U.S. and includes documentation. The owner has $12,000 in receipts from a 2006 refresh including:

New 205 and 225 Michellin Pilot Sports a/s, New exhaust system, replace fuel sender assembly, replace idle air valve, replace carpet incl rear deck console and kick panels, show ready detail, a/c service/add freon, replace window and a/c switches, windshield washer tank, jets, valve, strainer, seals, drain and refill differential, full brake service incl new calipers and hoses as needed, incl new brake master cylinder and slave cylinder, transmission service, new thermostat, coolant reservoir, new fan clutch and v belts, new hood shocks, adjust valves, flush all new fluids and filters, etc.

Bonus features, outside of the paint job, include Alpina rims and a A.C. Schnitzer badged spoiler. The car has a dog leg manual for extra enjoyment and even includes the cool headlight wipers.

The owner says the car was originally a gift to someone on the Schnitzer team and that the car also did time in the Beaulieu National Car Museum

Great looking car with a timeless design. The paint will add to the umber of looks you get. The ask is $9,000. Its too bad the seller didn’t pull the car out of the garage for a nice profile shot as these cars look great from the side.

1979 BMW 635csi Tricolor Euro spec on eBay


Matching pair of BMWs to make you an instant enthusiast, 635csi & 530i

This seller out in Washington State has listed on Seattle’s Craigslist a pair of classic BMWs that look like they belong together. While nearly a decade spans these two cars you almost get the sense that splitting them up would be like separating out two kitties from the same litter. With both cars finished in a great navy color.

The elder brother is a 1976 530i with 105,000 miles. The car features authentic Hardy and Beck 3 piece 16″ rims and some suspension parts, springs and swaybars from Alpina. It has a complimentary blue leather interior. Judging by the sheepskins on the front seats there is probably some hidden wear, but the rears look to be in great shape.
The seller mentions that the car has had an exhaust header added and an older high end audio system. The intake manifold has also been polished for a somewhat odd look since it stands out on an otherwise fairly subdued car. It doesn’t look bad, just different. The car’s automatic will keep interest a little lower I’m afraid. It is interesting to see the rear mount fog light on the U.S. bumper. The ask price is $6,950.

The other car from the seller is this matching 1985 635csi with 122,000 miles. Unfortunate also saddled with the autobox. The seller says the car runs perfect and it comes with new wheels and tires. The ask here is $5,950. It is unclear if the Beamer vanity plate will also be made available to a new owner.

The ads don’t tell a whole lot about various condition issues so you’ll want to do a bit more digging, but the cars look clean. I suspect that a deal could be had if you bought these both. Sitting them next to each other in your garage will look pretty classy.

1985 BMW 635csi

1976 BMW 530i


1987 BMW L6

The BMW L6 was meant as a more luxurious version of the E24 6 series and might have been better remembered if the legendary M6 had not appeared in the same model year. The L6 lasted for one year and the M6 was gone after 1988. Unlike the M6 which benefitted from a mechanical makeover, the L6 was standard 635CSi mechanicals with added leather trim inside and a standard switchable automatic transmission. This L6 for sale in Oregon has done but 56,000 miles and has a nice set of deep inset aftermarket wheels.

1987 BMW L6 on eBay

1987 BMW 635 CSI L6 (56k original miles). Up for bid is a stunning 1987 BMW 635 CSI L6 with 56k original miles. This car is the rare L6 version that has been kept in immaculate condition and is in great running order. The L6 was a luxury version made in 1987 for the USA with an automatic transmission. In the UK it was called the 635 csi Highline. The L6 has all leather details, including head lining, door skins, and dashboard, and other luxury features such as extra soundproofing and transmission mode selection in the cabin on shifter console.

VIN# WBAEC8400H0614951

Engine & Automatic Transmission: The L6 is powered by BMW built M30 six-cylinder inline, SOHC, 12-valve petrol engine that is capable of 305 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm and 211 horsepower at 5,700 rpm. This car drives very smooth.

Body & Interior: The body and paint are very impressive, all the panels are straight with no waviness. The black paint is deep and extremely nice. The interior is like a time capsule (as if you just drove off the showroom floor in 1987), all glass and plastic are in as new condition. 4 new tires, clean rims, original tools and spare tire. Updated suspension ride control adjustment control installed.

Like the L6 featured last month, this is another great example of a well kept E24. That one had 40,000 more mileage but was in equally good condition with a wealth of history provided by the owner. If this was an M6, $18,000 would be more than a fair price. Even considering this is a rare version of a late model E24 with low mileage, this is priced a bit on the high side by a few grand. One sticking point I have with this L6 is the Tokico switch on the shifter console. This appears to be a period adjustable suspension, but it would be nice if the seller would have provided a bit more information on just how extensive a modification this is.


1987 BMW L6

Writing on this blog is dangerous for me, because every week I seem to have some car I’m focusing on that has me considering trading my current ride for. The gorgeous BMW M6 we featured last week has me running the numbers in my mind and considering going back to where my motoring memories began, with an ’80s BMW. If the M6 is Mr. Hyde, you could consider this L6 the more tame Dr. Jekyll. A one year only model, the L6 was a luxury edition of the 635CSi, with an extensive leather interior that featured a full leather dashboard and even a leather headliner. The 3.5 liter engine was the same as in the 635CSi, though. With such a short production run, few of these L6s are hanging around these days, which made this particular car in classy Luxor Beige catch my eye.

1987 BMW L6 on Hemmings Motor News

This 1987 BMW L6 635csi was originally sold at Seattle BMW with the original owner until 2005. Continuous ownership history is known and documented, and the car wears all luxourbeige paint and shows zero structural or surface rust according to the seller. It now has 100,500 miles, factory options include sunroof and automatic transmission. All service records date back to approx. 2005 and are included. The vehicle has been freshly tuned including recent service for fuel filter, full oil change, chassis service and power steering hose replacement.

The luxourbeige paint is in 7/10 condition and is religiously washed/waxed/polished. The body is very straight and the only defects include a small dent on the hood, DR side cracked mirror casing and a protruding defrost vent in the upper dash. These are small enough that they do not come through in photos but I wanted to mention it.

Purchased in the Summer of 2009 and driven as my daily driver without an issue or drama. Maintained with BMW parts at a highly reputable independent shop (Bimmer Clinic in Reseda, CA). I recently bought a Prius for work travel and unfortunately don’t have the garage room that this car deserves.
The original tan leather interior is in 8/10 condition. It has a very clean headliner and all leather dash, and all switches, lights and functions work superbly. Unusual in these cars is the very supple and clean dash pad without any tears or cracks. Original leather seats are supple and without discoloration or cracks and tears, but there is a slight wear mark in the DR seat base.

The powerful 3.5 liter I-6 engine runs out well in town and on the highway. It offers very good throttle response and fuel economy. There are zero leaks/drips/seeps and runs as it should. Clean trunk, looks rarely if ever used, the same for the backseat buckets. Original and 100% complete tool kit in the trunk. The car has a clean title and recently passed the stringent California smog test with ease (good for 2 years).

In addition to standard diagnostic engine and transmission service, RECENT MAINTENANCE HISTORY INCLUDES:

Replaced battery and alternator (12/11)
Replaced main control relay (6/11)
Adjust 6 cylinder valve; install new gasket, cam plugs, spark plugs and breather hose (6/10)
Replace corroded thermo time switch and transmission coolant line (3/10)
Replaced aux fan resistor, fuel filter, oxygen sensor and brake master cylinder (1/10)
Replaced fuel pressure regulator (8/09)

The E24 6-series holds a cult following that has become more and more vocal around the automotive world recently. Admired for the unmistakable landshark aesthetic, the best engineering BMW had to offer and unadulterated 80s charm. Wish I had an extra garage for this beauty.

$11,900 negotiable

The thing that amazes me about this L6 is the leather interior. It’s practically spotless. The greenhouse is rather large on this car so it is no mean feat to keep the all leather interior from cracking, especially parts like the dashboard. The previous owners surely must have give this car the time and attention it deserved. While not as valuable as a similar vintage M6, the rest of the E24 range is appreciating mildly, as people begin to wake up to the modern day classics. With one owner for 18 years, a full service history and mileage that isn’t over the top, I would say the asking price is perfectly reasonable for this car. Given the seller is flexible, if the new owner could get another $500 to $1,000 off, this L6 would be well bought.


Nice 1988 BMW 635CSi Alpina B10

The Alpina B10 package came in several flavors, but this 6 series package is very sweet.

The car comes from an owner who seems to have taken very good care of this car. It comes with a massive binder of documents and receipts, including the original $58,720 window sticker. These leave no question to the car’s authenticity. All of the correct badging, including the Alpina number plate also help.

The B10 package and a Bavarian Autosport Performance Chip gets the horsepower up to around 260 out of the 3.5 liter inline six. Some other modifications have been made to help with looks and performance. A set of modern 18″ M Sport wheels in chrome with red pin striping look at home on the car. Euro clear corners and smoked tails, plus Hella yellow fogs add to the look. The suspension is lowered and has an adjustable camber kit. Out back a Billy Boat exhaust makes the noise. A raft of maintenance items have been completed recently and in accordance with the 60,000 mile tune up, the car has 65,000 miles on it now. The seller states that this car gets driven, despite its show car win, it is no trailer queen.

Price is $18,250 with no bids and the reserve not met. The only things holding bidders back are probably the autobox this car has instead of the manual transmission and that the seller has 0 feedback.

1988 BMW 635CSi Alpina B10 on eBay

There are a bunch of videos from the seller on Youtube.



1984 BMW 635csi Group A / DTM racer, “Jambon des Ardennes”

This week I received as a gift from my Pops, who also is a German car fan, a large poster from a 1986 calendar featuring the BMW 635csi Group A racer dressed up in the “Jambon des Ardennes” colors. Just for kicks I did some searching on the car to see if I could learn a bit more history about it, well to my surprise the very car featured in my newly acquired 26 year old calendar is currently for sale.

This car is famous enough to have models of it made in the red and white “ham” livery. It competed at the Spa 24 amongst other competitions including what appears to be time in DTM and the ETCC. The potent inline 6 was pumping out an Alpina tuned 300 horsepower in race trim. The seller states the car was originally owned by Brun Motorsport and has had drivers such as Walter Brun, Kurt König, and a guy who I actually have had the opportunity to race karts against, Hans Stuck (despite being twice my age he had no problem smoking me, and everyone else, on the track).

There is no price with the car, but the dealership, Springbok Sportwagen near Hanover, is known for super high end new and old classics, as well as racers. The car is listed as ready to race and includes books from its previous race history. This shark nose would make a pretty sweet vintage racer and would really stand out if it made it stateside.

Even when it comes to cars its a small world and I find this serendipitous discovery neat. I include a picture of the calendar that started the search.

1984 BMW 635csi Group A racer


Total custom M5 powered 1988 BMW 635csi

If you follow the 6 on the net you’ve probably seen this car before as it has been seen in various Bimmer forums. This E24 has had the works treatment. It started life as a 635csi automatic, but the owner wanted to attempt to bring the older car up to more current standards. The look is a million times better than BMW’s own modern interpretation of the shark. The car has an engine and transmission from a 1995 M5, quad exhaust, amazing interior, shaved bumpers and body kit.

The seller is claiming $110,000 in receipts. That seems a bit high to me. Don’t get me wrong, its clear that this was put together with no expense spared ($24,000 on the interior alone), but his shop guys must have been charging some hefty per hour rates. The seller has BMW connections so one would think he was getting full value for his upgrading dollar. A portion of that 100 large is partly do to the false starts the seller had with a couple shops on trying to get the engine work completed. I’ve swapped engines into places they didn’t belong and I know garage hours can add up while you’re sitting with a multimeter trying to get continuity to match up two incompatible harnesses. Unfortunately those types of troubleshooting labor receipts don’t really add value to the vehicle.

The seller’s full list of modifications is worth noting:

  1. -  Rebuilt the 60K mile S38B36 engine from a 93 M5 with bigger camshaft and new high performance headgasket for durablity.
  2. -  Used the M5 clutch with Kevlar surface facing the flywheel among with stronger springs for better performance on the pressure plate.
  3. -  Used original BMW Clutch bearing for E34 M5
  4. -  All front Suspension including: Lower and upper control arms, tie rod ends, struts, hub bearings, brake rotors & calipers are new with BMW M5 Spec.s
  5. -  Rear shocks and springs are from E32 BMW 735i with new Pitman arms (dog bones) and new rear subframe bushings and mount.
  6. -  Transmission is 5 speed also from 1993 BMW M5
  7. -  Rear differential is 3.46 LSD from Z3 MCoupe with E92 M3 BMW specified Synthetic differential fluid.
  8. -  Drive shaft is brand new from BMW from E24 M6
  9. -  Brand new Windshield and all 4 side glasses (2 front and 2 quarter rear glass), I still have the old ones with minor scratches from 1988
  10. -  New Shadowline trims around the sides, front Windshield and Back Glass
  11. -  New Seals around all Windows and even sunroof, no exceptions
  12. -  New Rear axels
  13. -  $24,000 Custom leather interior (Porsche Terracotta leather interior, dash and trunk with matching Alcantara headliner) with ventilated Recaro Orthoped seats
  14. – New Alternator, Air Condition compressor and it’s brackets.
  15. -  New rotors and pads
  16. -  Brand new Coil-overs specified and designed by Ground control with the correct ratios and fully adjustable angles specific to the beast for balance with Koni shocks.
  17. -  Erebuni Fiber Glass Front and rear Aprons and bumper cover molded to the car the right way by master craftsman
  18. -  Complete restoration of the body with new fenders and new rear quarter panels and a complete restoration and color change to Titanium Silver metallic (354 BMW Code)
  19. -  New European Spec Headlights, High beams and Fog lights with brand new front corner lights and rear tail lights lightly smoked to match the Terracotta interior accents.
  20. -  Brand new door locks and powder coated door handles
  21. -  Dyno Mat was used along the whole interior and exterior for ride comfort and interior noise reduction
  22. -  Custom Exhaust with Catelytic converter and 3″ pipes with borla Exhaust for great flow and smooth exhaust note
  23. -  18″ Staggered set up with 225-40-18 Z rated tires with 8″ offset in front and 245-35-18 Z rated tires with 9″ offset in the back

It looks like there is 8,000 miles on the engine since the conversion, so maybe 68,000 total and maybe 150,000 on the chassis, its hard to say. Mileage really doesn’t matter on a car like this because one would hope everything has been gone over, rebuilt, or replaced.

This car was up for sale with a Buy-It-Now of $250,000 and an opening bid of $65,000. It is up now with an ask of $30,000. I don’t know about this. Customizers know you don’t get all your money you put into a car back out, unless your name is Boyd Coddington or something, and even then it doesn’t always work out. The type of folks that can drop $30,000 on a 1988 6 series also are the type of folks that probably enjoy building their own custom creation. So who knows if this is going to get any nibbles. It does look good. The only thing I might add is flaring out the rear fenders a touch more for wider meats to give it a bit more of an aggressive stance.  What do you think the market value on this is?

Total custom M5 powered 1988 BMW 635csi on eBay.


1985 BMW Euro 635csi M6

This grey market import has a bit of a high price, but if you can get the seller to come down a bit this would make a nice present to yourself this season.

The 1985 silver shark pictured here has 136,000 miles. It looks to be in good shape. The car does have a salvage title from an accident that, according to the seller, did not involve frame damage. It would be nice to see if you can get some photos of the car with the accident damage, seller says it was a small ding to the door, but I’m surprised they would salvage it for something really small. The car has had a full respray so that would prevent having mismatched paint on the door.

The car has the euro bumpers, lights, and the 286 horsepower engine going through a five speed. The yellow fog cutting, French style lenses on the front set this 6 series apart from other quad headlight cars. The period correct BBS wheels look nice too.

The BMW might not have enough room to take the whole family on a trip this holiday season, but it would provide comfortable travel for two over some long highway miles. The ask price is $10,500.


Truly Immaculate 1985 BMW 635CSi for sale

The E24 6-series holds a cult following that has become more and more vocal around the automotive world recently.  Admired for the unmistakable landshark aesthetic, the best engineering BMW had to offer, and unadulterated (or is that adulterated?) 80s charm, loyal reader and commenter Bob brought to our attention an example that should have the cult of 6 screaming.  Screaming at one another to buy it; at their wives to let them buy it; at their parents/bank/ATM to lend them the money.  This Golden Shark is a truly spectacular 2-owner, 64k-mile beauty at a pleasing price.

1985 BMW 635CSi for sale on eBay

The seller isn’t joking when he says it looks like it has 10k miles on it.  He and the original owner confirm that this thing hasn’t been driven in the rain. Ever.  It’s the nicest 6-series I’ve seen, inside and out, but isn’t priced like other “collectable” 80s BMWs these days.  An E30 M3 or E28 M5 in this condition would go for well over $20k, yet this gold-chained beauty has a Buy-it-Now price of just $11,995.  Maybe it’s the color, but if you’re going gaudy 80s, you might as well embrace some gold while you’re at it.  It certainly isn’t the provenance or the condition; those are unparalleled.  The growing E24 cult should snap this baby up as quickly as possible before they become like the huddle Gollums searching for a clean, reasonably priced M3.

Born on the 25th in 1985, it’s my golden birthday this year.  This would be an appropriate present.


Low-mileage 1987 BMW M6

I’m just going to keep rolling with the exceptional examples of older BMW M-cars I’ve been finding.  Though my personal tastes tend towards the hotted-up sedans and wagons (fast coupes are just so predictable), few grand tourers, 80s or not, match the sexiness of the E24 M6, aka M635CSi, aka landshark.  286 bhp from a race-bred inline-6 sounds pretty damn good today, let alone a quarter-century ago.  A private collection has decided to sell this immaculate, 27k-mile example on MunichEvo, ready to turn some lucky buyer into the coolest German gangster around.

27k mile 1987 BMW M6 for sale on MunichEvo

There’s a few nitpicky styling things I’d examine, i.e. immediate removal of the windshield banner if it’s still there, but overall this car is amazing.  White, notably the national racing color of Germany, makes 80s Bimmers seem even more proud.  27k miles is just mind-blowing, and I love that it has a carphone still.  It is the epitome of what the M6 can be, and shames the modern E63/4 version.  The main drawback is the price: $38,995 is a ton of money.  Yes, these cars are rare, and this is perhaps the best example out there, but it’d be much more attractive and reasonable closer to $30k, not 40.  And thus, it’s mostly just a fun reminder of how awesome BMW styling, especially on the M cars, used to be.