1983 Volkswagen Rabbit LS

Update 6/1/18: The seller has dropped the price from the original $6,995 asking price to $5,995 today.

Continuing on the Volkswagen theme, and with the Roman Catholic-based holiday also in mind (our Orthodox friends celebrate next week!), let’s take a look at Volkswagen’s first foray into water-cooled products. The Golf was, of course, not marketed as the Golf in the United States, but the Rabbit. Ostensibly, the ‘Golf’ name followed in the convention of VW’s other wind-based products (Scirocco, Passat and Jetta) since Golf is German word for “Gulf” – it has nothing at all to do with the game, though a set of clubs would fit nicely in the back. But Volkswagen still won’t tell anyone why they changed the name to Rabbit in the United States. More concerning, they changed the name to ‘Caribe’ in Mexico. That’s a Piranha. At least our market had a more friendly mascot?

While the Beetle was certainly a tough act to follow be sold alongside of, the modern, convenient and completely practical Rabbit sold in droves at a time when fuel-conscious Americans were looking for solutions to their 19 foot long Lincoln Mk. V’s inability to clear 6 mpg. It’s 7.5 liter V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor managed to squeeze a massive 208 horsepower out of all that capacity. And that was the optional upgrade engine. Standard was a 6.6 liter version of the Cleveland V8 rated at only 166 horsepower, yet not really getting any better fuel economy. Of course, the Mk.V needed these giant motors as it was itself a giant. Curb weight was close to 5,000 lbs. So while the Rabbit seemed fairly insignificant in its stature by comparison, the reality was that it was a much better choice for most motorists.

To capitalize on the popularity, Volkswagen moved production of Rabbits from Germany to the United States for 1978. The move was signified by a shift towards rectangular square-beam headlights, just as we saw with yesterday’s early A2 Golf. Sales soared when gas prices did, too: between 1980 and 1984, Volkswagen sold over 620,000 Rabbits from Westmoreland. The sold a further 77,000 Rabbit Pickups – a creation solely aimed at North America, and now sought by some Europeans.

Because there were a lot of Rabbits produced, finding examples for sale even today isn’t all that hard. But low values have meant that restoration is really out of the question unless it’s your labor of love. However, things are beginning to change…

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit LS on eBay

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1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

s-l1600 (2)
This drop-dead gorgeous Westy looks like a brand-new late-model example but is really a completely restored and OEM+ upgraded 1982 model completed just last year. Reading through the long description inspires empathy for the restorer as you hear about taking everything all the way down – interior, exterior, pop-top, running gear, camping equipment – and building it back up with new or redone parts beyond factory spec. The new bumpers, mirrors, and later sunroof pop-top were all done in the same factory Pastel White to perfection. As it only has 53k total miles on it, the interior fabric was all perfect, but they decided to go in and redo the foam and bolsters. Dynamat was installed throughout the van, ensuring a quiet and solid ride. You’ll be able to hustle up big hills thanks to a rebuilt AAZ 1.9 liter turbodiesel, manage corners on new shocks, and bring it all to a halt with new brakes. As you’d imagine, this is no bargain Westy, but it’s damn near the nicest you’ll find.

Click for details: 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia on eBay

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1969 Porsche 911S Coupe – Fully Restored

It is no secret that vintage Porsches have seen a serious surge in value over the last couple of years. A decent example of the 356 easily fetch nearly six-figures with some restored models eclipsing $200,000. While the 911 has not quite hit those sorts of values for a non-RS model, we have seen enough upward movement over the past year to suggest that a long-hood 911 is not far behind the 356 in today’s market. Whether those trends will continue remains to be seen, but the car featured here is certainly trying to see just how high the bar has been raised. This is a Tangerine 1969 Porsche 911S Coupe located in California. With 190hp coming from the 2.0 liter flat-six engine only forced to propel slightly more than 2200lbs, a 911S remains a spirited performer even by today’s standards. Having been treated to a full restoration, the example here appears impeccable in almost every way.


Year: 1969
Model: 911S
Engine: 2.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 30,412 mi
Price: $185,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1969 Porsche 911S Coupe on eBay

Crevier Classic Cars is pleased to offer our 1969 Porsche 911 S Coupe.

1,991cc, 190hp, Bosch mechanical fuel injection, 5-speed manual transmission
Solid and straight original 911S with a completely detailed undercarriage
‘Kardex’, Certificate of Authenticity, original owner’s manual, warranty book, plus toolkit
Highly collectible example

Porsche’s legendary 911 began with initial sketches by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche in 1959 predicting a larger, more powerful, and more comfortable successor to the long-lived 356. Ferdinand Porsche developed the chassis and body, while his cousin Ferdinand Piech developed its new air-cooled flat-six engine. With a slightly longer wheelbase and clearly paying homage to its successful predecessor, the new Porsche model debuted at Frankfurt in 1963 as the “901”. However, following Peugeot’s objections to the name, claiming it held the rights to all three-digit model designations with zeroes in the middle, a simple numeric change heralded Porsche’s brilliant new 911.

Production began in September 1964 and as before with the 356, the 911 was relentlessly developed and perfected with an uncanny level of commitment Porsche. Its sporting credentials were confirmed during the 1965 edition of the gruelling Monte Carlo Rally, with a 911 piloted by Peter Falk and Herbert Linge finishing in fifth. “Quick” Vic Elford took victory with a 911 there in 1968. By the late 1960s, the 911 was the cornerstone of Porsche’s racing program.

The high-performance “S” debuted for 1967 and immediately spawned a number of lightweight competition variants that immediately dominated their respective classes. Main “S” upgrades included a compression boost to 9.8:1, forged pistons with raised crowns, stronger connecting-rods, high-performance camshafts with increased overlap, enlarged valves, Weber IDS carburetors and revised exhaust ducting, plus brake and suspension revisions. Bosch mechanical fuel injection debuted for 1969 and maintained the engine’s stout 190-hp output while meeting the increasingly more stringent emissions standards imposed in Porsche’s crucial US export market.

From launch, the 911 S has been the hands-down favorite of driving enthusiasts around the world, with an unmatched level of driver-and-machine interaction and a strong top speed approaching 140-mph. Naturally, its enduring cachet is enhanced by film legend Steve McQueen’s ownership of a 911S, with the car figuring prominently during the opening sequences of his classic film, LeMans.

A great example of the ultimate early road-going early 911 model, this 1969 Coupe is a solid and straight original 911S with a completely detailed undercarriage, show quality paint and trim, and excellent panel gaps. Retaining the correct original engine, it is accompanied by its ‘Kardex’ build record, as well as the original owner’s manual and warranty book, plus toolkit. It is numbers matching and finished in its original color of tangerine. Just fully serviced and ready for the road or the track. As one of the greatest pure driving machines ever produced in its iconic early form, this 911S remains the ultimate early 911 and of course, it is both highly collectible and immensely satisfying to drive. Please contact us at 714-426-0238 or mark@crevierclassiccars.com


Tangerine is such an eye-catching color on these cars that complements the black interior and fits their period of production quite well. Overall, every thing here looks beautiful. But is it worth $185,000? Probably not, but I’ve certainly come across sellers with far more unrealistic prices than this one here. This is a near perfect example of a 45-year-old car whose lineage has shown excellent valuation in recent years. It’s simply a matter of how high the market is willing to go.


1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe

Cars like the one featured here, a 1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe, will not appeal to everyone, but interesting restored examples such as this always have a place here at GCFSB. At nearly 60 years old, this car has had a long life and thanks to some careful ownership still presents very well and provides us a glimpse into the inception of a great marque. The 356 began production in 1948 and the example here comes from the first iteration of the model, prior to the release of the 356A in the second half of 1955. From the factory these cars had a 1.3 liter flat-4 producing 50 hp mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. This car has had its engine rebuilt with a big bore kit upping displacement to 1.7 liters, which should provide a small bump in torque and horsepower to help propel the car along. Overall, this is a beautiful example of a very highly regarded vintage Porsche that would surely grab the attention of any Porsche enthusiast.


Year: 1955
Model: 356 Pre-A Coupe
Engine: 1.3 liter flat-4 (rebuilt to 1720 cc with big bore kit)
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 132,000 mi
Price: Auction (reserve met)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe on EBay

1955 Porsche 356 1300 Normal Reutter Coupe
VIN / Chassis Number: 53950
A great-driving 356
Fully sorted
Big Bore Kit
Skirmants transmission
Absolutely rust-free, extra clean and never smoked in since restoration

Turkish Red (Porsche Code 5402 / Reutter Code 538) with Yellow Leatherette (B) interior

PHOTOS: There are more than 200 photos below. Please allow time to load on slower Internet connections.
You can also Click here for high-resolution slideshow

Production year: 1955
Type: Pre-A
Style: coupe
Coachbuilder: Reutter
History of this 356
· Four known owners
· Originally delivered to U.S. Air Force major, stationed in Wiesbaden, (then-West) Germany
· Per Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
o Sealed Beam Headlights
o Speedometer in Miles
o “Continental” script
· First owner returned to Ohio with the car, 1958
· At least one additional interim owner
· Purchased by active PCA, 356 Registry member and Ohio Porsche club historian, with 122,650 miles, August 1992
· Purchased by current owner, active PCA and 356 Registry member, with 127,406 indicated miles, August 1999
· Always careful, light use by current owner
· Photographed in 2001 Meadowbrook Concours program
· Featured in “New 2004, Old 356” Calendar
· Photographed in September/October 2007 356 Registry magazine at East Coast Holiday
· Currently less than 132,000 total miles
Built by previous owner, 1990’s
Fully sorted
Engine # P 22178 on third piece of case matches Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Production year: 1955
Internal designation: 506/2
Common name: 1300 Normal
Third piece also stamped “1”

· Case halves each match, both stamped “1” and matched to third piece
· Left case half stamped “9417”
· Right case half stamped “506/2,” confirming 1300cc
· Originally 1300cc, rebuilt with NPR 1720cc big bore kit
· Fresh Mahle oil filter and Shell Rotella T 15w-40 oil
· No known leaks
· Noise-free
· Turns over easily, starts promptly
· Steady 800 RPM idle
· Pulls smoothly and runs cool

Fitted with:
· Zenith 32 NDIX carburetors, rebuilt 2006 by Precision Matters
· Knecht air filters
· Correct fuel hoses and uncut metal fuel line
· Rebuildable glass fuel filter near rear axle
· J pipes and muffler with light gray high-temperature coating
· Later Bosch JFR 4 distributor with points and condenser ignition
· Powder-coated sheet metal
· Oil filter canister, fan shroud and coil refinished with proper labels
Serial #6348 H5, Type 519
· Original transmission serial #6579 H3 has been replaced
· Both case halves matching, stamped “235”
· Rebuilt by Vic Skirmants at 356 Enterprises May 1998
· BBAB Speedster gears
· Leak-free
· Noise-free
· Shifts smoothly to all gears
· Clutch functions correctly with no slip or judder
· Linkage and clutch properly adjusted
A completely rust-free car with nice gaps and proper-fitting trim in very good condition
Turkish Red (Porsche Code 5402 / Reutter Code 538)
Painted prior to current owner purchase in 1999

· Doors, hood and deck lid open and close easily with nice gaps
· Hood original, stamped “50,” matching chassis number/VIN
· Rear deck appears to be stamped “50” and original, matching chassis number/VIN, although stamp is hard to read
· Few imperfections from 14+ years of careful use – see photos
· Door bottoms completely rust-free
· Rust-free floors
· Rockers, longitudinals and all four wheel wells show no signs of rust
· Battery floor is very nice with no rust
· Undercoating covered with black Rustoleum paint
· Glass has mostly correct markings and is in very good condition
· Windshield and rear window both fit nicely
· Bright trim complete and in very good condition
· All body gaskets and seals in very good condition and properly fitted
· Chrome side window trim in very good condition with no pitting or other damage
· Door and vent windows operate properly
· Door checks work properly with no popping noise
· Door locks and ignition lock all work properly
· Correct metal front and rear bumpers with rub strips and bright trim in very good condition
· Correct chassis info plate and door post cover tags

· Yellow Leatherette interior in very good condition
· Seats are correctly padded and in very good condition
· Correct recliners
· Door and quarter trim panels have no damage
· Oatmeal carpet in very good condition
· Stock rubber mats in very good condition
· Front trunk mat and vinyl upholstery
· Engine compartment upholstery
· Fuel shut off works properly and does not leak
· Nice headliner with no damage
· Polished aluminum coat hooks
· Correct sun visors
· Porsche script radio blanking plate
· Glove box and door fit well with very nice liner
· Seat belts properly fitted with reinforced mounts through floor

Quiet on the road with no wind noise, squeaks, rattles or other concerns
Suspension, brakes, steering
All fully restored and sorted
· Koni shocks
· Solid bushings and tie rod ends
· Correct one-piece axle boots
· Drum brakes correctly rebuilt
· Drums were turned
· Rear wheel bearings and seals replaced
· Recent steel brake lines and rubber hoses
· DOT 5 silicone brake fluid properly installed
· Front and rear backing plates and other fittings in good condition
· Parking brake operates properly
· ZF steering box

Vredestein Sport Classic 165HR15 tires, new in 2009, with less than 1000 miles and even tread wear

5 ½ inch wide Brazilian chrome wheels with baby moon hubcaps, all in very good condition

Drives as it should. Tracks straight. Brakes function as-new and with no pulling.
All The Rest
· 6 volt electrical system
· Optima 800 cold cranking ampere sealed battery
· All gauges function
· Starter pushbutton operates normally with no concerns
· Lights, horn and wipers all operate
· 400mm VDM steering wheel with lower one-third horn ring
· Taillights are bright and work properly with turn signals
· Period-correct Hella rear fog light is third brake light
· No holes drilled to add third brake light
· Hirschmann red tip antenna
· Fuel tank is completely clean, sealed and free of any contamination inside
· Windshield washer system, mostly complete and intact
· Heater works properly
· Always garaged
Also included
· Original Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
· Motor Cities Gruppe grille badge
· Genuine 1955 “Heimatwettbewerb A.D.A.C. Gau Hessen” (Hessen Homeland Rally) grille badge
· Bilstein VW jack
· Space saver modern temporary spare, never used, mounted on “1/56” Lemmerz original wheel
· Four ignition keys and one door key
· Battery Tender 6V trickle charger with cables and packaging
· Copies of title transfers in 1992 and 1999
· Folder of all receipts since purchase in 1999
· Two fitted car covers for indoor and outdoor protection
· Small box of spare parts
· Vintage Oshkosh U.S.-made suitcase in good condition
· Vintage European maps
· Vintage bulb and fuse set in metal case
· Frommer’s G.I.’s Guide to Travelling in Europe paperback, copyright 1955
· Pair of genuine U.S. Forces in Germany 1955 license plates in unrestored mint condition
· Photocopy Porsche parts and service manuals
· Porsche Owners Club Troubleshooting Guide booklet
· 2001 Meadowbrook Concours program
· “New 2004, Old 356” calendar
· Clear Michigan title

“The large print giveth and the small print taketh away”- Tom Waits:
Please remember, this is a used car, which, as nice as it may be, is not prefect. I strive to deliver accurate descriptions, but it is possible to miss small deficiencies and will not be held liable for these minor misnomers. This vehicle is sold AS IS/WHERE IS and comes with no warranties, expressed or implied, whatsoever.
Known issues:
· Paint is very nice overall, with more than 14 years of careful maintenance
· Some nicks, scratches and other paint damage since older respray and subsequent driving
· 25mm diameter bubble in paint on top of right quarter panel. Not cracked, but fragile
· 30mm long scratch in front hood at right edge
· Small dent in right quarter, near bubble described above
· Hood has been “kinked,” but is repaired and fits well
· Original glass has few scratches
· Safeview DOT windshield has very minor pitting, but no cracks or delamination.
· Some nicks in aluminum trim around windshield and rear window, but trim fits nicely
· Steering box leaks oil slightly. Box is currently full and operates correctly.
· Slight groaning noise on releasing clutch from a stop. Appears to be release bearing. Does not happen at other times or affect performance.
· Dash lights do not work
· Dome light does not work
· Turn signal indicator in stalk does not work. Bulb is good. Has power. Turn signals work properly.
· Choke/hand throttle is not connected, missing linkage
· Left sun visor lens is cracked
· Windshield washer missing tubing, but is otherwise complete
· Battery hold-down is solid, but not correct
Not included:
· “Continental” scripts
· Battery cover
· Tools, other than described
· Documents and records, other than described

Pre-purchase inspection is welcomed. Please contact me through “Ask a question” to arrange inspection and for any additional information.

Offered with realistic reserve. There is no “Buy It Now” price. Auction will not end early. Car will be sold to the highest bidder.


Buyer is responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping.

$1000.00 deposit required within 48 hours of auction close.

PayPal accepted for deposit, only.

Payment methods accepted:
-Wire transfer in US funds.
-Cashier’s Check (certified from US or Canadian bank) or money order.
-Cash (in person).

PayPal not accepted for full purchase payment.

Vehicle and title will be released to the buyer only after funds clear. There will be no exceptions.
Bid with confidence! See my 100% positive feedback.

PHOTOS: There are more than 200 photos below. Please allow time to load on slower Internet connections.

You can also Click here for high-resolution slideshow


The seller has provided a wealth of information and pictures for what appears to be a well-sorted restoration. It’s not pristine concours level, but still seems quite good. Even better, the reserve on this auction has been met. These cars saw a large bump in value a few years ago and while they have since stabilized somewhat they are still sought after by many collectors. With bidding currently at $76,600 this car is at an interesting price. Hagerty values a ‘condition 1’ example around $130,000 so with a little work there may be a nice uptick in value potential here.


Barn Find: 1971 Porsche 911T

We’ve shown a couple of cars like this one recently: Porsches from the ’70s that are in need of a lot of love so that they can be enjoyed again. The Heap of the Week I featured a couple of weeks ago would have been more suited for a full restoration seeking collector status. That car is remarkably similar to the car featured here and this one should probably be approached with a similar ideal. Here we have a Red 1971 Porsche 911T located in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.


Year: 1971
Model: 911T
Engine: 2.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 71,395 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1971 Porsche 911T on EBay

You are bidding on a 1971 911T 5-speed coupe w/o sunroof. It was manufactured 10/70. This is a “behind-the-barn” find that shows the results of being left out in the elements for too long. The car is all original and intact with 71,395 miles with matching numbers. Original color was Pastel Blue #2020 but now has a poor repaint to red. This car will require extensive restoration. The lower portions of the front pans have extensive rust. Full replacement of the front pans, right and left battery boxes, gas tank (?) and forward portion of the floor pans is required. The structure and pans to the rear of the mid-point, torsion tubes, shock mounts, etc. are clean and rust-free. Rockers show some minor rust, but seem to be intact. Rocker trim is S type. Door jambs, hinge mountings and surrounds are intact and still serve up that Porsche “ping” when closed. Headlight bowls are intact and are not rusted. All glass is original and present with some slight delamination showing in the front windshield. Some rust is present in the body panels as shown in the photos; the underside trailing edge of the rear deck lid is the worst. Original front seats will require recovering; rear seats are in good condition. Radio is not original. Door panels and hardware is all present. Top of the dash and rear deck panel will require replacement due to sun damage. Headliner is intact with original visors. All trim is present.

This is a roller (not a driver) with working steering, clutch, trans and emergency brake (main brakes are not operational). Forward mounts for front torsion bars are weak so some care in moving the car is required. Car can be easily loaded onto a flat bed or trailer. Engine does not run but turns over easily and is fully intact. Engine is stock 2.7, no AC and has original Weber carb setup and original air filter box. Wheels are original Fuchs (5). Body serial # is 911 112 0880 and engine # is 6115054.

The photos and the details outlined above present as best I can the present conditions of this car. Further photos and info can be provided on request and the car is available for inspection. There is a clean and current title for this car issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Willing to sell to buyers in Canada, Europe, Germany, UK and USA on the condition that payment is received in full and all shipping arrangements are made by the buyer prior to release of the car.


This car isn’t in as good a condition relative to the car I posted for the Heap of the Week. There’s quite a bit of rust on the body, the dash is shot, and this is only a roller, rather than a driver. But for a barn find those “features” aren’t necessarily unexpected. There also appears to be some confusion over the engine. The seller states that the car has a stock 2.7 liter engine, which of course is not the standard 2.2 of a 1971 911T. I would presume this is merely a typo, but it’s certainly worth investigating just to be sure. This car is offered on auction for No Reserve and ideally it could be had at a discount relative to the $21,000 price of the Heap. We shall see. These cars command very good prices when restored to excellent condition so even a car in this shape won’t come cheaply. With bidding currently at $4,500 this is surely something to keep one’s eye on, and while we’re likely to see that rise quickly, for someone interested in a project this could make for an interesting investment.


Heap of the Week (Part II): 1971 Porsche 911T

The Heap of the Week has been a fun addition for those of us here at GCFSB. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from searching for and writing up pristine examples of exciting cars and the Heap provides us just that sort of excursion. This week we have another potential project Porsche to feature. Unlike the high starting cost of last week’s 1962 356 Cabriolet Super, this 1971 Porsche 911T should be able to be had for much less money and could provide for a worthwhile investment of one’s time and energy (and more money). Long-hood Porsches of most any variant have seen a serious uptick in value amongst collectors so a potential restoration such as this one is certainly worth a look.


Year: 1971
Model: 911T
Engine: 2.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,223 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1971 Porsche 911T on eBay

Car was found in a barn after sitting for 17 years and had been 80’s blacked out, painted red several times and fiberglass front and rear bumpers added (front is still fiberglass). The heads had been removed from the engine and disassembled. I had the heads professionally reworked, valves and guides redone as needed and the motor reassembled to get it running. The carbs were cleaned and new gaskets installed. The engine and transmission were reinstalled, rebuilt the brake calipers, cleaned the gas tank, rebuilt clutch, installed new batteries, replaced brake and fuel lines, sourced and installed used heat exchangers, muffler, rear bumpers, license plate valence, interior and exterior mirrors etc. The car now runs drives and stops. The engine runs rough and would benefit from attention to the original Zenith carburetors and Marelli distributor. The cases were not split, just got the car running to evaluate the next step. Overall the car is very solid and a good candidate for restoration.

Condition is good for age of car, pictures show areas that need attention before painting. All gauges, lights work with the exception of speedo. Electric sunroof works.

VIN: 9111121452
Engine#: 6115926
Transmission#: 114909 (911/01)
Odometer: 18223
Clear Ky title
COA Matching #’s
Pastel Blue/ 20

For Photo Bucket link to 400+ pics please reply with request.


The seller of this car sounds like he has a decent handle on the work done thus far and certainly that is a plus. This car definitely needs a bit of work both inside and out, but the body appears in reasonable condition and it has a working engine (albeit one that still needs attention). Bidding at the moment is low at $2,247, but that is with the reserve still on. It’s always difficult to gauge a seller’s reserve on cars like these, but for anyone interested in reaping the rewards of a project Porsche an inquiry with the seller wouldn’t hurt. Even if this car is never returned to collector condition, putting it back into driving shape, or even converting it to a track car, should provide for time well spent and a fun car to take out for some weekend backroads.


1969 Porsche 912

From 1965-1969 the Porsche 911 had a sibling: the 912. It featured the body of the 911 mated to the 1.6 liter engine from the Porsche 356 and served as Porsche’s entry-level car for those early years of its production. But the little brother was no slouch and typically provided better driving dynamics than it’s bigger brother due to its lighter engine and improved weight distribution. With only 90 hp the 912 wasn’t powerful but it wasn’t heavy either. These cars provided a simple but fun driving experience. While the 912 returned for a one-year run in 1976 as the 912E, it is the earlier cars that have commanded the most attention from collectors. Like the pre-1974 911 models, from 1965-1969 the 912 showcased the original long hood design of the 911, a feature lost on the cars produced in 1976. As such, prices for excellent examples are higher, but still well below the cost of a similar vintage 911. The example featured here today is a beautiful Irish Green 1969 Porsche 912 located in Los Angeles that has been fully restored.


Year: 1969
Model: 912
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 2,968 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1969 Porsche 912 on eBay

Up for sale is a beautifully restored 1969 Porsche 912, with matching numbers. A full restoration was just completed on this fine car. This was an extensive restoration. The car has been completed in show quality condition and presents remarkably well. The car was totally stripped down, everything was removed (i.e. whole interior, bumpers, engine and transmission, suspensions, all electronics and cables, brake lines, every single screw was removed etc.), the body was sanded down by experts and then prepared and repainted with original color. Everything that was removed was sent out to be refurbished professionally, or replaced with new oem parts.

VIN # 129022111
Eng. # 4096349
Trans# 220126 902/1
Paint# 6806
Mil # 02968

The car was painted back to its original color Irish Green, code (6806) with a quality paint finish. All aluminum trim pieces were removed and sent out and re-done. All trims and seals were replaced. New front windshield was installed. New horns and grills, new headlights, new tail lights lens and turn signal lens was all installed.

The interior was completely redone in dark green color. New perforated leather and hounds tooth on seats, new door panels, dash are period correct with perforated leather on the front. A new headliner and new carpets were installed. Brake pedal cluster was rebuilt with new brass bushings and repainted. New shifter bushing. All gauges were removed, checked, cleaned and repainted, the clock was refurbished and now working. Interior is in an excellent restored condition that cannot go unnoticed for its look, aroma and feel.

Each and every bolt and nut for the engine and suspension was taken out and cab plated or zinc plated. All brake lines were replaced. Each and every part that was removed has been powder coated, such as hood hinges, deck lid hinges, A arms, spring plate, the complete suspension and all engine sheet metal pieces. Even the air cleaners were powder coated in glass shine finish.

The engine was completely rebuilt with a 86mm big bore kit. All new gasket sets, new rod bearings, and new rings, valve job, new clutch disc, pressure plate trout bearing. The solex carburetors was replaced with webers and the original knecht air cleaners were refurbished and reinstalled. The transmission is a 5 speed. It was open cleaned and checked. It shifts smoothly through all gears like it should.

The front and rear suspensions were rebuilt with all new bushing, new shocks, front and rear, new brakes all around, new brake lines and hoses, new tires, front and rear.The fuchs wheels are flat 6j x 15 they were polished and painted in excellent condition. I also have steel wheels 5.5 x 15j with new chrome, and new hub caps, that can be installed. Buyer have the choice to choose between the fuchs or the steelies. Both will have brand new tires.

This is a fun car, it runs and drives extremely well with a comprehensive restoration job that speaks for itself.

The car is in pristine condition and very clean, also very solid. The undercarriage is extremely clean and solid too. The car is now available for viewing by appointment only. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE!. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required within 24 hours of end of auction and the remaining balance by bank wire within 7 days of the end of auction. Thanks for looking and GOOD LUCK BIDDING.

To view more photos lift and paste the links

1969 irish green xt and intee pics 005
1969 irish green xt and intee pics 040


I love the Irish Green exterior. I’m a bit less enamored with the green interior, but I suppose it’d be a pretty rare combination! There’s also the matter of the seller’s designation of the engine as 1720cc. The engine from the 356 was 1582cc and was used from 1965-1969 in the 912 and the 1976 912E used a 2.0L flat-4 that was sourced from VW. Perhaps 1720cc is simply a typo, but if it isn’t then I’m not aware of the 912 being offered with such an engine and that would hurt this car’s originality. Otherwise, this looks like a very well restored original example and should command a pretty good price. Bidding is currently at $25,000 with the reserve still on. An excellent 912 of this vintage could easily sell at close to $40,000. Assuming the engine checks out I don’t think this one reaches that high, but I could certainly see a price in the mid-30s.


1973 Porsche 911E (Restored)

Dave Aase was a long-time supplier of vintage Porsche parts for restorations. He passed away in 2011 and what you are looking at is the restoration of his car. In 1973 the 911E featured a 2.3 liter engine with mechanical fuel injection and this car has had its original engine converted from E spec to S spec. Otherwise, this is about as close to ‘new’ as is possible with a restored vehicle, having only recently had its restoration completed.


Year: 1973
Model: 911E
Engine: 2.3 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 64 mi since restoration
Price: Reserve Auction (Buy It Now: $135,000)

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Before asking questions please navigate our Flicker album (http://www.flickr.com/photos/74469867@N03/sets/72157633956251122/) that contains a multitude of pictures of the 911 E.

Make your own sunshine!

This 1973 Porsche 911E Sunroof Coupe is fresh from a full rotisserie restoration. The car is numbers matching (9113201244 / 6231951 engine) and was well equipped with S trim, stabilizer bars tinted glass and a power sunroof. This car was Dave Aase’s personal 911, own a part of history.

Originally Sepia Brown, the “E” has been restored in glorious light yellow paint, Daves favorite color. The paint is immaculate and the color and shine really shows off the perfect panel gaps and precise fit and finish. This car has been completely stripped and no sign of the original brown finish or rust can be found anywhere. All rubber seals, gaskets, stainless trim and moldings have been replaced with new or refinished. Even the windshield is new. The wheels are professionaly refinished and we installed 5 new Dunlop tires. There is a new gas tank installed also.

Looking underneath, the underbody has been restored to new condition both in appearance and function. This was a very solid car to begin with and now that it is completed it is ready to drive up your favorite twisty road or win blue ribbons at concours events. The front swaybar was upgraded.

The interior has been completely restored by Porsche specialists, Autos International in Southern California using only the best materials. Seats, carpet, headliner…all new! Even the trunk is like new and contains the original tool kit with the original fuse packet.

The original engine was completely rebuilt to “S” spec using new pistons/cylinders, connecting rods, camshafts, etc. The original Mechanical Fuel Injection has been retained and is in great working condition. The stacks and Throttle bodies were professionally rebuilt, including boring out to S specs including new linkages, plating and bushings. The heat exchangers are SSI stainless steel heat exchangers are NOS. No corners have been cut anywhere.

The car comes complete with the original owners manual, manual wallet, certificate of authenticity from Porsche and service binder. It has been aligned and is ready to go!

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, BUT PLEASE take the time to look at the photos found on our Flickr site.

Thank you,

Ron Thomas




The car looks beautiful and very well restored. At this time, the bidding is a little above $66,000 with the reserve still on. Given that the Buy It Now price is $135,000, we can probably assume that this one is no where near meeting the reserve. That’s a lot of money. I’ve seen standard 911s of this vintage listed at half of this price, but that’s obviously a bit beside the point for someone interested in a fully restored, low mileage collector. This isn’t a driver’s car, but it’s certainly a piece of Porsche history.


1963 Volkswagen Type III Notchback

Although it may be hiding a little deeper than my love for box fenders and 80s BMWs, I hold a great affection for the VW Type III. My dad used to have a Squareback/Variant, one of my favorite wagons ever. The Fastback was the first Type III to catch my eye, and the tiny Notchback like we have today has always had a killer look and gets bonus points for rarity as they were not imported by VW of NA. They exude all the VDubness of the Beetle with a little more class and without being, well… a Beetle. If I were to look beyond the A1 GTI for a classic VW, I’d have a hard time deciding between the body styles of the Type III, but I know I would want it to be done like this Notchback. A full body-off restoration has left it aesthetically perfect – perfect color, perfect wheels, and a killer interior. Can you handle the price though?

Year: 1963
Model: Type III Notchback
Engine: 1.6L Air-Cooled 4-cylinder
Transmission: 4-speed Manual
Mileage: 0 on body, unknown on engine
Price: $17,000

1963 Volkswagen Type III Notchback for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

1963 NotchBack Push Button Price: VIN on title and pan is 0093521 1963 VW Type III Notchback For Sale. Just Completed Restoration after one year of work! It’s been a great project and now its time to sell. Complete body off restoration replaced floor pans, new shocks, ball joints and wheels/tires..electric windows! Repaired the rocker panels from rust along with a lot of other small rust spots repaired. Body is straight and paint looks awesome! New red interior with Kick’n Stereo system that connects only to 1/4″ jack for iPod or other audio device, no stereo head unit just an amp and jack which works perfectly and still keeps original look of car. New headliner, carpet, seats, door panels, carpet in trunk both front and back. All new wiring and everything electrical wise works such as headlights, brights, gauge lights, blinkers, marker lights, tail lights, dome lights, all updated with new fuse box system too. What needs finished? Heat/AC if you need it, glove box liner, pushbuttons are there but for cosmetic use only, windshield wiper motors, other than that the car runs/drives and looks perfect! As you can see by the photos. Need more pics just ask. Engine has not been rebuilt because it runs perfect!

This is a great little VW show car or fun weekender. I get the feeling that the owner is trying a little too hard to recoup the restoration costs though, as $17k for a car with the original engine (even if it “runs perfect”) just does not make sense to me. I think the car is beautiful and I want it, but I can’t see going over $15k without a sweet new/rebuilt/better engine. Good luck to the seller, though, and maybe someday a little engine swap can make this the perfect Notchback.


Museum-worthy Restored 1964 VW Karmann Ghia

It’s probably my life of modest means that attracts me to cars that provide a good value, allowing me a slightly more realistic daydream of ownership. Today’s Karmann Ghia is on the opposite end of the spectrum, a car that, while probably totally worth it, is seriously expensive thanks to a borderline-obsessive restoration just 2200 miles ago. It’s gorgeous inside and out, top to bottom, and the restorer apparently went to the greatest lengths to get every detail correct and perfect. It shows, and while I love me some function-over-form classic German cars, I certainly have respect for showroom-quality classics.

Exhaustively restored 1964 VW Karmann Ghia for sale on the Samba

Just look at that jaw-dropping undercarriage. It has a great description so I’ll leave it to the poster:

Offered is a 1964 Karmann Ghia, restored by veteran VW specialist, Brent Winman. Brent is the Chief Engine Builder at Raby’s Aircooled Technology and has been since 2000. Brent has unparalleled attention to detail and vast VW knowledge with over 30 years of experience. This Karmann Ghia illustrates his dedication to Volkswagen.

You will find cars sold at a cheaper price than this one, but you won’t find a Ghia with the attention to detail and correctness that this car has right down to the infinite details that took Brent years of research to complete.

I brought the body and floor pan back from California in 1998 and had planned to restore it myself, instead I sold the rust free project to Brent and he took the car to a level that simply cannot be put into words.

The car took over six years to restore to the state illustrated by the pictures and video posted in this ad. With only 2200 miles on the entire vehicle since restoration was complete back in 2003 this is virtually a new car, the interior still smells new and the car hasn’t sat outside for one night since being completed, nor has it seen a single rain drop.

Mechanically every nut, bolt and washer was removed. Instead of just replacing many of these fasteners with Chinese reproductions the original fasteners were blasted and reused, that same attention to detail and correctness can be found in every aspect of this car. The entire body chassis and subsystems were completely removed, restored and reassembled and nothing was left attached, this is a full ground up restoration.

The correct 1200cc engine is installed and is detailed right down to the original air filter assembly with the factory writing. The engine performs great and on a 550 mile trip to “Bug Jam” back in 2003 where the car was shot for a Hot VWs Feature it cruised easily at 75-80 MPH with exceptional fuel mileage as I followed Brent in my 912E.

The body of this vehicle is perfect, it has the slickest Gulf Blue paint that can be found and all work was done by Eddie Martin of Murphy North Carolina. The entire chassis was stripped and coated with POR-15 for durability, corrosion resistance and luster.

The car comes complete with the original key and a history that is very interesting. It was restored by a person who is more passionate for VWs than any other person I have met and the job was done with correctness and function. This vehicle is not a daily driver and should be considered a museum piece more than anything else. This Ghia has been restored to showroom condition.

Featured in the January 2005 issue of Hot VWs Magazine, this car has been recognized as one of the best examples of quality restoration in the country.

Totally awesome. I love the color and really appreciate that someone took the time to give this Ghia a rebirth. I can really see it sitting on a showroom floor just as the Beatles hit America. Would I pay $30k for it? No, but I’m not going to say it’s not worth it considering the time and love that went into making it perfect.