“Beginning and End” Drop Top Double Take – BMW M3 Duo

Could the M3 market get hotter? I bet it can, because there are a massive amount of enthusiasts who follow and lust after the cars, this author included. But in my general searches for cars this week popped up one of the more strange ads that I’ve seen in some time; it was an advertisement celebrating the beginning and end of M3 production, but in convertible form. And it was for not one, but two M3s – an E30 and a E93. Now, frankly right now it doesn’t really matter what type of E30 you come up with, there’s someone who wants it. But the convertibles, though more limited production than the coupes, are a bit of a different market. In short, they’re desirable, but for a different reason than the motorsport heritage that started the M brand. 2013 saw the death of what we associated with M3; a naturally aspirated 2-door overachiever that in many ways defined the market for small performance sedans. Is this listing a fitting tribute to the legend or just an attempt to capitalize on M3-mania?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 and 2013 BMW M3 Convertibles on eBay

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Green with Envy: 2013 BMW M3 Individual Java Green

When you have effectively the exact same car as many thousands of other enthusiasts, it’s hard to stand out. Countless Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen enthusiasts try their best to personalize cars, but the reality is that even when you select numerous individual details your car is still one of many that are probably pretty similar. One solution is to buy a car that’s fairly obscure and modify it to your liking; but you’ll struggle to have a car that’s like new and probably won’t function well as a daily driver. If you want something new, reliable and with a warranty, your options are limited – that is, of course, until you select some of the special options offered by Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW. All will paint your brand new car either one of their options outside of the normal color pallet for an additional fee; for a lot extra, they’ll even paint it any shade you can find anywhere. It’s an expensive option – but if I were thinking long term, it’s one I’d probably select. Chose wisely, and you’ll end up with a stunning package – one like this Java Green 2013 M3 Individual:


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Motorsport Mondays: Unconventional Updates – V8 E30 M3 and 944 3.0 16V

The Porsche 944 and BMW E30 are two of the most popular chassis to use in drivers events and club racing. Cheap, plentiful and effective, they’re usually turned up with race suspension, cages, and once you’ve run out of gusto, it’s not uncommon to see them get greater motivation. Generally for the 944, this means looking towards the turbocharged variant of the 2.5 liter inline-4 that was available from Porsche themselves; similarly, E30s receive a great swath of later Munich-based motors including the S50, S52 and even S54 if you’re really racey. But today there are two lesser-used mills powering this pair of perennial favorites. Which is the one for your sporting needs? Let’s start with the 944:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Porsche 944 on eBay

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Motorsport Mondays: BMW E92 M3 World Challenge

So you want to go the the race track, eh? I don’t blame you; I’ve been tracking cars for 15 years and went to the track with my father for years before that. It’s a fantastic experience, and addictive for most that are involved. It always seems to start off the same way, too – people come to the track with their daily driver, which is soon replaced by a much faster daily driver, which is then completely ruined as a road car in an effort to get the best lap times possible. Loud exhaust, uncomfortable seats, concrete suspension, ridiculous splitters that you leave on the curbs trying to get drive-up coffee, lots of attention from the local law enforcement who refer to you as “Mario”; if it hasn’t already happened to you, it surely will if you go to the track. This is, of course, not to even mention the expense of building a car to be a track weapon – if you don’t double your initial purchase price or more in modifications, you probably weren’t trying hard enough. That’s why it’s so appealing to buy a track car or – if you have the means – race car that someone else has already built and taken the depreciation bath on! But you don’t have to go all out and buy a full race team of championship winning cars – there are plenty of examples of “also rans” which would make a suitable track weapon for the weekend warriors. Such is the case with today’s example – an already fast car made much faster in the form of an BMW E92 World Challenge M3:


Year: 2009
Model: M3
Engine: 4.0 liter V8
Transmission: 7-speed DCT automatic
Mileage: N/A mi
Price: $49,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2009 E92 M3 World Challenge on Racingjunk.com

World Challenge E92 M3 (DCT)
-Fully Rebuilt World challenge spec engine built by Sunbelt.
-Around 4 Hr of race time on motor.
-C&R radiator/ Oil Cooler
-Setrab Trans Cooler
-Setrab Power steering Cooler
-4 piston Stoptech Front breaks w 355mm Floating rotors
-Custom Front break ducts
– HP Carbon Cooling backing plate ducts
-2 way Ohlins (Front/Rear)
– Upgraded mono ball
-multiple Ebich springs
-custom headdress
-Full custom Exhaust
-upgraded Front and rear sway bars
– Full SCCA pro racing approved roll cage
– Recently updated Safe craft fire system
– new Safcraft hans seat belts w/cam lock
– SCCA approved footwell protector
-Carbon fiber Recaro hans seat
-Carbon fiber hood
-Carbon fiber doors / factory BMW
-Carbon Fiber trunk
-Costom carbon fiber splitter made by prototype composites
-Lexon windows Front/rear/sides
-Aero Motions Carbon Rear Wing
-2 sets of apex
-3 wheels bbs
-Aim Evo 4 with dash
-Cool Suite. With out shirt.
-Works paddle shifters
-Momo steering wheel, non quick disconnect.
-custom dash relocation.
-Scca approved Kill switch.
-Pre wired safety light com
-Scca Approved safety nets Driver/Center
-2 trans
-1 trunk
-other mic parts

Seller Phone Number: (303) 929-3304
Seller Phone Number2: (720) 839-9348
This item is USED


I’ll save you some calculator time; adding up the modifications and spares listed will exceed the purchase price of this car. Heck, as I’ve said with multiple other race cars I’ve written up, getting a proper engine built will set you back half of the purchase amount. This car is certain to be fast at the track, and is really ideally set up for racing though you could utilize it for DE events. In that case you’d likely need to add a passenger seat which would throw off your corner balancing, so keep that in mind. Being that this car came from World Challenge, it’s probably had some or lots of body damage, so it’s best to check the car for frame twist prior to purchase, but at the advertised price it’s hard to see how you could go wrong. At around half the going rate for a Porsche 997 Cup Car, this car offers most of the same performance and certainly more than enough for any given driver unless your name ends in Said or Auberlen. Keep it long enough, and it will even be eligible for some vintage events in the distant future. If you have the room (and a trailer) to make this happen, there’s no cheaper way to go this fast.


2008 BMW M3 Sedan

The BMW M3 has been the mark that all other manufactureres strive for when it comes to the mid-sized sports sedan, and the E90 M3 is no exception. A departure from the legendary BMW inline six cylinders, the stout 4.0 Liter V8 in the E90 M3 is a welcome upgrade. The S65 V8 is capable of 414bhp and 295lb/ft of torque, 0-60 mph in just around four seconds and a staggering 8,400 RPM redline, all in a package that is almost 40lbs lighter than the inline six predecessor.

The E90 M3 is certainly the highest evolution of BMWs 3 series, and while you may not be making 8:10 passes at the Nurburgring, this M3 for sale in Alabama will be sure to put a smile on your face all the same when you mash the go pedal.

Year: 2008
Model: BMW
Engine: 4.0 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 40,966 miles
Price: Reserve auction

2008 BMW M3 Base on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 1.46.10 PM

Up for auction is my 2008 M3 Sedan I purchased August 4, 2012 from Global Imports BMW. I’m sure you are asking why I’m selling so soon. Well here’s the story. We were shopping for a car for my wife – looking at X5s, Q7s, and GL500s. We drove to Atlanta to spend a weekend together and goof off looking at cars. We happened upon the most beautiful, outrageous BMW I had ever seen. It has this trick leather interior that goes perfectly with the Silver exterior and I fell in love. I was/am turning 40 in March 2013 (purchaed the car August 2012) so my wife told me I should get it. What would you do? I’ve had a lifetime of buying myself a car every other year – mainly watercooled VWs and Porsches. I never had an M3 and it was on the list. The difference for me was this car is a $40,000 car plus warranty. I never had a problem with $5-10k cars just sitting in the garage but it seems a waste to have a depreciating asset in the garage. I love the car but I do not like driving dirty sports cars so it’s only driven once a month or so and now that I’ve got the car out of system I’m ready to pass it on.

The really good news for you is that I purchased an “Easy Care” “Total Care” warranty for 3 years/75,000 miles for a price of over $3,400. This is a transferable warranty and not some junk aftermarket warranty. You can call your local BMW dealer and ask if it is a legitimate company or not. I have acquantainces that work at the BMW dealer and they say the fix cars with this warranty all the time and there is no hassle. I have placed a little over 1,000 miles on the vehicle from the time of purchase of the warranty. The vehicle came to Global Imports as an off-lease car from a local doctor. This is a no stories car and I have kept is garaged the entire time of my ownership. The pictures will tell the story. No mechanical issues whatsoever.

It is a used car. There are maybe 3 or 4 small rock chips on the car, no dings, a few small scratches below the front spoiler that you need to lay on your belly to view, and the rear tires will need replacing in a few thousand miles (I was not harsh on the car but I did play in it a couple of times and it will smoke the tires – the car was not abused, I just had a little fun it one day 🙂 – if anyone tells you they never drove their M3 fast they are a liar).

Bottom line is this, if you are in the market for this car you will not be dissapointed. I have my own business, a wife, and 3 daughters and I do not sell vehicles for a living. Please have patience and send your questions to ebay or my email at sobrien@charterfire.com. I’m not a moron so don’t waste your time trying to scam me with too good to be true stories and outrageous lies. There is a lien on the car, after payment is received and funding is verified you can take possession of the vehicle and I will provide you with a bill of sale. I will pay off the remainder of the loan and have the title sent to you with urgency. The reserve is fair and I know I will not recoup my warranty cost and will lose some depreciation from original purchase price. Thank you for your interest.

This is a reserve auction, which may hinder a buyer’s ability to get a bargain.  While the silver is a great color for these cars, trhe light interior is certainly less desirable than the other options available. Preferences aside, this M# appears well kept, and with the warranty available this would make a great car for the right price.  With clean retail prices in the $37,000 range, this car should sell in the $34,000 to $35,000 ballpark given the options.


2006 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

Depreciation is a bad thing sometimes, but I guess that depends on what side of the transaction you are. When it comes to used flagship automobiles the only thing greater than the depreciation is the opportunity. In 2006 the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG was one of the most expensive cars on the road with a price tag of close to $170K, untouchable to most. Mercedes-Benz produced the S65 AMG as nothing but an exercise in power. The 6.0L Bi-Turbo V12 produced 604hp, and 738 ft-lbs of torque sending this heavy-weight to 60 mph in the mid 4 second range.

Fast forward 6 years to 2012, what was once the chariot for the rich and famous, is now something attainable by the masses. This beautiful low mileage grey over black S65 for sale in Houston, TX is a great way to get in to a high dollar car for the price of a new C Class.

2006 S65 AMG on eBay


This is certainly a lot of car for the money. As Mercedes-Benz’s flagship sedan in 2006 the MSRP of this monster was $169,000, making $38,000 a virtual bargain for such a clean example. With just a tick over 41,000 miles, there is still a lot of life left in this beauty. That life will include long smoky burnouts, $300+ oil changes, and 11 mpg (with a light foot). With all things considered, this is not a cheap car to own, maintain, or fix, but an almost 5000lb car that does 0-60 mph like a Ferrari, that’s a car right up my alley.