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Tuner Tuesday: 1990 Alpina B11 3.5

Update 7/8/18: The seller has dropped the price from the original $29,000 ask to $24,900 today.

I’ve shown in several recent Alpina posts that you really need to watch what you’re buying. As it’s still possible to get all of the parts from Alpinas and even replica dash plaques can be forged, it’s the details that help to establish that you’re barking up the right tree.

The last E32 Alpina we looked at was the replica B12 5.0. While it looked the part and featured correct Alpina parts, it was not an original build – something that makes a difference in the pricing. Yet that didn’t slow down bids the second time around, as a slick picture gallery and glaring omission that it was a later build from parts netted a $23,600 sale. For a non-original E32, that was seriously strong bidding. For example, we had featured a real B12 5.0 with very low mileage in pristine condition for $29,900 in 2016.

Today we have another E32, but this time it’s the lower-spec B11 with the M30-derived 3.5 liter inline-6. Looks wise, there’s little to differentiate these two models. While the E30, E28 and E34 models usually steal the headlines, I absolutely love the brutish look of the even larger 7 adorned with the signature Alpina treatment. So is this B11 the real deal, and is it a better deal?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990 Alpina B11 3.5on eBay

Year: 1990
Model: B11 3.5
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 126,000 km (78,292 mi)
Price: $24,900 Buy It Now

It’s time to sell my 1990 BMW Alpina B11 3.5. This is of the E32 chassis code and she is a wonderful car.

This car currently has about 78,000 miles on the engine and chassis, but the Alpina built and tuned m30b35 engine is legendary for its longevity and bulletproof design, that it has many more miles in it. It drive perfectly, stops perfectly, tracks straight and there are no unusual vibrations or noises. AC works great, no dead pixels in the OBC or cluster, and is ready for a new owner.

Here is some information from when I purchased the car:

This is Original Alpina B11 3.5 complete car. Prodution number 275 out of world limited 332 cars.
This Japanese Alpina authorized dealer model sold in Japan 1989 Dec. No accident, original 120000km (75000miles) all authentic mint condition car. 254hp with top speed 248km (155miles)
Now US market allowed to import this car so dont miss this rare super saloon. so dont miss it!

Make: BMW
Model: Alpina B11 E32
Year: 1990
Body Type: Standard Car
Doors: 4
Seats: 5
Steering Position: Left-hand drive
Owners: 3
VIN: WAPBB35009BB30275
Alpina B11 No 275 / 332

78,292 miles, 126,000 km

exterior, electric

Exterior Color: Black (Metallic)

Super clean. always kept inside garage. no dent no scratches no fade perfect exterior.
Alpina original spoliers. 17inch wheels. Alpina B11 originally lowered suspension.
Diamond BLK with gold Alpina stripe. All perfectly working order. A/C works really good too

nterior Color: Black

Alpina B11 BLK leather seats. Original Alpina B11 interiors (very good condition soft leather)
Alpina caution plate (Production 0275) door panels even carpets all original Alpina B11(Blue with Green stripes) Alpina B11 originaly has Builstain gas stiffer shockes and shhorter springs. very tight and stiff. staible handring.
17inch original ALpina wheels are perfect shape. 235/45+265/40 wide tires looks so cool. Pirelli P-zero nero 70% tread.
engine, equipments

Engine Size: 3430 cc
Cylinders: 6
Power: 261 BHP

Engine mainteined perfectly and sounds very healthy. Strong power
Especially driving on freeway amazing!!
transmission, special features

Transmission: Automatic

Perfect. no time lag, shocks very smooth Only 332 cars were produced officially. This is original authentic Alpina B11 # 275
Add this car to your collection.
1989 BMW Alpina B11 #275
history records
Sold at Alpina authorized dealer (Nicole Japan) on Dec 1989.
3 owners most records available
maintenance records
Mainteined perfectly. most records available
Nicole ALpina hand book comes with the car

Please call me with any questions on the car. I am happy to answer and help assist you with information. I’ve taken care of the car and replaced important parts while in my possession. My name is Gil and my phone number is (916) 997-4511.

Thank you for looking!

Visually, the car looks right; it has the right stripes, the right wheels, and the right chin spoiler. The ride height looks right and the gallery depicts great condition throughout. Maintenance records are claimed to be available, though part of the listing description appears to be pulled from the site that the current seller bought it from. Yet the real importance is the VIN and chassis number, and thankfully we’re right on there – a WAP VIN ending in 275 corresponds to the chassis number which is documented in the Alpina Archives.

Pricing? Well, you don’t have to be a detective to see that they’re asking more than the replica B12 sold for, and an equal amount to the real B12 5.0 which had lower mileage. The market is a bit hotter now on these cars than it was a few years ago, but I don’t think it’s advanced that much. I’d guess this car will likely come up a few more times with some price reductions before it will sell.



  1. mygti
    mygti April 3, 2018

    I’ve always liked the look of the e32. Especially with the alpina treatment. Price seems like all the money plus 15 grand. How would this car compare to an e32 750?

  2. Chris Graff
    Chris Graff April 3, 2018

    I ended up purchasing this one:
    a couple months ago.

    The biggest problem with cars this vintage is two fold:
    – poor repair work done by mechanics who don’t know these cars.
    – age/lack of use related wear.

    #178 suffers from both of these issues. My friend and i are currently more than $6k in parts alone (at cost) into the engine bay (and associated components) and drivetrain and suspension. This is on top of the purchase price which was commensurate with teh mid-to-high 20s that this B11 and the B12 in Canada probably sold for. Crumbling plastics and rubber is the rule here and the V12s are essentially x2 in everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if most E32s suffer from this. ALL of the items that need attention as noted on all the websites and forums are needed – these cars are approaching 30 years of age. They were relatively complex and all rubber/plastics perish through age and heat.

    You essentially need a deep wallet to get everything right, or a half size deep wallet and a lot of TLC and time if you DIY things yourself. Good looks always hide many niggling problems and issues. And unless you have records or a good mechanic to look things over, budget accordingly to maintain these cars.

    Luckily Alpina did verify that #178 is the real deal, engine S/N and Chassis S/N. They will do that as a courtesy if you email their archives department.

    The V12s are super smooth and a dream to drive when everything is put right (even when it’s not they are a good drive, amazingly). The M30 based motors are a little lacking in a car this size, but do scoot when prodded. Alpina prices in Europe have risen a good amount over the last 2-4 years. Looks like US asking prices are on the rise too.

  3. Bernard
    Bernard April 3, 2018

    @Chris Graff Thanks for all the interesting info on your purchase. Did you consider buying the Hartge H26 the dealer had for sale before going for your Alpina ?

  4. Chris Graff
    Chris Graff April 4, 2018


    Yes I did but I already have an e30, and had my eyes set for more luxury and a v12 this time. Plus I think e32s are undervalued vs e30s.

    Regarding the dealer and this car; he definitely “over” represented it. He did a lot of work to it based on records but it was ham fisted. We’re redoing a lot of things. This particular car also suffered from long term non use in Japan and less than ideal storage there. Plus deferred maintenance. Notwithstanding Germans built this car pretty tough, but it can only take so many years of abuse before stuff cries uncle. Also this car in particular with the V12 and lack of room in engine compartment and heat from V12 kills all the rubber and plastic in there. Even the alternator wire to the battery was crispy falling apart (typical problem on V12s).

    The dealer also owns an Alpina b10bt , but I would definitely be buyer beware and negotiate hard on anything he sells. Luckily I still have a lot of room financially to make this car shine. And I would recommend flying in and seeing the car before buying it. Local PPI I had done was worthless.

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