1999 Porsche 911

The year 1999 was perhaps one of the most significant years for Porsche in recent memory, as it signaled the beginning of a new era for the venerable 911. Gone were the direct links to the past, such as air-cooled engines, round headlamps and fixed quarter light glass. The type 996 was indeed an all new design, by famed stylist Harm Lagaay and while it didn’t share any components with its predecessor, it did share much of its front end with the less expensive, mid-eingined Boxster. While some 911 purists derided the new model, it did bring about evolutionary touches to increase usability, while retaining the trademark rear-engined layout. Over a decade later, prices for 996s have lagged behind other, more desirable 911s, but it allows less wealthy enthusiasts access to the brand. This particular 911 is owned by our reader Joe and is very well sorted despite having just passed the 100,000 mile mark.

1999 Porsche 911

For sale: 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera C2 coupe. WP0AA2990XS623132. Production Date: June, 1998. Engine Type: M96

Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 100,679
Asking price: $19,400

I have the California title in-hand. Payment should be by wire transfer, check, or cash. Car is located in Los Angeles area. Please contact me via email: joe@joe250.com. I searched far and wide for this car. I wanted an LSD-equipped, no accident, all-original paint 996 coupe. It had 60,000 miles when I purchased it 2 years ago. I used it as my daily driver and racked up 40,000 miles in short order. My job requires me to drive all over California. It only let me down once when the crank position sensor started to go. Other than that it has been a fantastic car to own and drive. It is plenty fast, comfortable around town and perfect for long drives. I have never raced the car or used it at track days. I drive the car quickly at times but I never abuse it (no revving past 4,000 until fully warmed, rev-matching on downshifts, etc.). It is so easy to drive and comfortable that it is easy to foget just how fast this car is. It is a shockingly quick car on a twisty road, which I would be happy to demonstrate for any potential buyer. The car continues to be accident-free and is now parked until it sells. I decided to sell because my work continues to increase the amount of driving I do and because I will soon have another sports car.


I have spared no expense maintaining the car. I performed the routine items myself (oil changes, brakes, shocks, etc.) and relied on two reputable shops to tackle the bigger stuff – The Rennshop in San Jose and Werks II in Burbank. Anything they recommended I have fixed or replaced, I did without exception.

Recent work includes a brake fluid flush, transmission fluid flush, new Porsche floor mats, a new Interstate battery and new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires f&r 7,000 miles ago. Included are the original books, 2 working master keys with built-in remote, 1 valet key, 3 extra oil filters with crush rings, the original un-used tool kit, the original (working) stereo, original headlight bulbs, wheel lock key, and all the service records for the car.

Car was just inspected at 99,000 miles by Werks II in Burbank and was given a clean bill of health. Everything on the car works, no exceptions. Car needs nothing mechanically. Paint has a few rock chips and door dings. Interior has some minor scuffing on the driver seat and the usual scratched paint on the front trunk release lever. Overall though the car looks very good for being 13 years old.


When the rear main seal started to weep oil, I had it upgraded with the latest 997 style replacement, upgraded to a sport clutch and lightweight flywheel, and had the LN Engineering IMS bearing kit installed. When the front lower control arm bushings started to go last year, I upgraded to the GT3 adjustable LCA’s and added a tiny bit more negative camber in the front. I upgraded to the ROW Sport suspension, replaced the replica Carrera 5-spoke wheels with genuine Porsche/BBS Carrera 5-spoke wheels, installed a Porsche short shift kit, and a Kenwood head unit. This includes a Garmin navigation system with touchscreen, a DVD movie player, MP3 audio, Sirius/XM satellite radio, and iPod plug. (Note: No wires were cut as part of the install. I used an aftermarket adapter which simply plugs into the original harness.) I had the windows tinted with the lightest 3M tint available both to keep the interior cooler as well as to protect the interior from UV. A previous owner had installed a set of HID bulbs, which are quite effective.


I don’t know the exact amount but this was an $80,000+ car when new and included a few interesting options, like the LSD, aluminum gauge faces and chrome door sills with ‘Carrera’ script. Here is a break-down of the option codes and their original cost:
Type 996 110 $67,463
Engien code / Trans Code M9601 – 68W G9600 – 00
Paint No. L92U Arctic Silver Metallic (water-based pearl effect) $805
Interior AY
C02 Catalytic Converter
X54 Oval Chrome Exhaust Pipes $747
X70 Metal Door Sill with Insignia $425
X71 Aluminum Instrument Dials $855
041 ?
220 Locking Differential 40%
222 Traction control system $1,215
224 Active Brake Differential
413 Pressure-cast light alloy 18″ Turbo look wheels $1,190
425 Rear wiper $345
437 Comfort seat left (Full power seat left – optional)
438 Comfort seat right
490 Hi-Fi sound system – optional $830
537 Left seat with positrol (memory) and lumbar
659 Onboard computer $275
692 Remote CD changer (6-disc) $715
936 Leather seats rear
983 Leather seats front $1,520
09991 Exclusive Options Program (?)
Floor mats $110
Destination Charge $765
Luxury Tax ?
Partial total: $77,260

When comparing this car to others of similar age and mileage, please keep in mind the cost to bring them up to the same level of mechanical condition (IMS bearing upgrade, lightweight flywheel and clutch, etc.) and to have the same types of modifications (LSD, wheels, shortshifter, stereo/nav system, etc.). You’ll see that this car is a relative bargain.

This 911 has had a great amount of care lavished on it. Looking at pictures, things like scratch-free door handles and crystal clear headlamps are the mark of a careful owner who appreciates fine machinery. I have to admit, the 996 was never my favorite 911, but being the 911 fan that I am, a vehicle such as this is making me rethink my stance on this particular generation of 911 in the chances that I may move out of my Cooper S in the near future.


L-O-L-A Lola… Porsche Lola Race Car For Sale

Well here is something you don’t see every day.  A Porsche Lola race car that was backed by the factory and raced from 2000-2002.  I will shut up and get to the description as this is a pretty amazing specimen.

Porsche Lola Race Car:

From the seller –

“A great investment opportunity. This Porsche was made in one example…..

Developed by Norbert Singer at Porsche Germany and Brad Kettler, now Audi Motorsport, both with huge experience from Porsche 917, 935, 962 GT-1´s and Audi´s race cars as  R8´s and up and with many wins at LeMans, Daytona, Sebring etc.

Our car raced by Champion Racing in the USA from 2000 to 2002 as a Porsche backed up car & team.  This chassie was delivered from Lola in UK, as a model year 2000, and is built up with a monocoque from carbon fiber.  The engine is the massive Porsche GT-1 evo ( fyi. GT-1 engines have a price tag of +200 000 USD ) with over 1000 Hp and the strong sequencial 6 speed Porsche gearbox from the GT-1.

Carbon fiber brakes and/or steel.  The car is ready to sit in a serious collectors show room or be used as a winning car at the track for Historical race ( race support can be organized ).  There are tons of spare parts (many of them brand new) which goes with the deal. For more info about the spares and other documents included, please e-mail me, and I will reply with photos and more info.

The car was one of the invited Porsche stars at the huge Porsche event 2011, Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV, Mazda raceway/Laguna Seca. It had a spot in the nice “VIP” tent, where it was signed by Norbert Singer & Porsche factory driver Sascha Maassen, who drove the car.

As it is build as a reace car, there are NO title or VIN number on this car.

Ill take all kinds of trade ins, as road cars like Porsches, Mercedes to Ferraris, Astons etc. 1, 2 or 3 cars. Or if you have a nice condo or and old airplane or a boat. Anything fun including some funds. For sale as a investor price. We have a realistic reserve price.

The buyer will make big profit within some years as all other Porsche race cars.”

Some things to ponder from the description:

  • The shell was delivered by Lola and is built entirely of carbon fiber.
  • This car is powered by a GT1 Evo motor that can produce 1,000 horsepower.
  • These motors can run up to $200k.
  • Lots of spares included, probably enough to have a good head start on a second car.
  • Just so you know, the seller is willing to take a car, cars, or property in trade.

This is great and all but you would have to be a racing fanatic to buy something such as this.  It is good for two things, as a museum piece or on the track.  I am pretty confident in my driving abilities but I would need a double set of depends to pilot this 1,000 hp beast around the track.

That said, if you are into that kind of thing this is a rare opportunity to own a factory Porsche race car.  Bidding opens at $75k, reserve not me.  Anyone have a spare condo they are not using?


Ultra Low Mile 1986 Porsche Carrera For Sale

To me, there are few things in this world as pleasing to the eye as a ’85-’89 Porsche Carrera.  I am not alone, these cars sold quite well considering the economics at the time and driven, driven, and driven some more.  Super low mile examples such as this are very hard to find.

1986 Porsche Carrera:

From the seller –

“1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe, Guards Red/Black, 19k miles, 5 speed manual. Outstanding – always garaged, original paint in as new condition – no accidents. This is an opportunity to get close to a new 3.2 coupe in 2012 – perfect interior, all trim, gaskets, moldings. Factory options – sport seats, front and rear spoilers, cruise control, rear wiper, central locking sysytem, intensive washer system, headlight washers, blaupunkt reno 2 headunit. Added BBS 16×7 and 16×8 period correct 3 piece wheels and momo black shift knob – all else is original. Performs excellent, no leaks of any kind. Original wheels and shift knob no longer with the car, no records, compressor and tool kit.”

A couple of things give me pause, no records, compressor or tool kit.  For goodness sakes, track that down!  For $28k I think those looking for a car like this would want these things.  Or, maybe it’s just me.

The wheels, while period correct, they were ugly in the 80’s.  Now they are just awful.  1986 is also a tweener year for these cars.  You don’t get the G50 transmission but this does not bother me as much as it may trouble others.

On the other hand, this Carrera is pristine.  The interior looks new, the underside is clean, the block is dry.  The price of $28.5k does not seem all that prohibitive.  I have seen low mileage examples such as this being held for a king’s ransom so it is refreshing that the seller has his/her expectations based in reality.



1987 Porsche 911 Carrera

For years I’ve had the Porsche Carrera 3.2 on the back of my mind. Ever since driving a 1984 hardtop when I was on my learner’s permit back in high school, I’ve been hung up on these things. It’s like your first love; for some reason, you never forget it. There’s no shortage of low mileage 3.2 coupes, targas and cabriolets out there, but prices are strong. In most cases, you’re looking at $25,000 on up. Every now and then, I see one being driven around the urban jungle. True, they look beat up cosmetically, but it’s a testament to the durability of older Porsches. Not only are they high performance machines, but they can handle the traffic and weather that East coast cities can throw at them, sometimes twenty and thirty years on. This particular 3.2 for sale is particularly tempting for me, as it is for sale right in my backyard and has had a series of hardcore enthusiasts own it. With some attractive performance upgrades and a full mechanical rebuild at 160,000 miles, this car is making the right noises.

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera on eBay

Welcome to my 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera. The 3.2 Carrera represents one of the greatest Porsches ever made. From 1984 to 1989, this 911 represented the peak of 911 evolution and stands today as a great blend between the classic and modern 911. I am not a car dealer, I am an individual selling my own personal car. I’ve been active on ebay for twelve years, with a perfect 100% feedback record. I intend to keep it that way. I will disclose to you here absolutely everything I know about this fantastic car. Test drives are welcome, just let me know when you’d like to come over. Professional inspection at one of the area Porsche shops is also welcome, contact me for details if you are interested. Please note that all test drives and inspections must be completed by the end of the auction; this is a no-reserve auction, and when it’s over, the high bidder wins.

The first thing I will say, is please do not write this one off due to the mileage. There are plenty of all original one-owner Carreras out there with only 80k or 100k miles or so on them. Those cars are great – if you’re looking for a saggy worn out car that will cost you thousands to refresh, or if you just want a car that looks nice in your driveway. If you want a real drivers car, one that has been impeccably maintained, and one that has had a full mechanical rebuild, is tight and crisp, and is ready for many more years of reliable service, then keep reading:

This car has a documented provenance of Porsche enthusiast ownership here in the Washington, DC area. I have owned this spectacular 1987 Carrera for 7 years now, since 2005. I purchased it from Bill Hagy, a manager/owner of RPM Performance, a local Porsche specialist. Just before he decided to sell the car, Bill rebuilt the engine, rebuilt the transmission, rebuilt the suspension with all new rubber bushings and shock absorbers, and rebuilt all four brake calipers. It had essentially a mechanical “total makeover”, returning it to like-new mechanical condition. It literally drives and runs like new! There is no smoke at cold start-up. There is no oil leaks or drips, none whatsoever! The entire underside of the engine is bone dry. Good luck finding another air-cooled 911 with a tight dry engine. You only get this with a high quality rebuild! Bill used this car for years as his daily driver before retiring, and selling the car to me. Prior to Bill’s ownership, this car was owned by Marvin Jennings. Marvin is the current Technical Chair of the DC Region Porsche Club. He knows his Porsches! As you can see, this is not some mystery beater car from a shady dealer. This is a mechanically excellent enthusiast owned car, with no excuses. A thick folder full of many years of service records and receipts is included with the car.

Please scroll down and take a look at the photos. I have tried to photograph the vehicle from every possible angle. As you can see the paint is spectacular, and looks great in the sun. There is not a single dent or ding or scratch anywhere on the body, not one! The front end has 3M clear bra applied to keep rock chips away and keep it looking perfect. The drivers door handle has the usual scuffs from rings and keys, and there is a chip in the clear coat right next to the handle. It’s very minor and is not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. The wheels and tires are excellent. Recent Toyo T1R tires with lots of tread life remaining. The wheels all look great, no dents, no curb rash, no damage at all. One of the rear hub caps is missing, as you can see. They are inexpensive and readily available if you want to replace it. There is an aftermarket oil cooler scoop on the front bumper, passenger side. It is a popular aftermarket item for these Carreras, as it directs more cooling air into the oil-cooler. The scoop is painted to match the body so it looks almost factory. There is a marker light that goes in place of that scoop, should your state inspection require it to be present. Yes, the original marker light and mounting hardware are included with the car. On the front of the car, you will notice that it is equipped with the factory black rubber “chin spoiler”, a nice factory upgrade. The 911’s suspension is of a fully adjustable design. The ride height has been set to Euro ride height, which is just a hair lower than US ride height. Most people think the tall US ride height looks funny, and leaves large gaps in the wheel wells, while the Euro ride height looks more sporting. The suspension has Bilstein Sport shock absorbers. The tie rod ends have been upgraded with 911 turbo tie rod ends. The side mirrors on this car have been upgraded. I had the local Porsche specialist swap the black square shaped Carrera mirrors for the more curvy and attractive Porsche 993 “aero” mirrors. It is all Genuine Porsche parts, and the power mirror functions all work perfectly. I think it looks way better than the older “flag” style of mirrors.

Mechanically, this car is excellent. Not just “good”, or “okay”, but excellent. As I mentioned earlier, the engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes all had a complete rebuild at 160k miles in 2004. The car has only driven about 40k miles since then, so it still drives like new! Before you decide on that garage queen with only 90k original miles, please please go test drive it. Then come test drive mine. I know that other one will feel clunky, saggy, and worn-out in comparison. The engine has received all the factory recommended updates including the newer cylinder head temperature sensor, 911 turbo valve covers, and 911 turbo engine mounts. It has been run exclusively on Brad Penn and Redline brand high ZDDP oils. The gearbox oil has been changed annually, with Redline synthetic. The valves have been adjusted annually. All other filters have been changed annually. There is no “Made in China” or no-name brand service parts on this car. You know all the usual high quality German and European car parts suppliers, Mahle, Mann, Zimmerman, Brembo, Bosch, etc. The battery is an Optima Red Top. The catalytic converter was replaced in 2009, and will easily pass the strictest of state emissions tests.

The front brakes have been upgraded to the aluminum four-piston Brembo’s you see on later model 911’s. This particular upgrade came from VCI, and cost nearly $2000. It uses Porsche 964 calipers and 951 rotors. All Genuine Porsche parts! No weird one-off or strange parts to track down, it’s all proper Porsche parts. I had VCI media blast and powdercoat the calipers in the original gloss black. They rebuilt them with Genuine Brembo seals and pistons. One of the biggest complaints about the 3.2 Carrera is that its brakes were not upgraded significantly over the previous model, despite adding significant horsepower. You won’t have that complaint, because you’ve got Porsche 4-piston Brembos and huge 951 turbo rotors now! As an added bonus, the 964 brake pads and 951 brake rotors actually cost less than the original 3.2 Carrera service parts. Better performance, lower service cost, all Genuine Porsche parts.

The interior of this car is two tone, with cream colored carpets and door panels, and black seats and trim. The interior is in fair condition, no glaring defects or severely worn-out stuff. Unlike the mechanicals, the interior has not been updated or refreshed in any way, so it’s starting to show its age. The top of the dashboard has a thin crack, as do most cars of this age. The passenger’s knee pad has a dime sized tear in it. The drivers seat has one or two seams that are just barely starting to open up at the corners. It’s been that way since I bought it though, and hasn’t gotten any worse, so I’ve left it alone. The sunroof does not open. It does not leak either, so I’ve left it alone. The CD stereo was high end for 2001, but is dated by today’s standards, and it recently stopped working. There’s a CD trapped inside, a bonus for you if you can figure out how to retrieve it! 🙂 The air conditioning is disconnected and does not work. These cars have over 40 feet of ac hoses and dozens of o-rings, and the whole system is an old R12 design and needs to be replaced with modern R134a components to have good cold ac. Anyone who is selling one of these cars and says “maybe it needs to be recharged?” is either clueless or is trying to deceive you. There are several aftermarket ac kits designed specifically for the 911, take a look at Rennaire, Griffiths, and IceAC. No matter whose 911 you buy, if it’s older than 1990, you’ll need to replace the hoses, condensers, and compressor from one of those three suppliers. It’s a common upgrade and very straightforward bolt-on install, and now you know.

While it might need a good detail and have mismatched front seats (I don’t believe they came from the factory this way), I am drawn to this car because it appears to be mechanically sound from the extensive description. The upgrades, rebuild and lowered stance make it even more appealing. This would be the kind of classic that I could envision using on a regular basis. Now, to convince myself to keep holding on to that R53 in the garage and not go for a test drive in this thing…..


Well Sorted Porsche 993 For Sale

It has been a year and a half since I sold my E39 M5.  It just does not make sense for me to have a car since I always seem to have several around I can drive.  The problem is none of them could be considered “enthusiast” vehicles by any means.  Frankly I am surprised I have held out as long as I have.

While it makes no sense whatsoever I have been having sinful thoughts about Porsche 993’s.  Maybe I will just get one for the summer.  Hopefully by the fall I will have come to my senses and I can go back to driving worn XC90’s and spunky MINI Coopers?  The problem is I don’t have the time to restore one, I need something turn key and ready to go.

A little something like this…

1995 Porsche 993:

Here is a great description from the seller –

“I figure I’m going to have to write this if I intend to sell the car, so here goes: Speed Yellow 993 C2. Never been smoked in, never been in an accident, never been in snow, and has VERY rarely seen rain. I shipped it in from California, where it was religiously maintained at High Performance House (650.364.6234). I have most records since new. It’s immaculate. Without getting into specifics, it pulls very hard, stops very well, and handles great.

Definitive “reluctant sale.” I don’t have to sell the car, and I’m finding that it’s killing me to write this. Porsche guys talk about buying cars that are “fully sorted” – this car is definitely that. Only thing it could use is a center taillight piece. I have the Autocheck (which is clear) and the VIN if you’re interested in doing a Carfax (which is clear) instead. The car has been maintained by Taylor Chapman (of Chapman Auto Works – 703.467.9130) since its arrival in Virginia. I would think that either shop would vouch for the condition 993 in a heartbeat.

Here’s the list.

Car (OEM):

1995 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera Coupe

Speed Yellow (almost perfect – couple of tiny nicks in the clear bra and one on the rear fender – see photos)

Black Interior (perfect and immaculate. No sun warping, genuinely rare condition)

Six-speed manual (shifts smooth)

Limited Slip Differential

Sport steering wheel (v.rare)


Carbon Fiber/Aluminum shifter/e-brake package (v.rare)

Motor Sound Package

111,2xx miles


“Big Red” twin-turbo brakes

Pagid Orange brake pads

Motul SuperBlue fluid

Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines

Functional front brake ducts

H&R coil-over suspension (springs, shocks) (Less than 500 miles ago)

H&R sway bars (Less than 500 miles ago)

993 Carrera RS endlinks

Polyurethane sway bar mounts

Elephant Racing fully-heim jointed/spherical bearing suspension (very streetable, shockingly)

Aligned/corner balanced to Carrera RS Clubsport specification. Handles brilliantly.

993 Carrera RS Steering rack bracket added

993 Carrera RS strut tower brace


Weltmeister short shifter/brass Carrera RS bushings

993 Carrera RS engine mounts

993 Carrera RS clutch

993 Carrera RS flywheel

Redline synthetic gearbox oil

Fabspeed dual SS high-flow catalytic converters (Less than 500 miles ago)

GIAC Chip programmed by Steve Weiner


Recaro Pole Position seats (as in 993 RS), leather/alcantara, aluminum mounts

Mounting points for 5-point harnesses installed, will include harnesses separately if desired

New OE battery installed; Optima Yellow Top new in box (Less than 500 miles ago)

Brushed aluminum interior door handles installed


Custom-made Forgeline wheels, 18×8, 18×10 (Less than 500 miles ago)

Flat black interior powdercoat

Gloss black lip powdercoat

Titanium fastening hardware

Nitto INVO, 235/40R18, 275/35R18 (Less than 500 miles ago)


993 Carrera RS Clubsport rear bumper (OEM)

993 Carrera RS Clubsport front lip/taco holders (Duraflex) (Less than 500 miles ago)

993 Carrera RS Clubsport rear wing (Duraflex, with OEM seal) (Less than 500 miles ago)

993 Carrera RS Clubsport side skirts – custom fitment by Piper Motorsport

Parts professionally painted to match by Mr. Spoiler in Manassas, VA

3M Clear Bra

Paint Correction, detailed (Less than 300 miles ago)

Recent Maintenance:

Sunroof seal replaced (preventative, less than 100 miles ago).

Excellent leakdown/compression – pulls very hard (Less than 500 miles ago)

Valve cover gasket job just done – car does not leak a drop (Less than 500 miles ago)

Oil change just done (Mobil 1 synth) (Less than 500 miles ago)

Professionally serviced by Taylor Chapman – no $ spared.

New slave cylinder (Less than 500 miles ago)

New O2 sensors (Less than 500 miles ago)

Complete tune up including new Beru spark plug wires, Bosch plugs, distributor caps/rotors (Less than 2,000 miles ago)

DME Relay replaced (Less than 2,000 miles ago)

Catalytic converters replaced

ICV cleaned

Could Use:

A new taillight center bit (see small chip in photos)

Price: $37,500.”

Sure yellow would not be my first choice and I would want to go with the stock deck lid but other than that there is so much right with this car.  The brake upgrade, exhaust, spotless interior, and wheels compliment this very nice 993.  The asking price of $37.5k is not out of the realm of possibility either and I am sure $35k would get it sold quickly.

This 993 looks like a car that costs twice as much and has the performance to back it up.  Here is to hoping it finds a good home.


25k Mile 1974 Porsche 914 Time Machine

I am on a 914 jag of late.  My guess is that winter is thawing and open air motoring is not far behind.  That and I miss my 914, like may of you I have sold several cars I should have kept.  I am sure I will do it again.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

1974 Porsche 914:

From the seller –

“First purchased in Texas at Forest Lane Porsche Audi, where DPD air conditioning was installed. Other than the a/c and recently replaced visors, this 1974 appears as original as the day she left the factory. Original paint, upholstery, and even spare tire.
Paintwork is in extremely nice original condition. a few rock chips and door chips, but those the patina of her super low 25,000 miles.

Originally purchased by Dr. James Reese of Rockwall TX, the car was often seen around the small town as his daily driver. At approximately 12,000 miles, he sold it to a young man, Greg Foerster also if Rockwall Texas, who drove it sparingly until 1987. In that year, at 25,000 miles, he parked it in his grandmother’s garage under cover, and left it.

Oly Blue sat almost completely undisturbed for 23 years.

Some 23 years later, Mr. Foerster, now living in CA, was reminded that he still owned this little babyand he might want to remove it from its hiding spot. A friend of his posted it on this site for sale as is in July of 2010.
It received a lot of attention at that time, and Wayne Fry, living in the area, volunteered to go take pics for me and other interested buyers. Under 23 years of dust was a virtual 914 time machine.

I bought the car from the pics and history, and set about getting her running again. Much, much cleaning, effort, and money was spent on bringing her back to life.

Thanks to Steve Floyd at Desert Performance and Don Kravig of Precision Motion for all mechanical work.

So here she is, one of the lowest mileage, original condition Porsche 914 I have ever heard of. Before she goes to auction, or E-Bay where she is sure to be snapped up by a European buyer and returned to her homeland, I offer her here for the 914 brethren.

Asking Price is $21,000 Firm will consider interesting partial trades, especially Porsche.”

Fascinating story, I can’t recall seeing a low mileage example anywhere near as nice as this in some time.  The seller could really ask a hefty sum but in this case I don’t think $21k is out of line.

I appreciate him offering this wonderful example to the Porsche community first.  A more enterprising lad would toss it up on eBay and watch it wind up back in the motherland.  Let’s stop the madness, someone stateside needs to own and love this little 914 for the rest of its days.


Rough 1974 Porsche 914 Bumblebee For Sale

We have featured these cars, um, in much better shape before but the prices for those 914’s are somewhere in the $20k range.  Here is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, so to speak.  This is one of 500 “bumblebee” edition 914’s.  These cars are getting harder to find so beggars cannot be choosers.

1974 Porsche 914 Bumblebee:

From the seller –

“1974 Porsche 914 limited edition find of the week.

We are thrilled this week to offer you our fellow 914 enthusiast this fabulous “bumblebee” limited edition running restoration.  As we all know these limited edition models were the only special 914 models ever made and only 500 of the white with orange and 500 of the black with yellow were ever made, thus making them one of the rarest 914s in history.

Current restored values of these cars are in the 25,000 dollar plus range and with the six cylinder versions hitting the ceiling, this is the next 914 to go sky high.

Equipped standardly with the fabulous 2.0 engine, front and rear sway bars, dual horns, driving lights, center console with gauges, Mahle wheels and rear anodized roll bar chrome, these cars had additionally color keyed bumpers and rocker panels as well as

bold negative stripes and specially designed factory front spoiler.

This car additionally has installed the so called “factory” air conditioning, an option provided by the Porsche audi volkswagen network but always installed at the dealer before new car delivery.

Although this 914 looks a little sad, as you can see by the pictures, the car is very very straight with light rust except for the  battery area, which results in the frame rail rusting as well.

Someone has “executed” a crude repair in this area which of course will have to be redone, but luckily we make all of the reproduction parts and actually repair these cars daily in our award winning restoration shop.

You will be thrilled to be the high bidder on this piece of Porsche history never to be repeated.  As you can see by the factory letter, the car comes with its pedigree, and all of the many pictures show you that the restoration is not comprehensive what so ever. ( We like 914s the best because they are simple cars with half of the parts of a 911 or a 356 and very straight forward so even the amateur restorer can complete a fine job! “

Auto Atlanta is an excellent organization, I have been buying parts from them for close to 20 years.  I consider them an authority on all things 914 so I trust their description without hesitation.

So, what is this Bumblebee worth?  My guess, as rough as it is, somewhere in the $7.5-8k range.  Factor in another $10k for resto and you will have an excellent Bumblebee to show and/or drive.  I will be curious to see where this auction ends up.  Bidding currently sits at $2.9k with the reserve not met.


Ruf Something Or Other For Sale – 1980 Porsche 930

So… if I am the kind of guy that has a Ruf car in his/her garage I am going to know exactly what I have.  Here we have a Ruf tuned 1980 Porsche 930.

What level of tune, I have no idea.  CTR?  BTR?  Not sure, but it has 475 horsepower whatever it is.

1980 Ruf Porsche 930 For Sale:

From the seller –

“ruf 1985 930 911 turbo 475 din .hp power very fast car one of the fastest cars of the 80 top speed 200 Q mile low 12 mint condtion have owned fore 17 year very rare car call bill 774=249596. TH CAR IS A 1985 GERMAN CAR IS A RUF HAS MA TITLE SO SAME CAR GO THROUGH BARRET JAKSON FOR 129000.”

What?  I am not even sure what this means.  My guess it the seller bought a 1980 Porsche 930 and had some Ruf updates installed.  This is not to be confused with a factory built CTR or BTR.  Those cars can cost anywhere from $60-130k.  This is a very nice car and very very fast.  Probably a $50k car all day long.

You know what would be nice, some more detail.  I hate having to guess at what we are looking at.  But other than some cryptic pictures we don’t have much to go on.  The exhaust and wheels are Ruf spec but without a motor shot there is no way of knowing what level of tune we are looking at.

Potential buyers, it’s time to start asking questions.  The ambiguity of the ad might make for a good buying opportunity for the right person.

Be careful out there!



Ripping Deal: 1973 Porsche 914 Track Monster For Sale

I realize the term, ripping deal, means different things to different people.  But to me, a clean 914 with the heartbeat of a 1989 Carrera, five lug conversion, and all kinds of extra parts has got to be worth $15k.

1973 Porsche 914 For Sale:

From the seller –

“1973 Porsche 914 3.2 L six (aka Pearl)

5 lug conversion with 911 alloy front cross member w bilsteins
Goodrich G-force 205x55x16 tires with less than 2000 miles on them
Carerra front brakes and ventilated discs all around
180 lb springs with KYB rear shocks
Front sway bar
4 refinished Fusch 6×16 wheels with a fifth one as a spare
Engine is from a 1989 Carerra with less than 60K miles
Setrabs largest oil cooler in front trunk with fan
Battery moved to rear trunk
Crankfire ignition and Megasquirt II ECM
New high impedance fuel injectors
Fuel pressure gauge/regulator
Kennedy adaptor plate and stage II clutch and flywheel
914-6 body reinforcement panels installed
All rust repaired with new sheet metal from restoration design
Epoxy primed and undercoated after sand blasting
New windshield with updated weather seal
Dual exhaust custom mufflers
New interior seat covers and OEM dash pad
Innovate AFR, oil temp and pressure gauges
Wide band O2 sensor
Extras and spares:
901 transmission
6061 alloy Hd aluminum intermediate plate for 901
Extra gear set for 5th gear
Door panels and misc interior and weather stripping
A-arms, rear swing arms 4-lug hubs parts and brakes
Under dash “OEM” Air conditioning unit
Years of accumulated stuff.
I don’t know if I’m getting old or have just lost interest.
I have taken it to Texas World speed way for PCA DE events, and it is an amazing little track car. The car is fast enough to scare you handles really well she deserves a really good home.
If you know 914s you will see that all the hard work is done.
This is a solid little car and I really am sort of ambivalent about letting her go.
I have put a lot of time money and effort into this car, but 6 years of working on the little beast may be long enough. If the right person with the right $$ shows up, they can pick up where I am letting go and start their own fun.
Like all 914s, stock or modified, this is NOT a car for the mechanically inept, unless you have plenty of cash to pay someone to work on a “hybridized” 40 year old car.
There is at least $15,000 worth of fun, spares and extras in this deal so I will start there and entertain offers.”

AC, big brakes, no rust, I can go on all day.  I don’t think this is a modified 914-6, it’s not THAT good of a deal.  I think what we have here is a well prepped 914 with tons of extra parts.  Better yet the seller does not seem firm on the price.

I bet this thing runs, drives, and handles like a dream.  A scary fast dream.


400 horsepower matte black 1979 Porsche 930

This Porsche caught my eye because of its stovepipe black finish. It gives us an opportunity to ask our readers about their opinions on this trend. Some love this look others think it is better sticking on the stove than on vehicles.

The matte look has seen a surge in popularity lately. Once reserved for the rat rod crowd, now we have manufacturers offering matte finishes direct from the factory, take BMW’s “frozen” paint jobs. I’m not sure it really belongs on a car like this Porsche, but this car still has the original black paint underneath the matte black wrap. Since this is a wrap an owner with a change of heart could peel off the wrap.

The car has some other things going for it, including a rebuild with upgraded parts on the engine that yield a claimed 400 ponies. The seller mentions upgrades to the turbo, intercooler, brakes, and exhaust, but doesn’t get too specific into manufacturer part numbers. 20″ staggered HRE rims are also on the car. The car has 13k on the rebuild, but actual mileage on the car is not listed. Depending how the car has been treated 13k miles may mean rebuild time again, more details are needed. The five point harness, and some other clues suggest possible track time.

The seller is asking $48,000, which he stands no chance of getting with such minimal details. Even with some more details that shed positive light on the car that ask is pretty high for a 79 930.

There is a beautiful Guards Red 930 Turbo for sale right now with much more history and detail, 50k miles and an ask of several thousand less. So perhaps some reader’s wish to do some digging on this unreflective black one and give a proper valuation.

400 horsepower matte black 1979 Porsche 930