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Tuner Tuesday: 1998 Porsche 911 Carrera 2S Andial 3.8

The 993 is, without a doubt, one of the more desirable 911s in the range of cars that span several generations. Enthusiasts agree, having quickly pushed prices up on these models over prior generations like the Carrera 3.2 and 964. In fact, it doesn’t ever seem like prices on these cars came down much – as soon as the 996 arrived, faithful flocked towards the older models, snapping them up. Especially sought are the Carrera 4S and Turbo models – but there are some really rare gems hidden that pop up from time to time. Obviously, the ultra-rare Turbo S, Carrera RS and GT2 models are a great example – quite rare indeed. I’ve also previously written up an even more rare Andial Twin-Plug Twin-Turbo, one of the reported 19 assembled by the noted factory approved race tuner. Today’s car, like that car, mixes some of the styles of the rare cars that we didn’t get or didn’t see many of. The base is the already semi-rare Carrera 2S; like the 4S, the body shell was shared with the Turbo, but unlike the all-wheel drive variant, the Turbo’s upgraded brakes didn’t carry over. To solve that, the owner of this car turned to Andial – with a host of exterior upgrades to make it look like a Turbo S and a host of RS-spec 3.8 upgrades to make it go well, this is one tidy package – and exceedingly rare:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1998 Porsche 911 Carrera 2S Andial 3.8 on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6

As we’ve previously covered, the Volkswagen Corrado has been since new a popular tuning platform. Whether in supercharged G60 early form or the later VR6 model, avid enthusiasts snap these cars up and generally quickly set about customizing and personalizing the sporty coupes. On paper, the Corrado reads effectively just like a GTi – but to Volkswagen faithful, the coupe’s name carries so much more weight. Like a sports hero entering a local bar on game day, Volkswagen fans gasp, smile and utter expletives when they see a Corrado in any shape. Expensive when new and always holding more value than their brethren, they’ve remained somewhat elusive compared to the more mundane GTi and GLX models that ran alongside them. So, even if you find a model that isn’t 100% to your liking it may be worth investigating to see if you can re-customize it to your taste:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6 on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series

In the movie “Spinal Tap”, the character Nigel Tufnel displays his specially made Marshall amplifier to the film director. “As you can see”, he explains, “the numbers all go to eleven – right across the board.” “Does that mean it’s louder?” asks Rob Reiner. Nigel retorts “What we do is if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? 11, exactly. One louder.” Frankly, with AMG’s “Black Series” cars, they are already Mercedes-Benz models that are operating fully at “10” – but that doesn’t stop many enterprising individuals from turning them up one notch or more. A case in point is today’s 2008 CLK63 AMG Black Series – a serious car right out of the starting blocks, the 6.2 liter M156 V8 is an absolute monster with 500 horsepower and nearly matching torque. Having driven a similarly motored SLS, the speed is effortless and immediate – the sound, incredible. There is literally no point when driving one when you think “you know what, this car really needs 200-300 horsepower more”. Yet as if to out-AMG AMG, the nutters at Weistec added a supercharger – with variable power from 600-800 horsepower, it’s capable of creating a 9-second quarter mile luxury Benz. Insane? Yep:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC “AMG” Convertible

We’ve talked before about how pre-merger AMG cars are a bit of a mixed bag; some are well-documented, fully built cars while others claim heritage without being able to back it up, seeming rather to just be a collection of parts. In the 1980s, there were a glut of aftermarket firms chopping the tops off of just about every luxury coupe you could imagine, and the SEC Mercedes was one of the popular ones as a base. Here’s one such car; a black with black leather 500SEC with AMG wheels and body kit. It’s claimed to be one of ten produced by AMG, but outside of the wheels and kit there doesn’t appear to be any other AMG pieces here – which is a bit odd. There’s also no documentation of the history shown despite the high asking price. Even stranger, this car appears on several sites – most recently Mecum Auctions, where it is recorded as being sold in the August 14-16 auction – but it also appears on another site much dirtier and with a period AMG badge on the right side of the trunk. Still, it’s an impressive looking car:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC AMG Convertible on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 2004 BMW M3 Dinan Supercharged

I’ve written up some pretty nice E46 M3s recently, and today is no exception. This one is a bit different than last week’s low mileage Phoenix Yellow example; it, too has CSL-style wheels and trunk, but a custom color and Dinan supercharger help to set it apart. Indeed, it seems that this well-optioned 2004 model has really had a fair amount of money spent bringing it to the next level of performance. Dinan bits top the highlights, with suspension, exhaust, gears, cooling and of course the supercharger kit. It’s an impressive bit of kit:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2004 BMW M3 Dinan Supercharged on eBay

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