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Tuner Tuesday: 1994 Alpina B10 4.6 Touring

While the B10 BiTurbo generated the headlines as the world’s fastest sedan, BMW’s replacement M60 V8 motor was making its way into production and the M30 inline-6 was on its way out. Of course that meant it wasn’t too long before Buchloe got their hands on one, and in turn it wasn’t too long before the B10 4.0 replaced the BiTurbo as the top offering. But a year later, Alpina had already punched out the block to 4.6 liters. Now generating 340 horsepower, the new B10 4.6 not only was as quick as the M5, it was considerably cheaper and less complicated than the BiTurbo had been too.

Like the 4.0 before it, the standard 17″ Alpina wheel treatment, upgraded suspension, larger and less restrictive exhaust, aerodynamic tweaks and unique interiors all made their way here. Also like the 4.0, the 4.6 was available as either a sedan or Touring, and as either a 6-speed manual or 5-speed Switch-Tronic automatic. A scant 46 were built before the end of E34 production, of which only 19 were Touring models – making this one of the most limited Alpinas produced:

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Year: 1994
Model: B10 4.6 Touring
VIN: N/A (chassis 003)
Engine: 4.6 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 85,500 km (53,127 mi)
Price: € 78,000 ($86,833 Today)

ALPINA B10 4.6 Touring # 003/019, German vehicle from 1.Hand with orig. 85,600 km. The vehicle is the chassis number 3 of 19 built B10 4.6 Touring. The vehicle was delivered in November 1994 by the BMW branch in Hamburg (Germany) to the first and only owner. The vehicle is in a very well maintained and original condition. The B10 Touring is fully documented with all maintenance bills and main inspection reports since 1994, the new car order, the complete BMW on-board folder with instruction manual and the service booklet. The on-board tool is available.

11/1994 – first registration
12/1994 – 1.403 km
12/1995 – 12.720 km
02/1997 – 19.895 km
01/1998 – 23.046 km
09/1999 – 28.447 km
02/2001 – 30.910 km
01/2002 – 32.275 km
12/2003 – 34.626 km
10/2005 – 38.294 km
10/2006 – 39.675 km
12/2007 – 45.724 km
03/2010 – 68.816 km
03/2012 – 75.909 km
03/2019 – 85.240 km

4197 – BMW ALPINA B10 4.6 Touring
309 – Arktissilber metallic
L2SW – Leder schwarz
098 – Dachhimmel in Wirkvelours schwarz
111 – ALPINA Veloursfußmatten
140 – ALPINA Digitalanzeige
172 – Ohne ALPINA Deko Set
176 – Ohne ALPINA Modellbezeichnung
199 – Fahrerairbag ALPINA drei Speichen Lederlenkrad handgenäht
214 – ASC+T (Entfall Sperre, Differenzpreis)
220 – Niveauregulierung
245 – Lenksäule elektrisch verstellbar
243 – Beifahrerairbag
302 – Diebstahlwarnanlage mit Fernbedienung über Infrarotsender
314 – rechter Spiegel beheizt
339 – Shadow Line
354 – Grünkeil Frontscheibe bei serienmäßigen Wärmeschutzverglasung grün
404 – Doppel-schiebe-Hebedach mit elektrischer Betätigung
411 – Fensterheber elektrisch vorn und hinten
413 – Gepäckraumnetz
431 – Innenspiegel automatisch abblendbar
459 – Memory (3 Positionen) für elektrische Fahrersitzeinstellung
481 – BMW Sportsitze
484 – Sitzheizung für Fahrer und Beifahrer
498 – Kopfstützen im Fond mechanisch
500 – Scheinwerfer Waschanlage
508 – Park Distance Control (PDC)
528 – Automatische Umluft Control (AUC)
534 – Klimaautomatik
536 – Standheizung
540 – Geschwindigkeitsregelung
553 – Bordcomputer IV
564 – Innenlichtpaket
571 – Stärkere Stromversorgung 140A
658 – Radio BMW Business CD RDS
676 – HiFi Lautsprechersystem
Siemens ”Marathon” Handtelefon ab Auslieferung

Irrtümer und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten

There’s a fair amount of internet speculation that these cars didn’t even exist given how rare they are, but the Alpina Archive once again comes through to verify their existence and the provenance of this particular chassis. This one is unique in being Arctic Silver (309) over Anthracite Buffalo leather (L2SW) as only three were produced in this shade. Condition looks to be completely original, it’s history seems to be documented, and it’s in very good to outstanding shape today.

While I’m sure there’s more than one individual who wishes it was a manual, the combination of a single owner, well-documented, all-original Touring version of the B10 4.6 certainly ticks most of the right boxes. The asking price of nearly $87,000 also seems quite justified in today’s market. Tourings are hot commodities right now, with a custom E39 M5 wagon just selling for $72,000 and real M5 Tourings selling for $50,000 – $120,000. Consider for a moment that, as rare as they are, there were nearly 900 M5 Tourings produced. Certainly this car deserves equal footing.



  1. mygti
    mygti May 21, 2019

    I don’t agree that this car should be on equal footing to an e34 M5 touring. It certainly isn’t with a slush box, no matter how rare. Of course, I can’t afford either so my opinion matters little.

    Side note: with a collectible, original car like this, do you leave the period phones? They seem really in the way, but taking them out would probably leave your console full of holes.

  2. Doug
    Doug May 21, 2019

    Absolutely leave the period phone in there. Only nineteen of these…the new owner’s job is preservation. And period correct details are certainly part of preservation.

    Then again it is their money and they can do what they want…but I know what I would do, and I know what the market would demand should the new owner ever decide to sell (and he will, that’s just how it is).

  3. MrMan
    MrMan May 21, 2019

    I think it needs a stripe kit

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