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Minerva Blue 1988 Porsche 930 Coupe

This is the second time I have seen this Porsche 930. It came up for sale about a month ago with a really nice price, but some pretty poor pictures. You could get a sense of that beautiful Minerva Blue paint, but the overall impression was muted. Still, it sold very quickly and I wasn’t able to feature it. Well, it’s back. The price is now higher, which shouldn’t surprise us, and the pictures are now much better. Minerva Blue is one of the better shades of blue Porsche has offered and makes a nice alternative to the pastel blues that are also highly prized, but without quite so much ostentation. It’s a color that is vibrant without being flashy and it looks fantastic on the 930. Like the Granite Green Metallic 930 I featured last week this is another very interesting and rarely seen color on the 930 and also like last week this one comes from the final year these cars were equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission. So here we have a Minerva Blue Metallic 1988 Porsche 930 Coupe, located in New Jersey, with a dark blue leather interior and 133,622 miles on it.

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1988 Porsche 930 Coupe

We feature Porsche’s 930 rather frequently on these pages. It’s a much beloved and respected performance machine that in its day set a high bar for other automakers to reach. But even with its prevalence on our pages on occasion we still come across examples that really attract our attention or are simply color combinations that we have not seen. Such is the case with the example here, a Granite Green Metallic 1988 Porsche 930 Coupe, located in Michigan, with a Grey Green interior and 72,443 miles on it. 1988 marked the final year the 930 would be equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission and as such they are the most advanced model available prior to the significant price increases we see for the ’89 MY. As I mentioned in my last post of a 930, the market has been tough to pin down. With some caveats that I mention below the asking price here isn’t too out of line with the market and given the color could represent a pretty good value.

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1988 Volkswagen Scirocco GT

Let’s face it. Volkswagen Group of America is screwing us. I’ve touched on this topic before, but one glance at the current lineup on VW’s USA website leaves little to be desired. Nothing beyond the GTI, Golf R and Passat CC do much to stir emotions in the heart of the enthusiast. Now that Volkswagen has shot itself in the foot with this diesel scandal, unlucky consumers in the US can’t even specify one of these miserly oil burners. What’s an enthusiast to do? How about scouring Europe for anything built before 1992, as these vehicles are now legal to import stateside. Such is the case with this low mileage, late model 1988 Scirocco GT for sale in Dachau, Germany. This would be the last year for the Scirocco in the US market, however, Scirocco production would continue on through 1992, overlapping the Corrado in showrooms.

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1988 BMW M5

s-l1600 (5)
I have no false hope that my 225k-mile E28 M5 is going to follow the low-mileage examples into the upper-five-figure price range, but it is fascinating to see where the mere mortal examples are ending up. The wrong-wheeled rustbucket I wrote up a while back almost hit $13k on its auction, a number almost as shocking as the $60k M5s on eBay. This E28 is hardly the dumpster-dive of Mr. Rusty, but the blemishes are plentiful. The clearcoat is failing on the roof, it has the classic 80’s bumper waves and dash cracks, the driver’s seat is conspicuously omitted from pictures, and the engine compartment has some surface rust showing. On the flip side, the trunk’s carpet set is complete, which will make you then envy of a plurality of the owners on (me included). It sounds like it runs well and hasn’t been outright abused or neglected; it’s just a rare car that looks to have lived a pretty average 28 years. The reserve is still on with bids up to $14k. Compared to the rust-bucket, where will a high-mileage, 6/10 E28 M5 land?

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1988 BMW 320i

Here’s a great example of the late-80s, pre-recession business-sedan side of the E30. We spend so much time looking at rare examples, 325ix tourings, tuned 325is, that the populist-yuppy nature of the breed can be forgotten. This Euro-spec 320i commuter model – 4 doors, 4-speeds selected for you – helped you fly through the HOV lane listening to the Scorpions with brisk confidence and understated good looks. BMW nailed the E30 so hard that even the plastic steelie wheel covers end up looking like the E34 M5 turbines done smaller and better.

This recently-imported German example has less than 18k miles – 28,000 kilometers on the GDM odometer. It may not be the best athlete of the family, but this perfect 320i is the attractive accountant.

Click for details: 1988 BMW 320i on eBay

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