4WD Week: 1985 Audi 4000S Quattro

You know, it’s funny; we can seem to go months without seeing a clean 4000 Quattro, and then suddenly there is a wave of 5 or 6 in a row. Without a doubt, last week’s time capsule 4000 Quattro was the nicest of the bunch, but the asking price was enough to scare many folks away. That car was certainly also a rare color combination, and while today’s Alpine White 1985 4000S Quattro gives that 1987 a run for it’s money in overall condition, it’s not nearly as rare a color combination. Despite that, it’s much more appealing to me for one important reason; I bought the near-twin of this car as my first car back in 1996. It’s hard in some ways for me to believe, but this is about as identical to my first car as you can come nearly two decades later. Mine was also Alpine White over brown cloth with nearly the same mileage as this car when I originally purchased it. For me, then, even though we saw arguably a better condition “Time Capsule” 4000 with lower miles only a few days ago, this is the car that brings me back.

Year: 1985
Model: 4000S Quattro
Engine: 2.2 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 112,000 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 audi 4000S Quattro on eBay

You are looking at (and possibly bidding on) an absolute time capsule. I will try to give an exhaustive description of the car to encompass all that I would want to know if I were perhaps considering the purchase of a car sight unseen. Here goes: I own an operate a premier German repair shop in Denver. Look us up on the internet–we are Paddock Imports. We predominantly work on German cars, with a special interest in BMW, Porsche, and Audi.

Motorsports Monday: 1989 BMW 325is Track Car

With all of our posts about perfect 325s, crazy money M3s and import-status Tourings, it seems only fitting that Motorsport Monday should have a worthy E30 as well. Building a track car is like catching a virus; it makes you sick, it wipes you out, and afterwards you come out the other side saying that you could’ve done without it. A much smarter way to enter the track arena is to buy a car that’s already been built and sorted; yes, it costs more up front, but it you can find the right car it saves you a ton of headaches. Sure, you can buy a lower mileage E30 than today’s example and then spend a ton modifying it to the level of this car, only to be afraid to drive it at the end because it may be worth $100,000 some day in the distant future. Or, you could ante up and buy this one:

Year: 1989
Model: 325is
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6 stroker
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 225,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 BMW 325is on eBay

1989 BMW E30 325is Street/Track Car w/ M20 Stroker


-Fully built bottom end with forged internals

-Reworked ported and polished head with 288 cam

-Turner/Conforti 173-300 chip

-Shorty ceramic coated headers (These are not cheap)

-Two into one custom 3″ exhaust

-Redone Getrag 5 speed with short shifter

-.410 limited slip diff

-228mm clutch w/ clutchstop

-Optima red top battery

-Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors w/ Stainless Lines


-Ireland Engineering Spec E30 Racing Front and Rear Sway Bar Set

-Ireland Engineering Stage 3 Race Springs

-Ireland Engineering Front Strut Brace

-Aluminum M3 Front Control Arms

-Offset Urethane CAB’s

-Billet/Urethane Rear Shock Mount Set

-Urethane Motor Mounts

-New Nexen Tires


-Half race cage

-Corbeau Race Seat

-Schroth Harnesses

-Crack free dash

-Aftermarket head unit/wired for amps

-Gauge pod with oil pressure, oil temp, and air/fuel meter

This is one well done purist build that runs and handles better than any e30 I’ve ever driven.

1999 Alpine White BMW M3 Coupe

The 1999 E36 M3 was the pinnacle of BMW performance engineering at the time. The 1999 model year was the last and most revised version of the E36 M3 and remains a favorite among E36 enthusiasts. Tastefully ‘upgraded’ M3s are becoming somewhat of a relic these days. For every stock or lightly massaged M3 for sale there seem to be five that have some awful body kit, spoiler or turbo kit. Here we have a low mileage 1999 M3 Coupe in gorgeous Alpine White that has a few desirable upgrades.

Year: 1999
Model: M3
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 29,500 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1999 BMW M3 Coupe on eBay

This is a super clean and rare 1999 BMW M3 with only 29K miles. With the addition of some very tasteful mods it makes this car a perfect M3. The cleanest 1999 BMW M3 in white for sale on the market. Own one of BMW’s rarest treasures, the heart of the “M” program.

Factory & Aftermarket Options:
This unique BMW M3 is loaded with a lot of factory options such as power windows, power seats and more. Aftermarket options are: Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit, Alpine Head Unit, Halo Headlights w/ HID, Rear Spoiler, Solar Adaptive Window Tint, Active Autowerkes Exhaust, ST Coilover Suspension, Hamann Wheels and more.

From an aesthetic stand point, this M3 is done just right. Alpinweiss is the sharpest color for the E36 M3 and the stance is perfect thanks to those Hamann PG3s. The carbon M-wheel really pops against the white “Vader” seats making the inside of this M3 as appealing as the exterior. Other visual cues like the Active Autowerkes exhaust and the upgraded HID Halos give the M3 a touch of modern but don’t make it look tacky like LED strips on every Corolla or Jetta you see cruising around town.…

1990 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 16V

A dying breed, an unmolested pre-93 Volkswagen is a rare find. An unmolested 16v GLI is even rarer. A favorite of VW enthusaists, the 16v GLIs and GTIs are the top level of performance offered in the MK2 (at least in the US). The 1990 model sported the 134 bhp 2.0 16v (it was 1.8L on earlier GLIs) mated to a quick ratio 5 speed gearbox making these cars are a blast to drive. The GLI also offered Recaro sport seats, BBS RA alloys and a GLI trim package that differentiated it from your every day GLI.

This clean Alpine white GLI for sale in Columbus, OH looks like a nice clean slate for a driver, modified car, or a collector piece.

Year: 1990
Model: Jetta GLI 16v
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $1,000

Click for Details: 1990 Volkswagen Jetta GLI on Craigslist

BBS aluminum alloy rims, Recaro seats, needs work. $1000 obo. Please call or text to 614-216-2107.

I’ve always been fan of the GLI 16v ever since a highschool buddy of mine rolled up to track practice in one. It was quick and sounded the business when he masheded the gas. While the seller doesn’t offer a whole lot of detail on the car, it’s hard to go wrong with a $1000 price tag. If I had the space, this is yet another car I’d add to the corral.


2002 BMW 325iT Sport

Welcome to another installment of “Cars I want in my driveway.” Today we have a beautiful and pretty rare BMW 325iT Sport. This car checks all of the right boxes on my wish list. Alpine White…check, black leather…check, wagon…check, and a manual transmission…CHECK. As I’ve said before, these cars are a dying breed and clean well kept examples offer a great opportunity for manual wagon buyers (all 32 of us) to put off the inevitable extinction of the 3rd pedal for at least a few more years.

Enthusiast owned and maintained, this car appears as though it will not disappoint.

Year: 2002
Model: 325iT Sport
Engine: 2.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 68,850 mi
Price: $14,000

2002 BMW 325iT Sport on bmwcca.org


Much of the important information is in the title, but here they are again: 2002 BMW 325iT Alpine White over Black Leather 5-Speed Manual Transmission. Currently below 69k miles, but is daily driven. Sport Package, Cold Weather Package, Aluminum Trim, No Sunroof, non-Powered Seats, Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi Sound

Modifications: OEM ZHP Front Bumper, OEM ZHP Full Leather Steering Wheel, OEM ZHP Style 135 Wheels, OEM ZHP Weighted Shift Knob, Dinan Throttle Body, Dinan Stage 2 Software, Dinan Carbon Fiber Front Strut Bar, Dinan Muffler, AFE Cold Air Intake, Perfectly Matched Amber Illuminated VDO Gauges (Voltage, Oil Pressure, Temp), UUC Short Shift Kit, BMW Aluminum and Rubber Pedals/Dead Pedal, USA Spec iPod Integration Kit (Much better than DICE IMO), OEM e46 HIDs with Clear Film Protection (On corners and fogs as well), 30% Pinnacle F1 Ceramic Tint, Bavarian Autosport Ultimate Reflector Windshield Sunshade, OEM All-Weather Mats and Cargo Liner (Original Carpeted Mats as well) Mechanical Condition: I have all records from my ownership, and some from the previous owners.

The following things were done within the last 18 months and 17k miles: – New Continental DWS tires, 225/40×18 & 255/35×18 (54k) – New Brembo slotted rotors, pads, SS lines (53.3K) – Oil Change (65k) – Cooling System Flush w/OEM BMW Coolant (65k) – Transmission Flush w/Red Line MTL (65k) – Differential Fluid Flush w/Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90 (65k) – Brake Fluid Flush w/ATE Blue (65k) – Power Steering Flush w/Amsoil Synthetic ATF(65k) – Fuel Filter (65k) – Serpentine Belt and Hydraulic Pulley Upgrade (65k)

I’m the third owner and it was garage kept prior to my ownership.


Any German car fan has watched the prices of E30 M3s shoot through the roof, while their availability dwindles. So what’s the next logical step for collecting a modern BMW? The E36 M3 is the go to for many, and the prices as of late reflect that shift. The E36 M3 was equipped with the 3.2L inline 6 that produced 240bhp, and 236lb-ft of torque, and could run to 60 in 5.5 seconds. While the power numbers are impressive for a car of its size, the M3’s handling is a thing of legend.

This beautiful Alpine White over tan M3 for sale in Pleasantville, IA at EuroWerkz is a great example of BMWs finest from the ’90s.

1997 BMW M3 DINAN at  eurowerkzlc.com




Here is a car that is getting harder to find every day. We get inquiries about these M3’s every week, so here now, is your chance.

A low mile, lovingly cared for, over serviced, BMW E36 M3. This car is a gem and we know this first hand because we sold it to the last owner in 2007 at 24k miles and have been taking care of it since. We are also a DINAN dealer  so we did all of the high performance upgrades on the car in 2007 as well as everything else that has been serviced or updated on the car. And that is a long list.

This car is Alpine white with very rare Modena/black two-tone interior and is a 5 speed manual. It has most all available options except Harman Kardon sound and automatic transmission. This car was born a luxury package car but has been treated to the front sport lip spoiler and regular lower grill. It has a long list of small popular tasteful upgrades like a European steering wheel and airbag upgrade, rear lip spoiler, clutch stop, BMW X brace, and hard wiring for an Escort radar detector.

1991 318is w/ supercharged s52

In my eyes the e30 is one of the most beautiful German cars of its generation, and this 1991 318is available in Bradenton, FL embodies everything I love about the e30.

The 318is was first launched in 1989, and touted the new M42 engine. This lightweight, and quick revving 1.8 16v, was a blast to drive, and was reminiscent of the S14 4 cylinder offered in the e30 M3.

Out of the box these were fun, peppy great handling cars, and you might think, how can one improve on that? Here’s how, the s52. S52 swaps are a pretty common transplant in to the e30 in the BMW community, as the e36 donors are plentiful, and the s52 makes nearly 100hp more. This would be enough for most, right?

Not the owner of this stunning 318is, he has taken things a step further, and added a Vortech V1 Supercharger. With the perfect combination of European styling, and raw power, the owner of this car certainly spare no expense in making this car a shining example of what a modified e30 can be…scratch that…should be.

1991 318is w/ supercharged s52 on ebay.com

Up for sale is my 1991 318is Slicktop with an OBD1 s52 swap. I have detailed all of the specifications that I could possibly think of. I would like to point out a few things that someone skimming the ad would miss out on:
Slicktop 318is : Pretty rare form factor for the e30. Lightest chassis available in the NA market. Water/Air intercooler AND oil cooler : I have searched far and wide and have been unable to find another supercharged s52 that has a water/air intercooler setup. Southern car, no rust. Low mileage s52, approximately 88k miles. Pulled the valve cover recently, looks brand freaking new. Professionally reupholstered interior, black leather
In the last 50 miles, I have done: New oil New plugs New woodruff key (old one sheared) Power steering flush Coolant flush
Car: 1991 318is Alpine White Black interior No rust
Under the hood: 1999 M3 s52 with obd1 swap approximately 88k miles Vortech V1 Supercharger (approx 1300 miles on it @ 105,000 odo) All new sensors New Water Pump New tensioner New idlers New woodruff key New valve cover gasket Getrag 260 resealed e36 M3 Clutch New JB lightweight flywheel, 10lb New slave and stainless line 3.73 LSD z3 shifter Euro Raceland headers Remus muffler Custom center section with twin Magnaflow resonators and X-pipe 12″ puller 16″ pusher IE Oil Cooler 804 HFM Forge diverter valve TRM Racing tuned Walbro Fuel Pump Water/Air intercooler with new Bosch pump Vortech v1 Supercharger pushing 6PSI RaceSkids skid plate Bosch #42 Injectors IE oil cooler Air/water intake cooler 2 electric fans, pusher/puller New thermostat New starter A/C converted r134a New rebuilt driveshaft from Driveshafts.com(Portland Driveline) New revshift aluminum flex disk
Brakes: Functioning ABS Massive booster delete Stainless steel brake lines all around Freshly rebuilt calipers front/rear Hawk HPS brake pads ATE Super Blue brake fluid New master cylinder New rotors
Suspension: Treehouse Racing Control Arm Lollipops AKG Motorsports Rear Subframe Mounts H&R Race Springs Bilstien Sport Shocks Powerflex Subframe Bushings RyanG Front Splitter 99 M3 steering rack New control arms New tie-rods e30 m3 sway links 22mm swaybar front 18mm eibach swaybar rear Rear camber/toe correction kit
Interior: Professionally reupholstered seats, front/rear Z3 Short Throw Shifter Custom oil PSI/temp gauges (replaces ashtray) Custom Boost Gauge replaces MPG gauge New odometer gears Chrome ring accents Alpine Speakers/tweeters front Euro analog clock Gray carpet Black rear deck Mint headliner Delrin shift knob Sparco ring steering wheel, 330mm Sirius satellite radio hookup
Exterior: Fresh Alpine respray (approx 1.5 years old) Staggered BBS RS 039/040 16×7.5 up front, 16×8 rear – absolutely no rash Euro elipsoid headlights Euro trim Euro grills Euro plate filler All red tail lights New BMW roundels New shadowline trim New iS lip iS Side Skirts splitter BMWMotorsport door handles
This car is a monster.

Reader Ride: 2008 E92 V8 M3 with Dinan and Active Autowerke Upgrades

Chris emailed me this week to let us know that his 2008 M3 is for sale. Normally we favor older cars for the blog but this is a well thought out e92 with an impressive list of enhancements.

2008 BMW M3 For Sale on eBay

From the seller’s listing:

I am selling my 2008 m3 coupe since I’m buying a new boat and will be downsizing to one car. I purchased this car new in 2008 from Vista BMW in Fort Lauderdale FL. The car has been a weekend car since I purchased it. I use another vehicle for work. This car is in perfect condition with no dings, scratches or imperfections. It has never been wrecked, painted, or abused in any way. It has only been washed by me and detailed by a very high end detailer who uses only Swissvax products. It was detailed one month ago at which time it was clayed, sealed, waxed, and full interior treatment. This cost $500. The car was just serviced with an alignment, balance, and oil change 1 month ago. The car has never been driven on a track or raced. Factory warranty until June-2012. The factory installed options include:

– Full Leather interior (including lower dash)
– Technology Package (navigation, electronic damper control, etc.)
– Premium Package
– Satellite Radio
– HD Radio

The car is fully loaded except for the cold weather package. Now to the fun part. I have installed very tasteful and high end parts that make this car drive and sound amazing! (I have all of the documents surrounding these modifications which were done at 10,000 miles)

— Dinan Stage 1 suspension with full custom Alignment ($1500 with installation)
— Ground Control adjustable front sway bar end links ($300)
– Active Autowerke Full Exhaust with X-pipe from header back and euro spec high-flow cats ($5000 with installation)
– Active Autowerke Air Filter ($150)
– Active Autowerke Short Shifter ($500)
– Active Autowerke Pulley Kit ($500)
– RAC RG 63 Champion Motorsport Forged Racing Wheels – 19×9 fronts with 255/35/19 Michelin PS2/19×10 rears with 275/35/19 Michelin PS2 ( these wheels were made custom for only the BMW e92 M3 by a local M3 racer and enthusiast and are 8000 ton forged press) (The tires and wheels cost $6500).

28k Miles BMW e30 M3 For Sale in Alpine White

This has only been listed for a couple days and the bidding is already over $26,000 with 7 days remaining. Hold on, this one is reaching high!

1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale on eBay

quote from the seller’s listing:

Possibly the finest BMW E30 M3 Coupe in North America! One owner, 28,385 original miles, garaged, no winters, no rain. Completely stock, no modifications what so ever. The undercarriage is pristine. We are a 30 year BMW specialist representing the owner who is reluctantly selling this vehicle due to health issues.

The Alpine White on Tan leather looks very good and a nice break from the black or cardinal red interiors that white cars often came with. I’m a little surprised at how much this one is currently going for and will be eager to see where it finishes!


Super Low Miles BMW e30 M3 For Sale

BringATrailer spotted this 4k mile e30 M3 earlier this summer and I blogged it as well on my old blog. It’s an interesting discussion piece as it’s likely one of the nicest survivors in the world, and carries an absurd asking price of $55k.

I post it again here for those who haven’t seen it yet and because my memory was sparked when a thread on VWVortex showed up and a lengthy discussion ensued concerning this car.

What’s your take?


Update: This listing is pretty out of date. Consider one of these early e30 M3’s instead!

[AffomaticEbay]BMW e30 m3[/AffomaticEbay]…