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1998 BMW M3 Convertible

Need a little bit more space than the 2002 BMW M Roadster we featured yesterday but still lust after some al fresco ///M Motoring? Here’s a good compromise, then. While the M3 Convertible was nothing new when the E36 debuted, the US market was never privy to the E30 M3 Convertible. With the 1998 model year, sun worshippers got their wish with this car we see here for sale in North Carolina. Hardcore enthusiasts tend to take these open-roofed M3s a bit less seriously than their coupe and sedan counterparts, given their added weight and decreased rigidity. At least this car is equipped with the 5-speed manual which will help you make the most of this package.

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1988 BMW M5


Most E28 M5s have experienced some level of modification, whether it’s removing the self-leveling rear suspension, adding a chip and exhaust, or getting a little crazy with more displacement out of the S38. There are plenty of tuner options out there, but Dinan is one of the most respected names out there and this owner went to town with their catalogue. The usual suspects are all there from chip to short shift kit to intake, but one of the more interesting mods is the SLS upgrade by Dinan as opposed to the more common complete removal. It also has some amazing, blocky Dinan 5-spokes, which remind me a lot of Ruf’s classic rims. It all adds up to a modified M5 that appears loved rather than abused and looks every bit the late-80s hot rod it was meant to be.

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1988 BMW M3

It’s hard for me to believe that the M3 name is no longer in use for the two-door version of BMW’s famed sport sedan. Almost three full decades of building up a name just to relegate it to use on a version that didn’t exist at the outset (the sedan) seems a bit short sighted. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point in the near future we see another two-door M3, but until then, we have the classics to look back on. This M3 for sale in North Carolina is not a low-mileage garage queen, but a higher mileage, one-owner example that has undergone a good amount of work to appear as good as it does in the pictures provided. On an unmolested M3 with patina like this, Alpine White never looked so good.


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2000 BMW M Roadster

After a long winter for many of us, clear skies and sunshine are back. A car like this M Roadster epitomizes summer, looking resplendent in Dakar Yellow. This particular example for sale in New York has under 50,000 miles on the clock and offers M3 levels of performance in a fun, diminutive drop-top package.

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1995 BMW M3

While the first generation BMW M3 kept a lot of its DTM racing roots in tact, the second generation E36 M3 moved the chains a bit. More power was dialed in but a bit more softness was added to the equation. Gone was the high strung, race derived 2.3 liter four-cylinder powerplant in favor of a six-cylinder engine that was related more closely to its lesser siblings than any other M engine had been before. Still, 240 horsepower was nothing to sneeze at in the mid 1990s. This 1995 M3 for sale in Connecticut represents the first year of US sales for this sports car icon. Its odometer reads less than 50,000 miles and it has the super desirable M Cloth interior.


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