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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280GE sold for $7,950: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Truck

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2001 BMW M5

The 2003 BMW 525i M Sport we featured on Monday could be considered a lot show for not much dough, looking very similar to its M5 sibling while offering more economy and substantially lower operating costs. But what if you want the real McCoy? Is a higher mileage M5 a good bet? Here’s an Emerald Green example closing in on 135,000 miles for sale in Georgia at a tempting price.


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2001 BMW M Coupe

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.40.40 AM

S54 M Coupes are quickly appreciating, as the top-performing clownshoe’s rarity and ability are realized. I’m certainly not immune to their unique draw, and an example like this is right up there with the E39 M5 as the first car built in the last 20 years that I would actually consider putting in my garage. Today’s is a beautiful example, looking positively sinister in black on black lightweight Fikses. It has a litany of effective and attractive (and reversible) modifications. The S52s may be a better value proposition, but one quick daydream about raging the redwoods in this 315hp shooting brake and the price starts seeming more reasonable.

Click for details: 2001 BMW M Coupe on eBay

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1988 BMW M5

E30 M3s have been on my mind recently, but I’m thankful that considering the ways to get ahold of one has only served to remind me that the E28 M5 is the car for me. The M3 could only supplement, not replace the 4-door brawler. I just can’t do without the lines, the usability, and most of all the sweet howling fury of the S38. I bought mine with a healthy dose of mileage and a rebuilt engine so that I could explore, learn, and hammer on it without worrying too much about a pristine garage darling. The issues listed are common, but can range from simple (odometer – it’s not frozen, the gears are bad and easily replaced) to potentially complicated (seats not moving can be a simple switch or ridiculously-expensive motors). 120k miles is a nice middle ground where it’s not going to bring a huge premium, but it’s still pretty fresh for an E28. With a $9k starting bid, this could be a great deal on an appreciating classic.


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1988 BMW M3

$_4 (3)

The E30 M3 mythology continues to grow unabated, with more articles and videos attesting to its perfection coming out each month. As this was the BMW that caught my eye and got me hooked almost 20 years ago, I can’t say that I’ve stopped believing either. The ludicrous prices have made it hard to have dreams seem like anything more than that these days, yet every time I see an M3 like this one, a little voice starts chirping in the back of my head, trying to calculate what it would take to come up with the cash and live the dream. It looks outstanding in Schwarz with Sport Evo bumpers and spoiler – those red stripes are a nice piece of flare to accompany the massive flares and wing. The history has a few holes as the block was replaced but there aren’t any details. If there were, however, it’d probably be for sale for even MORE money. Let’s see… if I sold the E28 and a kidney and drained my savings…

Click for details: 1988 BMW M3 on eBay

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