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2001 Audi S8

The D2 Audi S8 is no stranger to these pages, as it’s one of my favorite designs from Ingolstadt – and considering my devotion to the brand, that’s actually saying something. So it’s no surprise that here I come with another. But this one tests my love of the model in several ways. First, it’s one of my least favorite color combinations on the S8. Light Silver Metallic over black, while classically understated and perhaps in keeping with the model’s character, is just plain boring considering some of the beautiful tones offered on the short production run. The mileage isn’t super low, either – while not the highest I’ve seen, with 138,000 miles on the odometer this is no spring chicken. It shows in several condition issues; worn seats, slightly scruffy bumper covers, and a few tack-ons like the rear spoiler and Brembo caliper stickers that are a little too boy-racer for the model. Though OEM wheels, the TT RS stock also seem out of place here to me.

So I really shouldn’t like this car, right?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 Audi S8 on eBay

Year: 2001
Model: S8
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 138,000 mi
Price: $8,600 Buy It Now

selling my 2001 audi s8

REASON: bought a newer s8(yes I bought a 04 s8 d2 black with brown interior) ( in my opinion s8 d2 are still the best audi available for today)

Car has everything you need. 360hp v8 engine, black leather interior with recaro seats. memory seats, parktronic, navigation. paddle shifters, etc. too much to list come for a test drive.

Close to 140000 miles (138000 miles right now)

Brand new front suspension with tie roads
Brand new front shocks
front calipers rebuilt
brand new catalytic converters(2 OEM AUDI $1050 each)
brand new pads on chain tensioners + new gaskets
timing belt done with waterpump and new seals
oil cooler pipe replaced
cover gaskets replaced
front seals replaced(camshaft, crankshaft)
new coolant
brand new transmission oil + filter
brand new mobil oil in all of 3 differentials.
audi ttrs 19 inch wheels with 35 Michelin pilot sport a/s tires
oil change every 3k miles with Mobil 0w-40
Call me for details 3129296287

last updated( within 2 month)
11/15/2017 – brand new coolant sensor.
11/25/17- recall fixed by the dealer.
11/25/17- brand new key done by the dealer

no check engine light, does not need anything, great condition. I own a shop and I work with car, wraps, plastidip.
I take a good care about all my cars. I have sold 2 cars from ebay and people are happy with the cars they bought.

BEST S8 D2 IN the North America period. No performance modes. no aftermarket parts, no updates to the suspension. pure s8 d2 bone stock.
set of winter tires audi s8 stock wheels 18inch with good winter tires are available.

I don’t like it. I adore it. This is a great example of how a seller can take what is otherwise a pretty standard example and dazzle with excellent photography. And boy, is the D2 S8 photogenic. The seller is also more detailed than normal about the service history of this example – something often missing on S8 sales, unfortunately. The full service has seen to most aspects that a new owner would want to address, and it really seem as though there have been no shortcuts. Now, I do think the seller slightly overstates a few things – this isn’t the best S8 in the country, as we’ve seen a few good-as-new examples, and it’s not bone stock, but could easily be (minus perhaps the trunk lid). But as this one is priced at only $8,600, is it the best at this price point? Without a doubt, and I think it’s worth every penny.



  1. Matt Polhamus
    Matt Polhamus December 13, 2017

    Love these! I think the car looks great (not crazy about the wheels though). I don’t mind the spoiler really- pretty sure that’s just a stick on and could come off easily (I have the same one on my M3). Been shopping for an E39, but every time one of these (or an RS6) comes up it gets my head spinning..

  2. Carter
    Carter December 13, 2017

    @Matt – agreed on the spoiler – it should be a stick on an easily removed. My M3 has one too, and came with it stock, but somehow to me (and perhaps in conjunction with the wheels) it changes the profile of the S8 slightly and not in a great way. But as you’ve said, it can be easily lived with or removed. These cars are just fantastic value for money (as are the E39 M5s), but the RS6? I don’t know how you could get into a cheap one of those without deep pockets. Incredible highway performance for your initial purchase price but I’d worry a lot about it breaking – often.

  3. KrautHammer
    KrautHammer December 13, 2017

    It was between this and E39 for me as a UrS4 replacement. Went with E39 because I have another vehicle for winter. I would love to get a broken-in but sorted S8 on Hakka’s for an all weather cruise missile.

    This was the best era of German automobiles, the needless horsepower/feature set wars have got way out of hand.

  4. Jonathan Linn
    Jonathan Linn December 13, 2017

    Wow! I’m 2 hours away for it! Is that a cruse or a blessing?

  5. Christian
    Christian December 13, 2017

    Love this car.

    And did you catch that someone drew the 4 rings in the passenger alcantera door inserts in one pic? Cute.

  6. fstntq
    fstntq December 13, 2017

    Love these cars and the laundry list here of “dones”. However on these it is also about the tranny and saving for the eventual rebuild/replacement. No offense but I notice a lot of soft focus “art shots” and precious little of substance pictured, though the engine shot shows a nicely detailed bay.
    I’d first ask how long the owner had it, obviously has the ability to take care of a car well, as take one that hasn’t? and bring it up close to speed? If owned for 3 months or 3 years would go a long way here for me.

  7. Rob
    Rob December 13, 2017

    I can’t believe that price! I’m continually amazed by the possibilities once I step out of my 911 bubble.

  8. John Rafferty
    John Rafferty December 15, 2017

    I have a racing green pearl effect 2001 S8 bone stock that I paid 8800 in 2012 with 102k miles and good records. I’m slightly ocd with my fleet of generally worthless old German panzers ( including 01 996 cab six speed and boosted 89 200q), but this S8 is a particular wallet drainer.

    4.5 years and only 26k miles into ownership, she has sucked 15k from my portfolio, between oil cooler pipe, and seemingly endless suspension and brake system attention. But oh, what a highway marauder… Not overpowered, but just enough. Not too soft or too stiff, but just right. And what a stance, even stock….sweet sweet car.

  9. Carter
    Carter December 16, 2017

    @John – always great to hear from an owner and a great color, too! Did you have problems with the ABS system and if you have time could you walk us through the repairs you’ve undertaken?

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