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2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

We saw what kind of asking prices the 996 Porsche 911 is asking, and I really mean asking, but I still think it might be a sign as to what is to come with that generation. As with everything, the best and most desirable examples get snatched up first, then you make your way down the food chain at a rate that the market demands and of course the supply offers. Thankfully they made a ton of 996s in nearly every flavor, and most of those flavors as relatively appetizing. Today, we have the trusty “not a Turbo but kind of looks like one” Carrera 4S in the always popular Grand Prix White. Inside, black leather. Get one while you can, or still not worth it?

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Year: 2003
Model: 911 Carrera 4S
VIN: WP0AA29943S620776
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 93,110 mi
Location: Miami, Florida
Price: $41,900 Buy It Now

2003 Porsche 911 Widebody 996 C4S

Available now from RMC Miami is this gorgeous 6 speed Porsche C4S. Finished in Gran Prix white the paint is all original
verified by paint meter. The front clip is all covered in Paint Protection Film including the front bumper, hood, front fenders,
and both mirrors. It is very rare to see one of these widebodies in Gran prix white, the vast majority of these cars are usually
silver and there is also a good amount of automatics. The car is on factory suspension, original Porsche wheels and is completely
stock without any modifications.

Black leather interior contrasts the white exterior nicely giving it a sportier feel. The seats are in good condition with regular wear
there is no rips tears or cuts in the seats. Rear seats look like new. The headliner is factory suede and looks fantastic. The factory
radio is still present and functions as it should. All electronics in the cabin work and the car has ice cold Air conditioning and the
heater works as well.

The car has been top of the line maintained its whole life. In the last 5 years previous owner had invested over $27,000 in maintenance
items as he always wanted to have it in tip top shape. Locally here in Florida Vertex performed a blueprinted engine overhaul and IMS bearing
update to guarantee the car would be perfect mechanically for many many years. We have documented reciepts for all this work and more.
Car fax is clean no accidents, there is no rust anywhere on the car. Engine and transmission are flawless every gear engages smoothly and
the car pulls to redline effortlessly and is an absolute joy to drive.

Presently the car is turn key and needs nothing, It is impossible these days to find such a well maintained C4S in this condition.

Purchaser will receive all records keys books manuals and clean Florida title.

I’m a sucker for white 911s, and Grand Prix White is one of my favorite shades. There is no mistaking it for a cream or tan-ish color, this is as pure as white as it gets. This one in Miami reportedly comes with a the IMS bearing already done, which is a major plus if you are shopping 996s at any point. Inside, no fuss with just black leather. Done deal, right?

The ask on this one of $42,000 is certainly a premium for 93,000 miles, but the condition both cosmetically and mechanically sure seem to back it up. If you really want a 996 C4S, tough to go wrong, but you are probably sneaking into early 997 money for not a bunch more. Still, awfully temping given the way prices are heading.

– Andrew


  1. Greg
    Greg June 29, 2021

    996s went from being great performance values to overpriced, seemingly in a few months.This one is a rare color with the IMSB done, but it’s done over 90k miles. A year ago this was maybe a $28k car. Now it’s $42k? The problem is all 911s are through the roof. If I were in the market, I would get out of the market and wait on the sidelines until the bubble either pops or at least releases some air.

  2. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston June 29, 2021

    I agree with Greg. The 996 used to be a good car for the prices in the past. Now? No way. They just aren’t that good. I got rid of my X50 Turbo because it was such a miserable car on the highway. It was loud (road noise) and uncomfortable. And too fast to really enjoy in the US with our silly low speed limits. Unfortunately, I do not agree that this is a bubble. This is not a bubble. This is inflation. And it’s here to stay. What a shame.

  3. Ben D.
    Ben D. June 29, 2021

    No bubble at all: 996 turned 20 in 2019, was inducted into Porsche Classic, and the rest is 911 history. And IMO 996 is far more special, purpose built, and unique than 997. If this “pushes into 997 pricing” so be it. And I won’t be at all surprised when 996 pushes past 997 pricing. Is what it is.

  4. Ben D.
    Ben D. June 29, 2021

    LOL I totally agree with Ricky W.’s comment on the 996 Turbo:

    “..Turbo.. was such a miserable car on the highway. It was loud (road noise) and uncomfortable. And too fast”

    This is EXACTLY why I bought two 996 Turbos! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Will never sell. Never.

  5. TW
    TW June 29, 2021

    Sorry, but I just can’t get past the cheap looking interiors of these. From the plastic-y center console to the cheap radio pod and buttons. This is the part I’d be looking at every time I drove it and, to me, it’s just not worth any premium.

  6. MR K
    MR K June 29, 2021

    Fried egg lights and cheap plastic make this a $35k max car, although I do agree we are not in a bubble on these, unfortunately. The 996 is just not a good deal at these prices – for an extra 10k, get the 997 and never regret it.

  7. SebastianX1/9
    SebastianX1/9 July 2, 2021

    Those who know drive BMWs – or a 968 Coupe!
    Everyone else lines up for their (overpriced, over-engineered) 911.
    “Look, I’m a race car driver…”

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