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Mint Green 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Porsche has a few divisive colors; colors that almost everyone will have an opinion about and you either love it or hate it. Some of those colors we don’t see often enough to bother ourselves with, but there are two in particular I can think of that we see relatively frequently. Both were available on the 964 and seemed to hit their stride at that time and both tend to come up as PTS options on modern Porsches. One of those is Rubystone Red (Sternrubin), now almost a classic 964 Carrera RS color, and the other is the color we see here: Mint Green.

We’ve seen it too adorning the 964 Carrera RS and it looks stunning. Here it has been revived as a paint-to-sample option on this 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, located in Virgina. I won’t say that it comes across as quite as stunning as it did on the Carrera RS, though the pictures themselves may be to blame here. Regardless, we have ourselves a very unique modern 911 with this one.

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Year: 2016
Model: 911 Carrera GTS
Engine: 3.8 liter flat-6
Transmission: 7-speed manual
Mileage: 6,174 mi
Price: $115,200 Buy It Now

**CUSTOM BUILD IN SPEARMINT! ONLY ONE IN THE COUNTRY! APPROVED CERTIFIED with a 6 year UNLIMITED MILEAGE WARRANTY and $10,000 FULL Xpel CLEAR WRAP! ** CUSTOM BUILD with tons of custom touches including Porsche Crests on the Headrests, Sport Design Mirrors, Sport Design Steering Wheel, 20″ Turbo S Wheels in Black, PAINT TO SAMPLE in MINT GREEN, Aluminum Pedals, as well as PASM Air Suspension, heated seats, front and rear park assist, BOSE Audio Package and over 430 Horsepower! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS CAR! BOSE PREMIUM AUDIO adds over 500 watts and 8 speakers as well as online services. Touch screen navigation with turn by turn plus full color LCD screen is also included. All this on top of great standard equipment including full leather seating, BLUETOOTH streaming, HOMELINK, one touch power windows, remote keyless entry, dual climate control, tons of traction and power and so much more. Call or stop by today for more information and we look forward to assisting you soon.

My biggest gripe with this 911 is that on a car with such an interesting exterior the interior is rather plain. Maybe that’s for the best as I’m sure this could quickly go overboard, but I do find it somewhat surprising. (I’m not sure it’s available these days, but this is a case where I think deviated stitching in Mint Green would have been killer.) I also don’t like the GTS’s black wheels with this exterior, but that can be changed. Those points aside everything else is pretty great. Unlike many PTS 911s we see the original buyer of this one didn’t go overboard with options. Granted, the GTS comes with a lot, but there are always ways to make a 911 much more expensive. Mostly this is a manual transmission GTS in a PTS color and not much else. I like that!

I don’t know exactly what the price for this Carrera GTS was when new, but given that they started life at $115K I would suspect with the PTS exterior and other options this one likely came in not far from $130K. That makes me think the asking price here isn’t all that bad. You get a lightly used Carrera GTS with 430 hp and a 7-speed manual in a very interesting color with around $15K knocked off the original price. Not everyone will like the color, and perhaps that explains the reasonable pricing, but for those that do this presents a rare opportunity.



  1. Arun
    Arun December 31, 2017

    Love it ! On a side note, that is an impressive Cpo Warranty for 6 yrs and unlimited miles ! Unless that’s a typo I can think of any other manufacturer giving unlimited miles for 6 years. Now we just someone with the money to buy this and drive the wheels of it

  2. Arun
    Arun December 31, 2017

    And definitely performance oriented build – no sun roof and no 18 way adjustable seats which IMO just add complexity and weight. Looks like it has the painted key option too :))

  3. Howard S
    Howard S December 31, 2017

    All of Porsche CPO warranty cars sold from Dec 2017 on are now 6 years from the original in service date and unlimited mileage. It’s not six years from when you purchase the car.

    Mercedes has been unlimited miles on CPO cars for 2 years now.

    IMO these classic colors work a lot lot betree on the classic cars lie that 964

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