Flawless Pearl: 1995 Audi S6

I seem to be stuck on a run of white Audis. I recognize that, and I’d love to correct it. However, one major problem with the Audi market is the number of older examples that still exist and come up for sale is relatively small. And since white was a popular color for multiple models, it seems to be one that pops up for sale more frequently. That’s especially true of the signature Pearlescent White Metallic.

But in this case, I think you’ll forgive me.

That’s because they don’t get a lot more perfect than the physical presentation of this 1995 Audi S6:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Audi S6 on eBay

Year: 1995
Model: S6
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 121,059 mi
Price: $9,995 Buy It Now

Engine2.2L I5 Turbocharger
Fuel TypeGasoline
TransmissionManual 5-Speed
DrivetrainAll Wheel Drive
MPG16 City | 22 Highway | 18 Combined
Exterior ColorWhite
Interior ColorBlack
Interior FabricLeather
Stock Number4007

The seller offers almost no detail on the car, but plenty of photos – and throughout, the condition is pretty outstanding. You could gripe that under the hood was a bit over-cleaned and there’s too much dressing applied throughout, but otherwise this car looks top notch. Unfortunately, we learn nothing of the history or where it stands mechanically.

Of note, I thought it was interesting that this appears to be a crossover model between the ’95 and ‘95.5 model. It has the signature Avus Speedline wheels that came mid-95 (some early S6s were delivered with left-over Fuchs alloys from the S4), the infra-red key activation and lockable differential all associated with the ’95. However, it has the later closed headrests associated with the 95.5. Am I surprised Audi did something unusual in this period? Is the Pope Catholic?

Now, is the car worth $10,000? If it was an Avant it would be no question. However, as a sedan it has to be pretty special to bring that number. This one appears to be pretty special, but the lack of detailed mechanical history could have you spending quite a bit more to bring it up to snuff. Should that hold you back? If the mechanical presentation is half as good as the physical, then I’d say no; it’s simply just left of impossible to find pristine examples like this car anymore, anywhere. But, I’d make a few calls and find out if there are any records that go along with the car before plunking down the 10 large. Still, even at that level, this car is a bargain compared to its competition.


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  1. Is this is a wide first gear 01E trans car it is the closest thing to an “investment grade” UrS4/6 car I have seen. Provided the hodgepodge of model year updates is original. Nice find.

  2. Those are some of the greatest wheels ever on a modern, series produced car. Retro, yet futuristic at the same time.

  3. @Jack – agreed but they look even better in 18″ on the Euro S8s. The fat-spoke Speedline made wheels look better to me than the later thin spoke Ronal version on the B5, C5 and early D2 US S8.


  4. @Carter, I would agree on your reference to the price regarding the avant for sure, but as noted, this cars appearance as a possible intermediate model does make me wonder about it. In many ways it seems to be in my sweet spot for the S6. It may well be “as good as it gets.” Not my colors, but I’m not sure that matters. Very nice post.

  5. Looks like the first owner traded it or sold it, it went to auction and then this dealer scooped it up for resale – so unless the dealer was some combo of super diligent/lucky I’m betting the all-important maintenance and repair records are lost to the next owner. Also, the car has lived in Illinois for the entirety of its life – something that would give me pause if I were a prospective buyer because of the possibility of hidden rust issues. Looks amazing though.

  6. A deep sigh not only for the 90s but the Audis of yesteryear. Enough with these current glitzy, techobabble ones. A deep, deep sigh.

  7. As always, a good write up, Carter.

  8. I called the dealer about this car before it hit eBay; there are no records, and the dealer doesn’t know anything about it’s history. This is a used car lot type dealer with a bunch of high-line European cars for sale, and their online reviews give me a lot of pause about purchasing a specialty car like this from them. The car does appear to have had some minor collisions(bumpers misaligned both front and rear) and there appears to be damage to the passenger’s seat upholstery and one of the door panels($$). Also of note is the conspicuous lack of any undercarriage photos. I inquired about them when I called, and the dealer was unwilling to provide any. That’s concerning for an Illinois car. On the outside, it’s still a really clean example, but the price is high for a sedan with no records or history.

  9. Good info @Dave, thanks! Strange they wouldn’t provide undercarriage photos. These cars are galvanized, so presuming the coating hasn’t been broken or a repaint was done in an area, they should still be pretty good overall, but the local is definite cause for further consideration.

  10. Seems like a schlocky dealership and the fact that they are unwilling / unable to provide more detail on the car is a big red flag. In addition, given the enthusiast interest in these cars, what are the chances a truly mint car of this variety ends up here? Applying a gallon of Armor All to every reachable surface doesn’t do the trick.

  11. Also, is it possible to tell from the VIN where it fell in the production cycle to help explain the uneven mix of features?

  12. Went to check it out I was impressed on the body and interior. Both were a 8 out 10. The exterior and few spots where touch up paint was visible . The front bumper was misaligned and what was disappointing was they drilled a screw into the number sonwhete the bumper and gender meet you couldn’t see the gap unless you got on your knees to only a see a screw holding the bumper up . Undercarriage was clean. It did have an oil leak which is common. I did notice inside the spare tire compartment there was something cut out and replaced with a hard metal so I would imagine they cut out the rust but was done clean and blended in the original paint . This info maybe help other looking to purchase it. I would have paid 7800-8500 max. But they wouldn’t budge

  13. Great info, thanks @Rod!

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