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Paul’s Own Unicorn: Ex-Newman 2005 Audi S4 Avant in Aquamarine Blue Metallic

Update 2/25/19: It appears this car’s exact connection to Paul Newman is quite a bit more loose than indicated by the seller. Thanks, Jason!

Lately I’ve had my eye on Audi B6 Avants as a potential replacement for my Passat down the road. The B6 carried on with Audi’s tradition of building a high-quality, all-weather capable and highly versatile package. While arguably not the prettiest products to come from Ingolstadt, the subdued styling of the B6 has grown on me over time – especially as they’ve become less prevalent with age and used B7s and B8s have flooded the market.

While I’ve been looking primarily at the 1.8T that’s both economical and familiar to me, there’s no denying the appeal of the S4. For short money you can grab a car which was effectively without peer; an all-wheel drive wagon with a 340 horsepower V8 coupled to a 6-speed manual wagon. They’re certainly not without their faults, but the cost of doing business in nearly 15 year old high-tech fast German cars is infrequently small.

Appreciation for these potent and unique packages has once again been growing. Recently, a custom supercharged Jet Blue Metallic ’08 sold on Bring a Trailer for $28,250 – indicating there’s a strong market for special examples. And today’s ’05 is quite special for two reasons – first, the special order Aquamarine Blue Metallic exterior, and second involves who ordered it – none other than Hollywood legend and motorsport enthusiast Paul Newman:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2005 Audi S4 Avant on eBay

Year: 2005
Model: S4 Avant
VIN: WAUXL58E85A056298
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 119,370 mi
Price: $47,900 Buy It Now

2005 Audi S4 Avant. Vin WAUXL58E85A056298. 119,370 Miles. 6-Speed Manual. Aquamarine Blue Metallic (1 of 1). Silver Recaro Leather Interior. Previously Owned by Paul Newman’s Newman’s Own Organics! Clean Carfax. This marvelous looking S4 Avant was specially ordered in Aquamarine Blue Metallic and is the only S4 Avant painted that color according to Audi North America. Its original purchaser was famously attracted to V8 6-speed wagons and titled to his company, Newman’s Own Organics. The color, as many remarked, was a match for oneof Paul Newman’s more notable features: ice blue eyes.

The car has an Audi Silver Recaro interior, which is more accurately a very light gray. The leather is in excellent condition, with no rips, tears, or wear. All dark wood trim is excellent as is the dash top, door panels, glass, and carpet. New Coco mats were added last year.

Audi’s S4s were for performance-minded owners with a 340 hp, 4.2 liter V8 boasting a 5 second 0-60 sprint. The S4s featured widened wheelarch flares, upgraded fascia, larger wheels (this one riding on optional BBS 18”), enhanced brakes and suspension along with special badging and the optional Recaro interior.

The car comes with a 3-ring binder of service receipts. Most notably, the timing chain service was performed by Audi specialists Anderson Motorsports in December 2017, with a full engine out upgrade to improved tensioners, rails, bearings, and gaskets. Receipts total $5800. A new clutch was also installed at that time.

Shortly after, the current owner had Hotchkiss sway bars added, plus a brake and AC service. New power steering hoses were added as a preventive measure. Subsequent services have included regular oil, filter, and fluid changes per recommendations. A Milltek exhaust system has been added.

The owner also installed 5 new Michelin tires (14k miles), and notes the spare has not been used. This S4 comes with original manuals, books, jack, toolkit, roadside safety kit, first aid kit, and a fifth BBS wheel beneath the cargo hatch.

The Audi S4 Avants occupy a unique niche, yet especially so with the rare and sporting 6-speed manual. Though equipped for excellent performance in a luxurious cabin, their cargo capacity and utility are impressive.

The “one of one” color and ownership history puts this example on another level. The “Newmans Own” ownership is documented by Audi, North America!

All documents go with the car! This is an exciting investment you can drive and enjoy! Paul’s Rolex watch just sold for 18 Million Dollars! A new world’s record for a watch at auction!

Collector car financing available at competitive rates.

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This seems to be a pretty well documented car as these things go. The engine service should alleviate fears of impending doom, too. The BBS wheels are a nice look and the unusual Aquamarine color is lovely. Personally I’m glad it’s not black inside (though I might prefer a dark blue leather…) and the wood trim is a really nice touch which is also unusual on these Avants. If you want a one-of-one S4 Avant, you could do a lot worse in short. Of course, then there’s the question of Newman’s star power when attached to a 14 year old Audi wagon – fast though it may be. To be honest, I’m just not sure that it justifies a $20,000 premium over last week’s Bring a Trailer recent high water mark for these Avants. On top of that, the ’08 not only was supercharged, but had 70,000 less miles than this chassis has accrued and a history of selling (two other times, in fact) for big numbers on BaT. I’m sure there’s someone out there who would love to own a piece of history with Newman’s name attached, and that it’s one of the better B6 Avants out there certainly doesn’t hurt. Whether that’s worth a 100% plus premium remains to be seen.



  1. Brady
    Brady February 24, 2019

    Nice looking B6, but being once owned by a salad dressing company, as opposed to by Paul Newman himself, does not justify a premium at all, IMO, let alone a 35K one.

    I would have thought the interior door cards and cargo area panels would have matched the seats too. The current look is that of a car with mismatched interior bits.

  2. Sean9c
    Sean9c February 24, 2019

    It is interesting that it’s a black interior with white seats. I wonder if you could find out if it was originally spec’d that way? Ya, unclear if it was actually driven by Newman or just a company car.

  3. Cory
    Cory February 24, 2019

    It’s funny how the copy does everything to insinuate it was owned by Newman, but never comes out and says so. He loved V8’s! It matches his eyes!

  4. Cory
    Cory February 24, 2019

    I agree on the silver interiors looking piecemeal. This is how they came. I can appreciate not wanting black, but Audi could have done a nicer job with an alternate color. With the silver interior you also get downgraded from a black S4 only headliner to a run of the mill grey setup. Boo.

  5. Cory
    Cory February 24, 2019

    My bad. It looks like the silver interior B6 S4’s kept the black headliner. On the B7’s you got grey. Maybe it was Audi’s attempt to integrate the silver seats into the car more.

  6. James
    James February 24, 2019

    This was my car, minus the BBS wheels. And it was never driven by Paul. In fact, he never sat in it. His daughter order it from Audi but didn’t like the seats, so I drove it for a few years before turning it in. So I hate the truth to burst the bubble of whomever owns this, but those are the facts. Still a great car. I put stainless steel cat back exhaust on it. Wonder if that still there. And it also had body work done because the door was damaged and rear pulled repaired when a bike came off the roof at 90 and hit the pillar.

  7. Carter
    Carter February 25, 2019

    @James, thanks for the clarification. Usually Dick Barbour has their ducks in a row. Neat car but unfortunate that it is being mis-represented.

  8. Marko
    Marko February 25, 2019

    James rules. LOL @ exciting investment.

  9. GroupB
    GroupB February 25, 2019

    As mentioned, those are BBS wheels from a B7 S4, and the one in the cargo area looks dented. The front bumper cover also looks like it isn’t fitting right, with huge gaps at the bottom of the fenders. Nice color, but way overpriced for what it is.

  10. James
    James February 28, 2019

    Just to be fair – I can see how Dick Barbour made the claims it did – one would make those connections based on the fact that Nell Newman did order the car, and it was registered to her Company. Those are indeed the facts. Of course it’s fun to think Paul had it or drove it, but alas, I can’t remember Paul even seeing it, and his daughter only drove it for a month or two before I got it. At that point it lived in New Mexico, not California. And Paul never visited me in New Mexico. All that said, it was the best car I’ve ever owned. And I’ve had many, including 11 audi’s of various flavors, including the car Nell got next, which was an S6 Avant, which she did like/drive, and then I purchased from her. That car was just traded for a Macan GTS in Southern California. I bet we will see it her in six months “Paul Newman’s S6 Avant” as it too has “Newman” in the title thread. PS: the body work (during my ownership) on the S4 was minor and cosmetic, but it includes a repainted door and rear panel.

  11. AHudson
    AHudson March 18, 2019

    Hi Folks, I am the current owner of that car, still registered to me but consigned to my friend and racing legend Dick Barbour. Let me first say that the description is mine, not Dick’s.

    When I got the car, I didn’t know of either the “Newman’s Own” part nor the “1 of 1” Aquamarine (both 100% correct) existed. And sure, I thought I might’ve gotten one of those yard-sale Rembrandt’s you hear about on occasion, but was careful to tell Dick what we knew vs what we hoped.

    Anyway, glad that the real story of Nell Newman ordering the car new for Newman’s Own was made clear, even with the mild ‘darn it’ that ensued. Facts are facts, and the family lineage is still pretty cool. Pretty bold of her to get a V8 6-speed hotrod Audi; must be a strong gene in that department!

    Yes, the car still has the stainless exhaust (my mechanic said Milltek or Stasis were excellent, this is Milltek) and runs fantastically. I drove it the 4 hours to Dick Barbour’s myself, sans hesitation or worry. Just got a Cayenne GTS to somewhat replace it since we needed a tad more room.

    I will say, I’ll miss the S4 Avant greatly. It never let me down, always made me smile, was an absolute hoot to drive through curves or straight, and impressed many a passenger with both its quality ride and sporting personality. I’ll also add that it has among the best fit and finish of any car I’ve ever owne, is still tight, and everything works (except the stupid CD player engulfed my 3rd Eye Blind CD on the first try.)

    The car will be a joy for the next owner (at a fittingly reduced price) to row through gears, with an neat back story, in a 1 of 1 colored S4 Avant. And I can guarantee it was driven by Dick Barbour! Enjoy, and thanks again.

  12. Carter
    Carter March 19, 2019

    Thanks for letting us know, @AHouston. Good luck with the sale!

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