Double Take: 1992 and 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6s

It’s been an interesting week or two for Corrado fans over here at GCFSB – but we haven’t gotten the cars we wanted despite seeing a few. Most recently was Nate’s white 1991 G60 model; it had potential and looked clean, but universally there were some things we didn’t like and the price was out of line – plus it was an automatic. Earlier in the week, I wrote up a sweet track-prepped 1992 SLC VR6; awesome if you were planning on some hot laps, but you’d need a trailer since it didn’t look to be easily road-legal – that really limits its use and appeal. Then we had the somewhat poorly modified Tuner Tuesday example of a 1992 SLC VR6 that I spent most of the post demodding. So today I hope to rectify our “good” Corrado drought with two nice examples. They also both buck my normal description and complaint of Volkswagen owners; they’re clean (even inside!), relatively original and maintained. Which would you choose?

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Motorsports Monday: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6

For a long time, enthusiasts have claimed that you need to have rear wheel drive to enjoy a car’s dynamic abilities or have a successful race car. However, while limited in their application, front-drivers have a very long and successful track record dating back to the 1960s. Let’s not forget the Mini, SAABs and even some early Audi rally efforts which used front-drive platforms and were winners. In touring cars, Audi ran Coupe GTs and front-drive 4000s in Group 5 and later Volkswagen took the idea of the performance hatchback to their Golf platform in the GTi. Wildly popular as a budget racer since new, the Golf’s basic layout and platform evolved into the Volkswagen coupes – both Scirocco and later Corrado. While the early Sciroccos also gained much success in SCCA racing in the 1970s and early 1980s, the Corrado introduced a new level of performance with the VR6 engine. While the torque-laden application would seem on the surface to be a bad match for a front driver, the Corrado when properly set up is truly an impressive car and massively quick – a great alternative to the E36 chassis, for example:

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Tuner Tuesday: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6

As we’ve previously covered, the Volkswagen Corrado has been since new a popular tuning platform. Whether in supercharged G60 early form or the later VR6 model, avid enthusiasts snap these cars up and generally quickly set about customizing and personalizing the sporty coupes. On paper, the Corrado reads effectively just like a GTi – but to Volkswagen faithful, the coupe’s name carries so much more weight. Like a sports hero entering a local bar on game day, Volkswagen fans gasp, smile and utter expletives when they see a Corrado in any shape. Expensive when new and always holding more value than their brethren, they’ve remained somewhat elusive compared to the more mundane GTi and GLX models that ran alongside them. So, even if you find a model that isn’t 100% to your liking it may be worth investigating to see if you can re-customize it to your taste:

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Feature Listing: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC with 52k miles

Sometimes lightning does strike twice. The low mileage Corrado SLC that we featured last month was one of those cars you just don’t come across very often. Or was it? Here comes another mint condition Corrado SLC for sale in California from our reader Christian. He bought the car from its original owner, it has covered just over 52,000 miles and it’s red. Do sport coupes from the 1990s get any better than this?

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1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6

For many enthusiasts, the Corrado SLC VR6 is still the ultimate Volkswagen – but even if it’s not, you can respect what a solid piece of engineering it was. The Corrado was really a Halo car for Volkswagen in many ways, and while the G60 motor was a bit underwhelming for the weight of the Corrado, the VR6 provided the right soundtrack and power output to rightly place the coupe amongst one of the best front wheel drive cars ever produced. These superb 2-doors have never really gotten very cheap, but that’s generally been good for enthusiasts now – by being a premium product, the Corrado has in general been kept out of hands that were incapable of keeping them in good condition. What we get, then, are occasionally a great example of a coupe that really performed on the level of many sports cars, but still offers Volkswagen practicality and enough room for 4:

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1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6 with 39,000 Miles

Lightning never strikes twice, it’s like deja-vu all over again, there’s a glitch in the Matrix; choose your phrase. Because if yesterday’s low mileage Corrado G60 didn’t get you excited for some two-door Volkswagen action, perhaps today’s even lower mile later SLC VR6 will. Although it’s much less common to see good examples of the earlier G60 model, the VR6 is equally if not more sought after with it’s great narrow-angle V6 soundtrack, slightly revised looks and spectacularly perfect Speedline wheels. Often seen in popular green, maroon or red, this is a nice departure again with another silver example, this time Satin Silver:

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1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC


It’s unfortunate that Volkswagen has held firm in its refusal to bring the Mk3 Scirocco stateside. They feel the GTI is adequate to fill the sports car gap in the US market, last filled by this car the Corrado, since it’s exit from the US market in 1994. The choice for lower priced sports coupes is a bit slim these days, especially if you’re in the market for a German manufactured one. Go back two decades, however, and you’ll arrive at the end of the Corrado production run, which found the newly introduced VR6 engine slotted under the hood. The Corrado SLC, as it was dubbed, solved many of the teething issues inherent in the G-lader supercharged 1.8 liter engine that preceded it. This Corrado with 112,000 miles on the clock is largely original with records stretching back over a decade.

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Sport Coupes for the People: 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V & 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC

$_57 (1)

Let’s face it: there’s a gap in the US lineup at Volkswagen. I’m looking at you, Scirocco. On a visit to Lisbon, Portugal earlier this year, I admired the white example I saw sitting in the showroom floor in a dealer in the middle of the city. Nevermind the neat little Up sitting right next to it. True, the Scirocco is not much more than a Golf with a fancy body, but some people want that extra style. Let’s look at the last two coupes that Volkswagen offered stateside, a late model Scirocco 16V and a Corrado SLC VR6.

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1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC


Named one of the “25 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die” by British magazine Car, the Volkswagen Corrado has become a legend in its own time, even if the first models with the supercharged G-lader engine left much to be desired. Volkswagen righted the ship in 1992 with the VR6 engined SLC, which brought not only more power but greater reliability to the equation. Today the SLC is still an affordable modern classic but finding a good one can be quite the task. This SLC for sale in Michigan is certainly a well preserved example but is priced accordingly.


Year: 1993
Model: Corrado SLC
Engine: 2.8 liter VR6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 81,518 mi
Price: $12,900

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We are pleased to offer this 1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 SLC for purchase. Described by Top Gear as a ”classic waiting in the wings” the Corrado is much more than just an early 90’s hatchback. The Corrado was initially designed to be a successor to the Porsche 944 and was built by Karmann.

This car is powered by the original 2.8L VR6 engine that has a unique 15 degree V-angle between cylinder banks. This narrow alignment makes it compact overall and able to fit in to areas that are off limits to conventional V6 engines. The power of this car is not to be outdone by the handling. The standard electronic traction control system sport tuned independent plus-axle front suspension and a smooth shifting 5-speed manual give the driver an incredibly responsive driving experience.

The leather seats and leather wrapped interior is in excellent condition. This car came standard with 4-wheel ABS with power disc brakes power rack & pinion steering 6 disc CD player automatic speed-sensitive rear spoiler power sunroof power windows cruise control door key turn closes windows & sunroof automatically and power locks.

This is an incredibly maintained one-owner vehicle from Detroit. The exterior is in excellent shape and shows like new. This car has always been adult driven and stored in the winters. We hold routine maintenance & service records original title and original sales invoice. This is truly a rare gem! Please call or email for more details today!


At the asking price, you really have to want a Corrado, because we’re solidly in clean E36 M3 territory here (though how long E36 M3s hover in this price range is debatable). This car certainly checks all the right boxes in terms of mileage, transmission and condition, though some may not take kindly to the tan leather interior in what is supposed to be a car with sporting intentions. As it sits, I like this car and it brings back memories if early motoring experiences with VWs back when I was coming of age in the 1990s, before the company went mainstream with offerings such as the plus sized Passat. If you can get a Corrado SLC for around $6,000 to $7,000 on similar condition, grab one while you can, because the supply and affordability of these cars won’t last forever.


Low Mileage 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC For Sale

Last week I featured a SLC Rado with a few more miles and was a bit more expensive than this example.  That, my friends is what I like to call a “ripping deal.”  Well if it was such a good deal it would have sold on eBay but nobody was willing to meet the $7.9k asking price.

It may be just me, but how can a one owner Rado not get some nibbles at that price?  For you Rado fans it is still on the Vortex so gawk away.

1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC For Sale:

From the seller –

“I’m selling my 1992 VW Corrado SLC with 56k original miles on it, I am the original owner. It’s stick shift, has full leather interior, has been garage kept and has no rust. I have all of the original stock parts on hand should you want to pull off any performance enhancements. All of my service work was done at Jennings VW in Glenview, IL.

Here is the list of what is on the car…

Always used synthetic oil
I have a high quality car bra that will be included
Bilstien HD shocks
Autotech Springs
Front and Rear Strut bars
28mm sway bar in rear
GIAC Performance chip
Low temp thermo
Coolant = Distilled Water and Water Wetter
Color matched SAMCO radiator hoses
Jacob Ignition Coil – Omni Torquer
Techtonics Tuning Stainless cat back exhaust
Koenig Villain rims along with the Stock rims and tires
Alpine stereo, 4 channel Soundstream Amp.
Sunroof is original and works (no scratches)
4 point Racing seal belt
stainless steel brake lines
slotted rotors
push button starter
Alpine Alarm with impact sensor and radar proximity sensor
Paint is Red and original, some minor dings. I’ll consider all offers.”

That is a incredibly clean car.  The seller started at $10k and has come down to $7.9k, so he is motivated to sell.  I look for these weekly and I am not sure I have found a car that is a better combination of condition, mileage, and price.

If you can deal with those robotic seat belts that want to behead drivers at every turn this may be worth looking into.