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1984 Audi Quattro

We don’t often get to look at 1984 Quattros, and that’s for a good reason. While Quattros are rare stateside full-stop with only 664 brought here originally, just 10% – 65 – were ’84 model year cars. Like ’85, ’84 was a transition year as the newer dashboard, 8″ Ronals and a few other minor changes crept into production. LY5Y Amazon Blue Metallic was offered alongside the Helios Blue Metallic in 1983, but for 1984 it became the sole dark blue offered. It’s a very pretty color, and is here coupled were with some nice and common upgrades to the early cars. Most obvious are the addition of European H1/H4 sloped headlights and grill, which give the Quattro a more updated and aerodynamic look. More subtle is the tucking of the impact bumpers which combined with the headlights give a more Euro feel to this example:

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Year: 1984
Model: Quattro
VIN: WAUDC0853EA900933
Engine: 2.1 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 161,000 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

This is an unmolested Ur Quattro in superb driving and cosmetic condition. I bought it 6 years ago from a shop restoring high end classic cars. They had bought the car locally and rebuilt the engine to European specs. Therefore the engine has only 8000 miles . The car is corrosion free.
Upon buying it all bushings where changed, the tires were changed (on the original and intact Audi wheels), the 2 differentials settings were overhauled and work. The car color was initially black but tired and I asked them to repaint the car in the original Quattro Amazon blue.The leather seats were reupholstered but are original as well.
The car had been lowered by one previous owner and I wanted a standard ride. I bought a kit (2B coil Program) from 2Bennett, the Californian shop specialized in Quattros. This kit is adjustable and I set the car to its original ride height. It turns beautifully.
Last I installed an Alpine CD/Bluetooth radio that has hand free phone settings.

I also have winter wheels with winter Michelin if interested.
The original manual and maintenance carnet are still there. There is no trace of accident,including in the Autotest report.
Then I serviced the car every time it is needed (every year at minimum) replacing any part that needed it. All invoices are available. A very clear situation.

I have other cars but I travel a lot for business. So this car is not on the road enough considering its superb driving. I would prefer somebody who can appreciate such a special car and drive it regularly as it should.

Contact me for any question.

From the B2 Resource page we can see this car was originally built in March 1984 and delivered to the dealer in May. Like most of the ’84s, options read 079 leather trim, 253 North American, 560 Steel Sunroof, D08 North America and R85 North America. While the options aren’t particular special, one thing does pop out from the manufacturer data; the original color combination for this chassis is L3 (LY9V Montego Black Metallic) and VM – Sierra Beige Leather. Now, we actually saw the Amazon Blue over Sierra color combination on the last ’84 I looked at, so it would make sense – except that the leather here is Chocolate. However, significant is that the dashboard is matched brown to the interior, while the Sierra car’s was black. It seems unlikely that an interior swap would have also included the dash. I do find it a bit strange that the seller claims the Amazon was the original color, but I’m guessing that’s just odd wording. I think they mean that they repainted the car in an original shade, not in the original color of the chassis.

Also odd is that the seller set this car up with winter wheels and tires and a hands-free phone hookup; obviously, they intended to drive it year-round. Collectors will cringe at the thought of a Massachusetts Quattro heading out into the white stuff because those are the flakes that don’t melt, and I’m not talking about dandruff. Also unusual is that the car wears a color-matched rear spoiler but matte-black upper trunk lid. The lid is right for the year, so I’d guess it was just the seller’s preference to give the later painted spoiler look. Given the location of the car and the respray, I’d still worry about rust though the seller proclaims it free. It’s easy for tin worm to hide in the many angles of this car.

Not listed, but significant from a driving perspective, is the apparent changeover to R-134 air conditioning visible in the engine bay. Also not mentioned but a nice find inside is the Nardi Audi Sport steering wheel. It seems clear from the description and work done that the seller was enthusiastic about the car. Right now, a single bid at $35,000 buys it. That’s $15,000 less than the last ’84 I looked at and $20,000 less than the clean Amazon ’85. While it’s not correct as a collector car, this one is certainly set up to drive and looks spectacular perhaps because of and not in spite of the changes. I think given the current market, if you have the cash and there isn’t undisclosed rust in the arches this one looks like it’s priced right.



  1. Christian
    Christian July 22, 2019

    A couple thoughts on this one:
    – Those tires. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was “man, he should have put some tire dressing on the car before the picture, because the tires really stand out in a bad way.” But I guess that was due to them being winters. Which as you stated, causes some concern (especially for July).
    – You can see where the repaint painted over the holes for the rear reflectors (on the body, immediately below the tail lights). I’m not sure why some UrQs have the reflectors mounded to the body, and others have them them integrated into the bumpers.
    – Bumpers were shaved for the more Euro look, which is good.
    – Door cards are actually from the earlier Coupe interior, and don’t match the updated dash. Maybe that was a production change that came later, who knows with Audi’s production/option consistency in the 1980s. They seemed to randomly do one-off trim/option/setups all the time.

  2. fstntq
    fstntq July 22, 2019

    The seller notes the car was “initially black” so I’m guessing the swapped? interior was already present when he bought the car. I’d be curious to know the extent of the rebuild that brought the car up to “European specs” as the power, if not reliability can be had for almost pennies, but it seems they, or someone was resourceful enough to source a number of Euro goodies.
    Having seen dozens of the sport steering wheels, I detect a recover but it stills presents well. It really changes the feel versus the stock units.
    Ironically bought my UrQ 25+ years ago from an owner in the same town.
    If clean underneath, seems a pretty reasonable deal these days.

  3. fstntq
    fstntq July 22, 2019

    The difference between the location of the rear reflectors is the difference between the US cars and the ROW cars. US cars had them on the body as this car did. Someone sourced a real Euro rear bumper cover which had the integrated rear reflectors. The rears are a bit easier and cheaper to find than the Euro front cover which this car does not have.

  4. JA
    JA July 22, 2019

    Bought one for $9,900 in the early 90s. Totaled it play rally driver in the snow in MA. Sad… Back to the scene of the crime for this one?

  5. Tim
    Tim July 22, 2019

    Confused on the reupholstered but original seats… When were they reupholstered? If I read the posting correctly, they were done 6 years ago when the repaint took place, but they look considerably older. My ‘83’s don’t look too much worse and they haven’t been redone.

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