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1999 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

Update 11/20/18: After heading back up to $24,999 and then down to $18,999, this E55 is strangely now listed as a 2000 model year and has dropped in asking price to $17,999.99.

Update 9/18/18: Another drop in the asking price from $22,500 to $20,999.

Update 8/30/18: The asking price has dropped $2,500 from the original $24,999 to $22,500 today.

Earlier this week I dove into how the W210 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG is becoming the next collector car from Mercedes and as a result, prices have been creeping up on them. The example I looked at was a 1999 up for sale in Canada that had all the makings of a collector example with its pristine condition and full service history. It ultimately ended up not selling as the bidding reached $10,500 and I was a little surprised it didn’t go higher. Today, I happened to run across another 1999 E55 up for sale in California that checks in with just 44,000 miles. At first glance, I thought this one might be another home run, but then I really took a closer look it and then I saw the asking price. Now, I might not be so hot for this one.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1999 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG on eBay

Year: 1999
Model: E55 AMG
VIN: WDBJF74J4YB014738
Engine: 5.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 44,500 mi
Price: $20,999 Buy It Now

1999 Mercedes E55 AMG with only 44k original miles. Has every option including mobile phone. Never in an accident, zero paint work, never smoked in, always garaged. This is as nice as you will find a W210 E55. New Michelin tires, wheels are like new condition without a spot on them, just fully serviced and detailed. There is hardly a spot of dirt in this car. Please see pictures for details. Original window sticker included.

Everything says this should be a really clean car. Monterey, California weather, very low miles and an owner who knows what it is. Unfortunately from the photos, I don’t have a great feeling about it. Yes, the exterior looks really nice, but the inside is a different story. The ”panda” seats have a bunch of stretch marks on them and the actual leather looks shiny. If you go back and compare them to the Canadian car, you can see what I mean. Another this is that making me scratch my head is the amount of dirt and debris on the floors. I get that this seller wanted to take the car down to the coast line for some cool photos, but the driver’s side floor mat is all bunched up and filled with dirt. At least take it out and bang it off with your hand a few times. I know you are probably saying that it is just a floor mat, but those E55 AMG stitched floor mats are no longer available from Mercedes and if you do find them used, they are pretty pricey. I’ve even seen some sets go for $500 if they are still in the original bag. One other this is that the parking brake pedal is missing its rubber covering. Not a huge deal, but for the price, this car should be perfect.

Of course that leads me to the asking price of $25,000. I get these cars are appreciating, but I’m not at $25,000. Maybe if it was facelift car with these miles and in absolutely perfect condition, but not this car. The seller says it has every option, which it clearly doesn’t, so it’s not like you are buying a full spec’d car either. The lack of attention to detail really bugs me on this car and I could overlook that if it wasn’t priced so high, but I can’t justify $25,000. I think this one should be in the high teens right now if they really wanted it sold. For $25,000, I’ll go shopping for a decent W124 500E and know I’m not buying at the top of the market. There are plenty of other W210 E55s out there for half this price.

– Andrew


  1. Chris
    Chris July 27, 2018

    The prices have been creeping up as a result of you writing about them? Full of yourself much?

  2. Carter
    Carter July 27, 2018

    I think you misread that, Chris. Andrew was saying that because the E55 AMG is being considered by many a future classic prices are creeping up.

  3. Jeff
    Jeff July 27, 2018

    Definitely misread that…

    I’m no higher than mid-teens, likely not over low teens for it. I can’t see these being super collectible. I mean, how high could they really climb?

  4. Sergey
    Sergey July 28, 2018

    I just don’t like the look of W210. Also it’s just a V8, not a supercharged 5.5…

  5. Doug
    Doug July 29, 2018

    I’d go as far as saying that mat is filthy, and there is what looks like a stain to the right of the driver’s seat left rail. Even a few specks on a mat is one of my pet peeves, I vacuum mine at least once a week.

    For this kind of money (which is silly because I do not think these are worth this kind of money) I expect perfection and a seller as anal as I am. Parking brake missing its rubber? You have to be shitting me. How hard is that to fix? $10, that’s how hard. Little things mean everything when you want top dollar for a car. What else did the seller slack on?

  6. mike williams
    mike williams August 2, 2018

    You all have to be kidding me, who cares about a little dirt on the floor ma? I’m looking at the bones of the car and well if you know anything about the value of the W210’s then you know this is a great buy, good luck finding another example in this condition with these miles. I’d buy it all day long if I didn’t already own one. Whoever buys this report back on how much you LOVE these cars… Best of luck everyone.

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