1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition

The last 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition I wrote up in November was an interesting one, as it languished in a second-hand dealer with low miles and recovered seats with a seller who was apparently unaware exactly what it was but was still asking close to top dollar. Well, the secret is out on that particular example, at least to some extent. Just before Christmas, the listing was updated from around $9,000 to just shy of $19,000 in order to account for the new description which listed the car as one of the 500 “Le Mans” edition cars. While the seller’s claim is semantically incorrect, it appears they finally did some research and figured out that this indeed was one of the Special Edition U.S. spec 924S models (as a reminder to those less versed in the 1988 924S model, the “Le Mans” edition was a European equivalent Club Sport model). While that car isn’t really realistically priced anymore, there’s another of these defacto Club Sport models on eBay right now in the same scenario – at least from the listing, the seller is unaware that it’s the Special Edition model:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition on eBay

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Porsche 924 Roundup

The Porsche 924 represents some of the best aspects of automobile enthusiasts, while simultaneously embodying two distinct and very different decades. From the 1970s comes the upright, modernist and simple dashboard, but while it nods to the decade that bore it, the exterior is immediately identifiable as the 1980s signature silhouette with a low-slung, long hood, pronounced bumpers and flip-up headlights. Quite a few cars in the late 1970s and 1980s attempted to mimic the design of the 924, including the notable RX-7 and you could even argue the 280/300ZX. You can even see influence of the groundbreaking 924 design in the Miata of the late 1980s as well as such modern GT cars at the AMG GT-S. For enthusiasts, though, it was the near perfect weight distribution, the torquey inline-4, the manual gearbox and the all-important Porsche badge of engineering and build quality that led to the 924 being a hit. It didn’t hurt that it was the most affordable Porsche, either, and arguably still is so today. I’ve rounded up a group of 3 distinct and neat 924S models from late in the run to see which offers the most bang for your buck:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Porsche 924S “GT” on eBay

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1988 Porsche 924SE

As we watch 911 and 928 prices from the 1980s soar and the 944 Turbo, long considered the go-to value of the Porsche world, has started the march up the valuation ladder, where is a budget-minded Porsche enthusiast to turn? Without a doubt, the best place to get your low-cost thrills still is the “poor man’s” 924. Spanning just over a decade in production, values on early 931 Turbo models have also started to creep up, but if you look you can still find a good value on the later and arguably better driving 924S models. Reintroduced in 1987 with the underpinnings of the 944, the 924S was a budget Porsche. While the roughly $23,000 entry price certainly wasn’t cheap in 1987 dollars, it wasn’t much more money than a similarly equipped Audi Coupe GT. Dynamically, there aren’t many differences between the 1987 and 1988 models; ’88s got a few more horsepower than the ’87s thanks to a compression bump, but otherwise they’re the same – that is, except for the limited run “SE” model, perhaps the absolute best value in the Porsche world right now:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Porsche 924SE on Phoenix Craigslist

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337-off: 2002 Volkswagen GTis

Let’s discount, just for a moment, the reputation of the fourth generation water-cooled, front engined platform from Volkswagen. Yes, they’re known for not having the best build quality, and they were a bit pudgy. The electrics were sketchy and Volkswagen’s venerable 1.8T, which found its way into nearly every VAG product in the late 90s and early 00s, is certainly not without fault. But in many ways, the Mk.4 platform offered some exciting options for the Volkswagen faithful. First, the introduction of the turbocharged engine into the platform redefined the possibilities of the hot hatch. It was available not only in the top-spec GTi, but you could get a 4-door 1.8T, too – a first for Volkswagen, who had offered hot 4-door hatches in Europe but not the U.S. previously. Then, in 2002, Volkswagen upped its game even more with the introduction of the 25th Anniversary Edition in Europe. “But the GTi didn’t come out until 1983” U.S. fans said, forgetting that 1977 was the launch year of the 1.6 original in Europe. It seemed, for some time, that the U.S. would get snubbed again. After all, it wouldn’t be very smart for them to offer a 25th Anniversary Edition of a car that didn’t exist here, and “19th Anniversary” doesn’t have the same ring. But then, at the New York Auto Show in 2002, Volkswagen surprised U.S. fans by offering the near-identical package to them. The name was the GTi 337 Edition; the name harkened back to the original project code for the Golf GTi. Beefed up with 180 horsepower, a 6-speed manual, an awesome set of Recaro seats, aero tweaks and with some awesome shot-peened BBS RC wheels, it was an instant hit. Volkswagen sold 1,500 of these models to U.S. fans, and then when they had sold out, recreated the magic in 2003 with colorful options in the 20th Anniversary Edition. Today we’re looking at the 337 though, and I’ve found three for sale in varying states. 13 years on, are these hot hatches still appealing?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2002 Volkswagen GTi 337 on eBay

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1989 Porsche 911 25th Anniversary Edition

Of all the sports car manufacturers, I think Porsche loves special editions the most. Racing focused editions, touring editions, anniversary editions, they’ve done them all and they’ve done them well. I’m a big fan of the 991 50th Anniversary edition, I’d go so far as to say I think it’s the best looking 911 ever made but not necessarily the one I’d want over all others. That would be the 930 Turbo but these days I’d say I have a better chance of owning the former given where the market is headed. I suppose it makes sense then that I’m such a fan of this car, the 911 25th Anniversary Edition.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Porsche 911 25th Anniversary Edition

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Rare Wasser Porsches: 1982 924 Turbo and 1988 924SE

If for some time the Porsche 944 is one of the most under appreciated cars in the 1980s German car world, the 924 is even the more red-headed stepchild. But get past the stigma of the 924 as the “poor man’s Porsche”, and the details are quite good. They’re nice looking, aerodynamic coupes that are rear drive for enthusiasts. Like the rest of the Porsche lineup from the late 1970s and 1980s, they had great build quality overall and were solid products. Many of the “big brother” 944 items work on the 924, too – especially true in the later 924S models, so they can be updated and modified just like the 944s. They enjoyed a rich racing history in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants, with the first “Carrera GT” being a 924 model. Plus, the 924 was the development model which resulted in the much more prized 944 and 944 Turbo. And within the lineup, there are really some great hidden gems of classic cars that can be had on a budget. Today I have two nice examples of some of the rarer models of the 924; a late run 924 Turbo and a last of the breed 924S Special Edition:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1982 Porsche 924 Turbo on eBay

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1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition

Pablo from flüssig magazine is back to highlight this late model, one of 500 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition.

I have a thing for women with wide hips.

The cars that I have in my collection reflect this. The 993, 944, and 968; each of them sensually wide at the flanks giving them a sort of feminine muscularity you seldom see on other marques.

I also have a thing for narrow hips on the fairer sex…not taking a preference for one or the other is a testament to the dual personality that’s typical of all Geminis.

You see, even though the wide hips suggest strength, power if you like, the narrow ones speak of nimbleness, agility; a sort of lightness that gives her edge in all things calling for performance. This is precisely why I fell in love with this 924S.

This is not just any old 924S, however; no, no…this one is a very special version of which only 500 were made for the US market and they’re all clothed in black. In fact, very few Porschephiles know that such a version exists, yet here is one that’s got the numbers to prove it. First let me give you a little primer on the S before getting a bit more intimate with SN450529.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition on eBay

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1988 Porsche 924S “Le Mans” Special Edition

Porsche must be the king of obscure special models; it seems nearly every week there’s some limited edition model virtually no one has heard of comes up for sale, generally with some premium attached to the asking price because of their rarity. But while many of these limited edition cars didn’t make it to the United States, one that did was the special edition of the 924S. Sure, the 924S wasn’t the most popular car in the Porsche lineup and still isn’t, but it was a competent performer and sold reasonably well. 1988 saw the 924S bump up compression with a touch more horsepower, so if you’re in the market look for one of the already more rare to find 1988 editions. But if you want really rare, to celebrate its Le Mans victories Porsche launched a special edition of the 1988 model; dubbed the “924S SE” in the U.S. and “924S Le Mans” everywhere else, these were effectively 924S Club Sports:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Porsche 924S Le Mans on eBay

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1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition – No Reserve

A few months ago was the last time we featured a nice Porsche 924S. That particular 1988 Porsche 924 Special Edition was the same model that I’m writing up today, but unlike that car this particular model has the original staggered phone dials and shows off that neat model-specific interior a little more. The 924S remains a solid value with clean looks, great performance and low ownership costs. Today’s example looks quite stealthy dressed in black, and kitted out with most of Porsche’s “go faster” bag of tricks from the 1980s these last of the run were the fastest normally aspirated 924s produced:

Year: 1988
Model: 924S Special Edition
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 99,400 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Porsche 924S SE on eBay

Selling our 1998 Porsche 924SE
This was the last year Porsche made the 924 & this is a true “real” special edition “SE” model

In 1988, the 924S’ final year of production, power increased to 160 bhp (119 kW; 162 PS) matching that of the previous year’s Le Mans spec cars and the base model 944 (itself detuned by 3 bhp (2 kW; 3 PS) for 1988). This was achieved using different pistons which raised the S’ compression ratio from 9.7:1 to 10.2:1, the knock-on effect being an increase in the octane rating, up from 91 RON to 95. This made the 924S slightly faster than the base 944 due to its lighter weight and more aerodynamic body.

(Copied from wikipedia under “special models” -) US market SE:
Black only paint scheme with optional SE Edition decal. Equipped with manual steering, manual windows and door locks, sunroof delete, radio delete, AC delete, cruise delete, passenger side door mirror delete, wider 15×7 phone dial alloys for the rear while retaining 15×6 in front, and the M030 package which included stiffer springs and Koni shocks. The cars had a unique lightweight gray knit cloth upholstery (which deteriorated very quickly) with maroon pinstriping, and maroon carpeting. The sunroof, A/C, cruise, power steering, passenger door mirror, and radio could be added back optionally.
This car has sunroof delete , 4wd disc, koni adjustable coilovers , period correct stereo ,air cond, new Avon tires, fresh tune up, everything works as it should & runs beautiful!!
The car is not perfect (a few wear marks in drivers seat ,a couple stone chips in windshield & the paint/body is (in my opinion) a 6 out of 10 . She shows well ,is very well maintained by an enthusiast & handles superb.
This is a no reserve auction going to the highest bidder,!! Buyer pays shipping , I am happy to assist if needed, also I can answer any questions or take more pictures if you like! Thanks for watching & happy bidding/ good luck!!

It’s nice to see a no reserve auction to see what this model will bring. Often 924s are in a horrible state of disrepair or seem to be in incredible condition, and values or asking prices therefore also are pretty polarized. The last 924S SE I wrote up had the decals missing on this car, slightly less miles but failed to sell in the $5,000 – $6,000 range. This car presents pretty well for a driver in the photos and seems to be pretty honestly presented, but despite that bidding is quite low at $1,700 at time of writing with a few days left. I’d suspect this car will struggle to break mid-$4000 range – a price at which it’s a heck of a deal in my opinion. If they had only called it “Club Sport”, people would be paying 3 to 4 times that rate for one of these models…


1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet Etienne Aigner Edition

Special edition models are nothing new to the automotive world. Many times a manufacturer will release such a model due to lagging sales, to commemorate an anniversary or to signify the end of a model run. By the time the early 1990s rolled around, the Volkswagen Cabriolet was getting a bit long in the tooth, still being based off the MkI Golf introduced back in 1973. A new Cabriolet would appear with the introduction of the MkIII Golf in 1993, but before the MkI Cabriolet rode into the sunset, Volkswagen introduced the Etienne Aigner Edition Cabriolet. This was merely an appearance package for the Cabriolet, consisting of special interior fabric and leather trim, pinstripe and logos on the outside and the rather attractive La Castellet alloy wheels. The majority of these Etienne Aigner edition Cabriolets I’ve seen have been burgundy, making this Mangrove Green version for sale in Arizona a rather interesting find.

Year: 1991
Model: Cabriolet Etienne Aigner Edition
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 91,700 mi
Price: No reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet Etienne Aigner Edition on eBay

Please read entire description and research shipping costs before bidding. Car is located in Tucson, AZ and is available to see and drive. Over 100 pics available here. Bids will not be accepted from bidders with less than 10 positive feedbacks without contacting me first. Bids from buyers with unpaid items will not be accepted. Final payment for full auction value due within 5 days of auction close via direct bank transfer, cashier’s check or cash in person. I will accept paypal but buyer to add 2.9% to cover paypal fees. Once payment has cleared I will send the notarized title to the buyer via USPS priority with delivery confirmation and car will not be driven. I can provide up to one month storage of vehicle but it is responsibility of buyer to research and arrange shipping quotes from zip 85704 before bidding on vehicle. Shipping/Insurance costs to be paid by buyer. International buyers welcome, please research shipping costs before bidding.

Extremely rare 1991 Volkswagen Etienne Angier edition Cabriolet. Only 1460 Etienne Cabriolets were imported to the US and only 639 were made with this mangrove green metallic color. 91,800 original miles. Title is an original “A Box” verifiable original mileage title. In AZ, there are 3 designations of titles; B box – means mileage is in excess of mechanical limits and C box means odometer discrepancy. A Box status is what CarFax uses to determine original mileage status. There are no liens or any brands on the title of this car. This is a very original and complete survivor with low miles.

The interior is in great shape, no tears or stains at all in the original fabric. All seat adjustments work as designed. The driver’s seat has an extra adjustment for seat height. The seats are very comfortable. All the seats are trimmed with color coordinated leather with the Etienne Agnier logo in gold. The little plastic trim piece around the seat release lever on the driver’s side is cracked but does not affect operation. This pieced can be sourced easily if desired. Door panels are in great shape and fabric has the Etienne Agnier logo embroidered in a repeating pattern like the seats. The shift boot and arm rests are trimmed in the same leather as the seats. The shift knob used to be covered in the same leather but came off and is now the bare black plastic. Door sills are in great shape with no cracks. Working factory cruise control. Car always has floor mats so the original carpet is in great condition.

Some of the vinyl covering on the glove box door is lifting around the edges, hard to tell when the glove box door is closed and does not affect opening and closing. The rest of the dash is absolutely perfect with no cracks at all. The car comes with a brand new, black DashMat that has never been installed. The car has manually adjustable rear view mirrors with little joysticks in the door panels that work well. The passenger side window glass has a noticeable ring where the mirroring is missing, probably from having a wide view, domed mirror at one point. The mirror works fine and could be easily replaced if desired.

All of the original Etienne Agnier Le Castellet wheels have some level of finish loss to the clear coat and 2 have some curb rash. These are rare wheels that only came on the Etiene Cabriolets. They are straight with no cracks and could be refinished or polished easily. The paint is %100 original and still looks great. It has numerous small chips, mainly along the front edge of hood and front bumper. There is one faded spot the size of a grapefruit on the hood but is not very noticeable. There are a few very small dings that are hard to notice. I think with a little effort, possibly a clay bar treatment, the paint would look even nicer. The car has never been in an accident, no previous repairs or bondo anywhere on the car. Undercarriage of car is rust free.

The headlight and fog light on the driver’s side both have chips to glass but work fine. All gauges and lights work. The car has the optional gauge cluster in the center console with VDO, oil pressure, volt and oil temp gauge that all work. The dash has a coolant temperature gauge with low coolant level light that works well. Tachometer, odometer, speedometer and clock all work. The console has the original, illuminated 3 cassette holder. This cassette holder pops right out to reveal the normal storage compartment found on standard cabriolets if desired. The original cassette player has been replaced with a Blaupunkt CD player that works fine.

Doors open and close well and seals are good, very solid feeling for small doors. Car is equipped with power windows that work great, no hesitations or issues. The rear windows are manual and work correctly also. Car has the original keys, locking gas cap key and key ring has the factory key code tag for replacement keys if necessary.

The convertible top was replaced 5 years ago by the original owner at a cost of over $2,800 by the Volkswagen dealership in Tucson, AZ. This is the original Haartz Stayfast canvas top that was unique to the Etienne Agnier cabriolets. This is the same fabric that Porsche and Mercedes use on their convertibles and is much better quality than the more common, vinyl tops. The top is in good shape but has a few very small (1/4” to 1”) tears. The top has lots of life left and still looks great. The convertible top mechanism works well, I have only had it down a couple of times since I owned it. Original glass rear window with good seal. The car comes with the original Etienne Angier top boot that cover the top when it is down. The boot is in great shape and has the logos like the door panels and seat upholstery. The headliner is in great shape with no rips.

Trunk are of car has the original spare which holds air and the original jack. I do not have the original lug wrench so a universal 4-way wrench will be included. The cardboard backing to the carpet is gone, this was a flat piece that was the shape of the carpet and could be easily cut from some ¼ inch masonite to replace. Trunk lid works as designed with original keys, hatch shock still works well.

All original literature including original window sticker showing a purchase price of more than $19,000. Original owner’s manual and sales literature specific to the Etienne Angier model.

Car was purchased new and Bates Mazda VW in Presque Isle Maine. Original owner purchased the car for his daughter to use while attending college. After she graduated the car was used by the original owner at his retirement house in Green Valley, AZ where it was garaged always and saw very little use. I purchased the car in 2010 and have used it as my daily driver for 3 years, the car has proven to be a very reliable car for me. In the time I have owned it I replaced the radiator, battery, fixed the cruise control, installed new shift bushings, and replaced one taillight with an original OEM Hella taillight. The tires are brand new with less than 100 miles on them with a transferable, lifetime road hazard warranty. Transmission was flushed and new oil replaced approximately 200 miles ago. Recent air filter, oil change, distributor cap and rotor.

The transmission shifts smoothly in all gears and has a very tight feel due to the new shift bushings. The clutch engages late in the stroke which could be an indication of clutch wear but the clutch is not slipping at all and still works fine. Shifts through all gears with no grinding or noises.

The engine runs great and passes AZ emissions with no issues. No leaks and has never overheated. Good compression on all 4 cylinders, good oil pressure and no smoke at all. Exhaust is in good condition with no leaks. The car has all the original emission equipment and there have been no modifications to the engine. The car drives great, goes down the road straight with no wobbles or play in the front end. Very sporty and fun to drive little car.

The front strut cartridges should be replaced. They are the original oil filled cartridges and most people replace them with the gas filled versions. Rear struts are fine. Included with the purchase is a complete set of good struts with Neuspeed SoftSport springs, font and rear. These spring will lower the car a little bit – (3/4 to 1”) and will be a little bit firmer without sacrificing ride quality like the firmer sport/track struts. The outer CV boot on the passenger side is cracked. The axles work fine with no noises. I was quoted 280 in labor to replace the front strut cartridges, replace cv boot and alignment. Strut cartridges vary in cost from $50 to $150 each depending on brand. I planned to put the Neuspeed struts on myself which can be done in an hour with no special tools.

Trunk area is clean and has original spare tire which holds air and original jack. I don’t have the original lug wrench, a 4 –way lug wench will come with the car. The original cardboard backing to the carpet is gone, easily replaced with some masonite cut to same shape as the carpet.

When I purchased the car, the AC was not blowing cold. I sourced a good used compressor and charged the existing compressor. The AC worked fine for about a month but there is a leak somewhere. I should have used the dye to find the leak but unfortunately did not. The original compressor works fine and the car comes with the extra used compressor. AC system should be charged with dye again to find the leak, I suspect it is a hose or O ring. Heater works well. All components of the AC work otherwise. I have an extra, used alternator that will come with the car also. Charging system works correctly and battery was replaced recently.

The car is ready to drive anywhere. I would not hesitate to drive this car cross country as-is. Overall this car is a very solid and complete original Etienne Agnier Cabriolet that would be a very easy restoration or great daily driver. Thanks for reading!

LOTS MORE PICS HERE http://s1199.photobucket.com/user/westwerkes/library/ETIENNE%20AGNIER%20CABRIOLET

We’ve had a couple of lower mileage MkI Cabriolets featured here on GCFSB in the past year. While they get chided for being a car favored by teenage girls and hairstylists, they do have their following, especially within the Volkswagen community. In spite of that, they aren’t highly valued in the market. Typically a Cabriolet in good condition with under 100,000 miles will fetch around $5,000. The Aigner edition package may bring a little more money to the right collector, but for most, it would boil down to a matter of taste. Perhaps bidding may reach closer to $6,000, but anything over that will bring you close to E30 3 series convertible territory, not to mention other drop tops like the Mercedes-Benz SLK, Audi TT and Porsche Boxster. Whether this particular Cabriolet will bring a premium depends on if those bidding have a desire to step back into the early 1990s and bask in a shade of green that was then all the rage.