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1992 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 16V

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken a look at both the special ’89 Wolfsburg Edition Jetta GLI 16V and a ’91 GLI 16V. Both, ultimately, were lacking. The ’89 suffered from a plethora of mods but not a look quite perfect enough to be a show car, while the ’91 had a lot of needs as it had been hobbled together. So it’s a bit interesting to see another GLI 16V pop up.

Like the July example, this is a later ‘big bumper’ car. Like the ’89, this one has quite a few modifications from stock and is a special color. But perhaps because of slick photography, bigger dollar mods or the spectacularly 90s LA6U Capri Green paintwork, this one pulls it off:

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Year: 1992
Model: Jetta GLI 16V
VIN: WVWTE21G8NW015226
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 122,531 mi
Location: Menlo Park, California
Price: $14,500 Buy It Now

Jetta Mod List


ITG filter

Neuspeed CARB Sport Camshaft

Remus exhaust header w/cats

Techtonics Tuning exhaust

50mm Euro intake manifold

Eurosport airbox

OE stainless fuel lines

NRG ground wires

Powder-coated intake manifold and valve cover

G60 Power Steering Reservoir

Mild wire tuck


Neuspeed swaybars (front and rear)

MK3 VR6 front strut tops

Koni coilovers

Custom wide lip BBS RM rims with Toyo T1-R tires

H&R wheel bolts

Eibach front camber kit

Autotech adjustable upper stress bar

Eurosport rear camber kit

Neuspeed 4 point Rear Stress Bar

Eurosport Front Lower Bar

Autotech Clubsport Control Arms

Autotech Rear Poly Bushings

Autotech Stainless Brake Lines

Billet battery relocation kit/optima battery/kicker terminals


USRT Smartshift2

Autotech HD transmission mount

Peloquin LSD

Black Forest Industries clutch with lightweight billet flywheel


New factory paint

Quad headlight OE red-stripe grille with Hella French fog lights

GLI grille badge

Color matched armor plates

Hella outer headlights

Bonrath mono wiper

LED headlights/high-beams/brake/taillight/reverse lights/license plate lights

LaminX foglight film

Hella smoked tail lights

Fifft smoked turn signals

ECS Smoked banana lights

Remus exhaust tip

ABT grille badge and tail badge

G60 flares

Porsche script door handles


Hella leather steering wheel

Momo hub adaptor

Kicker/CDT/infinty speakers/sub/crossover

Kienzle head unit

Soundstream Amp

Brushed aluminum door pins

Retrofit early GLI trunk carpet

Retrofit early GLI black c-pilllars and sunroof crank

ABT pedals and dead pedal

ABT door pins

Fischer CD console

Euro instrument check panel and headlight leveling switch

GLI plaque

Votex cabin filter

Hella smoked dome light



2678 pounds


1992 Jetta GLI Costs

New OE shift boot: $45

New OE key: $16

Antenna Mast; Mast Only; Screw-On $13.44

Brake Pad Set; Front; OE Supplier Compound $54.00

Brake and Clutch Pedal Pads $3.00

Fog Light Bulb; H3 Halogen; 12V/55W with Wire $2.87

Radiator Mount; Upper Right $5.58

Behr Radiator; 675mm Core with Angled Lower Outlet $77.69

Spark Plug Wire Set; OE Type with Coil Wire $152.39

Europsport Front Lower Bar: $89

Neuspeed P-Chip: $109

Neuspeed Sport Camshaft: $149

Neuspeed front sway bar: $100

Neuspeed rear Swaybar: $125

H&R Spacers (5mm front, 10mm rear) wheel studs: $191.00

K&N air filter: $54

BBS center caps: $120

OE Wheel stud caps: $25

Rear OE GLI emblem: $25

Front OE GLI emblem: $63

Rear OE VW logo: $39

OE Speaker Grilles: $69

16V interior badge: $22

Windshield repair: $85

Owners manuals: $40

Windshield repair: $85

Outer window scrapers (pair): $60.00

Inner door seals (front pair): $90.00 shipping $20.05

GLI side badges (pair): $45

OE quad headlight grille: $110

Kamei eyelids: $179

Hella inner fogs: $52

Hella outer headlights: $40

Sylvania Silverstars: $20

OE Round light core support: $129

Techtonics roller chain hanger: $18.99

VW logo key ring: $11

Door handle seal: $15

Touch up paint: $23.87

Brake boot: $35

Headlight conversion harness: $65

Rear door seals: $50

New MFA LCD: $69 +$75

Toyo T1R tires – $245

Radiator fan switch – $25

Various Redline/Motul/Mobil: $120

Acc. Belt shield: $40

Hydraulic motor and transmission mounts: $134

Bonrath mono wiper: $100

Clubsport MK2 Control Arm Kit: $139.97

Stainless Brake Lines: $109.17

Rear brake rotors: $73.47

Poly rear shock tower bushings: $27.97

Armor Plates: $50

Ignition Sender: $25

Hella 7” H4 Headlights $124

Rear bench: $250

EGR valve: $20

Remus Exhaust Header: $310

O2 and Knock sensors, various gaskets: $47

ECS front suspension refresh kit: $76

Eurosport nutsert kit: $27

Kicker/CDT speakers/sub/crossover, Alpine Amp, Bluetooth integration: $1,200

OE Emergency kit: $35

Misc. fluids/engine mounts/radiator/egr labor: $495

LED headlights/highbeams/license plate lights: $450

Door pins: $20

Dashboard swap: $250

Neuspeed endlinks and bolts $80

Eibach alignment kit: $41

Eurosport rear camber kit: $52

Paint: $1,800

Hella momo steering wheel: $159

Spoiler plugs: $25

Headlight film: $17

Rain drip rails: $300

Floor mats: $140

Sunroof Seal: $79

Antenna Base: $26

Transmission inspection hole plug: $15

Dashboard and heater core: $450

Exhaust manifold and engine mount labor: $600

New window scrapers and climate control panel: $100

Door handle trim: $53

New speaker grille, momo hub, and trunk trim: $90

Power steering hose and rear strut mounts: $93

Sunroof handle – $15

Black c-pillar trim and fuel dist. cover: $80

Headlight adjuster: $53.23

Lower headlight trim support: $38

Sunroof cables: $61

Mechanical service (power steering, sunroof, engine timing, rear spacers, injector seals) $680

Wolfsburg emblems: $40

Kienze Head Unit: $230

Fischer CD console: $160

BBS valve stem caps: $23

50mm intake manifold $230

New distributor, pressure switch, PS leak repair $414

USRT Smartshift2 $185

Eurosport airbox: $125

Euro instrument check panel: $14

Peloquin LSD: $675

ARP bolts: $139

Black Forest Industries Clutch/flywheel: $399

Kamei Golf ball shift knob: $35

Hella smoked tail lights: $300

Hella smoked signals: $110

ECS smoked banana lights: $29

Remus exhaust tip: $149

BBS Rims: $1,700

Headlight adjuster switch: $20

Autotech strut brace: $145

Accordion shift boot: $22

BBS valve stem and caps: $55

Neuspeed 4 point rear brace: $400

Heated seat switch: $49

New OE grille with Hella French foglights $450

Votex cabin filter: $165

Hella smoked dome light with delay: $40

Infinity sub: $165

ABT rear emblem: $30

Soundstream amp: $165

Koni coilovers: $550

Techtonics plug wires $75

New axels, hubs, Power steering pump and front bearings: $500

DPR fuel pressure regulator adjustment: $100

New front bumper: $230

New front wheel bearings, axels, power steering pump, and tie rod ends: $400

Labor for suspension overhaul including new coilover install: $1,200

Alignment: $100

New rear bumper – $250 + $250 paint

G60 flares – $370

Porsche door handles – $250

Replacement inner fender – $702

Powdercoated intake manifold, valve cover and rims with new brake fluid and coolant reservoirs: $700

Tires: $280

Porsche door handles: $400

Replace fuel distributor and trouble shoot/replace plug wires (arcing) and vacuum leaks: $1,100

Replace IAC valve: $600

Window scrapers (rear): $125

Seat bushings: $60

Fix fog lights and door handles: $200

P.O. (108k miles)

New water pump

New alternator

New timing belt

New plugs, distributor, cap, rotor

New air filter

Oil change

Coolant change

Vacuum leaks fixed

New thermo switch

New air box assembly

New fuel pump and filter

New battery

Reinstall carpet

New wiper blades

New tires

Corrado steering wheel

Many things can make a car for me, but let’s start with the color. Capri Green was effectively the Jetta’s version of the GTI’s Montana and it’s a great color. It’s matched well by the BBS RMs, which have been custom widened and have flat caps. Truth told I’d rather have a stock set, but the look is much better overall than the last two Jettas. That’s also helped by the wider G60 flares and lowered ride height. The 4-headlight grill looks a bit cleaner here than it did on the ’89 because it doesn’t have the lower lip and the big bumpers correctly are carrying their fog lights. The ABT badges are a rare and neat touch, as is the Bonrath single wiper. Inside the car is accented by the Hella steering wheel, a few more ABT touches and it’s interesting to see manual windows instead of power on a late GLI.

Mods aren’t limited to visual appeal, though, with a LSD, hotter cams and exhaust, coilover suspension and some other nice details. Reading through the changes is literally like browsing through a ‘who’s who’ of 90s VW tuners and this car pretty much has it all. Beyond that, though, I’m glad they retained the 9A instead of swapping to the VR6 as many do. It all pulls together very well and while there are a few things I’d personally change, the vision on this build works. It would certainly draw a crowd at a show, and it’s priced as a show-quality car would be. Would I pay $18,500 for this car? Probably not and the asking price undoubtedly limits the pool of people this appeals to. But unlike the price on the ’89, I can see why this car could be worth that amount to the right person – and in this case, a person who doesn’t already own it.



  1. Gregory
    Gregory August 29, 2019

    BAck when I had numerous A2’s I would have given my left nut for that euro injection and manifold.

  2. Brad
    Brad August 29, 2019

    LOVE it.

  3. Jeff
    Jeff August 29, 2019

    I would rather have that Hellios you listed recently; it’s less than half the price and a Hellios. I had an ’89 exactly like that you listed recently, which I didn’t know the rarity of it and ended up selling it to a dealer.

  4. joe
    joe August 29, 2019

    I saw this on craigslist. Just glancing it over I thought it was in “I KNOW WHAT I HAVE!” territory.
    Its a nice car but the people in the market for a 92 Jetta don’t have 18k. I think it would go for 11-12k would be nice. I sold a 92 integra GSR on bat the other day one owner low mile probably 40k build. Impossible to find a nice Gs-r today. People into honda’s who have disposable income now all have come across one before they became extinct. Bottom line is the people who would want something like that are not going to pay even mid teens. 10k is about what it is no matter what. Doesn’t matter how unique it is. It’s a shame really, same issue.

  5. Cory
    Cory August 30, 2019

    Pretty car! But for $18k I think we can nitpick.

    These days I don’t know why anyone would put so much time and money into a Jetta. If this were a Montana GTI 16v with the same kit, he’d get his price (other issues aside). The dual round grill, RM’s, and G60 flares all point to the fact that anyone with a GLI secretly(?) wants it to be a GTI. Plus this car is missing the power seats, windows, and cruise control, which are (I thought) the standard perk of the 9A GLI’s.

    3 accidents in the last 2 years?! And I notice the dashboard doesn’t line up with the door card correctly. Worrisome.

    What sized tires are those? They don’t look right to me. Are they really 50 series? They look like swampers. I’d rather have the stock RA’s, but let’s be honest, for $18k I’d expect some 16” RS’.

    The seller’s list includes several duplicates and contradictory entries. Heated seat switch? I wish. Hella turn signals? FIFFT installed. $1800 paint job? That’ll look good from 10’.

    Nice list of aftermarket parts though, I’d like to put them all on my gti. Well most of them.

    I agree with Joe, anyone who will settle for a Jetta doesn’t have $18k. And I f they did they’d buy a GTI.

    (Kinda reminds me of the 924/944/928/968 vs 911 predicament)

  6. Doug
    Doug August 31, 2019

    Looked decent, then I see a pic with that hella flush tire BS. I instantly question the smarts of the builder/seller. Wrecked twice in two years? GTFO. And the price? As they say on some website, crack pipe.

  7. DavidV
    DavidV August 31, 2019

    Seller here. Thanks for those who have taken the time to comment. I appreciate all the kind words as well as those that posted about issues/concerns.

    I can tackle a few of those below.

    There are two accidents in the three years since I’ve had the car, and I don’t believe any prior to then. Both were rear bumper cover replacements from low speed impacts. The car was initially rear ended and the bumper cover was replaced. Then, on the way back from the body shop, while crossing the Bay Bridge in heavy traffic, someone texting me hit that same bumper again. I just about strangled the guy. Anyway, all the body panels are original with matching numbers, and I have documentation of the bumper replacements, so there won’t be any surprises there. In fact, it’s largely on that basis that I am no longer daily driving the car.

    Yes, my out-of-pocket on paint was $1,800. That was for materials and booth rental. The actual paint job was done by a professional painter friend of mine as a favor and is the equivalent of a $7-8k job. It presents well, not at 10 feet but at 10 inches. In fact, the car has since been ceramic coated since these pics were taken and looks even better now.

    Yes, it’s a GLI and not a GTI. I’m a fan of both and have owned both. I have no interest in debating the merits of the two. I picked the GLI so that my kids could let themselves into and out of the back seat (four doors). Also, slightly better overall weight distribution with the trunk in the back and arguably more stiff. Anyway, I love both and wouldn’t fault anyone for preferring one over the other.

    No, power windows and seats were not standard on GLIs. In fact, I looked for a manual car for the build – simpler and more trouble free, plus I wanted a car that was as much of a throwback as possible, and for me, hand crank windows and manual seats fits that vibe.

    The tire size isn’t my favorite, but it’s literally the fourth set of tires I bought and tried before I could find something that didn’t rub. I’d prefer less stretch, personally, but it looks good so C’est la vie.

    The price is high, but this wasn’t a cut corners kind of a build and I am discounting the hundreds of hours that went into it to zero. Add to this the fact that so many of the parts on it are NLA and unobtanium, and it should make more sense where I’m coming from. I’m selling because this is a fourth car for me and was supposed to be my new daily, but ended up being too nice to daily, so here we are.

    The car is listed on Craigslist. There has been a lot of interest and here are some comments I have received:

    “Absolutely incredible automobile. respect to you for taking such good care of her. I would have to raid my 401k to get the money, it might be worth it.”

    “It’s absolutely beautiful. If I wasn’t married I would buy it. I respect you for keeping her stock and not tampering with her. This comes from a native German.”

    “Why sell it? I guarantee you’ll never find another one quite like it. This is as pure germanic as you will ever find. Teutonic perfection. Es ist unglaublich!!!”

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