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2011 Mercedes-Benz S600

I love flagship Mercedes-Benz and all their uniqueness that they bring. From last weeks Adenauer to today’s car, a 2011 S600, I enjoy all of them. (Except the W220 S600 with the 5.8 V12, that thing is garbage.) This W221 up for sale in Texas has everything you’d expect a flagship Mercedes to have with its radar guided cruise control and 510 horsepower that does 0-60 is 4.5 seconds. On top of all the normal goodies, this S600 has the extra special designo interior option. Problem is, I don’t know if I’m in love with it.

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Year: 2011
Model: S600
Engine: 5.5 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 49,020 mi
Price: $36,500 Buy It Now

This is my 2011 Mercedes BenzS600 for sale. It only has 49,020 milesand is in immaculate shape, excellent condition. A detailed video of the vehicle can be viewedon YouTube at:

I am the only Owner of thisvehicle and I have all the maintenance records since 2016 as provided by thelocal Mercedes Benz dealership where I purchased the car and had all theservice performed.

This is a fully loaded S600 withcustom Designo interior package, V12, 510 HP engine and all the bells andwhistles included (AC and heated front and rear seats, rear entertainmentsystem, etc., etc.). I have the originalsticker detailing all that is included (see attached picture of the originalsticker). The original sticker price was$172,000 and I paid just under that in 2011.

This car is in fantasticshape. I’m selling it because I’ve got anew S560 on order and this vehicle needs to find a good home.

Within the pastyear I’ve had over $9,000 in dealer provided service to replace the enginecoils, plugs, brake pads, rotors, AC blower, and other general maintenanceitems that needed to be addressed. Thetires are new too and I’ve just had the wheels refurbished (the wheels have a1-year warranty on the refurbishment work).

Again, I’ve kept this vehiclein tip top shape and I’ve never allowed any maintenance issue to go unattended. This is a great vehicle in great conditionfor the price. No hidden issueswhatsoever.

I’m not sure how I feel about the espresso leather next to the maple wood. Both are really nice in their own right, but right next to each other and I think they clash just a little too much. I would probably just used to it after a while, but it does look a little odd at first glance. I do think that you need a wood steering wheel on any W221 you buy because for whatever reason the standard steering wheels look cheap and worn out. The rest of the car looks well enough and it looks like the big maintainance items on the M275 were already done with the coil packs and spark plugs. This doesn’t mean that this car won’t present issues down the line as it is pretty much a given that you’ll be spending lots of a money a year to keep up on this car.

The price of $36,500 is actually quite good given the mileage and condition. Most of these facelift S600s are still over $40,000 for now, but it wouldn’t be long until they all get down in the $30,000 range. You can almost guarantee that in a few years they’ll be in the low-20s and high-teens and settle there for pretty much the rest of their lifespan. Owning something like this in the long-term is a great way to throw away a bunch of money unless you absolutely love the W221 S600. I think for a year or two this car would be fun, but anything longer than that, no thanks.

– Andrew


  1. KrautHammer
    KrautHammer June 20, 2018

    Handsome car, could still be a bargain for the DIY enthusiast with discretionary liquid capitol and penchant for headaches. Magnificent machine that’s worth bleeding a bit to experience.

  2. Brad
    Brad June 20, 2018

    I appreciate the contrasting interior colors. How do they even get the wood to look so fake? It’s like a plastic table top you’d see at a cheap chain hotel, with delusions of elegance, with the made in China sticker left on. This has been happening since the mid 90s.

  3. ace10
    ace10 June 20, 2018

    I don’t feel any attraction to this car. None.
    And I love Mercs.

    It doesn’t project wealth. Too outdated.
    It’s not particularly stylish.
    And it certainly isn’t built to last.

    So if someone wanted to dabble in older V12 Merc, why wouldn’t they shop for an M120 W140?

  4. Sergey
    Sergey June 20, 2018

    Yeah, I guess you should read between the lines. I mean the owner spent 9K to bring this car to life or to sell it and you should be ready to do the same again and again unless you can: 1) diagnose the issues by yourself, 2) fix it by yourself, 3) find cheaper than OEM parts like Lemförder etc, 4) have time to do all that by yourself or you have a bag of money and you can afford to throw it in the car now and then. I think even W140 with M120 may be a bit complicated thing because so far I wasn’t able to get right tools to diagnose my benz, don’t have lift to do complex repairs, don’t have experience in fixing V12s and don’t have enough time to do it. So my suggestion is to think twice before buying this or similar car. I know the fact you may own a V12 car is like a sweet music to your ears but don’t rush here. It is a nice good looking luxury car with great and soft suspension and it can accelerate well too but it may be pretty stressful to own it when you buy it used…

  5. KrautHammer
    KrautHammer June 20, 2018

    I would prefer an equivalent M120 powered W140 10X over as well, but that is a very old car at this point, and the supply of replacement failure prone wiring harnesses and other parts dried up years ago. Not my favorite S but a huge step up from the W220.

  6. Sergey
    Sergey June 20, 2018

    I guess wiring was fixed in later W140 models. Also there are guys who can fix it. It’s not cheap but still possible. I have W140 and though I like it it’s heavy and doesn’t accelerate like these newer TT vehicles. I’d probably prefer to have a facelifted W221 S65 instead of W140. And definitely not 220.

  7. jchouston
    jchouston June 20, 2018

    See my username?

    Remember that little 9 day rainstorm we had in August of last year?

    I’m not saying this car flooded, but I would damn well make sure it didn’t before buying.

    No disrespect to the seller (whom I don’t know).

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